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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked!

  • Did you know? Giorno Giovanna did stuff too.
    • Earlier on, his fight with Bucciarati, who learns firsthand that Gold Experience can imbue life into living things, which can also enhance their senses... including pain. At the end of the fight, Bucciarati (A mafioso and a man who would later stop his own heartbeat to keep an enemy Stand from finding him) was visibly whimpering from the thought Gold Experience was gonna punch him again.
    • After learning this ability first hand, Bucciarati used his Stand to hide in one of the bodies of the crowd. Giorno's solution? He turned one of Bucciarati's teeth that he knocked out into a fly, which is then smacked down by the person Bucciarati was hiding in, reflecting damage back at him and revealing his location.
    • He had one very early that proved just how kickass he is when he met Polpo again after a battle with his Stand, Black Sabbath.
      Giorno: I changed one of your guns into a banana. *Giorno stops, then shows his disgusted frown* You should savor your last meal as best as you can.
      • In the anime, after Polpo tells him of his belief that God forgives murder if it means maintaining one's honor, Giorno's eyes briefly turn red, making him look very much like his father DIO. Whether this was intentional by the staff or not, it is quite clear that Giorno is angered by this statement, and he makes his decision to kill Polpo right then and there. Why? Because Polpo clearly shows no regard, or remorse for killing innocent bystanders, especially the old janitor that was killed by his Stand, Black Sabbath.
      Giorno: When someone insults you, even murder is forgivable? I see. What you told me is very important. You insulted that old man's life.
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    • How he defeated Illuso: He infected himself with a flesh-eating virus from Fugo's stand and allowed himself to be dragged into the mirror world just to infect Illuso with the virus.
    • Before Giorno cured himself, Illuso used his Stand to cut off his infected hand. Gotta admire that kind of guts from a minor JoJo Villain.
      • Too bad Giorno counted on him doing this. Before Illuso dragged him into the mirror, he turned a brick into a snake to follow Illuso outside of the mirror via body temperature, so that Purple Haze could track him down and finish him off. Then Giorno cured himself of it by turning the virus shell casing into an immune snake then transfusing its blood into himself.
    • The fight against Melone's Baby Face cements Giorno as a worthy JoJo protagonist. At first, he gets ambushed while guarding Coco Jumbo (the turtle), unable to call for help after getting his throat turned into a cube, along with an eye. Then Giorno transforms a few rocks to replace the body parts he lost. His clever use of his Stand and his all-or-nothing decisions turned a dire situation into a Curb-Stomp Battle, ending it by turning the motorcycle Baby Face's homunculus (named Junior) was driving into Gold Experience's hand, allowing him to absorb it, and transformed back into a motorcycle. Cue explosion.
      Baby Face, Jr.: You should get your eyes checked. You didn't hit my head! (grabs Gold Experience's fist) I won! This is the end! (proceeds to retaliate)
      Giorno: I told you, it's useless.
      (Baby Face suddenly stop attacking, then something's wrong happened to Junior)
      Baby Face, Jr.: Wh-what the hell!?
      Giorno: Look again. The hand that Gold Experience brought back wasn't its own.
      Baby Face, Jr.: !?
      Giorno: It's the bike. I gave the bike life and had it return to us as a hand. (parts of motorcycle bursts in Baby Face's body) You just took that bike into your body, as a part of you.
      Baby Face, Jr.: This is nothing! I just split apart and get away aga-
      Giorno: Just think about it. There's gasoline in bikes. I'm pretty sure I can cause a big enough explosion to keep you from splitting apart in time to escape.
      (The spark plug starts to ignite, as Baby Face looking at his back)
      (A few seconds later, Junior now disintegrated into pieces)
      Baby Face, Jr.: Sizzling... Burning...
      Giorno: Looks like doing what you wanted was useless... in the end.
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    • And he doesn't expect Melone to come finish him later, no, he turns the remains of Melone's Stand into a snake to finish him. Together with Polpo, this showed that Giorno may be noble and idealistic but he is not someone to fuck with.
