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"There's no way you're taking Kairi's heart!"
WARNING: Spoilers are off on Awesome Moments pages.

  • Getting legendary Disney actress Kathryn Beaumont to reprise her roles as Alice and Wendy was a pretty awesome touch, even amid the rest of the game's All-Star Cast. Sure, it's always cool to see an original Disney performer show up again in a Kingdom Hearts game, but it's a hell of a lot more impressive when said performer is 64 years old, and returning to two roles that she hasn't played since she was a teenager. This game may not be an official entry in the Disney Animated Canon, but the folks on the creative team sure did their damnedest to make it an authentic tribute to Disney.
  • When Tarzan pulls a Dynamic Entry and catches Sabor just as she's about to sink her teeth into an unsuspecting Sora.
  • Due to most of the worlds following the plot of their movies, however loosely as with Atlantica (the world still follows the beats of the movie, but Ariel’s motive isn’t Eric), it comes as a surprise that worlds like Atlantica and Agrabah actually manage to totally one-up the already spectacular movies they’re based on. Ariel defies her father not for her more selfish reasons in the film, but for her new friends, for her father, and for her kingdom, taking Ursula head on. Aladdin grants Genie freedom when he could wish for Jasmine to be returned to Agrabah, meaning the stakes are MUCH higher than they originally were. Beast and Belle’s love is more fleshed out and sold rather better in KH than in their movie as we meet them after they’ve begun to fall in love. Beast, as mentioned above, well and truly earns his humanity in KHII’s credits by ‘’ripping apart the very fabric of the universe just to follow Belle after she’s absucted’’. He literally goes to the end of the world, risking his life, for her.
  • Jack Skellington certainly qualifies. Most other worlds live in fear from the Heartless. When they start to appear in Halloween Town, Jack tries to find a way to control them to use them in his Halloween celebration! Some people run and hide from the Heartless - Jack wants to dance with them!
    • And when he got the message that the Heartless are in an alliance with his death enemy Oogie Boogie, he proceeded to rip them apart with his bare, boney hands alone.
    • Technically, he, along with most of Halloween Town's residents, are not "living" and don't have the literal heart that the Heartless are looking for. The only people in the town who were under any threat by them were Lock, Shock, and Barrel, and they don't look exactly human either. The Heartless probably thought that Jack was one of them and went along with his antics for fun. Which makes him even more awesome for controlling Heartless by entertaining them.
      • It should also be noted, once Sora locks Halloween Town's keyhole, the Heartless do not go back to the Town Square. The Final Fantasy crew couldn't keep them out of two levels of Traverse Town, and King Triton can't keep them out of downtown Atlantica; but Jack either rustles up a town militia or does it himself.
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  • The David and Goliath-style battle against Oogie's Manor. Oogie Boogie has merged with his lair, becoming a seven-story high monster guarded by Heartless. Sora is just a five-foot tall boy with a Keyblade. Admit it; Sora climbing the manor and destroying all the orbs while blindfolded in one eye is nothing short of pure awesome.
  • The Beast's entire presence was a huge Moment of Awesome. Belle has been kidnapped by Maleficent and Riku and taken to another world's castle which is swamped by Heartless and Darkness. Beast doesn't mope or even get angry. He decides to fuck the laws of the worlds and that he's going to get Belle back and rips his way through dimensions by sheer force of will. Just to reiterate - no protection, no weapons, no gummy ship or keyblade, just sheer willpower. And, with your party members temporarily leaving and you stuck without your weapon, the Beast is truly a lifesaver.
  • The moments before Sora's famous speech (detailed below), Goofy and Donald who had been ordered by King Mickey to follow the Key Bearer, which was Riku at that time, wholeheartedly turned against Riku to protect Sora. The high point of the moment is when Riku throws a Dark Firaga against an unarmed Sora, and Goofy immediately jumps in front of him, blocking the fire with his shield.
    • Goofy's shield, by the way, is barely the size of Riku's fireball. Smaller, if you're using Herc's shield.
    • The Goofster's lines net him some bonus points.
      Goofy: Sora ain't gonna go anywhere!
      Riku: You'd betray your king?
      Goofy: Not on your life! But I'm not gonna betray Sora, either, 'cause he's become one of my best buddies after all we've been through together.
    • To make that even more awesome — the Dark Firaga is halfway across the room before Goofy moves to stop it and Goofy manages to make the length of the room, dodge the Dark Firaga and raise his shield to block it, all within about five seconds. Talk about quick on his feet! We can see why he got the job as Captain of the Royal Knights. He's quick.
  • Sora's iconic friendship speech, just before getting his Keyblade back from Riku, which defines his character in the series. He knows that the guy could kill him with a single hit of this baby, but he keeps standing there, saying something along the lines of: "I know now I don't need the Keyblade. I've got a better weapon. My friends are my power!." Probably, the Keyblade thinks the same as him, since that speech actually "persuades" it to ditch Riku and return to Sora.
    • Although it's possibly the worst scene in all of Hollow Bastion, but Sora stabbing himself with the Dark Keyblade to get Kairi's heart back was awesome.
