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  • 8.8: Players were disappointed regarding the initial ratings critics had given the game, citing about that the game is basically a Mission-Pack Sequel with additional minor changes and very little else (though the statement isn't exactly unfounded). The average metacritic score for the game is 82, with IGN and Riot Pixels being the low-scorers; 7.7 / 10 and 74 / 100% respectively.
  • Acceptable Targets: As with most of the Hitman games, the main targets are not nice people in the least and deserve what they get in some way or another. They range from corrupt weapons dealers, drug cartel leaders, murderous pirates, Cold War spies, and amoral treasure hunters. Diana lampshades this in the final mission briefing, when she states that the Washington Twins are collateral damage who only need to be eliminated because they risk jeopardizing 47's unrelated mission, but they're horrible people who totally have it coming.
  • Alas, Poor Villain:
  • Angst? What Angst?:
    • Neither of the Washington sisters will be particularly distressed if they learn that the other is killed.
    • Averted/Justified with the Knox duo in Miami. Robert's assistant will not let anyone tell him of Sierra's death, so he wouldn't know unless you orchestrate things in a manner that causes him to kill Sierra himself, and he does feel distraught when it happens.
    • As per the series norm, an NPC can witness a bald assassin gun down their friends and colleagues, yet go back to mopping the floor once the killer has disappeared for a few minutes.
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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Does Janus recognize Agent 47? If so, does this mean he's accepted his imminent death? Is he being Defiant to the End? Or is Janus simply speaking about something that he's unconsciously aware of, possibly even senile?
  • The Artifact: 47's facial model from 2016 is retained in the Legacy Pack cutscenes, but the face was changed to look a bit more angry-looking in-game, causing this effect.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The game isn't episodic, although there'll be some post-launch expansions. It's all but confirmed that the episodic nature of the previous game was really because of Executive Meddling from Square Enix, and as IOI is now with Warner Bros., they've chosen the normal release model.
    • The briefcase makes a comeback.
    • Even though the game isn't an addition to the last game, some suit unlocks and gear that were in Hitman (2016) carry over here too. Progression doesn't annoyingly, so you'll still have to grind Paris to get 47's iconic Silverballer back.
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    • Returning features from Hitman: Blood Money: NPCs can see 47's reflections in mirrors, the briefcase, and the PIP system, which shows whenever 47 is caught on camera, a target is killed or a body is discovered, returns as well, the latter albeit as a smaller HUD element so important things are not covered by it.
    • While it doesn't apply to the legacy levels (their dialogue is relatively unchanged), NPCs in each level speak with the region's accent.
    • Originally, there were no plans for a PC version of the Collector's Edition, but fan requests changed IOI's (or, more likely, Warner Bros.'s) mind.
    • All Season 1 missions are brought into Hitman 2 as DLC. If you already owned said content in Hitman, you got it for free in Hitman 2.
    • When the first Columbia trailer dropped showing only shots of dense jungle, fans started to fear that IOI had inexplicably decided to reimagine one of the most hated levels in Codename 47. Said fears were put aside once more footage was released, revealing Colombia to be a multi-environment level akin to Sapienza.
    • The dialogue in the tutorial missions set in the ICA facilities was tweaked to further emphasize that the seemingly lethal takedowns are All Part of the Show. Most notably, after the infamous ejector seat execution of Jasper Knight, Diana says "Never thought they'd use a functioning jet! Good thing you didn't disable his parachute" to imply that the Jasper Knight actor survived and thus avoid the question as to why the ICA would hire two people responsible for the actual murder of one of their employees during a training exercise.
    • Another slight change in the dialogue has Diana helping 47 during The Final Test by guiding him through the ejector seat opportunity, while in the previous game, she did nothing but warn him about Soders.
    • An early patch to (at least) the PS4 version added the option to choose whether the console should focus its power on the game's framerate at the expense of graphics or the opposite. Considering that Digital Foundry lamented the lack of said option in its analysis of the game, it's likely not a coincidence.
  • Awesome Music: Niels Bye Nielsen returns from 2016, and after getting a lot of flak from fans about his different style of music compared to Jesper Kyd's work, Niels has refined his work to be in line with Kyd's work. Pretty much every track produced for the game is amazing to listen to, with Miami, Mumbai and Isle of Sgail standing out.
