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YMMV: Dungeon Fighter Online
  • Alt-itis: The game is very friendly towards this with 13+ slots before expansions and the Arad Adventurers system levels up quicker from having a bunch of lv20 alts than one lv80 character (and leveling provides an exp/stat boost to all characters)
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Gangling Lotus, one of the "Apostles" (the nine strongest beings in the world), who is responsible for enslaving the entire GBL order (who interestingly continue serving him after his demise), is trapped in a statue and barely attacks. This is justified, Lotus was extremely weakened prior to his boss fight.
    • Almost all of the stationary bosses are easy to defeat.
  • Awesome Levels: Final Pursuit. From a storyline perspective, the Kartels have mainly been on the offensive and pushing Ghent into a corner until the dungeon fighters came along. The dungeon is a Decisive Battle to finally push the Kartel out of Ghent, and the dungeon does everything to make you feel like it is, with AP Cs (automated player characters) reinforcing you throughout the dungeon, the enemies showing fear for you (as opposed to what some said in the earlier dungeons), this awesome piece of music playing throughout the dungeon up to the boss room, and a Humongous Mecha as the boss.
  • Breather Boss: You'd expect the next boss after the rather challenging Castellan of Light to be even more of a challenge. Nope. Instead you get to fight a pair of palette-swapped GBL members who don't do much else than to try to get up close and stab you. Even the minibosses Minister of Dawn and the Lotus Puppet, who are found in the same dungeon, are more of a challenge.
    • Anytime G.S.D. accompanies you in a dungeon, you can expect the boss to become this.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Gunner Classes. Just try to beat a competent Ranger or Mechanic in PVP.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The menu screen's music is pretty awesome. The Purgatorium's track is also pretty epic.
  • Game Breaker: Some people view the Gunners as an entire class of them due to the fact that their default attack is a projectile, whereas other classes have to spend MP to use projectile attacks.
    • In PvE party play, one class dominates: Full Support F Sader. His focus on buffs/heals enables him to keep any party alive and massively power them up to such a point it more than makes up for his lacking offense. As some put it, "He turns men into gods". He also possesses quite possibly the highest surivalibity in the game. Pray that you never see one in team PvP.
    • Mechanics are the worst gunners with this. They still keep all of the pre-advancement Gunner bread-and-butter skills for PvP, and then add robots to take control of the field, easily outnumbering about any opponent they would face.
    • Launchers wear Heavy Armor, unlike most gunners, which allows them to take more hits, as well as have the power to call air strikes and drop literal nukes on the field, allowing them to wipe out large groups of enemies at once. Did I mention that they are also able to summon a Kill Sat after their awakening?
    • Witches can be considered this on many counts. Most of their attacks, while slow with high cooldowns, result unvaryingly in death if they hit. A particularly notable attack is the drill, which they summon from the sky, get in, and then ride around in for about 10 seconds. A player hit by the drill is almost completely immobilized and constantly centered on the drill tip. By the time the skill expires the player is usually long dead. Fortunately, all of the Witches attacks are based on probability. If it becomes a "sleeper success," it literally turns into an Ice Car. If it fails, it just explodes on impact with the ground, leaving the witch vulnerable until she gets up.
      • Witches also have strong air attacks, which makes fighting the witch difficult unless you have anti-air attacks yourself.
    • Exorcists can definitely be considered this, being given two skill trees (effectively making exorcists a two-in-one class especially if they are built for PvP). The first skill tree has skills that come with flinch resistance that allows them to overwhelm about anyone too close to them and land their opponents into a combo. The other skill tree gives an exorcist superior area denial abilities when their opponents are not willing to come close to them.
    • Male Brawlers seem to be an example of this until they got nerfed.
    • Male Mages have become this due to the fact that, like a gunner, have default ranged attacks. The Elemental Bomber is a game breaker in PvE but not PvP, because it doesn't matter how many enemies he faces he'll take them all out at a range, but he has less variety in moves than an elementalist so he doesn't do as well in PvP. Glacial Masters sacrifice range for better combo ability.
