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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.


  • This game also has several targets who instead of begging for their lives or trying to bribe 47 will remain Defiant to the End when held at gunpoint.
    Carl Ingram: Do what you have to. Just tell Edwards I'll be waiting for him in hell.
    Alexa Carlisle: Go on then, get it over with. You spineless shit!
    Imogen Royce: Go ahead. At least I can admit when I've lost.
    Tamara Vidal: What you waiting for me to say? That we’re not so different? We are! You’re just a bullet! You’re not even the whole gun!


  • 47 and Lucas Grey making a Halo jump in as Bash Brothers. They have only a short time together but they make the most of it.
  • Setting up a Karmic Death where Lucas Grey can explain exactly why both men are being targeted so they understand they are getting killed by their own creations.
  • Gaining Stuyvesant's trust with throwing knives. While mechanically it's easy to do in game, in real life knife throwing at such a high altitude, with very high wind, is very difficult.
  • Electrocuting Stuyvesant in the Sun exhibit. As 47 cranks the power up, Stuyvesant is shocked to death as the lights flicker and go off, a dramatic and somewhat terrifying end.



  • 47 can serve as a Agatha Christie-esque detective and solve not only a recent murder but a decades-old one as well.
  • 47 can help Emma achieve her Best Served Cold revenge on Alexa and Zachary for killing her father, by repairing the conservatory's laboratory and allowing her to brew a fresh bit of poison and poison Alexa's drink.
  • In a very dark way, 47 can drive a member of The Illuminati to suicide by revealing she killed her beloved older brother for nothing. This is additionally one for Alexa herself, as she handles the news with incredible dignity.
    Alexa: You see, I believe life is a fair fight - and I lost spectacularly, in every way imaginable. It is time for me to leave the pit.
    • In a less dark but equally satisfying way, you can impersonate Alexa's lawyer and reveal that Arthur Edwards (The Constant) has completely wiped out her family fortune. He even owns her family estate. Alexa will get in front of a window and it becomes very easy to fake a suicide.
  • 47 does a Refuge in Audacity moment unmatched in the series by simply asking Alexa for the file on the Constant after solving her brother's murder. It causes her to realize who he is and then figuring that if he was going to kill her, he already would have. So she gives it to him and then 47 kills her when she sets out to the balcony. Either that or she let him considering all she's lost.
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  • Though he never gets around to actually solving the murder mystery, Phineas Whitmer, the real detective hired to solve the case of Zachary's death, comes close to doing so. He takes note of the odd resemblance that Emma possesses to Montgomery, and is able to deduce that Mr. Fernsby had previously burned something (in this case Zachary's diary), something which catches the normally unflappable butler off-guard.
  • Lucas Grey performs a Heroic Sacrifice to make sure 47 isn't taken out by the Constant's team of killers. 47 has already infiltrated the group but there's too many to fight and it would be suicide to have him reveal himself. It's also not a Senseless Sacrifice because 47 is one of the rare video game protagonists who is not a One-Man Army (or at least not one that can do so without proper preparation).


  • The very premise is that 47 is up against a small army of ICA agents hunting him. It's happened once before but it's an even more deadly game of cat and mouse as these bother with stealth.
  • 47 can pose as the night club owner, which the ICA agents see through, and then they go after him in force. This can be used so 47 can get a large number of them in his presence to be killed.
  • Setting up the light show to electrocute multiple ICA agents on the railing.
  • The end of the mission is that 47 just flat out scares the ICA handler into calling the hit off.
  • Under normal circumstances, 47 will kill half the active agents and panic the rest into an evacuation. But with multiple knockouts, strategic concealment of bodies, and a lot of patience and strategy, every single agent can be disposed of — and as the extra lines of dialogue make clear, ten in one night is something even a master assassin can take pride in.
    Handler: [Bitterly, almost close to tears] Expertly done, 47. Expertly fucking done.

    Olivia: [Horrified] You killed ALL of them?
    47: They got my message.
  • In Hitman (2016), Diana told 47 that an ICA assassin is always the most dangerous person in the room. Here, 47 proves that he is the most dangerous person even in a room full of such assassins by infiltrating the nightclub and expertly taking them out. The mission isn't called "Apex Predator" for nothing.


  • This mission is a sniper's wet dream. It requires 47 to shoot several constantly moving drones in the rain, sneak around and prevent getting spotted, and then killing the targets as they argue on a bridge. If you position yourself properly, you can do it with one bullet.
  • Through firing ICA employees in a certain order, 47 can burn Imogen Royce to death in the data room.
  • 47 resisting Hush’s mind experiment and frying the bastard’s brain.


  • 47 can impersonate Don Yates's fixer and help Diana take out Tamara Vidal in several gruesome ways. Diana will get the message as you plan, setting things up to help you pull off the kill.
  • Valentina Yates is a former diplomat who lost her career. If you provide evidence that Don destroyed her career with nary a thought, she will confront him, and shove him off the balcony.
  • After Don Yates kills Vidal and captures Diana during the Providence meeting, he will return to her to gloat. Diana, not usually an Action Girl, stabs Yates, and 47, who snuck in, can off the rest of the guards. As Diana boasts on how she will take down Providence to a helpless Yates, she will order 47 to finish the job.
    • To Yates’ credit, he will remain Defiant to the End, mocking 47 for his subservience as 47 stabs him in the throat.
      • Not to mention that he came closer to killing Diana than any other character in the series and could succeed if 47 failed to arrive in time. Excluding 47 himself, Yates is the only one who, even momentarily, outwitted Diana.
  • Diana's gambit at tricking 47 was brilliant, using a touch based neurotoxin delivered as they danced.


  • The final level, where Agent 47 overcomes the toxins and sneaks all the way to Arthur Edwards's location while on a moving train out in the cold.
  • This level also allows you to pick off any and all Providence members that are on the train as you want without much of a penalty, meaning if you know what you're doing, you can kill everyone that's between you and Arthur.
    • Or alternatively, you can sneak past everyone that's in the train cars, excluding one that has soldiers in them, and disconnect the cars once you reach Arthur's cabin.
    Arthur: I don't suppose there's any point in calling for help.
    47: No.
  • And then there's dealing with Edwards. He tries to bargain with 47 by giving him the memory erasure serum, telling him to embrace his old self again. 47 refuses and Edwards accepts his coming death, saying he'll die knowing who he is. You could just kill him... Or you can inject Edwards with the same memory erasure serum he tried to give you as a form of Cruel Mercy.
    47: This is what it means to lose everything.
    Arthur: You're making a mistake!
    47: It's mine to make.

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