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Aside from this including stuff from Kim Possible and MegaMan NT Warrior Axess and beyond, You've gotta hand it to SuperHeroTimeFan for making this plain awesome.


  • Is this the same series that has one Character cross over and meet another for the first time? No! We immediately get a shot of Kim with her unique PET and a flashback to a recap of Dr. Regal's defeat.
    • The fact that Kim programmed her own NetNavi, Miracle.
  • Remember Red and Green Sledgehammer? It turns out that their NetOps are Jim and Tim!
  • The first NetBattle Scene. Miracle doesn't even need a Battle Chip to win against MegaMan, and presents the weapon that defines who she is, the MiracleWorker, and her auto-installed uses of AreaSteal and the Sonic Boom. She only won when Kim used a CyberMine Battle Chip.
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  • Ron's NetNavi, KarmaMan. He's an excellent fighter, and fares well against the Sledgehammer Brothers before getting defeated.
  • Higsby gets one for immediately alerting Lan and his friends about Arashi returning.
  • Miracle's demonstration of how she does against Bonnie's NetNavi, Punk. She copies off all of his moves, and defeats him with a single Sonic Boom.
  • Kim's battle with a Dark CrossFused Arashi with AirMan. She steals his Muramasa and uses it against him. He doesn't even give Kim a struggle!


The Tick

  • The adaption of Battle Chip Data from Virus-Busting in the Games makes its appearance. It's cooler when written as Kim and Ron gain the LifeAura Chip from Scuttle Viruses.
  • We are introduced to Shego here. She is not someone with special powers, but the permanent result of CrossFusion gone mad. She also plays a subtle one when her NetNavi is revealed to be DoubtFire.
  • Dr. Hikari even sees Shego as dangerous, and sends a special Battle Chip Gate to Kim to use against her.
  • Another adaption from the Games: The NumberMan Trader. Not only are standard Chips given, but even the Rare ones.
  • LaserMan didn't get Deleted. He was restored by Regal and given to his protege, Dr. Drakken, making him a notable villain considering Regal's role later on.
  • Miracle reveals her Power Copying Ability by using LaserMan's moves against him. She withheld all of his attacks before going all out.
    • Ron and Rufus taking on Shego with just the Battle Chip Gate.
      • Earlier, Kim sending the message of her revelation of Drakken being Regal's apprentice to Lan and MegaMan.
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  • Tara. She was underplayed in the original series, but here, she's Mary Towa from Battle Chip Challenge, with Ring as her NetNavi, and her real name being Tara Mywo.
  • The Single-Stroke Battle Miracle has against Barkin's NetNavi, Signas.
  • Kim taking on Shego with a Katana Battle Chip Weapon.
  • Lan and MegaMan utilizing a new DoubleSoul, MiracleSoul. They surpass the five-Chip Limit and defeat Shego.

New Job With Nacos?

  • Kim and Shego battle again, Katana against Muramasa.
    • Shego using the GigaTimeBoomer Program Advance, and being the first to use the LavaBall Chip.
  • Jim and Tim's reason for getting so many Battle Chips? They are making their own impossible-to-use in Game Program Advances. Two of them are already approved and able to use.
  • Kim's ride to Wisconsin: Charlie Airstar and his NetNavi, GyroMan. That's right, she's friends with a future Cross Fusion Member.
  • Aside from Kim's Hairdryer Grappler, she's given special Tricked-Out Gloves that can access Battle Chip Weapons.
  • KarmaMan being the second to defeat LaserMan.
  • Kim Dual Wielding against Shego with VariableSwords, and even pulling off a never-used Program Advance from the Games, LifeBlade.

Bad Guys and Hotties

  • Ron manages to convince Drakken and Shego he is Dr. Regal with voice alterations, only if he didn't mess it up.
  • Kim performing an Offhand Backhand against Shego, nearly shooting her in the head.
  • Kim using one of the custom Program Advances against Bonnie in a NetBattle for Josh. Kim wins with it, and gives Bonnie a "World of Cardboard" Speech to Bonnie before getting the guts to ask out Josh.
    Kim: Bonnie, don't say it, you're nervous to ask out Josh, as am I. Take a deep breath, and then take the plunge. Remember that.
  • The standoff between Kim and Shego, using Fire and Water Blast Program Advances against each other.
  • The Battle against the new Darkloid, CentaurMan. Everyone pitches in, and credit goes to Miracle and TornadoMan, who pull off a Double Program Advance on him.
  • Shego's evolution into Dark Shego at the end.

