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As a Headscratchers subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

General (Story)

  • Why did the Shadow Client let 47 take out 9 of his associates before luring him to the asylum? Couldn't he have done so in the beginning?
    • I get the impression the Shadow Client is a Bad Boss that is practicing You Have Outlived Your Usefulness. He's employing terrorists, criminals, and general scum that 47 is cleaning up after him. We have evidence of this as early as the Paris mission in Hitman as he lets 47 eliminate his conspirators in IAGO.
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    • He probably wanted 47 and Diana to ingratiate themselves with Providence; they would feel less suspicious of him taking out their former Constant if he helped them do their dirty work.
    • He wanted to obtain the drug that was able to restore 47’s memories first. Olivia said it that they originally intended to use it as bargaining chip.
    • Also, the end of the DLC missions where it's revealed that he's likely been working with the Constant all along heavily suggest he was planning to have them all eliminated anyways.


General (Gameplay)

  • Why do falling kills count as accidents? I doubt many would find it plausible that a target simply fell or jumped to their death, especially if they're with an undercover 47 or they're leaning on a balcony rather than a ledge.
    • They "slipped."
  • Why do drowning kills count as accidents? Do people seriously believe that the targets fall into a toilet, drown and mysteriously fall out?
  • Why do poison kills count as an accident? When someone collapses after eating or drinking something, it's pretty clear that they have been poisoned.
    • It's not so much an accident more than it can't be traced back to you, or anyone in particular. Crippling Overspecialisation probably has something to do with it to.
  • Why can 47 eliminate targets in the middle of their phone calls and have no repercussions, especially when the call is to the other target or to powerful associates like Margolis's spy in Paris or De Santis's bosses in Sapienza?
    • For all they know, they just rudely ended the phone call.
  • On a related note, how can 47 incapacitate/eliminate guards while they are radioing in a disturbance and not alert anyone?
    • Same reason above; they are assumed to have rudely ended the phone call.
  • 47 can apparently impersonate specific people and fool those who are already familiar with the person he is impersonating. This is most blatant with the barber in Mumbai: several of the clients 47 can service call him by the barbers name, but fail to notice 47's baldness, paleness and much different voice (to say nothing of there being no language barriers whatsoever). He can also wear outfits designed for people significantly smaller than him and have them fit perfectly. So what exactly prevents him from cross-dressing and impersonating women?
    • The impersonation: This is actually Lampshaded in Columbia by Rico, but Rico’s wife convinces him that P. Power has a lot of makeup and stuff on him. 47, naturally, runs with this. As for the Mumbai Clients, It's quite possible they're in such a rush to have a haircut, they treat 47 like the normal guy (despite sticking out like a sore thumb).
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    • The Language Barrier: Likely Translation Convention, similar to the 2016 NPC's who only spoke in English / American accents. It's likely some NPC's were indeed speaking spanish/ french etc., but 47 was translating for us.
      • Which raises the question of how 47 gets to be fluent in the local vernacular everywhere he goes. In Sapienza he is good enough at Italian to pass as a local to the cook at the mansion at least, in Colombia he can speak the local dialect fluently (otherwise he wouldn't be believable as the Shaman when talking to Andrea Martinez). Yuki Yamazaki would notice if 47 disguised as the Hospital Director suddenly didn't speak fluent Japanese in a style typical of an educated man with a native-level accent. As the barber in Mumbai he would likely have to be fluent in Marathi or Mumbai Hindi. To command soldiers in Marrakech while disguised as an officer he would need Moroccan Arabic, and if he disguises himself as the masseur he would need fluent Swedish as well (Strandberg would notice if his countryman suddenly can't speak his language). It is simply not plausible that he is that much of a polyglot, unless you assume he possesses downright fantastic abilities.
      • I mean, he is is a super-clone, it's quite possible his ability to remember stuff better than a human probably comes in handy. Or, he forgets the language whenever he goes to a new location. Anything not critical to his current mission isn't needed.
    • The Disguising as a women aspect: I'd imagine it's a Balancing reason. Plus it'd be more than likely it'd look a bit out of place. 47 doesn't disguise perfectly, there are always flaws, but it's enough to get the job done. Related to this was a suggestion brought up by a hitman forum member who asked whether guards will be female at any point, with one of the lead level designers responding to it in the May 2019 IOI Monthly, and she points out that while it is technically feasable, and are very much open to the idea and will look into it, it's not likely to happen for balancing purposes.
  • At least two opportunities involve 47 getting photographed. My question — at least from a Watsonian perspective — is why this doesn't count against getting a Silent Assassin rating. Yeah, he's in disguise (at least for the two I know about), but that doesn't matter if he's recorded by a security camera.
    • If we're going by the games's logic, the selfies of 47 disguised still have the same persuasive "people only look at uniforms" logic.
      • Except that the "only look at uniforms" logic only applies selectively: Rico does notice that 47 looks different from the guy he's seen on TV, Tyson Williams does recognise that 47 is not his regular doctor, and enforcers presumably work by looking at his face and determining that noone who wears his uniform actually looks like that.