    • This moment when the gang needs reach Cioccolata and stop his rampage.
      Mista: I won't be able to hit the fuel tank or the propellers from here!
      Giorno: No, Mista. You never know until you try!
      (Giorno and Mista aim the helicopter together and shoot it)
      Mista: It's no use! They won't reach! I know the Pistols' range better than anyone.
      (The bullets miss the helicopter)
      Mista: The helicopter got away, and the guy underground is coming for us!
      Giorno: The bullets hit the target, Mista. Now, the two of us are going to take care of the man in the helicopter. Let's go after the helicopter!
      Mista: Go after it? The helicopter?
      (A few moments later, Mista's bullets turn into branches that spear the copter in midair.)
  • Giorno vs Cioccolata.
    • Number 5 gets one when Cioccolata launches Giorno into the air. Before he falls to his death, Number 5 launches a bullet through Giorno's hand. In that moment Giorno turns the bullet into a branch that lodges itself into the helicopter large enough for him to land on.
      Giorno: Grazie, Number 5.
    • Cioccolata destroys the branch Giorno was walking on, causing him to plummet into the city. Then Giorno kicks a piece of the branch into the air above Cioccolata's head. That piece changes back into a part of the bullet number five passed to Giorno, and it maintains its previous velocity. Cue said bullet going straight through Cioccolata's skull.
    • On that note, the fact that Giorno was even able to calculate all of that in what would have to be a few seconds.
    • Giorno, in a Call-Back to his Dad's fight with Jotaro, suspects that this didn't kill Cioccolata, and that the latter was playing dead long so that he could escape and activate Green Day again. Giorno says all of this out-loud him and proposes that he wouldn't harm him as soon as he got close. Then Cioccolata wakes up threatening to kill Mista and the turtle with his severed arm. Then a stag beetle bursts through the bastards' skull.
      Giorno: It's true. I kept talking because I wanted to buy time. The time I needed to make the bullet that went through your head earlier to evolve and return to your wound. The piece that remained in your head lured the bullet and returned to being a stag beetle. When imaged for the propellers, I imbued it with the Gold Experience's life force so that I could finish you for good, whether you were dead or alive.
      Cioccolata: B-but you said... th-that if i stayed still... y-you wouldn't do anything...
      Giorno: Oh, please. Did you really think you'd be that lucky? A piece of shit like you?
    • Then when Cioccolata lunges at him, Giorno proceeds to beat him with his Stand for 7 pages straight. Never has reading (or watching and hearing) Dio's signature Kiai been so awesome. It ended up being the video example for No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
      • Giorno's finisher of Cioccolatta lasted seven pages overall. That was three pages of "MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA", one page of "WRYYYYYYYYY" another two pages of "MUDAMUDAMUDA", and completed by smashing him into a combustible trash vehicle. 119 repetitions of "MUDA" overall. It is double the length of Steely Dan's beatdown, and Cioccolata deserved it.
      • Now there's also the anime version of it, which is 1.5x the length (translated into thirty seconds) of Steely Dan's beatdown but is much more intense. Special mention goes to Kensho Ono's WRYYYYYYYYYY: you can just feel all the hatred expunging from Giorno's lungs in that furious scream, and he's got a lot of it.note 
      • Even better? Kensho doing this with an authentic, unaltered script of "MUDA" repetitions.
      • And, even better than that? The episode's credits added in an extra heading. A six-person team under MUDAMUDA Genga. Long story short, they had half a dozen people whose task was to animate Giorno's thirty-odd seconds of punchingnote 
      • There's one overlooked aspect of the beatdown, especially in the anime. During the beating, Cioccolatta summons his Stand, Green Day as a meat-shield to try and take the punches for him. Key phrase: "try", as it lasts only three seconds before Gold Experience's fists are back pummeling Cioccolatta's body again at full force.
  • And then there's Bruno Bucciarati, and his zipper-making Stand, Sticky Fingers, and that monumentally unnerving scene when he zips his own head open, effectively splitting it in half, to dodge Prosciutto's strike. And then zips it right back up, of course. For creative Stand use, there's really no competition.
