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Nightmare Fuel / Spore Wiki Fiction Universe

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Being a setting where The Legions of Hell are literally right next door, the Spore Wiki Fiction Universe has a couple of scary moments. And sometimes, they are scarier than The Legions of Hell.

  • The universe's very beginning introduced the Xhodocto. They are an entire species of eldritch, invincible, omnipotent dark gods who reign over the Eleventh Dimension. In other words, they are the most powerful entities in the setting. A Xhodocto can literally destroy a galaxy with a flick of a finger, and they cannot be stopped, only slowed down at very best. And their favorite hobby? Causing Class X-5 apocalypses, and they are more than capable of causing a Class Z. The reason they have not yet done so to the Onuris Universe is possibly because they just enjoy tormenting it too much. And that's not going to the implication that they exist because mortals imagined them, or that they may not actually exist at all.
    • Angazhar, second-in-command and most known of the Xhodocto, is a top-grade Omnicidal Maniac who revels in war and bloodshed, spreads misery across reality simply because he wants to, and has so much wrath within him that he can caused the entirely of reality to have a transdimensional equivalent of an earthquake when aggravated enough.
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    • Santorakh, fourth-in-command of the Xhodocto, is a Mad God who enjoys torturing individuals for no specific reason but to have fun at their expense, but unlike Angazhar, Santorakh prefers to keep his victims alive and under eternal suffering. His cheerful, Cloud Cuckoolander attitude hides an Ax-Crazy monster who causes terror because he simply enjoys terrorizing life.
    • And then there's their god, Kamik'Shi. He's not an Essential God like all the other gods in the setting. No, the God-Emperor of the Omnicidal Maniac Eldritch Abominations is the capital-G God.
  • The Corruptus are demons born from nightmares, so causing Nightmare Fuel is literally their job. Their most basic demons are blobs who can possess mortals to turn them into Kikra Caste slaves, who are more or less ever-decaying zombies. Their sheer presence is enough to cause insomnia on their victims, not that you would want to sleep when a demon who can create nightmares is at your general vicinity. Every demon in the Corruptus is packed with Combat Tentacles and their ultimate desire is to take over reality, turning all of it into a nightmarish kingdom for their god, Shu'ulathoi.
    • Shu'ytrogarva deserves special mention because of the nightmares he caused on other individuals, digging deep into their minds, playing with their greatest fears and then humiliating them before him. Examples include causing nightmares where he tortured President Apollo by replacing all senators of the URC with copies of himself and then ordered him to be executed, and when he haunted Uriel Ultanos and ate the egg of his youngest son in front of him. And after he did so, Shu'ytrogarva informed that his original idea was to make Uriel eat the egg himself.
  • Everything involving Kol Daren. He is a deprived, monstrous demigod Zazane who rapes Anything That Moves. He has a Horde of Alien Locusts as well as an army of Super Zazane obeying his every word. He sees himself as a Well-Intentioned Extremist who wants to bring ultimate peace to the unvierse, but to do so, he wants to absolutely cleanse the universe of all life but his own creations.
    • Kol Daren's fame as one of the most dreaded villains of the setting was enough for him to get his own Halloween Episode, appropriately called Kol Daren's House of Horror.
  • You should know that the Zazane race's Descension Energy is dangerous when the Zazane themselves refer to it as "Sin". The energy can be used to transform creatures into a Demon Form, which are empowered, demonic versions of the essence's wielder. "Awakening" this power leads to the birth of an inner demon inside the user, who is more or less a Superpowered Evil Side constantly fighting for control. Losing control to this inner demon leads to the user becoming a demented, insane monster who has no desire but to destroy everything around them. Most cases of being descended by Descension Energy leads to the 'infected' to achieve a Demon Form immediately, so chances are that if you have this essence, you already have an inner demon inside you.
    • A late discovery in History Reawakens revealed that the beating, black heart of a Descended Draconis was installed in the Imperial throne. There is no clear indication of how long ago it was put in there but likely generations of paragons felt it.
  • Moxix Breek is an undead Zazane demigod who is more or less The Grim Reaper of the setting. Not counting his sickly appearance, he is basically omnipresent, as he can teleport to anywhere where corpses are present. He enjoys reshaping himself using flesh and bones to taunt his enemies, can possess corpses and use them to talk/fight with, can reanimate the dead via his mere presence and can spread diseases and plagues which can cause a Zombie Apocalypse really fast. And there's the fact he's one of the individuals Santorakh is the friendliest with.
  • The Dominatus essentially control using this idea. After a huge slave rebellion crippled their ever-expanding empire they tried a new idea - entombing slaves and captured sapient populations inside "biodrones" under their complete control. These biodrones use the sensations of pain and suffering felt by their hosts to power them. That's right, the Dominatus created cyborg servants that use suffering as an energy source.
    • If that wasn't bad enough, there are the "Overseers": Super Soldiers cloned from a captured alien used as both a template and de-facto general. Not only are overseers modified to be twice as tall and ten times more powerful than the species they came from, most are developed to induce some form of bowel-voiding terror. Examples include:
