WMG / Sorting Algorithm of Face Heel Turning

Using the scientifically Infallible power of the Sorting Algorithm of Face Heel Turning, who do you think is the next in line for changing sides?

To use the Algorithm, take each column's "Score", divide it by the number of applicable rows in the column, repeat for every column, and add the results together. No more examples, please! Do it in your own time.

Algorithm of Heel/Face Turning

Likelihood of turning Face Never Highly unlikely Who knows? Quite probable "I've seen the light."
Score: 1 2 3 4 5
Species if there are others besides humans Inhuman: Eldritch Abomination, Demons, The Fair Folk Humanoid: Rubber-Forehead Aliens, human looking androids, some vampires Humans, Human Aliens, Humanised Robots Pretty: Green-Skinned Space Babe, elves Rare and special: Last of His Kind, Mixed Ancestry
Gender  Male   Female  
Age Older Children such as Creepy Child, Enfant Terrible Middle Aged Young Adult Teenagers such as Troubled, but Cute, Broken Bird, Dark Magical Girl
Role Leader or the one Big Bad, Faceless Mooks Opportunists Middle Ground, members of the Quirky Miniboss Squad High ranking supporters of the Big Bad, such as The Dragon Freelancers such as Rival Turned Evil, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy
Aesthetics Monstrous, Reptile-themed One seriously creepy part: One-Winged Angel, Red Right Hand, Glamour Failure Plain looking, Genuinely ugly Unnaturally Beautiful, Evil Is Sexy Attractive, Cute, Pretty
Motivation for doing evil Complete Monster: Plain likes being evil: For the Evulz Unscrupulous with some kind of goal: Money, For Science!, power Hubris and Worldview: Straw Nihilist, Social Darwinist, The Unfettered or sheer anger and despair: Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Rival Turned Evil Means Well: Knight Templar, Well-Intentioned Extremist Love and Loyalty: My Master, Right or Wrong, My Country, Right or Wrong, "Well Done, Son!" Guy or alternatively Forced into Evil
Characterization Flat Character, Obviously Evil, Card-Carrying Villain checking off the Seven Deadly Sins, strange and erratic, plain nuts Lawful Evil, cold blooded Possesses honor: Even Evil Has Standards, Graceful Loser, Worthy Opponent, Noble Demon Someone very lost and confused, Rounded Character
Contentness with life in general and evil in particular Enjoying every minute Doing well Neutral Life is hard Angst, angst, angst...
Morality of the storyBlack and Gray Morality, Evil Versus Evil Black and White Morality Grey and Gray Morality The Good, the Bad, and the Evil Rousseau Was Right, White and Gray Morality
Idealism of the story Cynical     Idealistic

Algorithm of Face/Heel turning

Likelihood of turning Heel Never Highly unlikely Who knows? Quite probable "Muhahaha!"
Score: 1 2 3 4 5
Species if there are others besides humans Superior Species Pleasant sapients: Green-Skinned Space Babe, Friendly Neighbourhood Vampire, Our Elves Are Better Humans Anything inhuman that looks creepy Sentient technology: Cyborgs, uncannily clever AI
Gender  Female   Male  
Age Children Are Innocent Older and Wiser Middle Aged Teenager Young Adult
Role The Hero Faceless soldier True Companions Freelancer Second-in-command such as The Lancer
Aesthetics Cute, pretty or attractive Dignified Average A bit predatory such as yellow eyes or somewhat "gothic" such as Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette Attractively scarred, sexy and seductive or otherworldly such as white hair, red eyes
Motivation for doing good Good Feels Good, compassion Love and loyalty Worldview and honor such as The Fettered, Defector from Decadence Habit Actually, why? Or for the glory
Characterization Evil can't touch them: Incorruptible Pure Pureness, All-Loving Hero, The Fool Won't sink any lower than this: Anti-Hero, Byronic Hero Surly, bitter Bordering on hubris: Hotheaded, arrogant, likes to play with dangerous stuff Loners Are Freaks
Contentness with life in general and good in particular Enjoying every minute Doing well Neutral Life is hard Angst, angst, angst...
Morality of the story Rousseau Was Right Black and White Morality The Good, the Bad, and the Evil Grey and Gray Morality Black and Gray Morality, Evil Versus Evil
Cynicism of the story Idealistic     Cynical

Just to see if Gandalf with his wisdom should have predicted Saruman's Face/Heel turn:
  • Species: Hm... what are wizards, actually? But they're very near to a superior species: 1
  • Gender: Male, 4
  • Age: He was supposed to be older and wiser, 2
  • Role: He was a freelancer, wasn't he? 4
  • Aesthetics: Dignified, 2
  • Motivation for doing good: What was his? 5
  • Characterization: Likes to play with dangerous stuff, though Gandalf didn't know that, did he? I'll leave that out.
  • Contentness: Was not known beforehand either.
  • Morality of the story: Black and white, 2
  • Idealism: Quite idealistic, 2
22:8 = 2.75 We can't blame Gandalf for his surprise, though Saruman's lack of a clear motivation should have given him pause to think.

Judging how most if the fanbase of Shakugan no Shana says that Yuji Sakai went all evil after merging with the Snake of the Festival, let's see if they're right
  • Species: Human, 3
  • Gender: Male, 4
  • Age: Teenager, 4
  • Role: The Hero (probably the closest to one), 1
  • Aesthetics: He's a Chick Magnet, so 1
  • Motivation for doing good: Love towards Shana, so 2
  • Characterization: Nice Guy, but gradually becomes less so as the series progresses, so 2
  • Contentness: 3
  • Morality of the story: Grey and Grey Morality, so 4
  • Idealism: Season 3 boils down between the rather idealistic Crimson Denizens against the rather cynical Flame Hazes. Judging how the Denizens win for the most part, this makes the series verge towards and idealistic side, so 2
26:10 = 2.6 While not as bad as what people say, him merging with the Snake of the Festival, at least darkened him.

Now that he's joined the Bal Masque, let's see if he can redeem himself and shed off all the demonization the fandom often gives him
  • Species: Human, 3
  • Gender: Male, 2
  • Age: Teenager, 5
  • Role: This one's complicated. You got a Big Bad that is actually the Big Good, and judging how he joins two factions throughout the course of the story, this would also make him a freelancer. To balance things out, let's make it 3
  • Aesthetics: Tall, Dark and Handsome + Bishōnen = 4
  • Motivation: Well-Intentioned Extremist, 4
  • Characterization: Becomes disillusioned on how to end the war between the Denizens and Flame Hazes, and judging how he's the Token Good Teammate for both factions, let's put it at 5
  • Contentness: He wants to make a world where Crimson Denizens no longer have to consume humans to survive, so 4
  • Morality: Grey and Grey Morality, 3
  • Idealism: The series becomes more on the idealistic side by the end, so 4
37/10 = 3.7 So he is Good All Along despite switching sides

We already knew that Margery Daw Heel Face Turns after Shana and Yuji defeat her, let's see how likely she was to do it
  • Species: Human, 3
  • Gender: Female, 4
  • Age: She's lived for centuries, 1
  • Role: She cared more for fighting and vengeance, so 2
  • Aesthetics: She's the Ms. Fanservice, 4
  • Motivation: Vengeance, so 3
  • Characterization: Hard to say, so 3
  • Contentness: She's had a pretty hard life, 4
  • Morality: Grey and Grey Morality, 3
  • Idealism, same as above, 4
31/10 = 3.1 So she was kind of likely to go Face, but it took a defeat from Shana and Yuji to fully convince her to do so.