    • From the same fight, there was the time when Prosciutto thought he had outsmarted Bucciarati into building up his body heat so that The Grateful Dead would affect him faster, only for Bucciarati to reveal that he had planned for that the whole time. In one swift movement, he grabs Prosciutto by the arm, and holds him in an iron grip as he reveals that he has applied a zipper to the wall of the train, and plans to unzip it to cause both him and Prosciutto to fall out of the train. Knowing full well this is an extremely risky mission that could easily get him killed, especially considering the effects The Grateful Dead is having on his body, Bucciarati gives Prosciutto a steely glare and states a single line that shows he's perfectly willing to do what it takes to win.
      Bucciarati: I was aware of what would happen if my body warmed up.
      Prosciutto: Huh?
      Bucciarati: I was also prepared to get caught. I will complete this mission, and I will also protect my crew. One of the hardest parts of being a capo is the fact that I have to do both. Are you ready for this? I know I am.
    • He trumps himself at another point when he unzips his body into many, many pieces, stopping his blood circulation in order to trick a Stand user that can sense his heartbeat into thinking he suddenly escaped. Even Bucciarati eventually became convinced that he was going to die anyway when he had to keep it up for so long.
    • The enemy in this fight, Pesci, tries to kill the entire group after his neck got snapped with his own Stand. Bucciarati used Sticky Fingers' to extend it's fist into Pesci's face before he could get the job done. Bucciarati wasn't through from there.
      Sticky Fingers: (Stand Rushes Pesci until every inch of his body is covered in zippers) ARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARI! (SF winds up, and...) ARRRRIIII! (Pesci's body explodes into pieces)
      Bucciarati: Arrivederci. (Italian for "Farewell")
    • There's also that time when he calmly butchered a couple of gangsters who were trying to kill his father after witnessing them. This was when Bucciarati was twelve.
    • Bucciarati dies from his wounds against Diavolo and King Crimson to protect Trish from him. Giorno manages to find him, and not knowing he's dead, uses Gold Experience to heal his body. Bucciarati proceeds to will his soul back into his body so he can continue his new self-imposed mission to keep Trish safe and defeat Diavolo.
    • And let's not forget his speech to his team when he declared his betrayal and war against the boss of Passione.
      Bucciarati: The boss had us act as her bodyguards so that he could kill his daughter with his own hands. Because she shares his blood, she could have figured out his true identity. I found that out and... I couldn't forgive him. I couldn't just come back and pretending I didn't see that. That's why I betrayed him!
      Fugo: How could you...!?
      Mista: Are you insane, Bucciarati?
      Abbacchio: You know exactly what happens to traitors, no matter who it is. The boss never lets anyone get away. Hell, Venice could be already be surrounded by the boss' elite guard.
      Bucciarati: You're right, and that's why I'm going to need help. If any of you are willing to accompany me, come down these stairs and get on the boat. But, I will not order any of you to come with me. I won't even ask you to come with me. I did this all on my own, so you don't need to feel obligated to come with me. This may come off as arrogant, but I'm going to say it anyway... I did this because I believe I'm right. I have no regrets. Despite the world we live in, I want to continue on the path that I believe in. If we can just find his weakness... Though we're only fleeing now, I will defeat the boss, no matter what. I will find his weakness, no matter what!
  • Abbacchio gets one too. When Illuso decides to trap him in his Stand's mirror realm next, Abbacchio transformed his stand, Moody Blues, into himself, tricking Illuso into trapping it in his realm instead. Then Abbacchio proceeded to dominate Illuso's Stand in close combat. He didn't defeat him, but that's one point for a dude with a non-combative Stand.
    Illuso: What!? O-Only a Stand can grab the neck of another Stand! (chokes) There's no way you could grab Man in the Mirror's neck when I'm the one who dragged you here!
    Abbachio: Shattering the mirror didn't actually work in your favor. It just means the space you can look outside from became smaller. You couldn't see who you dragged in here, could you? You have permission... for just ME to enter!?