Day of the Darkloids!

  • Miracle and KarmaMan defeating and chasing off SavageMan really PseudoMan in disguise.
  • Ann and Ashe holding their own against FlashMan before letting Kim, Ron, Lan and Chaud take over.
    • Then, all four battling VineMan, BurnerMan, FridgeMan, and DesertMan easily.
  • Dr. Hikari defining Kim's Synchro Reading as off-the chart.
  • Everyone pitching in to stop the Darkloids, even Punk pulling off a Big Damn Heroes Moment when he slams himself into GravityMan.
  • PseudoMan transforming into Dark ProtoMan.
  • Kim's punch that shatters and Deletes ShadowMan.
  • Kim's Dynamic Entry when she CrossFuses for the first time. She doesn't break a sweat when Deleting the Darkloids.

Beware of the BeBes!

  • The fact that James was working on the very same Dimensional Area Generator Satellite that Dr. Regal always used. Man, do the heroes have an edge over everyone now!
  • Ron's decision to become a Mascot doesn't make him look like a fool. He isn't a drooling Dog, but an imitation of MegaMan! He even has a complete MegaBuster that can act as a weapon and as a cannon that can shoot Basket Balls. Even Bonnie is in shock!
  • Kim and Ron's argument escalating to the fact that they almost NetBattle each other.
  • The BeBes' demonstration of being able to use Battle Chips against Kim, giving her an epic Oh, Crap! reaction.
  • Ron's trick to fool the BeBes.
  • Drakken getting an Evil Costume Switch by making himself look more like Regal.
    • Even more, instead of growling angrily when James explains how Drew dropped out, Drakken takes out his Plug-In PET and smashes it against the table, showing how truly angry he is.
  • Atlas against LaserMan. LaserMan has to resort to using Dark Battle Chips to get an edge over Atlas before MegaMan, Miracle, KarmaMan, Ring and ProtoMan come in and pull off a Big Damn Heroes Moment.
  • Ron and Tara stepping up a notch when they pull off CrossFusion for the first time.
  • Everyone surrounding Drakken, who resorts to having Dark Shego get them to retreat.

Ron's Adjustment

  • Miracle pulling off a What the Hell, Hero? against Kim. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • It was implied that Ron intentionally suggested Señor Senior, Sr. to get a Dimensional Area Generator. He does, and it gives Kim and Ron the chance to CrossFuse and get an edge over him later on.
  • Kim and Ron being Back-to-Back Badasses as they use Cannon Program Advances to take down the Spinning Tops of Doom.
  • Amelia secretly being The Mole for Famous to shadow Kim and Ron. She doesn't give her cover away so easily.

Monster on Mount M-Tech!

  • The fact that Bonnie was in utter shock at the sight of Kim, Ron and Tara being able to CrossFuse.
  • Bonnie actually failing to embarrass Kim, since James helped to create the Synchro Chips and the Battle Chip Gate, and Ann being the one who played a major role in recovering and reviving MegaMan and TorchMan.
    • Ann showing off the new Big Heart Program Advance that saves Ring.
  • Kim saving her Father.
  • Kim not getting laughed at for mentioning her obsession with Cuddle Buddies, and Ron and Tara bringing up Solar Boy Django as their favorite hero.
  • DNAmy doesn't kid around. She isn't just a mad scientist, but a former World Three Member.
  • After having to put up with Bonnie for so much, Kim rushes her, and punches Bonnie! She misses, makes a dent in the wall, and the force of the punch was so hard that it caused the door behind Bonnie to get Blown Across the Room, and gets Bonnie to admit that she was working for World Three. Everyone isn't pleased.
  • Doubling as Nightmare Fuel, DNAmy forcing Bonnie and Punk into CrossFusion and giving them a mutation.
  • Kim throwing away all rules and breaking into the former World Three Base, throwing a Battle Chip at DNAmy with a Big Damn Heroes Moment and performing CrossFusion outside of a Dimensional Area to take her and her Hybrids down in an epic Curb-Stomp Battle with a Mutated and CrossFused Bonnie/Punk.
  • Ron not flinching when a mutated Rufus and Barkin attacks him.
  • Tara's Midair Transformation at the Lodge, followed by her Battle with the Viruses.
    • Amelia sending in her NetNavi, Yuna, to help Kim.
      • Yuna effortlessly taking down DNAmy's NetNavi, LaughingMan by blowing off one of his arms.
  • Kim pulling off the coolest tricks ever with her Father's enhanced Snowboard. She and Ron Delete all the Viruses with ease.
  • Bonnie's reason for joining with World Three in the end: to get the Synchro Chips that were stolen by ShadeMan and return them to Dr. Hikari.