Now Snake of the Festival Yuji drove her towards the Despair Event Horizon, let's see how likely she is to go back to Heel
  • Species: Human, 3
  • Gender: Female, 2
  • Age: Centuries-old, 2
  • Role: Hard to describe, but judging how she develops a romance relationship with Keisaku Sato, she's probably 2
  • Aesthetics: Ms. Fanservice, 1
  • Motivation: Hard to tell, but probably 4.5
  • Characterization: Hotheaded, 4
  • Contentness: Her life's pretty damn hard, and Snake of the Festival Yuji exacerbated it, probably 4.5
  • Morality: Grey and Gray Morality, 4
  • Idealism: Same as above, 2
29/10 = 2.9 She was dangerously close, and Keisaku's confession of his love to her saved her from going back to Heel

Now for Sydonnay
  • Species: Humanoid, so 2
  • Gender: Male, 2
  • Age: Centuries-old, 1
  • Role: Supporter of the Bal Masque, 4
  • Aesthetics: One-Winged Angel, 2
  • Motivation: Deeply cares for Hecate, 5
  • Characterization: Admittedly, combining his aspects with Hecate, given that he deepy cares for her, probably 5
  • Contentness: He wants to stay with Hecate, which eventually lead to his death, he's probably around 4.5
  • Morality: Grey and Grey Morality, 3
  • Idealism: Same as above, so 4
32.5 So his deep love for Hecate did redeem him after all

Now for Bel Peol
  • Species: Humanoid, 2
  • Gender: Female, 4
  • Age: Centuries-old, 1
  • Role: The Dragon, 4
  • Aesthetics: Ms. Fanservice, 5
  • Motivation: Hard to say, so 3.5
  • Characterization: As scheming and manipulative she is, she's also just as able to inspire loyalty to many, so 3.5
  • Contentness: Hard to say, so 3
  • Morality: Grey and Grey Morality, 3
  • Idealism: Same as above, 4
33/10 = 3.3 So she's likely to turn Face, considering that she survives in the end

Let's see if evilly charming Road from D.Gray-Man will have to go the way of villains:
  • Species: Everyone's human, I'll leave this out.
  • Gender: Female, 4
  • Age: About 12 or so, let's say child, 2
  • Role: Quirky miniboss, 3
  • Aesthetics: Cute in a loli way, lets say 4,5
  • Motivation: Roady really likes to play rough but also likes the earl and her fellow Noah, make it 3
  • Characterization: unpredictable, nuts 2
  • Contentness: Road is having a lot of fun, 1
  • Morality of the story: The main characters are mostly good, the earl and the Noah are evil. The Black Order is very gray: 3
  • Idealism: pretty idealistic, the hero of the story is a messiah, 4
2,94. Cuteness and Allen might yet save her but the Moral Event Horizon is looming not far away.

Abbey Gray from The Secret Saturdays. Already turned once, will she be going back in season two?
  • Species: Human, 3
  • Gender: Female, 4
  • Age: Young Adult, 4
  • Role: It's not entirely clear, but since she saw the opportunity to become Van Rook's new apprentice and seized on it, I'd say opportunist, definitely. 2.
  • Asthetics: Definitely Evil Is Sexy. 4.
  • Motivation: Money, Dear Boy. 2.
  • Characterization: Somewhere between 3 and 4. She is somewhat cold-blooded but she does have some honor too, so... 3.5
  • Contentness: I'd say she's doing pretty well. 2.
  • Morality of the Story: Definitely some shades of grey with characters like Doyle. 3.
  • Idealism of the Story: There's some serious moments, but it's a mostly silly-hearted series, so 4.
  • 31.5/10 = 3.15
    • VERY close to the middle but leaning ever-so-slightly toward a turn back to the good guys. It's definitely 50/50 and one of the more intriguing questions left to be answered as the show gears up for a third season.

Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Can a hug and a glass of milk from mommy really redeem this broken-down villain, or is she evil now and forever?
  • Species: Despite the presence of some other sentient non-human beings, this one is largely irrelevant.
  • Gender: Female, 4
  • Age: She WAS a Creepy Child, but she's a teenager now, so 5.
  • Role: The Dragon, 4
  • Asthetics: Evil Is Sexy, 4
  • Motivation: Though she COULD be classified as a "Well Done, Son!" Guy, all but the most sympathetic interpretations of her character have her in it for power, or even just For the Evulz. 2 for now, but your mileage will vary BIG TIME.
  • Characterization: Once cold, calm, and collected, but now totally bats*** crazy. 2
  • Contentness: Hard to say. Used to be enjoying every minute (though some argue that a lot of that behavior was a facade to make herself scary and strong), but started angsting HEAVILY in the finale, one of the reasons a lot of fans started to sympathize with her toward the end. 1 OR 5, depending on your interpretation.
  • Morality of the Story: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil, especially toward the end of season two. 4
  • Idealism of the Story: Very idealistic, again, especially toward the end. 5
  • 31/9 = 3.4 OR 35/9 = 3.9 (maybe even higher if people decide she deserves a higher score for Motivation)
    • Despite some admittedly unrepentantly evil moments, even a somewhat unsympathetic interpretation of Azula's character gives a somewhat optimistic number, owing to Azula's age and gender and the series' idealistic mindset in general. If there's ever a post-finale special or even a fourth season, chances range from just above 50/50 to actually pretty good that Azula will eventually see the light...

Following the Avatar thread, Jet. Should the Gaang have listened to Sokka?
  • Species: Despite the presence of some other sentient non-human beings, this one is largely irrelevant.
  • Gender: Male, 4
  • Age: Teenager, 4
  • Role: Freelancer, 4
  • Asthetics: Attractive, 1
  • Motivation: It seemed to be just because it was the right thing to do, so 1 (in reality, it was 3)
  • Characterization: He seemed to come off as an Anti-Hero at first, so 2 (in reality, it was 4)
  • Contentness: He seemed to be doing all right, so 2 (in reality, it was 4)
  • Morality of the Story: Black and White at the time, so 2
  • Idealism of the Story: Very much so, 1
  • 21/9 = 2.3. They never saw it coming. Sokka was just paying extra attention.

