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Overall / Meta

  • Like the previous games, the game is about a single man sneaking into a heavily guarded location, who then kills (and optionally, hides) his target(s) without anyone ever realizing he was there in the first place. It's possible to only use abandoned disguises, so no-one is knocked out, leaving even less evidence of an assassination.
  • E3 2015 announcement trailer. Hitman is back, in style.
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  • The series of trailers for the other missions leading up to Situs Inversus.
  • IOI adding in a new difficulty level, that not only restores some gameplay obstacles from the previous games (such as save limits), also adds some entirely new concepts in as well, such as getting a disguise from a body requiring a clean takedown. The fact that the difficulty has a separate set of unlockables is just icing on the cake.
  • After being dropped by Square Enix, IOI managed to go independent and kept the rights to the franchise.
  • Some of the targets would mock and taunt 47 when threatened (albeit still crouching down in fear):
    Dalia Margolis: You coward! Get that thing away from me YOU GODDAMN COWARD!
    General Zaydan: What are you waiting for?! Just take the shot! You think I'm scared? Lesser men than you have tried to kill me and every one of them I sent to hell! So kill me, you pig!
    Penelope Graves: Do you even have the balls to use that thing?!
    Maya Pravati:You can kill me, but you can never kill the cause!


  • Doubles as a Funny Moment but when 47 rigs the ejector seat of a jet fighter to actually kill his target in a simulated hunt. Given the target was working with his trainer, Soders, to get 47 to fail his entrance exam, this is arguably justified. Whatever the case, it humiliates his trainer and is a black mark on his career.
    • The next game Ret Cons this to the ejector seat being installed with parachutes, saving the target.
    • The icing on the cake is that this method is so audacious, that it causes the actors playing the Soviet soldiers to break character.
  • It's possible, and extremely gratifying, to humiliate Soders by getting a Suit-Only Silent Assassin rating. Not only did you replicate his greatest assassination ever, using the exact same tools and methods as he did, without your handler's help, but you one-upped him because he made it even harder. All before you even get out of training.



  • There's numerous awesome ways for Agent 47 to eliminate Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis which shows he's the greatest assassin in the world.
    • Impersonating a model and agent of Dalia's before getting invited up right into her room, where she doesn't recognize you, and eliminating her while her back is turned.
      • Or alternatively, poisoning her champagne with the cyanide she just gave you while her back is turned.
    • Hacking Dalia's computer to get her to come check it, which ironically saves both her secretary and her lover's life as they decide to Screw This, I'm Outta Here! before both are purged for their failure.
    • Blowing up Viktor with a remote detonator-equipped camera during an interview.
    • Sneaking into the auction in your regular suit and blending in, since you look exactly like the kind of person who would buy the information the pair would be selling.
    • Pouring Viktor's favorite drink for him, poisoning it, following him into the bathroom and drowning him in a toilet of his own vomit.
      • Drowning every single one of your targets that way.
    • Dropping a massive light fixture on Viktor's head while he's giving an extremely pompous speech.
    • Eliminating Viktor and the corrupt FSB official covering up his crimes in a pavilion after luring them both there by pretending to be the other's bodyguard.
      • Alternatively, just pushing him into the water while he's taking a breath of fresh air.
    • Sniping both of your targets during a fireworks display.
    • Dropping Dalia on top of Viktor and killing both during a fireworks display.
  • Stalking the fashion show as THE VAMPIRE MAGICIAN causing chandeliers and objects to fall onto the targets before making a dramatic escape through the sewers.
  • Escaping the level in Viktor's own helicopter.
  • "Black Hat" elusive target. You don't even have his picture. But of course you can find a way to get this right...


  • 47 can eliminate Silvio Caruso and Francesca De Santis in many-many humorous and terrible ways.
  • Disguise yourself as a florist delivery boy and killing Silvio isn't very awesome. Eliminating him, chopping him up in the garden mulcher, and then walking past his bodyguards without being seen (only to leave them wondering if they're going to get fired for losing their VIP) is. Double points for putting the flowers down on Silvio's mother's grave.
    • For a less cruel way, you can blow him up with an antique cannon.
      • You can also shoot down his PLANE with an antique cannon. Ironically, after you've caused him to flee.
    • You can blow Silvio with a propane fueled fireplace.
      • You can blow up Silvio AND Francesca with one.
    • You can kill him with an amputation knife dressed as a Medieval plague doctor while he watches home movies.
      • Or just drop the Solarium on him.
    • You can also blow him up with an explosive golf ball.
  • Shooting Silvio thru his telescope in his Observatory.
  • 47 really uses Francesca's jealousy against her as she can impersonate her golf coach lover and take his place in the romantic room set up for a rendezvous, poison her champagne and drown her in her toilet with her never aware he's not her lover. 47 can also impersonate the Private Detective she's hired to investigate Silvio, killing her as she confesses how worried she is about his plans. Not terribly awesome, except her bodyguards are two feet away.
    • You can also rig her biolab to poison her while she's inside it, causing her to die as the only person there NOT in a Hazmat suit.
  • Agent 47 also has to stop a biological weapon from rendering assassins obsolete (and changing the global balance of power) by sneaking into the bio-weapons lab to destroy it. This despite the fact it's full of soldiers and laboratory techs who all know each other.
    • They can also use the guilt of a lab technician to steal their keycard and outfit in order to sneak in and destroy the sample remotely, which is a far-far easier method of doing so.
  • Escaping the level in Silvio's private plane.
  • In Landslide, pushing Marco Abatti off the church tower, where he will be impaled on a spire. Right after he tried to put on a facade of being a Church Going Villain by going to confession with no intention of actually repenting. For added karma, you do this dressed as Father Francesco, one of his old bullying victims and someone he will kill should he find him.
  • Exposing Abiatti for the scumbag he truly is, then killing him on stage during Attempted Damage Control is satisfying.