Welcome to the NetSaviors

  • Miracle showing just how good she's gotten by defeating Punk in at least ten seconds flat.
  • The Reveal of how Lan had recommended Kim and Ron as NetSaviors.
    • Also, the use of a new teleportation system for the NetSaviors.
  • Bonnie's competition being almost blown away when Lan, Chaud, Raika, and all of Lan's friends want to buy the Chocolates.
  • Kim using a MiniBoomer to counter Duff Killigan's Exploding Golf Ball.
  • Raika having SearchMan take down all of GolfMan's Golf Balls.
  • Miracle showing off her skills by copying SearchMan's Scope Shot, finally gaining Raika's trust.
  • Amelia revealing herself to be a NetSavior.
  • Kim realizing that Bonnie works more than she does when she realizes what Bonnie had to do to get the Synchro Chips.
  • Duff Killigan being the first villain to defeat Kim in CrossFusion.
  • SearchMan's Double Program Advance against GolfMan.
  • Kim being the one to subdue Killigan with an ElectroSword, blade extracted, of course.

One Perspective Over Another.

  • Miracle and KarmaMan in Kim and Ron's bodies. They prove to be quite the Team when they take on Drakken's Henchmen.
    • Miracle beating Dark Shego, breaking her visor, and releasing The Berserker inside of her to brutally beat Dark Shego to the point that she cries.
  • The DoubleSoul suits for the Cheerleaders.
  • KarmaMan in Ron's body taking down some bullies and scaring off the two other Bullies in D-Hall.
  • The Cheer Routine at the Regionals, with Miracle being the first ever NetNavi to lead them.
    Liz: Light em up, I'm on fire!
  • Miracle and KarmaMan taking on Drakken's forces with all of the NetSaviors.
    • Josh and Amelia pulling off CrossFusion for the first time, and defeating the Darkloids.
  • Josh and Tara being recruited to be NetSaviors.
  • Somewhat identified as The Stinger, we hear a familiar Alien voice saying that Duo is coming.

Friendly Rivalries Gone Bad!

  • Monique's debut. She's not only the side character, but she is known to be Raoul's Daughter!
  • Ron and Tamako being Back-to-Back Badasses against a mob. Also counts as a Funny Moment.
  • Monique's Offscreen Moment of Awesome when she reveals she defeated some tough mobsters with the weakest Battle Chip from the Games, AirShot.
  • Zita's Early-Bird Cameo with her NetNavi, Lumine.
  • The Jackal breaking Tara's ZeusHammer.
  • Kim and Monique's NetBattle. It's brief, but Palette manages to defeat Miracle in a clean fight, even showing how she is just like ThunderMan by using Palette Bolt and Palette Beam. In the end, Palette is the first NetNavi ever to defeat Miracle!
  • Ron, Tara and Tamako taking on the Jackal, giving Kim and Monique enough time to arrive.
    • Monique's expertise on Battle Chips. She knows the right ones to use at the right times.
  • A Subtle One, but Kim, Ron, Monique and Tara all utilizing CrossFusion at the same time, and before that, their Big Damn Heroes Moment when they slash down at the Jackal.
  • Pain King and Steel Toe using the rarest of Battle Chips, BigHook and MeteorKnuckle against Jackal.
  • The entire finishing move of everyone combined taking down Jackal.