  • And to follow up, just how likely is it that the saw the error of his ways?
  • Species: Irrelevant
  • Gender: Male, 2
  • Age: Teenager, 5
  • Role: Still a Freelancer, so 5
  • Asthetics: Attractive, 5
  • Motivation: Well Intentioned Extremist, 4
  • Characterization: I would say he has some sense of honor, 4
  • Contentedness: Calmer and less emotionally troubled, but still unwell, so 3
  • Morality of the Story: The Good The Bad And The Evil, especially toward the end of season two, 4
  • Idealism of the Story: Very idealistic, again, especially toward the end. 5
  • 37/9 = 4.1 He really did realize he was wrong, and was honestly trying to do better.

Let's do Ozai's angels and compare it with Zuko. Ty Lee:
  • Species: Irrelevant.
  • Gender: Female, 4
  • Age: Teenager, 5.
  • Role: Quirky Miniboss Squad, 3
  • Asthetics: Cute, 5
  • Motivation: Because Azula is her friend. 5
  • Characterization: Plain nuts. 2
  • Contentness: Enjoying every minute. Well, this one shouldn't count, Ty Lee doesn't like doing the evil, she's mostly playing a game. 1
  • Morality of the Story: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil, especially toward the end of season two. 4
  • Idealism of the Story: Very idealistic, again, especially toward the end. 5
  • 34/9 = 3.8
    • More than Azula, except in the most favorable interpretation for the princess. Unless of course, you decide not to count her score for contentness, leaving 33/8 = 4.1

  • Species: Irrelevant.
  • Gender: Female, 4
  • Age: Teenager, 5.
  • Role: Quirky Miniboss Squad, 3
  • Asthetics: Attractive, 5
  • Motivation: Her country. 5
  • Characterization: Lawful Evil, 3.
  • Contentness: Neutral. Bored, off course. 3
  • Morality of the Story: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil, especially toward the end of season two. 4
  • Idealism of the Story: Very idealistic, again, especially toward the end. 5
  • 37/9 = 4.1
    • So she is the most likely of the angels to become good. So if you were surprised when the bored Mai acted on her own for the first time to save Zuko, you shouldn't have been.

And at last… Zuko:
  • Species: Irrelevant.
  • Gender: Male, 2
  • Age: Teenager, 5.
  • Role: Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, 5
  • Asthetics: Fangirls will scream Evil Is Sexy, but if you ask him, Red Right Hand, so 2.
  • Motivation: OK, this one is too easy. You could be the trope namer for this, Zuko. 5
  • Characterization: Not only he has some Evil Virtues, he is completely lost. 4.5.
  • Contentness: Angst, angst, angst... Sometimes Zuko would deserve 10, but the highest is 5.
  • Morality of the Story: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil, especially toward the end of season two. 4
  • Idealism of the Story: Very idealistic, again, especially toward the end. 5
  • 37.5/9 = 4.2
    • OK, so at first I thought ATLA subverted the algorithm because Zuko is a boy with a deforming scar and Azula is an attractive girl. But even taking that into account, Zuko was the most likely to have an Heel Face Turn.

Just for the lulz, let's see how likely it is that Ozai's time in prison will help him see the light:
  • Species: Irrelevant
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: Middle Aged - 3
  • Role: Big Bad - 1
  • Asthetics: Evil Is Sexy - 4
  • Motivation: He's a Complete Monster, but he has shades of being a Social Darwinist. Let's call it 1.5.
  • Characterization: Obviously Evil - 1
  • Contentness: Enjoying every minute - 1
  • Morality of the Story: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil - 4
  • Idealism of the Story: Idealistic - 5
  • 22.5/9 = 2.5. So there's not quite a 50/50 chance that he will. It's unlikely he's learning anything.

Perhaps I shouldn't... but what will become of Sasuke? Most expect him to be brought back by Naruto, yet many yearn to see him die as a villain deserves.
  • Species: Despite the sentient frogs, human is the standard, I'll leave this out.
  • Gender: Male. 2
  • Age: He turned as a child, but now he is a teenager, 5
  • Role: Freelancer, rival turned evil: 5
  • Aesthetics: Sasuke is one cute teenie, isn't he?: 5
  • Motivation: By now he nearly is Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: 3
  • Characterization: Stupid... uhm, lost and confused: 5
  • Contentness: Life is hard, 4
  • Morality: The good, Naruto and co., the bad, Team Hawk and the evil, Akatsuki: 4
  • Naruto is very idealistic, 5
  • 38:9=4.2. He's coming back, believe it.
  • UPDATE: If Chapter 627 is anything to go by, he came back. The reunion of Team 7 four chapters later puts the icing on the cake.

Another Naruto character, since there is now a theory on the WMG page that Kisame will turn face. Let's see how this measures up.
  • Species: Hardly looks human at all, and he's said in terms of power to be like "A tailed beast, without the tails." I'd say he's inhuman. 1.
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: Young adult - 3
  • Role: One of Madara's two dragons. 4.
  • Aesthetics: Monstrous - 1
  • Motivation: He's a Blood Knight, so I'd say his motivation is somewhere between For the Evulz and hubris. 2.
  • Characterization: Cold blooded - 3
  • Contentness: Seems to be doing well. 2.
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil - 4
  • Idealism - Idealistic. 5.
    • Total: 27/10 = 2.7. Not too out there, but it still looks somewhat unlikely.

Naruto character number three, we'll check out Tobi /Obito's Heel/Face.

  • Species: Irrelevant
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: He's the same age as Kakashi, who is a Young Adult, so 4.
  • Role: Big Bad - 1
  • Aesthetics: If it weren't for his scars, he'd be attractive, so I'll give him a 4.
  • Motivation: Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, since he CAN phase through attacks, for starters. 3.
  • Characterization: Worthy Opponent with Naruto - 4
  • Contentness: Life is hard - 4
  • Morality: Black and White Morality - 2
  • Idealism: Cynical - 1
    • Score: 25/9 = 2.777. Slightly under 50/50. Don't expect this to happen, but don't call it an Ass Pull if it does.

Now for an updated version of Obito, let's see how likely he will turn good.
  • Species: Human - 2
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: Young Adult - 4
  • Role: Big Bad - 1
  • Aesthetics: Pre-Jinchuuriki, he was covered with scars, so 3. Post-Jinchuuriki, definitely creepy, so 2
  • Motivation: Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, since he CAN phase through attacks, for starters. 3.
  • Characterization: Worthy Opponent with Naruto - 4
  • Contentness: Life is hard - 4
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil - 4
  • Idealism - Idealistic. 5.
    • 31/10 = 3.1 Pre-Jinchuuriki; 30/10 = 3 Post-Jinchuuriki. Hmmm. Only time will tell whether he will go good or not. At this point he can go either way.

How about fan-favorites Grimmjow Jaegerjaques and Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach? Assuming Grimmjow's Long Bus Trip ends and Ulquiorra comes Back from the Dead, that is.