  • Best Level Ever: All the five main levels have their defenders, but Miami, Columbia and Mumbai are the ones people tend to rave about. Whittleton Creek also has it's fans, though mostly due to the Nostalgia Level and it's aesthetic rather than the actual mission.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: If you play any of the Sniper Assassin levels in the game, and then start playing "The Vector" from the Patient Zero campaign, then you'll need to re-adjust your timings, as while bullets do have some travel time in "The Vector", it's much faster than the sniper assassin levels. You also don't have to deal with scope steadiness either.
  • Disappointing Last Level: Some players are disappointed by "The Ark Society" not being climactic enough to end the second season on, mainly due to the Washington twins feeling akin to a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere considering they were only mentioned in the previous level and never built up to any degree. Additionally, the sole reason they're targets is because they're carrying the kill switches holding the Constant, rather than anything else. Though Diana does point out that they're not exactly the kindest of souls, who totally have it coming anyway.
  • Ear Worm: The music from Miami's Drivers' Lounge is a fun short techno beat.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Out of all the targets, Dawood Rangan and Janus is the most popular.
    • Mark Faba, likewise, is the most popular Elusive Target (for both seasons).
  • Even Better Sequel: The mechanics brought over from this game do make the first game a bit redundant, especially when it comes to the legacy pack, which makes Colorado...easier, and the rest of the maps play a little bit differently. The levels are also bigger and better too, with four large maps (Miami, Mumbai, Columbia, and Sgail) and two small ones (Hawkes Bay and Whittleton Creek). No level is particularly "bad" either, not in the sense that 2016's Colorado was.
  • Evil Is Cool: The Constant is a man who seems to always have a plan for everything, is a Graceful Loser who never appears to be fazed about anything, and can figure out a lot about a person just from a few sentences. All of this while looking like a guy who you could see doing office work. His way of taunting Diana? Give her what he promised her to begin with; information about 47. Namely the fact that he detonated the car bomb that orphaned her.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Alma Reynard, Sierra Knox and Andrea Martinez have gotten this reputation.
  • Fan Fic Fuel: Killing The Constant is the single most common contract for the final level. Ironic, considering you're not meant to kill him in the level proper.
  • Game-Breaker: The briefcase breaks Season 1 missions in half, as while the levels have been updated with some of the newer features that Hitman 2 brings to the table, such as long grass and crowd blending, the level remains largely the same as in 2016. For example, if you put a sniper rifle in the briefcase and start "Situs Inversus" in 47's room, you can simply snipe Yuki Yamazaki from your balcony. In the previous game this was impossible as you couldn't smuggle items to 47's room, and by the time you'd get the rifle from another room, she'd would've already have moved on, and she never revisits that specific spot again unless she's alerted to your presence.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • Tossing objects at a locked route to a person's heads return from 2016, which itself was from Absolution, but for some reason the speed for tossing a briefcase is significantly slower than all other objects. This means that you can see the object tracking much clearer than you would otherwise be able to with swords and the like, allowing you to see briefcases chase people around corners among other amusing things. The briefcase bug sadly got patched out in Update 2.14, and now travels as fast as other melee weapons.
    • In "Nightcall", Alma Reynard will flee to the shoreline should you scare her away from her panic room. Since there's no other lockdown locations for her to go to, her AI will instead choose to run in the opposite direction of 47 afterwards, which usually means that she'll run into the ocean and immediately drown.
  • Goddamn Bats: Cameras on Professional and Master Mode. They're hard to see, detect illegal actions which alarm guards that are nearby, and are placed in large numbers in helpful routes and locations. However, destroying the security footage disables all cameras in the level, so this can be avoided.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The previous game has 4 separate releases (Digital, Physical, GOTY, Definite). With the Legacy Pack, it gets a fifth release.
  • Heartwarming Moments: A meta example. This article, unfortunately only available in Finnish, details David Bateson's history with the series. Not only did he instantly fall in love with the premise upon hearing it, note  he's played through every game in the series (sans Hitman (2016), he's been too busy). He also loves the role so much he'd be ready to voice 47 even after he retires if given the chance. He describes himself as 47's biggest fan, and he just may be right.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: As mentioned above, all Hitman 2016 missions are in this game, with updated features. No-one saw that coming.