Hawkes Bay

  • Alma Reynard is a target because she is a known agent of the Shadow Client. Why doesn't Orson become a target as well, given that their conversation reveals that he is her right hand man and does missions on his own? There are even challenges involving killing him, yet doing so results in non-target penalty.
    • Reynard was probably registered as a target before 47 infiltrated her mansion. Orson was a lesser threat than she was, so he was forgotten.
      • It doesn't take much listening to their conversation to also determine that Orson is an idiot. He's only her right hand man because he's her lover.
    • 47 is only dispatched to take out the highest value targets that would be the most difficult to reach. Orson would likely be eliminated by Providence's own forces.


  • Why didn't either of the Knoxxes note that defecting from Providence was something they should be extra-cautious about and, I dunno, not be done right around a massive public sports event?
    • They did it undercover and didn't think Providence discovered their betrayal.
      • It's also worth noting that Providence may not have known about their defection, at least for a time, had it not been for what was learned in the previous mission.


  • Why isn't Hector Delgado, one of the Cartel heads, a target? Wouldn't the ICA learn their lesson about letting the family of one of their targets live?
    • The ICA is strictly business oriented. They only kill the people they’re paid to kill. Hector wasn’t on Providence hit list, because he’s suffering from cocaine withdrawal and is no longer in charge of anything. Besides even if they had killed Hector, someone else would’ve taken over. The goal wasn’t to destroy the Delgado cartel, but to break up their alliance with the Shadow Client or at least weaken it, so that it no longer poses a threat to them.
  • Why build a massive chemical plant in the middle of Columbia's jungles when they don't even have paved roads to the village?
    • To keep it hidden.
  • Why use a giant herbivore as your cannibal monster?
    • Rico's stupid, that's why.
    • Who would suspect somebody of feeding their enemies to an herbivore?
    • Feeding a person to a wild animal as a method of execution is already wildly impractical. Rico just does it as a way to show off.
  • Is Rico Delgado truly a sociopath? He seems to genuinely grieve for his uncle and cousin, and loves his pet hippo. Did Diana misdiagnose him?
    • Probably.
    • The traditional definition of sociopathy means being incapable of understanding the difference between right and wrong. Sociopaths are still capable of feeling empathy and emotion. They can genuinely care for their friends and family yet at the same time see no issue in running a criminal enterprise.


  • Did the Maelstrom not think surrounding a hilltop shanty house with dozens of guards would draw attention?
    • That's what the guards are for; protecting the shanty from nosy intruders.
  • I get that it's meant so the Maelstrom opportunity would be practical, but why would his sniper shots be accident kills? Rangan and Shah were shot in the head, why does it at best illicit a shrug from their guards and employees?
    • The shot can't be traced to 47, only to the Kashmiran. As for the reaction, yeah, practicality.

Whittleton Creek

  • Did Janus actually recognize 47 during his massage and was taunting him about it (possibly Face Death with Dignity) or was it just random but apropos rambling?
  • What was the point of this mission? Did Grey and 47 really just go after Janus out of revenge, or did they predict that his funeral would be attended?
    • Pretext. They needed to search the area for clues about Providence, and needed to frame and assassinate Janus to go there.