  • Species: Arrancar. Since they're pretty human-like and since the released form varies, let's go with 2.
  • Gender: Male. 2.
  • Age: Real age is unknown, but physically he's a young adult. 4.
  • Role: One of the Espada and a recurring antagonist. 4.
  • Aesthetics: Evil is very sexy. 4.
  • Motivation: It's all about power to him. 2.
  • Characterization: A Blood Knight Psycho for Hire. 3.
  • Contentness: Loves what he does. 1.
  • Morality: A very Black and Gray Morality. 1.
  • Idealism: He seems to be more of a realist than anything. 3.
  • Average: 26.0/10 = 2.6

  • Species: Arrancar. 2.
  • Gender: Male. 2.
  • Age: His backstory implies he's decades, possibly centuries old, but physically he looks to be in his late teens or early twenties. 4.
  • Role: High-ranked member of the Espada, recurring antagonist. 4.
  • Aesthetics: Evil Is Sexy Bishōnen. 4.
  • Motivation: Nietzsche Wannabe, but his backstory has the possible implication that he's Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life. So 3 or 4, depending on your interpretation.
  • Characterization: Noble Demon. 4.
  • Contentness: Doesn't really seem to care, though he leans a little towards "life is hopeless and empty". 3.5.
  • Morality: Black and Gray Morality. 1.
  • Idealism: Cynical through and through. 1.
  • Average: 28.5/10 or 29.5/10 = 2.85 or 2.95.

So if they ever come back, they both have about a 55% chance of Heel Face Turning, with Ulquiorra having slightly higher odds that would likely change depending on Orihime's reaction to his return. With the way the manga's going, however, they'll probably switch sides anyway for a better chance at survival.

Just for laughs, let's do Ulquiorra and Grimmjow's boss, Aizen, shall we?


Now, Topher from Dollhouse. A tough one. Joss Whedon loves to play with morality on the series. Topher has been stated, in-show, to have no morals, yet given the events of "Belonging" it's clear something's going to snap.
  • Gender: Male - 2.
  • Age: Adult but extremely immature; we'll split the difference and say young adult - 3.
  • Role: Key player, but also an independent contractor - 5.
  • Asthetics: Sort of geeky-cute - 3 or 4. We'll go with 4.
  • Motivation: For Science!! with a god-complex - 2.
  • Characterization: At the start, 2, but showed a need for people to like and accept his work. As of "Belonging", he's realising the implications of his work, pushing him right over into "lost and confused" - 5.
  • Contentness: At the start, he was lost in the science and in his cool toys, so 1. Now he's been faced with the amorality of some of the upper echelon, he's thought seriously for the first time about what he actually does - 4.
  • Morality: Black and Grey Morality, shading into Grey and Gray Morality at times. It's a Whedon show; it might change at any time. Right now we're at 3.
  • Idealism: It exists,but it usually comes up short against reality - 2.
    • 30/9 = 3.3. This is where it breaks down. He could change at any time during the series, but he's very definitely on DeWitt's side, and that particular loyalty is not in question. The only question is if she decides to go against her bosses.
      • Update: It happened.
Adelle DeWitt
  • Female - 4.
  • Older - 1.
  • High-ranking - 4.
  • Evil Is Sexy - 4.
  • No idea what her motivation is - 3.
  • Even Evil Has Standards - 4.
  • Life is hard - 4.
  • Grey and Gray Morality - 3.
  • Idealism: 2.
    • 25/9 = 2.7. She might be further from turning than we think, but we can probably count on it by the end of the season.
      • Update: It happened.

Let's see how much of a monster Johan Liebert from Monster really is by showing how likely he is to go good.
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: Young Adult - 4
  • Role: Big Bad - 1
  • Aesthetics: He can easily pass for his attractive sister whenever he crossdresses. Even without being crossdressed, he looks pretty handsome already - 5
  • Motivation: Verges between nihilism (such as having Tenma kill him to prove that his Nihilism succeeds) and For the Evulz. To balance it out - 2
  • Characterization: Pretty cold-blooded due to his Dissonant Serenity he so frequently does whenever he commits something horrible - 3
  • Contentness: To just give a reason for his depraved acts... "Why not?" - 1
  • Morality - Surprisingly, the series comes off as Rousseau Was Right - 5
  • Idealism - Verges towards idealistic by the end - 4
    • 30/10 = 3. Hmmmm. For a Complete Monster, that's pretty high. He could go either way at this point. It's all a matter of Dr. Tenma's idealism being able to completely influence him for the better.

Charmcaster (Ben 10: Alien Force):
  • Species: Human - 3.
  • Gender: Female - 4.
  • Age: Young Adult - 4.
  • Role: Freelancer, The Only One Allowed to Defeat You - 5.
  • Asthetics: Evil Is Sexy - 4.
  • Motivation: Somewhere between ambitious and The Rival - 2.5.
  • Characterization: Somewhat cold-blooded - 3.
  • Contentness: Neutral, for now - 3.
  • Morality: Shades of gray, what with Kevin and all - 3.
  • Idealism: Really idealistic, actually. - 5.
    • Total: 36.5/10 = 3.65. There's a decent chance she may turn once more of her character background is revealed (which, according to Word of God, will happen in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.) She's definitely not as evil as Kevin was, and he turned face (of course, alot of reasoning behind his turn ignores his previous characterization entirely.)
      • Update: It happened, then later it was undone, then the undoing was undone and she's moved back toward turning to the good side. Yeah, it's one of those cases.

We know that Griffith of Berserk went bad in a big way at the end of the anime, but what can the numbers tell us about whether or not we (and the Hawks) should have seen that big Face–Heel Turn coming?
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Young Adult, much like Guts - 5
  • Role: Griffith is the leader of the Hawks, and though Guts is the protagonist of the series in general, the Hero role in the Five-Man Band is most definitely Griffith - 1
  • Aesthetics: White Hair, Black Heart - 5
  • Motivation for doing good: He wants to rule a kingdom of his own, so I would chalk it up to glory - 5
  • Characterization: He's rather arrogant, though not in a hot-headed way, and the "playing with dangerous stuff" definitely qualifies if you take that Crimson Behelit into consideration. - 4
  • Contentness: And here's where things get tricky. When we first meet Griffith, he's doing well, which would net him about a 2 result. Then Guts leaves him, he has sex with the princess and gets put to the torture for a year, and he gets pushed past the Despair Event Horizon when he finds out about Guts and Casca's relationship, which brings him to about the 5 mark near the end.
  • Morality of the Story: Black and Gray all the way. - 5
  • Cynicism of the Story: And pretty far on the cynical end of the Sliding Scale to boot. - 5
    • Total: Griffith at the start of the Hawks arc: 39/10 = 3.9, while Griffith near the end: 42/10 = 4.2. In either case, Guts and company definitely should have seen that big Face–Heel Turn from Griffith coming.

