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WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Awesome Music pages. All spoilers will be unmarked.

  • "Forze del Male" and "Guardando nel Buio", Ansem's battle themes.
  • "Scherzo Di Notte", the battle theme for Hollow Bastion. The world's theme itself is also awesome.
  • Kairi has three theme songs and of the three, "Kairi III" is just... beautiful. Like music from heaven in its purest form... It's nostalgic, sad, and heartwarming. Kairi's other themes, "Kairi I" and "Kairi II" are just as beautiful.
  • The Orchestrated Version of "Hikari", which turns the game's theme song into a goosebump-inducing orchestral piece.
    • Speaking of, we have Utada Hikaru's lovely end theme, "Hikari", and its English version, "Simple and Clean".
    • The PLANITb Remixes of "Hikari" and "Simple and Clean" take the aforementioned songs and remix them into a different kind of awesome.
    • And then there's the version that plays during an emotionally dramatic scene in Hollow Bastion.
  • "Dearly Beloved", which is most certainly the real theme song of the series. The kind of music that takes all your worries away. Then there's "Dearly Beloved II", which is played during the final cutscene in Final Mix.
  • "Destati" and its variation "Dive into the Heart -Destati-", one of the first songs heard in the game. The music for "End of the World" is another mix of "Destati", complete with chimes, strings, and vague chanting in the background...or just vocalizations. There's a bit of vibraphone in there too. The effect is both beautiful and nightmare-inducing.
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  • Destiny's Force is the theme used for very powerful bosses. It does its job at making the player feel like they're dealing with something powerful. The theme itself is also very intense, and uses its instruments very well.
  • "Fragments of Sorrow" is another take on the aforementioned "Destati", with its Ominous Italian Chanting.
  • "No Time To Think", the music playing when Hook is making Sora walk the plank. It sets the heart-racing mood of the scene very well.
  • "Villains of a Sort", Maleficent's theme for the series.
  • For recurring boss themes, there's "Squirming Evil" (which plays during most Disney villain boss fights), "Destiny's Force" (which plays during a variety of boss fights), and "Shrouding Dark Cloud" (which plays during most of the early Heartless boss fights and Cloud).
  • "Precious Stars In The Sky". It's just... Disney magic embodied in music.
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  • "One Winged Angel", remixed from its original Final Fantasy VII version, is as awesome as ever (even if it is shortened).
  • "A Night on Bald Mountain", playing during the Chernabog fight, is one heck of a hardcore classical piece.
  • "Beyond The Door", which plays during Ansem's death scene.
  • The tear-jerkingly beautiful "Always on My Mind", which combines Kairi's Theme and "Dearly Beloved".
  • The amazingly epic credits theme, "March Caprice for Piano and Orchestra", which features yet another variation of "Dearly Beloved".
  • "Another Side". Plays in the Final Mix secret ending trailer, and it spawned "Organization XIII", "Graceful Assassin", and "Showdown at Hollow Bastion". A remix of the whole track was used in 358/2 Days, and the actual track was used in Aqua's battle against Braig in Birth By Sleep.
  • The adventurous "Deep Jungle" theme that plays in... well, Deep Jungle.
  • The many uses of classic Disney music during the game, including "Under the Sea" in Atlantica, "This is Halloween" in Halloween Town, "Winnie the Pooh" in the Hundred Acre Woods, and the "Mickey Mouse Club March" when we first visit Disney Castle.
  • If you think that the first theme and second theme songs of Gummi Ship are light and happy, wait until you try to enter the End of the World with your Gummi Ship. The third theme will blow you away.
  • "Hand in Hand", the Traverse Town battle theme which also plays over the after-credits ending scene.
  • "The Deep End", which plays during major boss fights such as Giant Ursula, Dragon Maleficent, and the first round against Ansem.
  • "Disappeared", the suitably creepy boss music to the Unknown in the Final Mix/1.5 Remix version, which pops up again in KHII as Xemnas's first boss battle theme.
  • The rerecorded soundtrack is nothing short of amazing. Here is an example.
  • "Night of Fate", very fitting for the night that kicks off Sora's adventure with the Heartless' invasion of Destiny Islands. It's also Traverse Town's first battle theme, before you meet Donald and Goofy. To add more epicness, try to listen to it when you're inside a room while there's a storm outside.


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