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Awesome Music / Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

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WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Awesome Music pages. All spoilers will be unmarked.

  • "Memories in Pieces", the opening theme which has bits from "Hand in Hand", a chilling version of "Scent of Silence", Naminé's beautiful theme, and then the ominously awesome "Castle Oblivion".
  • "Naminé's Theme". Much like Kairi's Theme, it's so beautiful. It also uses something similar to "Prelude" as a background tune.
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  • The Re:Chain of Memories version of "Sinister Sundown", for your daily dose of great fight music. And it's a good thing it's so good, because you hear its Kingdom Hearts II incarnation a lot in Days...
  • Marluxia has no shortage of awesome battle themes, from the epic final theme "Lord of the Castle", to the magnificent "Graceful Assassin" (which is taken from "Another Side") and "Scythe of Petals". "Lord of the Castle" has been orchestrated for the HD re-release. And it is awesome.
  • "Forgotten Challenge", especially the Game Boy Advance version. It's actually a pretty good use of the Game Boy Advance sound technology. If you listen closely, the percussion has the same rhythm as "Destati".
  • "Thirteenth Discretion", a creepy piece accompanying many of the scenes with Organization XIII.
  • The original "13th Struggle", used for the battles against Organization XIII members. Also doubles as epic Foreshadowing due to its similarities to Forze del Male.
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  • And, with that being said, the original original "13th Struggle".
  • "The 13th Floor", which is one of the most eerie overworld themes there is.
  • Its version of "Dearly Beloved" is also quite sweet.
  • "Night of Fate" is the battle theme of Destiny Islands and acts as a musical accompaniment for Sora's sadness, confusion, and drive against the Heartless until he comes to understand himself and his power....on the night when all this happened, no less. Creative name. The Re:Co M version in particular adds something new to it. It replaces the driving metallic clanging Brake Drum and the driving strings in the second part of the main melody with Claves and Saxophone. This gives the song a more island-y vibe, as the Claves sound like water drops. Fitting for how in Re:Co M, Night of Fate is ONLY Destiny Island's battle them, while in other games, it's used in other places as well.
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  • "The Fight For My Friends", the Disney boss theme, is the best Disney boss theme in the series.
  • "Struggle Away", the Heartless boss theme, is also quite impressive.
  • "Revenge of Chaos, the rather underrated theme for Riku's final battle against Ansem.
  • "The Force in You", which incorporates parts of Ansem's themes from the previous game to create a tense battle theme for Riku Replica. Good thing it's so awesome, too, since players will hear it quite a lot.
  • On a more light-hearted note, there's the minigame theme "March-A-Long", and the more fast-paced "Dash-A-Long". "March-A-Long" also gets re-used for the "Hunny Pot" Command Board in Birth By Sleep as well.
  • "Simple and Clean" by Utada Hikaru is an awesome but also heartwarming song that makes you feel good inside.

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