      • The Sons of Hedon, who can somehow make beautiful music from the screams of their foes.
      • The Prophets of Dra'Erath, who use Psychic Powers to turn any battlefield into something from the pages of Dante's Inferno
      • The Titans of Corpulus, who harbour miasmas and fly swarms capable of devouring though solid metal
      • The Anathemus of Xenomortis, who combine a facehugger with mind-control parasite to turn a population's own people against them.
    • Demogorgon Prime itself is easily something out of the mind of H.P. Lovecraft thanks to Ultima serum (the biological agent which turned the Drakodominatus into the Lovecraft-esque Dominatus we see today) runoff, which has made the terrestrial flora and fauna as nightmarish as the Dominatus themselves.
  • Dysnomia is one of the more richly portrayed Realities Altered settings and the first episode of the main story makes it very clear that 2890-2900s Andromeda is not for the faint of heart.
  • When the Omega Commander took over UNO, its entire population was turned into an army of mindless drones by The System. If you are performing under or watching a performance by Xaltsa, either you will be forced to applaud it no matter how bad it is, or you will have no say in performing as hostile aliens slaughter and/or devour the audience.
  • The Borealis Galaxy has a number of mentions:
    • Regnatus, one of the main villains, of the Second Borealis Galactic War, is considered as a source of nightmare fuel in-universe. A General Ripper who lost his mind after his race was wiped out by the Grox and Zargoth, merging himself with the Galactic Grid to become an Eldritch Abomination God of Evil. His goal was to turn all life of the galaxy into living, conscious goo, and then place said goo inside arachnid-shaped, obedient Dreadnoughts. After achieving this, he planned to lock the galaxy away in a pocket dimension, where he would stay the rest of his eternal life alone with his slaves, in complete and utter solitude.
    • Vorius, one of the main villains of the Ice Age, is a Blob Monster Worm That Walks born from a shard of Regnatus' destroyed body who still held some of his soul within it. One laconic explanation of what he is would be "Blob Monster with Villain Teleportation". Vorius is a gigantic, completely insane Wranploer turned into a chimera-like abomination who devours other creatures alive to add their genetic material into his own, becoming stronger, larger and tougher with each new race absorbed. He is Nigh Invulnerable due to the Regnatus Shard's psychic powers being what holds his atoms together, meaning harming his "shell" deals no damage to him, and actually attacking his body causes the faces of those he has devoured to form and start screaming loudly in pain. Basically, his body is one giant amalgamation of people mashed together, and they are all fully conscious of it. Oh, by the way, his ultimate plan is to become a Genius Loci.
      • The short substory Logs of a Wranploer Vessel starts with a Wranploer captain on a mission to take a valuable, unknown cargo to an unknown individual. It all starts well until the ship starts presenting problems, the crew goes missing and crazy, and the captain is stranded alone in space for three months, slowly going insane from isolation. His writing becomes more and more like gibberish, and he notes that despite running out of food for weeks, he has not died of hunger yet. Then we find out that the cargo he was taking was actually Vorius, and that the chimera has actually been feeding the Wranploer parts of himself while he was asleep all these weeks. For what reason? He's just that much of a sick bastard.
  • For a supposed comedy story, Distant Planet was pretty damn disturbing. It had a team of Borealis war veterans crash land on a planet with Everything Trying to Kill You and some downright disturbing creatures. And let's not get started on the Perterrent.
  • After returning from Insomnia, Billig - who was a cannibal beforehand - had become not only eternally hungry (and a zombie), but eating someone reverses any damage he sustains.
  • The Champions of the Aetomarchis. Being able to influence the minds of entire armies is one thing, but each champion brings a disturbing quality to the table. All four had a nasty habit of turning ordinary civilians into loyal fanatics.
    • Thevixuias even after fully recovering from her ressurection had frostbitten extremities, dead black eyes and weeps with a banshee's wail. Her tears were so cold they froze around her eyes and were coloured to suggest she was bleeding.
    • Dralkithus even at his apex he remains visibly a walking half-rotten corpse. Not that disturbing? How about the ability to dominate entire swarms of insects, or summon forth swarms from inside his body. Bodies he left behind were often flayed and infested with flesh-eating nasties.
    • Valchoria is a temptress so persuasive that during the Champions' campaign in the modern day she could enthrall entire cities. Every mind she dominates becomes a thrall chained to her will and their soul likely stolen to make her stronger. Worse, she once told a hostage that despite captivating millions of souls by the point of the conversation, no known quantity of souls could ever fully satisfy her.
    • Khovost: something about him made the ancient Draconis expies of the Roman Empire decide to erase him from history. Which means that whatever he was known for, it was so terrible that the ancients would rather pretend he never existed. Turns outhis mere presence could drive entire crowds into bloodthirsty rampages that only made him stronger. When fighting one of his champions it was proposed that even when he was unconscious, his influence over the champion allowed her to hold her demon form indefinitely. In other words, even at his weakest a champion bound to him would have a One-Winged Angel state that's impossible to exhaust.

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