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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.


  • The briefcase is back.
  • IOI managed to find a way to add co-op into the mix, in the form of 2-player Sniper Challenge-like gameplay mode. It can also be played solo, don't worry.
  • Several old features are returning; Mirrors work again, and NPC characters can see 47's reflection. People may also notice blood puddles, but this isn't 100% certain. The PIP camera also returns, and as a HUD element, doesn't cover the screen like in BM.
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  • The missions of the previous game will be added to this game, with some improvements to match the aforementioned tweaks (such as mirrors). They're also free for those who already own them in the last game.
  • As with the previous game, some of the targets would mock and taunt 47 when held at gunpoint (albeit still crouching down in fear):
    Alma Reynard: I won’t even give you the satisfaction.
    Dawood Rangan: Do you really think YOU of all people on this Earth have the right to end MY life? Who are you even?! A nobody. Some thug no one will remember! Any mark you make in the world will be a mere SHADOW compared to all that I’ve TOUCHED!
    Vanya Shah: Do you care at all about the voids of power you leave in your wake, hitman?
    The Maelstrom: So this is all what it comes down to. The great Maelstrom and some juvenile delinquent with a gun. Ironic I guess. But it won’t end here. You want to know why? Because the gods won’t allow it. It would be an abomination if a low-life like you pulled that trigger.
    Janus: My dear child, look at me. Do you really think that I fear death? I only fear dying a traitor. So go ahead, and try your worst.

New Zealand

  • 47 has to deal with not only a single target but an small army of mercenaries she's brought along as her home security.
  • 47 can eliminate Alma in multiple ways as always.
    • Smothering her with a pillow while she's asleep next to her lover. This is notable because you have been inside her home the entire time and she's never noticed you.
    • Kill her while her lover is next to her in the shower, unable to see because there's too much steam blocking the view.
    • Or if you want to do something really tricky, you can flood either of the bathroom sinks she uses(downstairs one if you give her the non lethal rat poison, upstairs if you wait for her and her lover to go up)and then throw a car battery from the garage into it, electrocuting her.
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    • Shooting her from a skylight above her bed. This requires you to sneak past numerous guards and make her Hoist by Her Own Petard since she loved these big eco-friendly natural light sources.
    • You can kill Alma by sneaking up above her house and using her extensive ventilation system to poison her bathroom as well as anyone in it.
    • Poisoning her with her favorite tea, given to her by her lover. Notable for the fact that you need to steal pills from her own murder locker.
  • If you decide to forego stealth (or even if you don't), then you can massacre all of the guards in the house with a katana and shurikens like you've been sucked into a Tarantino film.
    • Indeed, Alma's armory means that this is one of the few occasions in Hitman where you can just kill an entire bunch of goons like a Mook Horror Show with pure violence.
    • IO even later added a challenge that involves killing ten people using only katanas or shurikens.
  • 47 can't escape since the guards managed to find his boat, so he has to set a car on fire to create a distraction.
  • 47 has the entire level to himself until he hacks into Alma's computer, allowing you all the time in the world to freely set up whatever Death Trap you can come up with.


  • The very premise of the mission. 47 is after a race driver... during a race. The target will spend parts of the mission driving God-knows-how fast. Want to sabotage the car so the target's death becomes an accident? You can do so. Want to blow the car up while it's in motion? Completely doable. Want to snipe the target while they're driving at high speeds? Yep. Want to do ALL OF THEM AT ONCE? Yeah, sure.
    • Sierra Knox is an alcoholic so there's ample opportunities to poison her, including poisoning the champagne which goes into the victory cup.
    • Sierra Knox is trying to deal with blackmail and plans to Blackmail Backfire the individual by eliminating them (being as he's Bullying a Dragon). You can take the role of the blackmailer and use it to get her alone and dump her into a trash chute or even rescue the poor bastard as he's about to be eliminated.
    • One way to take down Sierra Knox is to overload the fire machines on the winner's stage so that they blow her up, right as she's celebrating her win.
  • Robert Knox's controlling nature and fetish for his own technology means there's numerous ways to eliminate him by fiddling with his machines.
    • You can install a high-octane (and probably illegal) boosting fuel into his car and incinerate him with it. He's only killed because he has to fix it himself.
    • You can fiddle with his satellite dish and he'll come out to fix it, right over the edge of the race.
    • You can arrange for an accident during the live fire demonstration of his latest robot weapon.
  • It is said to be entirely possible to take out Sierra Knox in an explosion and time it just right so the car debris also takes out her father, killing both targets in the same "accident kill".
  • Mark Faba, the first Elusive Target of the game, isn’t called “The Undying” for nothing. Several years ago, the ICA was hired to assassinate him. They made 25 assassination attempts over the years, each time confirming his death and each time it would turn out that he had managed to fake his death. At some point, he even started telling the ICA his current whereabouts, yet they still failed to assassinate him. This culminates in the ICA sending in 47, who seemingly and finally puts him down once and for all...only for him to manage to return as the fifth Elusive Target, now sporting a medical eyepatch.