Isle of Sgàil

  • Why doesn't the Constant have a bodyguard? Even if he didn't want one, wouldn't the Partners want to make sure he's well-protected?
    • The Partners are mostly content to let Edwards mind his own business; they have the switch after all. And Edwards may have planned on getting captured.
  • Why has Diana "never heard" of the Partners's families? As an ICA handler, shouldn't she be up-to-date with shady rich families like them?
    • There are hundreds of shady rich families, Diana can't remember all.
    • It could also be read as Diana simply bluffing and pretending she doesn't know about them, or she was intending to aim it as an insult to counter the Constant's boasting about their power.
    • There's a good chance that those aren't even their original names, as the DLC missions later show they have the ability to fake their own deaths and create completely new identities to escape suspicion.
  • Why is Sophia Washington so worried after the Constant discovers her deception? It's not like he can actually do something about it, and the Partners clearly don't care about him.
    • Even if he's not the greatest of chums with the Partners, he still has their ear and is still one of the most powerful man in the organisation. He still might be able to boot her off the Society. And there's nothing stopping him from getting his wet works man.


  • Just how in the hell did the Heavenly Guard manage to smuggle Han Ldong and his wife into Singapore? The country's laws are incredibly strict, and its officials are legendarily near-uncorruptible.
    • They probably bribed the border guards (there should be a few bad eggs to exploit) and just waited at the port to refuel.
    • So, the Worf Effect for crookedness?
    • No law enforcement system is perfect. If you have the resources and the will, you can eventually find a way in.

New York

  • What exactly are the quartet attempting to find in the Partners's bank records? The Partners's names are clearly stated in the obituaries.
    • Other intel about the Partners, like their family and associates, before their names/accounts are changed too.
    • The Partner's names are fronts, they need to find their money. As they shed their old identities like a snake-skin, they would go through the process of laundering resources to the new identities, and that's what 47 was trying to follow.
  • Why does Director Savalas need to be eliminated? Providence already knows that 47 and Grey are after them, and they know how 47 can pull off silent assassinations and accidental deaths. At this point, Savalas's death would alert Providence that the bank has been compromised.
    • Perhaps it's so Savalas would not be able to aid the Partners in swapping their identities again.
    • It's simply a measure to buy time. Savalas would have immediately sent a warning to the Partners once she discovered the data theft. With her dead, she can't report back to the Partners and they'll have to wait until word of her death trickles back to them before they even suspect something is wrong.

Haven Island

  • When strangling Steven Bradley with the weight, why does 47 put it back on the stand? And why doen't anyone react with surprise on how Bradley mysteriously choked to death without a weight on his neck?
    • The idea is that it's not immediately clear that he was assassinated, so anybody who finds his body won't immediately assume there's an intruder.
  • Why is Ljudmilla Vetrova so eager to send 47!Rieper on errands? Was he the only action-oriented guest at Haven Island?
    • The only one that just so happened to arrive while she was planning her escape.
    • Not every of Haven’s clients is a criminal and those who are, are rich white-collar criminals. So yes, master thief “Tobias Rieper” was probably the only one and him coming to Haven was golden opportunity for Ljudmilla.
  • How did the Constant get himself free? Even going with the theory that he's working with Grey, there are only two women with him on the tanker, both very surprised at his disappearance.
    • Diana and Hall are hardly professional guards, an ally of Edwards and/or Grey could have sneaked in and rescued him without the two women noticing.
      • Grey could have even secretly smuggled something to the Constant to cut his bonds and arranged an escape route for him in advance.
  • On that note, how did the Constant transfer the Partners's money to himself? Disregarding possibly Grey, he has no allies and has not shown any skill with computers.
    • The aforementioned mysterious ally.
    • There is very little we know about the Constant and what sort of connections he may have independent of the Partners. It is very possible that he has his own insiders in Providence loyal to him.


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