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The official page of Awesome Moments from the fanfic.

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     Chishio No Me 
  • We get our first taste of action, in chapter 3, with the fight between Asuka & Mika. A very well choreographed fight, displaying both of their fight skills. Mika manages to edge out, being able to out-maneuver Asuka and grabble her, but they both manage to fight on par with the other.
  • Raven's introduction, in chapter 4, is certainly this, as he easily defeats a group of terrorists, without getting a scratch on himself.
  • Ashrah gets a pretty impressive introduction, having all ready defeated Smoke, before managing to stab Noob Saibot through the chest, thus finally purifying her soul and allowing her, to escape from the Netherrealm.
  • Shortly after joining Shao Kahn, Ivy has an encounter with one of his generals Tanya. Not impressed by the swordsman, Tanya attempts to intimidate her, only to find herself wrapped up by Ivy's Snake Sword and then put in her place, by a cold death threat from her. Despite being the new blood, Ivy quickly establishes herself as on par, with the Outworlders.
  • Chapter 12, marks the official start of the Tournament, and with it our first fights. And even though all the fights, are against minor Original Characters, many of them manage to put up a decent fight against them, before being defeated.
    • The first match is Kira vs Pandora. A short but surprisingly tense fight, as both ladies manage to fight on equal footing, with Pandora using a smoke bomb and hit & run tactics, to gain an edge on Kira, before she gets the upper hand, and proceeds to brutally decimate her, for most of the fight.
    • Despite being at a disadvantage, and constantly hit on, Wagner manages to defeat his opponent and knock her unconscious.
    • Maki meanwhile, is forced to fight the creepy & perverted Master Christopher, who uses some very unnerving grapples. Needless to say, it is very satisfying, watching Maki knock him out, leaving him to the mercy of a disgusted Shang Tsung.
    • On the villains' side of things, Vega battle the female ninja Jackala, leading to a rather exciting battle between his claws & her kunais. Ultimately Vega wins, by means of a non-lethal Death of a Thousand Cuts, and earns himself a spot as one of Shao Kahn's generals.
  • Chapter 14, starts with a fight between Seong Mi-Na & an Original Character Midnight. It goes from a pretty even staff match, until both of them are disarmed and forced into a fist fight, in which Midnight clearly has the upper hand. When it seems she about to lose, until Mi-Na uses gets a hold of his staff, gaining the upper hand and allowing her, to trick him into losing.
    • That same chapter, we get a rather interesting, Fish out of Water fight as Guile fights a reptilian opponent Muscana. Having only fought humans up until this point, Guile struggles to keep up with her and her superior agility. He ends up taking a lot of damage, before finally winning the match, with a Summersault Shell.
  • Surprisingly, during his first match, Dan Hibiki not only manages to put up a good fight, but actually winning it, despite a few mistakes.
  • Xianghua's victory over the sorceress Alora, is worth mentioning. While the two are equal in terms of swordplay, Alora's fire/ice magic leaves Xianghua, at a severe disadvantage. But through some luck, she's able to defeat her opponent and move forward. Though on a bit of a bitter note.
  • Sakura manages to win her first fight, against a shokan. Despite being out of her element, and taking a bit of a beating, she's able to knock the outworld creature unconscious.

     Ano Sentaku Bou 

     Majin Seiryu Ki 

     Sukui No Tsubasa 

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