  • Agent 47 goes after the Delgado Cartel for the second time, once more eliminating many of its heads. It's also the second time he's had a mission in Columbia.
  • Rico Delgado is a Smug Snake with a pet hippo that is the nephew as well as cousin of 47's previous target in the cartel. He has multiple ways of eliminating him that play on his ego and his Bond villain lifestyle.
  • Jorge Franco is dominated by his need for both obscure biology as well as love of cocaine.
    • You can poison the cocaine you bring to him in a brick and either cause him to vomit near a mine shaft or just outright kill him with it.
    • You can destroy a sacred flower he's cultivated, forcing him to go look for a replacement over a convenient cliff.
    • You can shove him into his cocaine processing machine that he just fired everyone for getting working.
  • Andrea Martinez can be taken out primarily through her relationships through others as the Cartel's PR woman.
    • You can lure her out over a ledge nearby a piranha-filled pool with a love letter from Hector Delgado.
    • You can also put a bomb in her love letter from him.
    • You can drop an enormous construction box on her while she's inspecting the plant she's building over a sacred burial site.
    • You can bury her alive in concrete during the same scene.


  • One of the targets, the Maelstrom, is a complete unknown; like the Black Hat elusive target from 2016, his real appearance is unknown, and you'll have to rely on clues strewn all over the slums. In addition, within those same slums is his gang, the Crows, who are instantly suspicious of anyone they don't know, meaning they'll detect you without a thought, even in your regular suit. Managing to figure out the Maelstrom's identity and eliminate him with any form of subtlety is subsequently difficult, but possible. Pulling it off gives a real sense of accomplishment.
    • The Maelstrom can be lured to his doom by sneaking into his old home (inhabited by his wife) then raising a flag. You can then poison his drink or any number of other murderous methods as he just wanted to spend some time with the one person he loved.
    • You can kill him with a razor during a shave as one of his few pleasures is enjoying one.
  • You can take out Dawood in a variety of ways related to his greed and arrogance.
    • You can literally blow him off the side of the building using a giant fan. This only works because he tried to force the star of the movie to kiss him (and is implied to expect much more).
    • You can lure him to a spot alone by making him pose for a picture (that he doesn't intend to pay for anyway).
  • You can take out Vanya based primarily on her love of luxury.
    • You can drown her in her own hot tub, which she enjoys despite the water shortage in the area.
    • You can kill her while pretending to be the tailor for royalty. Bonus points if you garotte her with a tape measure.
    • You can kick her off the side of a bridge during the middle of a New Era Speech where she promises her enslaved workers will be worked even harder.
  • Both Vanya Shah and Dawood Rangan have somehow managed to hire the same assassin to kill the other; the Kashmirian. You can either assist him in eliminating either target (or both if you fancy), or impersonate him after Dawood's death and perform the below kill. Assisting him in both his kills also allows you to disguise as him and enter the Crows' hideout, practically unrestricted, and eventually get put face to face with the Maelstrom himself.
  • Nothing says overkill like simultaneously taking out the Maelstrom and the Queen of the Slums with a runaway train.
    • Even better is that, since Dawood Rangan would have to be eliminated for the meeting to take place, 47 can actually jump onto the back of the train as it rams through Vanya's hideout to exit the level.