  • Internet Backdraft:
    • Players who purchased the Gold Edition were none too happy about the fact that the game would not be preloadable until the day the game got unlocked for them, when console players had preloading available to them.
    • While the previous Hitman 2016 missions being added to the game was received with applause, the fact that all progress had been nulled and that players had to start grinding from the start raised a few complaints. Mitigated by the fact that like with 2016, most of the useful unlocks such as the lockpick, sniper rifle, poisons, and Silverballer being Mastery challenges found within the Tutorial or Paris level makes the grinding a bit more bearable.
    • The fanbase was very upset when they learned that the Holiday Hoarders bonus mission would only be available throughout December, despite being made into a permanent mission in Hitman 2016.
    • The fact the Season One Elusive Target suits and unique unlocks from Hitman 2016 are not part of the Legacy Pack in any capacity, not helped when IOI's reasoning on the matter was down to "technical limitations", despite the fact that it was proven not long after the game came out that Hitman 2's inventory offline save data is compatible with imported Hitman 2016 offline save data should the player manually transfer it. Secondly, the assets and code for the items, such as the Elusive Target suits, exist in the game, and work when played offline, meaning they're seemingly ready to be unlocked. This came to pass however, as the developers are rerunning Legacy Elusive Targets, which reward you with the previous seasons' location specific attire. Not the solution players were looking for, but a welcome addition to those who never played the previous game and had picked up the Legacy Pack DLC.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: "Nightcall" only having up to a Mastery Rank of 5 and "Another Life" having a Mastery Rank of 15 caused some players to voice their concerns over the two maps being much smaller and more condensed compared to the usual. "Another Life" more-or-less escaped this complaint on release. However, players were still disappointed by the wasted potential of "Nightcall", since it is essentially a glorified tutorial mission, something deemed unnecessary considering the prologue from Hitman (2016) is still playable, regardless of if you own the Legacy Pack or not. This complaint also evolved into one that notes that between both missions missing 20 Mastery Levels, this means that the game is technically missing an entire mission's worth of content.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!:
    • Some were somewhat disappointed by the gameplay, since it's mostly identical to the previous game. Downplayed after the reveals of the new additions, the returning features, and the reveal that the entire previous game is included in this one (for free if you own 2016).
    • The majority of the fanbase is upset by the Mark II variants of weapons being the exact same weapon other than a "2" sticker on it, feeling as though it's a cheap way to fill the mastery rewards without even doing a proper reskin.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Sierra Knox. A brusque, corrupt and murderous young woman, who was always neglected and ignored by her father.
  • Love to Hate: Dawood Rangan is a Jerkass and Hate Sink without a single redeeming quality. However, he’s such an entertaining douche that he ends up being one of the most memorable targets in the series.
  • Memetic Loser: Orson Mills has gained this reputation, as not only does Alma consider him expendable and a replacement for her previous boyfriend, both the devs and the fans call him "Sean 2" thanks to Alma jokingly calling him that. The fact that he's not even a target shows that he's Not Worth Killing either.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Diana's tendency to announce when you've spotted a target by loudly shouting "THAT is (target name)" has become one in the community. She did this most famously in Season One, with Viktor Novikov ("THAT is Viktor Novikov. Head of Sanguine, and Ringleader of IAGO. Quite the resume."), but it's expanded upon here, and has become The Snark Knight whenever a target is in her line of sight.
    • The Ghost Mode announcer sounds very stilted, and has some amusing lines that get repeated quite often. Should your opponent not be doing that well and keep killing NPCs and guards while you're in the lead, the Announcer will make sure to remind you of this every time they kill yet another NPC.
      Announcer: You are in the lead. Keep it up!
    • The now-defunct homing briefcases animation mentioned under Good Bad Bugs.
    • "IT'S ORSON! OR-SON!"
    • Fanart of Dawood Rangan.
    • After Mark Faba's reappearance in Miami, Hitman players showed off particularly brutal kills on him in an attempt to stop him from coming back, even shredding him inside the garden shredder.