    • Thieves were said to be gamebreaking at one point before they got nerfed to their current standing.
    • Summoners are gamebreaking in solo play for being able to summon what amounts to a Zerg Rush of summoned monsters, which escalates as she levels. The fact her summons can cause massive lag however makes her not so well suited for party play and makes her dreaded in PvP.
  • Goddamned Bats: The Vestibule of Darkness dungeon is filled with them. Kargels and Bomb Kargels are especially annoying, throwing projectiles that vertically home in on your position. There are also the Wisps and Stalkers in the Behemoth dungeons, but the Wisps are far worse, even bordering on being Demonic Spiders. They move fast and hit hard for Light and Shadow damage, respectively. They also happen to have high magic resistance and fairly decent physical resistance. And sometimes, a Wisp will teleport behind you when damaged, often ready with an attack.
    • The Possessed Statues are just as bad. If you're attacking a group of them in melee and a single one of their grenades hits you, you can be permanently stunlocked. They are also capable of harming themselves though.
      • Per zone, there's pretty much a list of them. Later dungeons had a rise in Soul Eaters, damage resistant monsters that steal MP with a move they like to spam. Usually 2-10 in the same room as well!
    • to give you an idea of what status makes an enemy a goddamned bat: ranged attacks (thrower goblins at the beinning, kagrgels in sky tower), being immune to launching (whisps/stalkers are hard because you can't use conventional combos to stop them attacking), or have an annoying gimmick that gets in the way of battle (any graplers such as zombie or large groups of he'tenko can easily slow you up, to the night vision kergal trying ot make you miss near constantly.)Generally, they won't kill you, but they will be a headache to deal with in a crowd for various reasons.
  • Les Yay: Lorianne assumes you're trying to win Seria's heart yourself while you're doing Kargon's first questline, regardless of who you are playing as.
  • Mary Sue: The Knight as between her seemingly protagonist role in the story, overpoweredness, and her method of subclass training (syncronizing with alternative selves), and her and her subclasses have a whole array of Common Mary Sue Traits.
  • Memetic Badass: G.S.D. is considered to be the equivalent of Chuck Norris in Dungeon Fighter Online.
    • Considering he's level 84 out of 70 and can use his ultimate attack at any time, it's no surprise why.
  • Memetic Mutation: STRAIGHT PUNCH LIKE A MAN!!!
    • Kiri (equipment enhancer) being portrayed as someone who delights in breaking weapons.
    • YOU GOTTA SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY! (popular phrase among the pot-headed pot sellers)
    • "Unique Experience" a quote from Nexon as to why the first run of DFO was different than other areas; it has since become synomous among DFO vets for the trope.
  • Most Annoying Sound: NPC chatter and idle sounds can still be heard even if you minimize the game.
    • To quote a Youtube User reporting bugs via video. "Normally, [The Gunner idle stance] wouldn't be so bad. That is, if HALF THE PLAYERS WEREN'T FRICKIN GUNNERS!"
    • DINK. DINK. DINK DINK DINKDINKDINKDINKDINKDINKDINKDINKDINKDINK DINK.. DINK DINKDINK. DINKDINKDINKDINK. (This is the sound of the Gold Spammer Bots in the trade channels and most popular waiting areas.)
      • It's even worse now that they reduced the number of channels for your character to log in to. There used to be three or four for each dungeon group (you'd get bonus EXP for choosing a dungeon in that group while on that channel), but now there's only one per group.