  • The very premise of the mission itself: stopping a military coup by assassinating only two targets, one holed up in a heavily fortified consulate and another in a school full of soldiers in an extremely crowded city in broad daylight with very few places to subdue people without being spotted.
  • The infiltration of the embassy works especially well as a contrast to Hitman: Agent 47. In the movie, 47 only escapes because of the idiocy of his guards and elements he couldn't have predicted but the game, you have to be extremely intelligent to get past the hordes of guards as well as soldiers present plus an extensive security camera system.
  • 47 can assassinate Strandberg during a self-serving interview by dropping a stuffed moose on him. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • 47 disguising himself as Claus' masseur only becomes this when you break his neck after he talks about how everyone is a moron for wanting the easy life while getting a massage paid for with stolen money as well as talking about his private jet.
  • 47 can disguise himself as a prisoner and take his place on the chair he was previously tied to. When the target comes in, 47 (Whose head is covered with a bag) pretends to be sleeping. When the general tries to wake him up, 47 headbutts him and breaks his neck. The move takes about 2 seconds.
  • 47 can also assassinate Strandberg AND Zaydan in one fell swoop by stealing codes to an APC turret, disguising himself as a soldier, triggering the fire alarm in the consulate so that Strandberg is extracted to the school (with 47 as part of the escort party) and finally activating the turret when the two meet, taking out both and a bunch of Zaydan's men in the process.
  • 47 can actually lure Strandberg and Zaydan to the same spot by sneaking into their heavily fortified bases, stealing their passcodes from their safes, calling them on their phones, and then burning them alive by using an exploding barrel. There's no better way to show how utterly ineffective their security was.



  • Again, the mere premise of the mission: assassinating the 4 most dangerous members of a domestic terrorist group by infiltrating their heavily guarded compound filled with hostile militia. And we do mean filled: according to Word of God, there are no less than 300 armed NPCs in this mission, which would be the equivalent of arming everyone in the Paris mission.
  • The fact that unlike the previous missions where 47 only had to eliminate 2 targets, this mission requires him to take out 4.
  • 47 can take advantage of Rose's insistence on testing explosives himself by secretly tampering with the explosives to make a bigger boom than what Rose is expecting.
  • 47 can steal an undercover Interpol agent's badge and pose as said agent to coerce Graves into meeting him privately, where 47 can ultimately push Graves to her messy death in a slurry pit.
  • 47 can use the battering ram to kill Parvati and Rose at the same time.
  • A villainous one for the Shadow Client, who has 47 in his crosshairs and decides not to kill him, with the famed assassin completely unaware of how close he was to getting taken out.
    • Another interpretation of that scene would be that 47 was, in fact, aware that someone was aiming at him. When the Shadow Client is about to pull the trigger, 47 turns back and gives a knowing look through the scope of the rifle, as if silently saying "no one gets the drop on me". It's then that Shadow Client decides not to shoot.
  • One of the militia soldiers was the one who cost Maya Parvati her arm in a battle back in her pirate days. When they met again years later in the Freedom Fighters, she not only immediately recognised him, but also wasn't the least bit taken aback - instead, she dryly complimented him on his marksmanship.


  • The default loadout (and thus the only one available until you gain mastery levels) is no loadout: 47 starts completely weapons and equipment free disguised as an ordinary patient. Time to get creative!
    • Not to mention that the level is filled with tight corridors and multiple security measures that make Colorado look like a walk in a park.
  • 47 pulling the target's replacement heart out of its container, crushing it with his bare hands, and tossing it in the waste bin like so much garbage is both awesome and creepy. Do not mess with ICA.
    • If you're feeling particularly overkillish, 47 can kill him anyway after destroying the heart.
  • The "Reveal Identity" method consisting in Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Due to the target's knowledge of 47's career, the mere sight of 47 standing next to him is enough to give him a heart attack.
  • The ending cinematic of the mission where the Constant visits Diana on a train. All the time during that talk, he reveals none of his own secrets. None. And managed to plants doubts into Diana over her long-trusted partner 47, of all people...
    Diana: I didn't catch your name.
    The Constant: No. You didn't.
  • Similarly to the Black Hat in Paris, the penultimate elusive target doesn't even get a picture, nor any other info, for that matter. You need to know which NPC doesn't usually wander the hospital, and if you restart to change your equipment, the target also changes.

Patient Zero

  • Burning Oybek Nabazov during his fire seance by rigging the setup with highly flammable vodka.
  • The sniping centric 3rd mission set in Colorado, which has 47 eliminate a doctor and 4 infected militia members by causing "accidents" (mysteriously exploding propane flasks/fire extinguishers) or simply sniping them and hurling their bodies into bushes to conceal them.
  • Perhaps the ultimate crowning moment of awesomeness in the "Patient Zero" campaign is the final level at Hokkaido where 47 eliminates Patient Zero and a doctor looking to replicate the virus. The level is deliberately setup to expose an unprotected nurse to the virus, who will then spread it further, forcing you to eliminate all infected, but it is entirely possible for 47 to pull off the impossible: eliminate both targets undetected and prevent any innocents from being exposed to the virus, all without wearing a single disguise. 47 is truly the Silent Assassin.


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