Now let's see how close Guts himself was to becoming just like those he fights...
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Young Adult - 5
  • Role: The Hero, as he is the protagonist of the series in general - 1
  • Aesthetics: Overall, he's pretty handsome - 1
  • Motivation: At his worst, he was driven purely by revenge, and really didn't give a damn about others - 5
  • Characterization: He could be the poster boy for Byronic Hero - 2
  • Contentness: Life was pretty damn hard for him - 4
  • Morality: Black and Grey - 5
  • Idealism: It would be hard to find something much more cynical than this series- 5
    • Total score: 35/10 = 3.5. So he wasn't quite as bad as Griffith, but it's still good that he woke up when he did...

And to update, how is Guts now that he has a good gang with him? Will he succumb to the Inner Beast?
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Still a young adult - 5
  • Role: The Hero - 1
  • Aesthetics: Attractive - 1
  • Motivation: I think his main priority now is really to take care of his companions (especially Casca) - 2
  • Characterization: Still quite a Byronic Hero - 2
  • Contentness: Doing better, but still has troubles - 3
  • Morality: 5
  • Cynicism: 5
    • Total score: 31/10 = 3.1. OK. So it's an improvement, but things are still tense. The battle with the Inner Beast could really go either way at this point...

As of Episode 24, one of the plot points in Gundam AGE is that someone in Flit Asuno's crew is a Vagan spy. Surely his right-hand man Frederick Algreus isn't a Vagan... is he? Let's find out.

  • Species: Contrary to what the Fan Dumb wants you to believe, everyone in this series is human. 3.
  • Gender: Male, 4.
  • Age: Young Adult. Definitely younger than Flit Asuno who's more Middle-Aged. 5.
  • Role: He's currently the strategist for the Earth Federal Forces. He's also the right-hand man for Flit Asuno, so he's a 5.
  • Aesthetics: His looks can make Gundam fangirls pass out. 1.
  • Motivation: What's his reasoning for fighting against Vagan again? 5.
  • Character: He certainly isn't an arrogant, bitter guy. Let's say a 2.
  • Contentness: He doesn't seem to hate his position in the Earth Federal Forces. It's a 3 in my book.
  • Morality: Black and Gray Morality in full force in this series. 5.
  • Idealism: Despite the kiddy art style, AGE rivals the Universal Century when it come to idealism. 5.

Result: 38/10: 3.8. Well, looks like someone prefers tofu over meat. In all seriousness, Flit better watch his back, because Frederick is going to show his true colors very soon.
  • Update: Now that was unexpected. Turns out he's NOT the Vagan spy after all.

The Big Bads from the first two seasons of Veronica Mars (beware spoilers).

Aaron Echolls.
  • Species: Irrelevant, given it's an all human show.
  • Gender: Male (2)
  • Age: Middle Aged (3)
  • Role: Big Bad (1)
  • Aesthetics: Informed Attractiveness (4? 5? 4.5)
  • Motivation: Gah, complicated. Beats Logan because he's a nutjob. Kills Lilly to keep sleeping with her secret. Does other things to get away with killing Lilly. I'll go with 2.
  • Characterization: *shrug* Once we find out he killed Lilly, he goes pretty flat character... but he had some Pet the Dog moments before. He's pretty bats*** crazy, so I'll go with 2.
  • Contentment: He seems pretty cheerful most of the time, so 2.
  • Morality: Black and Gray? Ish? (1)
  • Idealism: Cynical (1)

18.5/9 = 2. Not really gonna happen. (Well, he's dead, so...)

Cassidy Casablancas
  • Gender: Male (2)
  • Age: Teenaged (5)
  • Role: Big Bad (1)
  • Aesthetics: YMMV. I found him pretty Evil Is Sexy, but not everyone would have. But I'll go with 4 anyway.
  • Motivation: Again, kinda complicated. With the biggest thing (the bus crash), it was desperation to avoid people finding out about how he was abused. Which is kinda between 3 and 2. (2.5)
  • Characterization: ...GAH I HATE YOU. He seemed pretty Obviously Evil up on the roof (1), but cold blooded (3) might fit better. He's bats*** crazy (2), but due to Freudian Excuse, gets considered "lost and confused" a lot (5). Especially just before he jumped. Averages say 2.
  • Contentment: Given he kills himself in the end, he wasn't having it easy. (5)
  • Morality of story: Black and Gray (1)
  • Idealism: Cynical (1)

23.5/9 = 2.6. Unlikely. (And he's also dead, so I'm not sure these had that much of a point...)

Count Veger

Let's see if ThisTroper's gift of cowhide trousers is completely unjustified...

  • Species: "Human" (3)
  • Gender: Male (2)
  • Age: Older (1)
  • Role: Some consider him a Big Bad, others would say he's an Opportunist, so either a (1) or a (2)
  • Aesthetics: Either genuinely ugly or just feeling the effects of age (3)
  • Motivation: Knight Templar (4)
  • Characterization: Lawful Evil and Even Evil Has Standards, so either a (3) or (4).
  • Contentness: The strategy guide said he was generally unhappy, so we'll say "life is hard" (4)
  • Morality of the story: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil (4)
  • Idealism of the story: Kind of split between Idealistic and Cynical, so (3)

    • 28/10 or 30/10= Between 2.8 and 3. Probably not going to happen, at least not without a significant Freudian Excuse.

Time to look at how Cosmo Entelachia fares on this front: Fate
  • Species: Human enough (3)
  • Gender: Male (2)
  • Age: Tough call. He started out as a Creepy Child (2), but then he starts looking older, closer to teenage (5), hmm. Let's go 3.5
  • Role: Seemed to be the Big Bad for a while, but it's pretty clear he's always been The Dragon (4)
  • Aesthetics: The Glamour Failure with his body might cause him problems (2), but, depending on your mileage he either doesn't have any outstanding features, possesses unnatural looks (4) or is conventionally attractive (5). Eh, let's say 3.5 again.
  • Motivation: Well-Intentioned Extremist, probably (4)
  • Characterisation: Shows many cold-blooded signs early (3), but seems to be showing some traits leaning towards him having standards (4).
  • Contentness: His resolve does appear to have been shaken (4)
  • Morality: Grey and Gray Morality (3). Except it's also got The Good, the Bad, and the Evil (4). And there are almost no truly evil characters (barring Tsukiyomi and possibly some others), so Rousseau Was Right (5). Well, that averages to (4)
  • Sliding Scale: Idealistic in the end (5)
  • Total: 36/10 or 37/10 = 3.6 or 3.7. Quite likely, really. The fact that Negi wants to make like Nanoha only improves his chances

Now, his minions:
  • Species: Pretty (4)
  • Gender: Female (4)
  • Age: Teenage (5)
  • Role: Quirky Miniboss Squad fits the most right now (3)
  • Aesthetics: Definately cute (5)
  • Motivation: They pretty clearly believe in whatever Fate is currently doing (5)
  • Characterisation: They haven't had much, but they're not evil or crazy. It's hard to say they're Rounded Characters but they are pretty lost and confused, even if they try to act like Noble Demons (4.5)
  • Contentness: Life is very hard. Maybe not angst-festival hard, but it's pretty bad for them even if they like their ideal (4)
  • Morality: (4)
  • Idealism: (5)
  • Total: 43.5/10 = 4.35. Practically certain. It's already started...