  • Most Annoying Sound: While Diana's commentary is okay in most levels since it can actually be quite helpful, her lines in the sniper mission(s) get a bit repetitive. For example, no matter how many accident kills you perform, she tends to voice her surprise or curiosity almost every time.
  • Narm: The Snow Festival suit and Winter Sports Suit, which, while cool-looking, feel very out of place in a game where the levels consist of an MGS-style infiltration mission (Colorado), three missions in hot climate (Mumbai, Columbia and Sapienza) and one in a secret location with a strict dress code (Isle of Sgail). The only level with snow in it is Hokkaido, and that's a Legacy Pack location via DLC. They also aren't as absurd as some of the other suits, the former being a arctic parka, the latter being a snowboarding/ skiing outfit, which are pretty normal, unlike the Legacy GOTY Clown Suit that looks absurd anywhere, so they don't necessarily fall into Narm Charm either.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The clues in Whittleton Creek are always mandatory, requiring you to find at least three clues along with eliminating the two targets to finish the mission. Fans believe that, while it is unique and interesting at first, it ruins the mission's pacing on replays of the map. This is a similar complaint to Colorado from Hitman 2016, where only the underground bunker was available as an escape in the campaign, requiring you to get Sean's Mask to leave the level. Colorado in Hitman 2 no longer forces one exit after a single play-through of the level, and in Whittleton Creek's case, there are easier, smaller clues to find, which don't take long to complete, but are out of the way enough from each other to become annoying to deal with, especially with repeated Save Scumming (or even when you can't save, like in Master Difficulty).
    • The Holiday Hoarders/ Snow Festival missions being seasonal content complicates completing its challenges. They all take some time to complete, and as mid-mission saves are no longer possible, if you mess up at any point, you have to start all over.
  • Special Effects Failure:
    • Presumably due to no longer having Square Enix's budget or resources, the story cutscenes have been downgraded to motion comic-esque stills. As if to compensate, the actual mission briefings pump up their Design Student's Orgasm nature.
    • The new lines from Diana in the ICA prologue sound completely different from the old lines, despite both still being used. This makes Diana's lines jarring in how she suddenly changes tone and speech when jumping between the two.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: You are a genetically engineered agent for a clandestine secret organization in the service of The Illuminati to hunt down a morally-ambiguous terrorist organization that is secretly led by your brother. Halfway through the game, you have the opportunity to turn against the Illuminati and take them down. Are we discussing Hitman 2 or Deus Ex?
  • Tainted by the Preview: A piece of gameplay that included the briefcase revealed that it has no animations beside the standard "pick up agency pickup". The game proper has animations for most sniper rifles, although they aren't as elaborate as they were in Bloody Money, to players' collective relief.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Several players have expressed some disappointment over the lack of an option to purchase a VIP ticket from the black market dealer in Miami. The fact that coins can be used to buy stuff in other scenarios and that he trying to sell you one only to automatically assume you're not interested feels like there is supposed to be a way to buy one from him doesn't help. As a result, the only way to get any tickets from him is to take him out.
    • Rico Delgado is the nephew of the late Fernando Delgado. Swearing revenge on his uncle's killer, he built the Delgado Cartel back from the ground up. With a personal vendetta against 47, Rico would have made a fantastic villian, but is relegated to a single mission.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The end of the "Social Climbing" opportunity in the final mission has the Constant confronting Sophia Washington for conspiring to have him killed. Washington taunts him for his middle-class origins while standing at the edge of the tower. This culminates in... the Constant berating her and storming off. It would have been more climatic if, similarly to the the Cross-Morgan confrontation in the previous game, the Constant shoved the Rich Bitch off the tower to her death.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • The sweet old lady in "Another Life" sure has an off-putting smile. Considering she is a Serial Killer, it's clearly intentional.
    • The NPCs in the Sniper Assassin maps have very low resolution models and have empty holes where their eyes would be since you're not expected to see them up close.
    • The briefing video for "Golden Handshake" abandons the comic-book esque briefings of the other missions and are instead fully animated... but the model quality is nowhere near it was for the previous game, and everyone seems to have been animated without motion capture. Everyone's expressions are also quite noticeably very blank.
  • Win the Crowd: The reveal that the missions of the previous game will be remastered and added to the game, complete with the new gameplay additions and gear of the sequel, had fans screaming in joy.

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