  • Kim free-falling using the NoBeam Battle Chip.
  • Speedy Dave's return. He is no longer a part of Grave, or a fugitive of the Law, but now a redeemed Park Ranger.
  • Amelia healing from her getting pummeled by the Jackal in the last Chapter.
  • Kim finding out her new Power ever since Miracle switched with her: The Ability to use AreaSteal at her own will.
  • There's something cool about Palette finding data on a Program of Light & Darkness.
  • Ron being the only one to use Battle Chip weapons against the ninja(Monty Fiske/Monkey Fist).
  • Monty's plan to show his true colors. He doesn't act paranoid when Kim and Ron come, but lures them into a trap so that they can witness his true powers when he gains the Mystical Monkey Power of Darkness.
  • Even though Amelia, Josh, Tara and Monique have a little role and never appeared in the Counterpart Episode, they sure did well in finding Misaki at the Bridge.
  • Remember the Navi Customizer from the Games? It turns out here, Larry, Kim's nerdy cousin, invented it!
  • Ron holding his own against Monkey Fist long enough before Larry appears to him in a Hologram to help.
  • The last part: ALL of it.
    • Ron performing CrossFusion, upgrading KarmaMan in the process, turning him into AncientMysticMan!
    • Ron using the Mystical Monkey Power of Light to take on Monkey Fist, giving him a "World of Cardboard" Speech before using the legendary MasterStyle Program Advance. Repeat: Salamander, Fountain, Bolt and GaiaBlade.
    • Ron getting his own Synchro Chip like Kim's.
    • The Stinger: Ms. Yuri watches everything and smiles before driving away.

Forte of Chaos!

  • Just to clarify, this isn't like any of the usual Halloween Specials ever. Why? One Word: Bass.
  • First, we have a Three-Way NetBattle between Miracle, AncientMysticMan and Pallete. Each of them pulls off special moves before ending in a stalemate.
  • Bass watching over Kim, Ron and Monique, first as Kid Grave and then walking beside them, giving them an eerie warning and visions of what happens later on before the three wake up, seeing flames in his footsteps.
    • Basically, all of Bass's time stalking the characters.
  • Rufus being the Only Sane Man to see Kid Grave/Bass.
  • Drakken and Killigan having LaserMan and GolfMan pull off the most powerful Program Advances against each other.
  • Miracle calling out Kim when she slowly starts to decay away.
  • James's very, very, VERY convincing ShadeMan routine that scares even Drakken and makes Dark Shego and LaserMan think he's the real deal.
  • Lan, Chaud, Ron, Monique and Josh all pulling off CrossFusion at the same time.
  • Kim's Centurion Armor Battle with Dark Shego.
  • Kim's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner to Dark Shego:
    Kim: You forget, Shego, today, I have two Armors! You saw the Centurion Armor but here's my own! Miracle Synchro Chip In Download!
  • The fact that Bass managed to turn a Halloween Cliche into a Moment of Awesome. His Dynamic Entry and Badass Boast made his character stand out more.
    • The moments of the First Battle with Bass.
      • Bass throwing Dark Shego to the side with his bare hands.
      • Electrocuting Monique.
      • His ability to send back attacks directed at him from all around.
      • What happens when someone tries to land a slash on him? The blades shatter!
      • Maylu Took a Level in Badass by fighting Bass, knowing she might die.
      • Kim actually going Darker and Edgier like the Chapter, and trying to hang Bass. Is he defeated? NO
      • Bass using the Delete Tower to give everyone their first defeat.
      • Afterwards Kim and Lan give Bass "The Reason You Suck" Speech, claiming that while he defeated them and may kill them for their Ultimate Programs, he will never be invincible.

Camp Wannaweep Revived!