Whittleton Creek

  • Agent 47 has to infiltrate a beautiful gated community Stepford Suburbia with an entire army of Providence bodyguards on watch for potential assassins.
  • Killing Janus is not that difficult for him because he's an old man close to death anyway. It's getting around his many many bodyguards.
    • Janus can be smothered with a pillow during a health exam. However, what makes this interesting is that he spends much of the conversation bad-mouthing Agent 47 and the Supersoldier program which produced him. This can mean that Janus recognizes 47 and is Defiant to the End. It can also make 47's murder of him a case of It's Personal.
    • Janus can be killed by his collection of cigarettes and blow himself up.
    • Janus can be poisoned with a muffin (which is good because it's Human Resources anyway).
  • The methods for killing Cassidy are arguably even more fun than Janus.
    • You can lure him to a house with a hidden vault in the basement with explosives and then detonate them after he disarms it.
    • You can poison the entire house he's in with insecticide and then luring him back in by touching his gun collection.
    • His addiction to French Fries can have you poison them as he keeps coming to a local BBQ to sample, only to quickly leave.

Isle of Sgàil

  • The very premise of the mission: kidnapping one of the most powerful people in the world from the middle of a stronghold of the world's elite, killing two of their highest ranking members in the process.
  • One of the ways to take out Zoe Washington is for 47 to subject himself to a Lie Detector test hooked up to an Electric Torture device while impersonating an Ark Society initiate. If 47 keeps lying, he will keep getting shocked while showing absolutely no reaction, pushing Zoe to get closer and closer to him in an attempt to intimidate him until she's standing on a puddle with a live wire crossing it, after which Zoe will order the machine cranked to full power:
    Zoe: Now. Moment of truth, Initiate. Are you pretending to be someone you're not?
    47: Yes.
    Zoe: Are you here to kill me?
    47: No.
    [47 gets shocked while Zoe is fatally electrocuted]
    • 47 can impersonate the Master of Ceremonies and proceed to burn Zoe Washington alive in a giant wicker effigy while everyone else watches on in horror ala The Wicker Man (1973).
    • You can also impersonate Janus' corpse and proceed to kill her when she comes close to whisper taunts to Janus' corpse.
  • Sophia Washington is every bit as arrogant and controlling as her sister but more closely aligned with Providence—which allows 47 to take advantage of that.
    • She can be shoved into an Iron Maiden while taunting a "coal baron" (actually 47) that she's untouchable.
    • You can kick her off the top of a castle when you Out Gambit her in her attempt to frame the Constant as working to remove his Explosive Leash.
  • Wearing the "Entertainer" disguise adds a blindfold over 47's eyes, but the only effect on the game itself is a greyscale filter. With proper planning, 47 can take out his targets while blindfolded. Bonus points if they are killed with firearms.
  • Even when captured by 47, the Constant doesn't panic or break down at all. He just calmly follows 47's instructions while at the same time trying to glean as much information from 47 through casual conversation as possible.


  • A slight villainous example; the Heavenly Guard were capable of smuggling Ldong and his wife into Singapore, and manage to do so without getting detected by the Singaporean authorities, who are renowned for their lack of corruption and tight laws regarding such activities.

New York

  • By stealing an incriminating folder from a safety deposit box and giving it to an Intrepid Reporter, 47 can crash the stock market in the process and expose Athena Savalas.
  • Disguising himself as an about to be fired employee, 47 can be fired in the guy's place and take immediate revenge on Athena Savalas.
  • Putting the Cronkite report next to an investor will make her discover that Savalas had foreclosed on her mother's home. After being subjected to a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, the investor decides to blow the whistle regardless.

HAVEN Island

  • As the ending cutscene reveals, the entirety of Lucas' crusade against Providence was used by the Constant to allow him to take control of Providence in its entirety. He manipulates everyone to divert the organization's assets to him when the contingency plan activates, and he's free to use it all. Not bad for a man described as being more an accountant than the mouthpiece of the world's most powerful organization.
  • Completing the "Synchronized Drowning" challenge also rewards the viewer with a very satisfying animation of 47 eliminating two of the three targets of the level.

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