Now, Dynamis:
  • Species: Human, probably (3)
  • Gender: Male (2)
  • Age: Middle-aged (3). Or Older (1). (2) is a nice round number.
  • Role: Another high-ranking supporter (4).
  • Aesthetics: The fact that we don't know what this guy looks like automatically invokes (2).
  • Motivation: Means well, but seems less likely to be nice. Still, (4)
  • Characterization: So far, hasn't shown much in the way of mercy, but is definitely not insane, so (3)
  • Contentness: No idea (3)
  • Morality: (4)
  • Idealism (5)
  • Total: 32/10 = 3.2. Not as low as one might have thought, but this could change as new information comes to light.

And finally, the only known evil person Tsukiyomi:
  • Species: Human (3)
  • Gender: Female (4)
  • Age: Teenage (5)
  • Role: At first she seems like a Rival Turned Evil, but recent developments put her quite firmly in the opportunist camp (2)
  • Aesthetics: Cute (5)
  • Motivation: Yeah, we know what she tried to do. (1)
  • Characterization: She's well crazy but this seems to have been something that developed over time... let's go with (1.5)
  • Contentess: She sure looks like she's having fun... (1)
  • Morality: (4)
  • Idealism (5)
  • Total: 31.5/10 = 3.15. The least likely in the group, but not impossible especially if she has a Freudian Excuse or Villainous Breakdown

Let's see if we can figure out whether Agent Washington of Red vs. Blue has gone bad:
  • Species: Human. 3
  • Gender: Male. 4
  • Age: ...Not entirely clear, but he registers as older than the rest of the cast, so call it Middle-Aged. 3
  • Role: Freelancer, obviously. 4
  • Appearance: Well, they're all wearing the same sort of Powered Armor, but Wash's does have that yellow stripe to indicate his Freelancer status, which could be a mark toward Predatory. ...Say 3.5.
  • Motivation: Seems to be motivated by justice for himself and all the others Project Freelancer hurt, goes under Worldview and Honor. 3
  • Characterization: Very bitter, but moves into Anti-Hero by the end of Reconstruction. 2.5
  • Contentness: Life is hard. 4
  • Morality: Very much Grey and Gray Morality. 4
  • Idealism: Cynical, despite being played for laughs. 5
Total score: 3.6. ...That was absolutely no help at all.

OK... I've decided the thoroughly evil Morinth is optimal for breaking this thing. Let's see what the algorithm says of her odds of deciding to quit mind raping and murdering innocents are.
  • Species: asari, and ergo pretty: 4
  • Gender: Female: 4
  • Age: Measured according to asari standards, young adult: 4
  • Role: Opportunistic Serial Killer: 2
  • Aesthetics: definitely nice to look at: 4
  • Motivation: Sex, drugs, amusement: 1
  • Characterization: although not a flat character, she clearly enjoys her acts of wanton cruelty: 2
  • Contentedness: The woman clearly enjoys her depraved, hedonistic existence: 1
  • Morality of the story: Reapers and some criminals are evil, Shepard and a few others are good, plenty of gray room : 4
  • Idealism of the story: complicated, depends on Shepard' actions: 3
Total score: 29/10 = 2.9 While not quite at 50/50, it's definately a high mark. Being an asari helps her there. But her motivation and characterization keep her from floating as high as I'd expected.

And now, from the same game, the odds of Legion going bad. Like Morinth, it was chosen for maximum scale-breaking, since its loyalty, assuming the appropriate mission is completed, is mostly not in doubt.
  • Species: AI Mind Hive: 5
  • Gender: It has none, despite often being called "he": N/A
  • Age: depends on what you're measuring. Individual programs? The greater mind to which it is connected? The physical form and specific combination of programs that led to the gestalt entity known as Legion?: N/A
  • Role: True Companions member: 3
  • Aesthetics: clearly inhuman, has a giant hole in its chest: 5
  • Motivation: loyalty to Shepard: 2
  • Characterization: rather alien, but mostly pleasant: 2
  • Contentedness: hard to tell, but seems pleased with its existence: 2
  • Morality of the story: Reapers and some criminals are evil, Shepard and a few others are good, plenty of gray room: 3
  • Idealism of the story: complicated, depends on Shepard' actions: 3
Total score: 22/8note  = 2.875. So evidently, it isn't likely to go Heretic on us any time soon. Though it's not impossible, if this algorithm is to be believed.

Let's take a look at Udina's turning Heel. The general reaction seemed to be "yeah, I knew he was an asshole, but I didn't expect him to do something like THAT!"
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: I'll go with middle - 3
  • Role: He's a politician, so I'll say freelancer - 4
  • Aesthetics : Average - 3
  • Motivation: Somewhere between fighting for humanity and his own gain - 3
  • Characterization: Definitely arrogant - 4
  • Contentness: Seemed to be extremely frustrated - 4
  • Morality: The Mass Effect series, especially in the second and third games, seems to be Morality Kitchen Sink. Plenty of good, evil, and anywhere in between - 3
  • Cynicism: I guess it depends on Shepard, but Mass Effect 3 still gets pretty grim regardless - 4
Total score: 35/10 = 3.5. So we shouldn't have been too surprised, but it wasn't excruciatingly obvious...

Jumping on the BioWare bandwagon, let's play with Dragon Age!

First: Loghain, who makes a Face–Heel Turn and has the potential to make a Face–Heel Turn right back.
  • Species: Human. 3.
  • Gender: Male. 4 as hero, 2 as villain.
  • Age: Early fifties, probably. 3.
  • Role: As an ally of the heroes, the king's commander. 5-ish. As a villain, he's the Big Bad of his arc but there's no way he can compete with a corrupted dragon god. 2?
  • Aesthetics: Plain craggy middle-aged fellow, if distinctive-looking. 3.
  • Motivation: As a hero: love of country - 2. As a villain: misguided, paranoid and slightly delusional love of country, means well - 4.
  • Characterization: As a hero: Hotheaded and arrogant, 4. As a villain: Even Evil Has Standards, 4.
  • Contentness: As a hero: convinced his king's about to sell out his country to the former enemy he hates, aware that said married king is schtupping the empress of said former enemy nation - 5. As a villain: the more he tightens his grasp, the more the situation slips out of his control - 4.
  • Morality of the story: Black and gray. 5 for the hero side, 1 for the villain side.
  • Cynicism of the story: Fairly cynical. 4 for the hero side, 2 for the villain side.
Average: 3.88 for the Face–Heel Turn, 2.5 for the Heel–Face Turn. The former isn't that surprising, but we probably weren't expecting the latter.