      • And he gives Donald and Goofy a reassuring grin. He stabs himself in the chest and his biggest concern is his buddies worrying.
  • "There's no way you're taking Kairi's heart!"
    • Both fights with Riku are, in fact, awesome. In the first fight, you get Donald, Goofy, and the Keyblade back after having to fight without them, not to mention that you get to pay Riku back for how he's been acting this entire adventure. The second fight occurs after a major plot twist, and now Riku, possessed by Ansem, has got a Keyblade of his own. Cue epic Duel Boss set to one of the best tracks in the entire game.
    • Donald gets one before the second fight. After Riku steals a piece of Sora's heart and proceed to finish him off, Donald, the Squishy Wizard of the trio, charges for Riku to protect Sora! He gets sent flying as expected, but you have to give Donald credit for trying.
  • Sora is gone, leaving Kairi, Donald, and Goofy alone. In strolls Ansem, ready to tie up loose ends. What's Donald and Goofy's reaction, you ask?
  • The Princesses of Heart get an underrated one. After being freed from their prisons, they decide to stay in Hollow Bastion and hold back the darkness of their own accord.
    Alice: You helped me during that silly trial. Now it's my turn to help you.
    • Jasmine choosing to stay also proves to be this for a different reason. She knows Aladdin will miss her, and she doesn't want anyone to worry, but she immediately realizes that the darkness swallowing all worlds is a far more pressing concern.
    • Belle deserves special props. After she was freed, she does what she does best - be a nerd. She spent all of her time reading through the library for a way to stop the darkness. She comes to the conclusion that maybe it's hopeless to stop it, but that doesn't stop her from believing that Sora can get the job done anyway.
  • As the game nears the end, The Queen of Hearts, crazy as she is, stops holding court and begins actively working to protect her kingdom from the increased darkness after the Final Keyhole is unlocked. It shows that deep down she really does take her role seriously and is willing to fight if needed, despite previously appearing to be nothing but a windbag.
  • Triton’s conversation with Sora is a very understated, but deeply important moment when Sora really is forced to confront his responsibilities as the Keybearer. Triton warns him that the Keyblade is said to bring about ruin and chaos, likely having heard of the Keyblade War, and demands Sora not follow that path. Triton’s conversation is brief, but it remains relevant to the remainder of the series, especially once the plans of the likes of Master Xehanort and the Master of Masters are unveiled.
  • Beating the solo and timed challenges in Olympus Coliseum can be this. The former has Sora fight several foes, including Yuffie, Leon, Cloud, Cerberus, Hades, and the Rock Titan on his own (not counting Herc himself, because he's always fought Solo). For someone whose friends are his power, this kid's pretty capable by himself! As for the latter, you're likely much stronger than you were when starting the cups in question and can just mercilessly whale on everyone without so much as breaking a sweat, easily nailing the fights in question. Remember when Leon and Cloud didn't have to be beaten initially? Oh, how the tables have turned.
  • If you're a Disney fan, there's really no better climax for this game than an epic showdown with MaleficentTHE MISTRESS OF ALL EVIL!in the form of a fire-breathing dragon in the penultimate level. So how the hell do they possibly top that in the final level? With a confrontation with a fifty-foot-tall Chernabog, of course. That's right; Sora, Donald, and Goofy get to defeat Satan himself. The overseas and Final Mix versions add another touch of awesomeness with Night on Bald Mountain playing throughout.
  • The Final Battle with the World of Chaos IS one. Even more so if you use each of your summons to help deal the damage. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness should have learned not to mess with Dumbo, Bambi, Tinker Bell, Simba, Mushu, and Genie.
  • Heartless are swarming behind the Door to Kingdom Hearts. Cue Mickey, pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment, and killing two Darksides in one hit each.
  • For years, one name in Squaresoft history has risen to mythological status. A master swordsman, a powerful magician, a badass supreme, fans all over the world had longed to face him once again in climactic battle, after the last encounter turned out to be a little disappointing. In this game, Square Enix and Disney gave us that fight, in the hardest, most dangerous battle in the entire game, with his badass Leitmotif accentuating the entire duel, as you go one-on-one against one of the greatest villains in video game history... SEPHIROTH.
    • After the fight is over in the Final Mix version, you leave Olympus Coliseum... only for Cloud and Sephiroth to meet face to face in order to settle their long-standing rivalry. Then, the two warriors engage in an epic clash that looks like it came straight from Kingdom Hearts II, both giving it their all as their swords clash once more and the cutscene ends. Quite the epic start to their little side plot in future titles.
  • The optional battle against The Unknown/Enigmatic Man — while a possible Nightmare Fuel moment — is a hectic fight against what feels like a Sith Lord. He dances around the arena with dual laser blades, had attacks similar to force lightning and music feels right out of a slasher film. A haunting, yet thrilling Bonus Boss.
  • Special props to the development team who made the HD ReMix of the first game. Because the original assets were lost years ago they had to build the game up from the very beginning on new hardware... and they made it better!