    • fortunately, in the steam version at least, the sound goes away when you close the window, as well as chat boxes no longer making any noise. The noise pollution of the gunners has also dropped dramatically.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Puppet Museum. Notice every one of the statues of Dungeon Fighters you beat into oblivion? Every single one was a human Dungeon Fighter. Just. Like. You.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The live action promotional trailer for the Kunoichi
  • That One Boss:
    • High Priest Aslor. The boss has no annoying gimmicks, but the combos she is capable of are annoying. There are 2 attacks that are notable. 1. is her jump, which moves very quickly and homes in on a character, making it harder to avoid than most regular hunters. 2nd is her nail/blade throw, where she doesn't have a long charging time, unlike the mooks, and can sometimes throw 3 in a single volley, which can remove a good chunk of your HP or outright kill you if you are caught in it, and it also inflicts a nasty bleed status that can finish you off if you survive the initial attack. She moves fast as well, making what are normally scaled attacks on mooks demonic on her. She also has an annoying habit of using dragon's roar, a weak AoE that is meant to knock others back and normally activated on level up or revival, at random times, meaning you immediately get knocked back from a combo because the A.I. was being spitefully, possibly knocking you into place for a nail barrage.
    • Isadora of the GBL Arad Branch. She has a near-unavoidable teleport/smack attack that, with her dark balls of energy, can deal well over 1000 damage, a One-Hit Kill fireball spell, a meteor storm spell, and, to top it off, summons a bunch of Goddamn Bats.
    • Skasa himself arguably qualifies, as he has several attacks that while relatively easy to dodge if a player knows what to look out for, are devastating if they catch players. Ice Age itself can easily wipe out a whole party of Dungeon Fighters.
  • That One Level: Dendroid Hub is filled with tons of really annoying monsters. For one, the Dendroids themselves cannot be launched or grabbed, meaning fewer moves are effective on them. If that weren't bad enough, there are camouflaged versions of them that blend into the background doodads which like to attack without warning, knocking you over and granting them super armor. The problem with the attack is that it's supposed to bend in with the ground flowers and you trip one to activate it, but the collision can be way off and you'll get attacked even if you weren't touching a flower. If that weren't enough, there's also the Flare Worms, zombies whose only attack consists of granting themselves super armor, grabbing you, and gnawing on you for about 5 seconds, which cannot be escaped by mashing buttons or anything else, and can cause bleeding. To make this even worse, this attack knocks you down when it finally finishes, which can be disorienting. Oh, and they like to travel in packs, so you can get stun locked into endless attacks. Finally, they leave a puddle of acid which slows you down and damages you when they die. The boss, Amphora, is mostly a pushover, save for when its HP gets low, where it will set itself on fire and start moving and attacking much faster, and do heavy damage to anyone that gets too close to attack it.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: In addition to Dark Knight in Korea (see below), Gunners tend to get this treatment as he has easy and free ranged attack and the windmill kick attack makes it difficult for inexperienced players to get in close.
    • Summoners are also quite reviled just due to her ability to induce massive lag with her army of summons.
  • The Scrappy: The newer classes save Female Slayer (mostly) get treated like this mildly in the NA regions for delaying subclasses of M.Mage and Thief.
    • In Korea however, the Knight Class gets this treatment HEAVILY due to being a fanservicey, overpowered but flawed character who seems groomed to be the protagonist. That and getting her instead of the much awaited second awakenings for later characters (M.Gunner, F.Mage, Priest). Knight players were popular targets of Town PvP Ganking early on.
    • Thief also got hit with this soon after she was released due to being faster and stronger than existing characters and while she got nerfed to a more balanced state (at best), the sentiment seems to have stuck. M.Mage is an exception as he's merely not popular. Such cold (at best) receptions are a factor in why they're slow to get their subclasses.
    • Dark knight gets this treatment mainly because his Tier-Induced Scrappy status as he's very difficult to fight when played well.
  • Woolseyism: Nexon enaged in this with varying levels of success, with some names sounding better (Monk instead of Infighter) and some being worse (Monk'a awakening being Templar compared to God Hand). And Asura's awakening class Dark Knight being the same as a later class. It's unknown how NeoPle plans on having things translated.

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