Then a couple of slightly less clear-cut examples, being party members who do...rather shocking things...while still potentially remaining your allies. Morrigan at bat:
  • Species: Human. 3
  • Gender: Female. 2.
  • Age: Young adult. 5.
  • Role: Something of a Lancer; more or less shares the second-in-command role with her rival Alistair. 5.
  • Aesthetics: Gorgeous seductress with questionable taste in clothes...but she's both a bit gothic AND has yellow eyes, so definitely a 4.
  • Motivation for doing good: Sure, she doesn't want lots of big ugly monsters to kill the world, but other than that she's not too concerned about doing good for anyone. 5-a-licious.
  • Characterization: Arrogant, power-hungry loner who definitely likes to play with dangerous stuff; also obviously an Anti-Hero from the get-go. Let's settle this one at a 4.
  • Contentness: She seems fairly happy, though she complains a good deal about being Surrounded by Idiots. 2.
  • Morality of the story: Black and gray and proud of it. 5.
  • Cynicism of the story: Fairly cynical. 4.
Average: 3.9. Nobody's surprised that she has ulterior motives.

And Anders:
  • Species: Human...sort of...mostly...I'll call that a 4. Definitely some creepiness involved in being an abomination.
  • Gender: Male. 4.
  • Age: Older than Hawke, but probably not much past 30. 5.
  • Role: True Companions, 3.
  • Aesthetics: Hotter than a Fireball spell. 1.
  • Motivation for doing good: Compassion and justice...with a side of vengeance on the oppressor. A little hard to rate, but let's average the warm fuzzies and the cold smities out to a 2.
  • Characterization: Surly and bitter, with a soft spot for the downtrodden and kittens vying with a good bit of hubris. Call it 3.
  • Contentness: Self-hating, terrified, bipolar wreck wrestling with his Dark and Troubled Past, his own deep-seated rage, and Demonic Possession all at once. 5 in spades.
  • Morality of the story: There's no real Big Bad in DA2; while the likes of Ser Alrik do occasionally show up, it's mostly more Gray and Grey Morality. 4.
  • Cynicism of the story: DA2 is wicked cynical. 5.
Average: 3.6. While his downward spiral was certainly foreseeable, most of us probably gaped stupidly at our screens for quite a while when he did THAT.

And for one who may either betray you or stay loyal depending on how you've treated him: Zevran:
  • Species: Elf. 2.
  • Gender: Male. 4.
  • Age: Young adult. 5.
  • Role: The assassin who was hired to kill your Player Character. 4. (Funny that isn't a 5.)
  • Aesthetics: Pretty boy with a seductive purring voice. 1.
  • Motivation for doing good: Owing you for sparing his life. That's kind of loyalty, I guess? 2.
  • Characterization: Pleasant company, but won't sink much lower than this, even if he has standards. 2.
  • Contentness: Took his assignment to kill you because he wanted to die due to his guilt over murdering his lover because of a terrible misunderstanding. That's pretty angsty. Also has a Dark and Troubled Past it's hard to beat: being sold into slavery as an assassin at age seven. 5.
  • Morality of the story: Black and gray and grimdark all over. 5.
  • Cynicism of the story: Fairly cynical. 4.
Average: 3.4. Fairly high, but his loyalty is ultimately in your hands, dear player.

OK, Doctor Who spoilers incoming. I can't help wondering whether the Doctor himself would have gone through with a Face–Heel Turn if Adelaide Brooke hadn't disrupted his frankly terrifying flirtation with A God Am I. So here goes.
  • Species: Time Lord, definite Superior Species - 1
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Very, very old - 2
  • Role: The Hero, or near enough - 1
  • Aesthetics: YMMV on this one. I'd give him a 1, but there are others who would give him a 3. So, as a compromise, 2.
  • Motivation: Worldview - 3
  • Characterization: Normally 2, but at this point he's going nuts - 4
  • Contentness: Not happy, and the lack of a companion isn't helping - 4
  • Morality: Grey and Gray Morality, I'd say - 4
  • Idealism: A general feeling of hopelessness, for the most part - 5
Total score: 30/10 = 3. Could have gone either way. Oh dear. Adelaide, I once again salute you.

And, since I'm having fun with this, let's see if the Master's final act in "The End Of Time" would have actually led to a Heel–Face Turn, if y'know, there was any way in hell the writers would even vaguely consider that. Total score: 22/10 = 2.2. Still more likely than normal.

One more: how close to turning Valeyard was the Sixth Doctor after The Reveal of the Valeyard's origins during his trial? Total score: 27/10 = 2.7. I think we're OK.

Let's try River Song for Face–Heel Turn (to see if she could really have been the one in the space suit in "The Impossible Astronaut".):
  • Species: Half-Human, Half-Time Lord. Let's put her in the middle with 2.
  • Gender: Female. 2
  • Age: Unclear at the time of the Doctor's death. We'll put her between Children Are Innocent and Middle-Aged. 2
  • Role: True Companions. 3
  • Aesthetics: Dignified. 2
  • Characterisation: Somewhat arrogant. 4
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. 3
  • 18/7 = 2.57. The Doctor may want to watch out.

Just for the hell of it, let's do the Daleks for Heel–Face Turn:
  • Species: Fairly inhuman. 1
  • Gender: Don't have gender.
  • Age: Let's go with old. 1.
  • Role: Both Big Bad and Faceless Mooks, so 1.
  • Aesthetics: 1
  • Motivation: Complete Monster, 1
  • Characterisation: Just evil, really. 1
  • Contentness: Shit, contentness? Let's go with doing well. 2
  • Morality of the Story: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil, 4
  • Idealism: Often depends. 3.
So... 15/9 = 1.67. Not very likely.

Likelihood of Turning Face for Light Yagami of Death Note

Average: 25.5/10 = 2.55 Hmmmmm, this score is just slightly to the evil side of having an even chance of either staying the villain or attempting to redeem himself. In the end, Light's own conviction that he's already good diminishes his chances.

Now let's see if L would ever cross over to the dark side!
  • Species: Human -3
  • Gender: Male -4
  • Age: Young Adult -5
  • Role: Freelancer -4
  • Aesthetics: Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette -4
  • Motivation: Force of Habit -4
  • Characterization: Arrogant -4
  • Contentedness: Neutral -3
  • Morality of the story: Black and Gray Morality -5
  • Idealism of the story: Cynical -5

Average: 41/10 = 4.1 If L got into a position where he'd have to join the side of evil, you'd better believe he'd do it.

While on that note, let's see if Mello and Near would truly be L's prodigies. Would Mello totally lose it? Will Near be able to hold out after the end?