Princess of the Impossible

  • Brick Flagg is better here. No, we mean it, he's less of a Jerkass and more serious, making major Character Development in comparison to his role in the original series.
  • Wally isn't in this Chapter. Guess who replaces him, with a much better role? Princess Pride.
  • The attack at the Airport, where the "Two men" Ron was talking to were really Knights of DarkLand sent to attack Princess Pride. There's also major improvements in the Battle Chip Gauntlets.
  • Ron, (mostly AncientMysticMan, being the one to find out that the guard for Pride was up to something. They keep Kim and Miracle in the dark to keep them safe and report it immediately instead of letting it be a last-minute thing.
  • Princess Pride revealing herself to M-Tech School accepting the challenge for Class President.
    • Basically everything Kim, Brick and Pride do to win the election:
      • Kim and Miracle do their own things, saving people and doing services.
      • Pride and KnightMan doing what they do best by giving everyone NetBattles in exchange for votes.
      • Brick and GridMan taking on challenges that anyone commissions.
  • Amelia gets one out by pulling an I Never Said It Was Poison on the guard, Wally, right after telling her about controlled Black Market Trades and confinement in DarkLand.
    Wally Goodbye, Agent Amelia Tron Bonne!
  • Amelia managing to get herself away and drilling herself to Sharo. That's right, she spent most of the Chapter successfully evading the DarkLand Knights.
  • Even though he had no other roles, the fact that there were followers of MoltanicMan from the original series is quite awesome itself.
  • The NetSaviors planning a trap for Wally and the Knights after Amelia's lie was true after all, and the plan working.
  • Brick CrossFusing with GridMan in memory of his mentor, Shun Daimon and being the first to defeat the leading NetNavi of the Knights, Bass.
  • Kim using the NaviCust for the first time.
  • Pride's battle against Wally, giving her the spotlight for once.

Game, Set and Match

  • Fyrefox and his NetNavi, Magnus, making their Early-Bird Cameo.
  • The fact that there was actual Darker and Edgier stuff to this Chapter, including James being shown breaking his leg, and the leading into a new Arc.
  • After Jim and Tim caused James to break his leg, Kim considers placing her brothers in Juvenile Prison, but Miracle manages to persuade Kim to do something less rash. She takes away their PETs instead.
  • A Bat Signal for Lan and MegaMan being sent by Fyrefox.
    • The TetraCodes from MegaMan Battle Network 3, which have the exact same role, only more awesome.
  • The inclusion of Mega Man X Characters, Foreshadowing of an Omega, and the fact that everyone in the World is willing to play their part in taking down Bass.
  • Junior never intended for there to be a Party as part of his scheme. Instead, he uses the Navi within the TetraCode, FlashMan, to put Kim and Ron under his control, and eventually, makes Kim and Ron try to destroy each other.
    • Lan managing to hold his own against Kim and Ron.
      • Miracle and AncientMysticMan managing to terminate CrossFusion with Kim and Ron to snap them back to reality.
    • Must we mention the debut of DoubleSoul SledgehammerSoul and SledgehammerBrotherSoul? Lan's not the only one to use DoubleSoul anymore.
      • The fact that FlashMan was scared of the moment makes it more awesome!

Good News and Bad News

  • Let's start out with Ron's Story, shall we? He makes it seem like Brick is cheating on Bonnie for Kim, broadcasts the talk, and gets admired by some students. Do his friends take this? NO.
    • Kim and Amelia, and even Miracle and AncientMysticMan call Ron out, making his actions unjustified through any means necessary.
    • Ron's reasoning, though:
    Ron: Do you know what it's like to hardly be known, to be pushed around all the time, to be constantly made fun of for everything about you, to feel like you're alive but no one knows you exist?!
    • Also, Amelia nearly punching a hole in Ron's head for calling her out.
    • Brief Heartwarming Moment when Kim punches Amelia in the stomach for threatening Ron.
  • Everyone calling out Adrena Lynn for her fake stunt after Kim exposes her.
  • VideoMan returns!
  • Kim and Ron arrive to save Brick. Does Kim CrossFuse, especially after all the things that have happened? Another NO, as Kim decides to get her hands dirty.
    Adrena Lynn: Go ahead, use that CrossFusion! VideoMan can take care of you easily!
    Kim: Oh, I won't need that for this. I've fought with CrossFusion long enough to realize that I haven't been fighting with my own strength.
  • Brick, out of all Kim Possible Characters, gets the spotlight. He chases off VideoMan, and is the only one to CrossFuse for the entire Chapter!
    • Not to mention the fact that VideoMan, perhaps one of the two pathetic Darkloids, escaped all of that... alive!