    Illuso: Th-that's...!
    Abbachio: Grazie! I’ll happily get dragged in!
    • Illuso turns the tables on him by dragging half of Abbacchio's body and Moody blues in-and-out of the mirror respectively. Abbacchio knew that he was screwed and that Illuso was going to take the key he, Giorno, and Fugo were sent retrieve. So he cut off his own hand and used the other half Moody Blues from outside the mirror to rewind and deliver the key to Giorno. It didn't work out as he expectednote , but Giorno admits that his plan to beat Illuso wouldn't have worked if he didn't do that.
  • Mista faces off against Ghiaccio, an obnoxious mafiosi who's only lightly pushed back by his bullets due to his freezing powers. The bullets also get bounced back into Mista's body once he activates his secondary ability. How does he resolve this? Using his own blood to blind Ghiaccio, luring him to a shard sticking off a broken pole and hammering away at him with his bullets to pierce his armor and impale him, all while knowing that every shot he fires is going to be headed straight back at him. Mista ends up shot by over a dozen of his own bullets, and Giorno is ultimately the one to finish off Ghiaccio (by rapid-kicking him until the spike goes straight through his neck, mind you), but you've got to admire his guts.
    • Ghiacchio deserves a mention too. Not only does White Album effectively surround him in an "Instant Death" Radius and render him Nigh Invulnerable for most of the fight - while also serving as an invariable Attack Reflector when he activates Gently Weeps to freeze the surrounding air itself - unlike most of the villains, he is also aware of and compensates for his stand's necessary weaknesses, using Gently Weeps to stop a bullet headed for his breathing hole before sealing solid oxygen into his suit once he realizes Mista figured out his weakness, removing said weakness entirely. And even when Mista pins him to a broken pillar and repeatedly uses bullets to hammer it into his body, he still holds on long enough to outlast Mista, freezing the blood gushing from his wounds to brace himself against the lamppost. And since Ghiaccio's final reflected shot was very likely fatal, in a way, he actually managed to beat him - unfortunately, he forgot that Giorno was still in the fight...
    • Even before Mista got his stand, he got caught in the middle of a gun fight and calmly took a gun, aimed, and got a headshot on the four enemies. The thing is that all four of the thugs were firing upon him in point-blank range, and missed every single shot. It was so unbelievably lucky and out of this world that the court doesn't believe him when he recounts this.
  • Narancia in his fight against Formaggio. He escapes from a shrunken state by blowing up a nearby car. So when Formaggio shrinks himself to try and escape, what does Narancia do? Blow up every damned car on the street to turn the whole place into an inferno.
    • Narancia winning his fight against Tiziano and Squalo, all the while showing how relentless he is even when attacked and showcasing a lot more strategy than what you'd think he could. Giorno gets some props too, as even when he has his throat damaged to the point of actually stopping to breath he still manages to give some crucial support to Narancia in his fight. Talk about some nano-second-tactics.
      • Right before Giorno gets attacked, Tiziano attacks Narancia and cuts his hand. Giorno wants to heal him, but Narancia knows that Clash is hiding in his blood, who will kill Giorno if he gets too close. So Narancia uses Aerosmith to heat up a metal pipe in the bathroom they are in and cauterize the wound on his hand. He doesn't even flinch when doing it either.
      • The moment when Narancia caught Squalo and Tiziano deserves a special mention. After listening Giorno's advice to hunt down the Stand user, Narancia complies and goes outside to hunt down the duo. When Tiziano calms down his partner and reassure they still get the upper hand, Narancia yells "Found you! You're right there!", much to their shock and disbelief. Squalo becomes more panicked and Tiziano continues to calm down Squalo, telling him his Talking Head still stuck on Narancia's tongue, meaning that he's still lying. But alas for Tiziano, Narancia anticipates this by cutting off his own tongue to get rid Talking Head's influence, then replace it with the new one from Giorno's ladybug brooch. Narancia then declares his Badass Boast to Squalo and Tiziano as he manages to catch up the duo.