Attack of the Clones

  • Ron easily Deleting two Darkloids, and him and Kim showing off their new DoubleSoul Abilities to Drakken and Shego.
  • VideoMan returning, and making the original premise of the episode much darker.
  • Masked Thunder returns! And he lays some serious hurt on Dark Shego. The best part? She falls for every one of his acts!
  • The entirety of the battle against the Clones.
    • Kim's Unstoppable Rage against VideoMan and showing just what she and Miracle can do.
      • Three words about Kim and Miracle's evil clone: Badass Dark Chick!
  • Ms. Yuri coming to proclaim her independence from Nebula. She first takes down Shego, and, leading by example from Lan, crushes her Dark Synchro Chip!

Dark Chip Corruption

  • The fact that Monique gets her own backstory, and making her into a major character.
  • Monique's first battle operating Pallette. And the way Monique has a whole system of information passed down to her from her Father.
  • There's also Monique's special shades.
  • Jack Hench, the Shady Real Estate Agent, plays a huge role in freeing Monique with Pallette.
  • Monique when she is freed:
    CorruptionMan: Destroy the Human! I command you!
    Monique: (charges up a Program Advance Command this!
  • Monique's fabulous Transformation Sequence into CrossFusion, followed by her Ultimate Program Advance that ultimate Deletes CorruptionMan.
  • The PalletteSoul Debut.

BubbleMan's Ultimate Revenge!

  • BubbleMan, one of the weakest Darkloids, getting the better of practically everyone, friend and foe alike! That is pretty much all to be said about him in the Chapter.
    • Also, Wade and Kim coming to the conclusion that BubbleMan can only win with luck, not a real strategy.

Double Trouble

  • More elements from the Battle Network Games is incorporated. This time, from MMBN5, VisionBursts!
  • Jim and Tim's CrossFusion Sequences.
  • Bass is revealed to be the mastermind behind everything that has happened up until this point. His The Reason You Suck Speech makes him just as better.
  • Jim and Tim getting the better of Bass, and curing Shego too!
  • DoubleSoul AncientMysticSoul!


  • The fact that this was the first Chapter without Lan or MegaMan is quite an impressive feat.
  • Chaud being the one to get the spotlight for the second time is also impressive.
  • Anetta is back, and she is now a NetSavior!
  • Señor fires a GigaCannon Program Advance at Kim, Ron, Chaud and Anetta. What does Junior do when he finds out he is meant for Kim? Create the LifeAura just in time.
  • The appearance of Alpha near the end.
  • Just some meta, but the fact that Ciel is returning as a major character definitely counts!

The Countdown to Destruction

  • SavageMan is back!
  • Ron doesn't accidentally go on the Ship. He goes to save Frederick, and takes on Bass, SavageMan, and Monkey Fist all at once!
  • JunkDataMan's Big Damn Heroes Debut. He helps take down the bad guys and is not even scared than he was with Dr. Regal.

Brains, Brawn and Fire!

Alpha and Omega

  • Where to start?
  • There's also Bass's warning to everyone that finally shows how much of a threat he is than he was in Axess.
  • The Kim vs Ron Battle. Kim AreaSteals to get an advantage. What does Ron do? Predict her movements and kick her at just the right time.
  • The first ever appearance of Dr. Michael Cossack!
  • Bass sends his Guard Dog NetNavis to get Program X from M-Tech High. How do the NetSaviors take them on? Not with simple CrossFusion sequences anymore. They literally pose their way into CrossFusion, getting their armors at the same time!
  • Ms. Yuri returns, and she comes to save Kim and Ron with guns blazing. She takes down all of their Clones with no CrossFusion, just guns.
  • Kim's Big "NEVER!" against Bass when he activates the TetraCodes. She refuses to give up, and she destroys all of the TetraCodes by throwing her Miracle Synchro Chip at him and the TetraCodes before it flies into her Kimmunicator PET precisely on the dot. Cue her taking down Bass and Alpha with her bare hands and getting her CrossFusion at the same time.
  • DoubleSoul MegaSoul and DoubleSoul KarmaSoul.
  • Kim, Ron and Lan all doing DoubleSoul with themselves, fighting against Bass, Alpha and Diaspora both as themselves and with their NetNavis.

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