        Narancia: Considering the number of people out here, there's all kinds of breathing. Labored breathing, slow breathing, there's so much that I can't single anyone out. But I've been waiting. I've been waiting for this! For the moment when someone's breathing drastically changes suddenly!
        Squalo and Tiziano: !?
        Narancia: For someone to change their breathing drastically after seeing me cut my tongue out with a knife! For someone to see their Stand hanging out along with my tongue and panic, big time! THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Just when I thought I'd lost you guys and was about to give up!
        (Narancia's CO2 radar starts to catch Squalo and Tiziano's breath signature)
        Narancia: (looking at Tiziano) YOU, OVER THERE! Your breathing just fluctuated, didn't it!? Yes, you! I'm talking to you! I'm talking to you, long hair!
        Tiziano: This can't be! He actually cut out his tongue to track me!
        Narancia: Which means the shark user is the dude next to you! He seems pretty damn pale.
      • And of course, Narancia finishing off Squalo with his own Stand cry. Keep in mind that Narancia says it while Clash is in the middle of digging into his throat.
        Narancia: Do you think... I'm going to falter? Just because of... something like this!?
        [Narancia rams Aerosmith into Squalo, throwing him into the air]
        Narancia: We’re... going to get the hell out of Venice, completely safe and sound! See ya...
        [Aerosmith shoots Squalo in the chest at full force]
  • Trish vs Notorious B.I.G: Not only walking out from it with the well-deserved honor of being the only one to actually hurt this so called "invincible Stand" that had defeated everyone else so far, but also outsmarting it by DESTROYING THE GOD DAMN PLANE THEY WERE RIDING. It was also the first time she had used her Stand.
    • At the same fight, this also serves as Trish's Character Development, from the scared Hostage MacGuffin to an Action Girl on her own right. When the private jet Team Bucciarati hijacked start losing the altitude, Bucciarati finds Trish securing Giorno's brooch, now turned into his replacement hand. When he found out that Notorious B.I.G still alive, Bucciarati tell Trish to come closer, slowly. All while Notorious B.I.G consumes the whole plane. Trish's response? Run towards the cockpit like hell, close the door, and use Spice Girl to punch the cockpit into a makeshift parachute. Bucciarati and Abbacchio are absolutely thunderstruck when seeing her ability.
      Trish: An emergency landing, huh? Bucciarati, we need to do the opposite. If we all want to survive and get to Sardinia safely, we need to...
      Spice Girl: ...destroy this plane! [proceeds to rapid punch the cockpit] WANNABEEEEEEE!!!
      Trish: Spice Girl!
      [Spice Girl lands the final punch, and the cockpit become soft and elastic]
      Bucciarati: T-Trish... This is... When did you obtain Stand abilities?
      Abbacchio: Th-The wall and glass are all soft like rubber.
      Trish: If that thing is going to prioritize speed in its attacks, then crashing would be faster. A plane crashing is way faster... [the cockpit suddenly separated from the plane] ...than this parachute!
      [Notorious B.I.G screams and the plane explodes]
      Trish: Gotcha, you stupid bastard!
    • She also without hesitation slaps Bucciarati's arm off to put Notorious B.I.G away for good before revealing Giorno's regenerating hand to Bucciarati and Abbacchio to prove they're not out of the fight yet. Once again, Bucciarati and Abbacchio are speechless. Adding extra icing on the cake, Trish bids farewell to Notorious B.I.G by borrowing Bruno's "Arrivederci" Bond One-Liner.
  • Pesci's gradual development from easily-scared mama's boy with a relatively silly Stand to a cold-hearted assassin like the rest of Squadra Esecuzioni during the Grateful Dead arc. This culminates in Bruno's realization that he's even more dangerous than the guy with the ability to lethally age everyone with his mere presence.
    Bruno: I underestimated the situation. The enemy that posed a greater threat on this train wasn't the one who could age everyone. The one who's even more terrifying... is the guy using this fishing line!
    • His partner Prosciuto also showed some impressive guts. He starts the fight by including himself in his Stand's range, hiding between his actual victims so that he catches Mista off his guard when he has Pesci cornered, using his ability directly on him. The crowning moment is, however, after he gets finally defeated by Bucciarati, being beaten and thrown off the train they were riding, his body broken and minutes, at most, from death. He still finds a way to grab the train, keeping his Stand active in his last moments, trying to help Pesci complete their mission to the end. This is some serious dedication.
  • During the climax of the chase for the Stand Arrow, Diavolo is about to obtain the arrowhead and pierce his Stand with it... when it suddenly passes through its hand as it turns incorporeal. Diavolo is confused, until he realizes that Chariot Requiem had been damaged and everyone's souls are losing their grip on their bodies, and then it's revealed that none other than Bucciarati had found out the trick to defeating Chariot in the nick of time. Only, unlike Diavolo, he intends to destroy Chariot so that everyone's souls will fully return to their original bodies... except for Bucciarati himself, who dies for good instead, his final sacrifice allowing Giorno to take the Arrow uncontested.
    • Bucciarati's Dying Moment of Awesome also ends up engraving upon Giorno the words that shape his Requiem abilities.
      Bucciarati: "Don't worry about it, Giorno. I'm only going back to where I was supposed to go. I'm simply returning to how I once was. That's all."
  • Gold Experience Requiem's ability in the anime showing the actions reverse along with its translucent white aura makes the Stand look like a god, as it showcases how virtually invincible the stand is. To put it quite simply, there is no way Diavolo can the win the fight at that point. And the final Muda on Diavolo is the third longest beatdown in the series, outside of Cioccolata and Steely Dan's, being around 15 seconds.
    • On that note, there’s the sound effect of GER's punches emphasizing how powerful Gold Experience became physically. The impact of Gold Experience's punches always had a similar sound effect to a submachine gun. The Stand Arrow upgraded that to either a light machine gun or a turret going off. The visuals of GER's activation is also quite beautiful and awesome, with visual glitches signifying its opponent's actions are going back to "zero" while leaving both itself (alongside Giorno) and its victim in a dimensional maelstrom of colorful gases and stars, in contrast with King Crimson's nearly empty, but still star-filled void.
    • For further specifics: during the final time erasure, Diavolo tries to use the same trick on Giorno as he did with Polnareff by blinding him with blood while moving into the right position to deliver a fatal strike. It looks like Diavolo has Giorno dead-to-rights, as even Epitaph has foretold Diavolo succeeding in killing Giorno... but just as the killing blow is about to land, everything starts moving backwards in time, including Diavolo, resetting the universe back to when King Crimson's ability was just activated. Diavolo expresses absolute disbelief that only he should be able to act within the erased time—and that's when Gold Experience Requiem speaks to Diavolo:
      GER: This is... Requiem. What you're seeing is indeed the truth. You are seeing the movements created by your abilities. But... you will never arrive at the truth that's going to happen. None who stand before me shall ever get there, regardless of their abilities. This is... the power of Gold Experience Requiem. This is unknown even to Giorno Giovanna, who controls me.
    • This moment also happens to be Laser-Guided Karma at its finest. Diavolo goes through the same thing he put Bucciarati through when they first fought: facing an invincible enemy who controls fate itself.
    • The opening rendition of GER's ability is simply glorious. The scene slides from the despair of Diavolo monologuing about Giorno's destruction being the sole thing to remain... to the interlude part of the long version, as GER's ability kicks in and restores everything to zero. But the real crowner? For the slightest second, Giorno's hair comes loose and flowing... And his shadowed face as he holds his soon-not-bleeding-anymore hand to his face is a dead ringer to... DIO himself!

David Productions
You know what? David productions deserve their own section for the choices they made for the anime.
  • The famous torture dance has officially been animated!
    • In the manga, the torture dance was only a few panels long and was basically a small, throwaway gag. The fans loved it so much however, due to its very memetic nature, and it seems like David Production threw the fans a bone by animating it very well.
    • The animated version even expanded on the torture dance, making it like a Disney Acid Sequence music video, with added dance moves, a catchy original song, panning camera shots and psychedelic visuals of disco lights and Zucchero's head. Finally, after 20 long years, JoJo fans have finally got a song for the whole scene!
  • King Crimson's ability in the anime is absolutely breathtaking. It shows the world around it exploding into space and witnessing an action in slow-motion as a red-tinted afterimage shows it what's happening in the future, which truly displays its power when Bucciarati faces off against it. The display is just as much badass as it is terrifying as King Crimson casually saunters around its oblivious target, waiting for the moment to strike.
    • Even better is that we are finally given a detailed, concise, and articulate explanation for how King Crimson's ability works, both from Diavolo narrating it to an oblivious Bucciarati and through the various effects it has on the rest of the gang outside (such as Abbacchio making to walk over to Giorno from the boat only to find that he's on dry land in an instant). After decades spent speculating on the true nature of its ability we no longer have to say that it "just works".
      Boss: "Within King Crimson's ability, this world's time disappears, and no one remembers the movements they made within this segment of time. The clouds in the sky don't realize they've broken apart. A flame that's extinguished doesn't even realize the moment it went out. All that remains in this world are the results. In the world where time has been eliminated, all movement becomes pointless! I am the only one who can react to these movements. I can see every single one of your movements! This is King Crimson's ability!"
  • The King Crimson Version of the second OP has arrived and lives up to the hype, keeping up the tradition of the Part’s main antagonist interacting with the opening. This time around, Diavolo activates King Crimson to skip time and uses Epitaph to see into the future and predict Giorno’s moves before the opening resumes as usual. See it here in all it’s glory.
    • What makes it even more awesome was how genuinely unexpected this version was which threw longtime viewers for a loop. The most common guess among the fandom is that with the tradition of the Part’s main antagonist interacting with the opening in play for the final episodes, Part 5 is that in accordance with how King Crimson works, the opening will simply be skipped ahead by around the last 10 seconds. Instead, what we got with this version was that we have been unknowingly watching the skipped version this whole time.
    • If that wasn't badass enough, then there's the Gold Experience Requiem Version, which starts rewinding King Crimson's time erasure halfway through, effectively wrenching control of the opening as proof of his victory reached meta levels. In addition, we get this amazing shot of Giorno replicating the pose of his father Dio! Lastly, the opening theme changes to accommodate this sudden change, with the opening showing Giorno activating his Requiem stand. It's very fitting for the finale episode it was shown in.
  • The anime gives a stellar moment for all of the VAs during "The Requiem Quietly Plays" and "Diavolo Surfaces" arc, since they didn't choose to have the voices swap with the souls but have the VAs imitate their fellow actors speech and mannerisms. So you get Narancia's Hot-Blooded manners out of Giorno's normally calm and collected voice, Giorno's steadfast and unwavering delivery coming out of a much younger sounding Narancia, Trish's demure and nervous tone in Mista's normally thuggish voice, and Mista's straight-shooting and blunt mannerisms out of Trish's light, airy voice. Only Bucciarati in Diavolo's body sort of fits, but props must be given to all of the VAs for doing a spot in impression of the character's that they swapped with rather than taking the easy way out.
  • David Productions' dedication towards animating the Giorno's 7-page beatdown of Cioccolatta. Being very well aware that this is the one scene that cannot be messed up in any way, they hired 6 more people just to animate this one scene alone before putting them into the credits under the moniker "MUDAMUDA Crew".


  • Considering that this is easily one of the most divisive parts in the franchise, the fact that it finally got an anime confirmed is definitely this. Heck, the fact that it'll begin airing less than 4 months after being announced also qualifies as thisnote .
  • Just one and half weeks after the second opening's debut, a fan decided to recreate the entire thing with just the manga frames it referenced from and some Adobe editing software. The resemblance is uncanny. When the original got taken down for copyright reasons, a new version was made using the instrumental track.
  • A fan recreated the second opening with the Stardust Crusaders. It justs fits.

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