  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Teenager - 4
  • Role: I'll go with freelancer, especially as how he's a mob boss - 4
  • Aesthetics: Definitely attractive - 1
  • Motivation: It's very questionable, mostly just to compete with Near - 5
  • Characterization: He is very much a Bryonic Hero - 2
  • Contentness: Life is quite hard for him - 4
  • Morality: Black and Grey - 5
  • Idealism: Cynical - 5
Total score: 37/10 = 3.7

  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Teenager - 4
  • Role: He's a lot like L - 4
  • Aesthetics: White-haired pretty boy - 5
  • Motivation: Mostly out of habit, and he openly questions the concept of good and evil - 4
  • Characterization: Quite arrogant - 4
  • Contentness: I'll go with neutral - 3
  • Morality: Black and Grey - 5
  • Idealism: Cynical - 5
Total score: 41/10 = 4.1

Woah, they're both just itching to go to the dark side! And Near scores exactly the same as L, with Mello a little below them both. No wonder Word of God states Near is the "more evil" between him and Mello. Now we can say for certain that Light's main opponents are really no better than him!

Due to the events of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, let's see how is the chances of Litchi Faye-Ling once again turn good and call it quits being with NOL. If she is low, then even Tsubaki is doomed.
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Female - 4
  • Age: She doesn't seem to reach 30 years old, so Young Adult - 4
  • Role: She's the Sixth Ranger or Sixth Ranger Traitor of NOL who was not their starting members, so it's more like Freelancer - 5
  • Aesthetics: She's the Ms. Fanservice. - 5
  • Motivation: Love. Out there to save Arakune and self preservation. Therefore - 5.
  • Characterization: VERY LOST AND CONFUSED (as far as the consensus go) - 5
  • Contentness: Unknown thus far. She looks more like a Punch Clock Villain, but she doesn't have high opinions on NOL, especially after she refused Hazama on the first go, thus making it like she doesn't enjoy being with NOL. But she never shows it. Buuut, if we're to go with what's shown thus far, as in complaining towards Rachel on how this is the only chance she got, needing to be persuaded thoroughly by Hazama before agreeing, and her dislike to Relius' actions for Carl... let's just say she's not content. She just didn't show time to angst, so 4.
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. Unlike what most people say, BlazBlue isn't very much Black and Gray Morality, even if the 'Good' is pretty gray. The Good: Anyone opposing NOL, The Bad: NOL, The Evil: Hazama and Relius. Therefore - 4 (if you feel insistent on it being Black And Gray... then it's 1)
  • Idealism: Hazama has seems to always outwit the good guys in the way. BB world is VERY cynical. - 1
Average: 36/9 (without contentness consensus), or 40/10 (with current contentness consensus): 4. Actually very high chance. But this is BlazBlue we're talking about. With people like Hazama around, he can change the chance. She has her work cut out for her, but Hazama ain't around to fuck it up. At the very least, while not exactly babyface again she's at least no longer Heel-ish, and right now hangs around with an improved, more humane Carl (thanks to her) who had a depressed Relius on his leash. So... success, somehow.

For fun, let's see how was her chance of turning Heel, as proven in CS. Was it a low chance at first, but the impossible happened, or it was high all along?

  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Female - 2
  • Age: Young Adult - 5
  • Role: Freelancer - 4
  • Aesthetics: She's the Ms. Fanservice. - 1
  • Motivation: Love - 2.
  • Characterization: She played with the Boundary - 4
  • Contentness: Even if she could be happy with the people of Orient Town, she never seems to be content unless Arakune is cured. Therefore - 4
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. - 3
  • Idealism: CYNICAL - 5
Average: 33/10: 3.3. Never thought it was this high. No wonder Hazama succeeded, not by a lucky shot.

Now let us try doing Tsubaki Yayoi, whether she'll see the light or not.

  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Female - 4
  • Age: Teenagers - 5
  • Role: The Dark Chick of the team. She's nowhere near The Dragon of Imperator in position compared to Hazama or Relius - 3
  • Aesthetics: She's human, she's attractive for a teenager, she's a redhead. Even if it's less fanservicey compared to Makoto, it's still pretty. - 5
  • Motivation: Thus far, she's of Knight Templar territory. - 4
  • Characterization: While she is lost and confused, her code as a Yayoi family, plus 'support' and sight from the Imperator makes her less confused and more focused compared to Litchi. - 4
  • Contentness: Neutral. It's an order, and she has no time to angst, as much as she want. - 3
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. - 4
  • Idealism: CYNICAL - 1
Average: 36/10: 3.6. Slightly lower than Litchi (and still lower if Litchi's contentness can be rated), but she has the advantage of being linked with one of the core characters (Jin), thus it's looking good for Tsubaki. Between Jin, Noel and Makoto, she's back in white... with flying colors. May want to be careful with that newfound hatred on Ragna though.

On that note, how likely was it Tsubaki was going to find herself on the wrong side of the tracks? Let's find out.
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Female - 2
  • Age: Teenagers - 4
  • Role: Kinda as Jin's Lancer amongst the Academy groups before everyone went away... - 5
  • Aesthetics: As before, attractive redheaded human. - 1
  • Motivation: More than likely, it's for the love of Jin as well as familial duties. - 2
  • Characterization: She's slightly corruptible, but she certainly wouldn't want to be Anti-Hero-ic - 2
  • Contentness: Why else do you think she gets hammy when it comes to justice? - 2
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil or Black and Gray Morality. - 3 or 5
  • Idealism: CYNICAL - 5
Average: 29/10 (2.9) vs 31/10 (3.1). That bad, huh? Hazama sure knows his stuff when corrupting the fairer sex.

For fun, let us try calculating who's the bigger bad between Hazama or Relius. Whoever gets the higher score might get a Death Equals Redemption (A Heel–Face Turn is already too late for these guys)

Hazama Average: 1.7/10: 1.7

Relius Clover
  • Species: Look human enough, but rumors say that he existed long ago and became like Terumi - 1
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: He even looks old, fathering Carl and all. Look at those jaws. - 1
  • Role: He's part of the Big Bad Duumvirate - 1
  • Aesthetics: Evil Is Rugged. That mask ain't foolin' anyone, plus he got the voice of someone who makes his characters a Sex God - 4
  • Motivation: While he looks like a Complete Monster, and he is one actually, he doesn't have For the Evulz for his principles and seems to be looking for some kind of goal in the shadows - 2
  • Characterization: Less characterized than Hazama, but he puts up a Lawful Evil facade in front of the Imperator and is pretty much all around cold blooded. - 3
  • Contentness: He's content, but doesn't make it a frigging enjoyment like Hazama - 2
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. - 4
  • Idealism: CYNICAL - 1
Average: 21/10: 2.1

As of Chronophantasma, Carl is making Relius earn his Death Equals Redemption. Hazama, however, can piss off and stay dead.

And now, last time in Calamity Trigger, Litchi appears in Tao's Gag Reel as a villain... then she pulls a Face–Heel Turn in Continuum Shift. Who's the villain in Tao's Gag Reel in Continuum Shift? Rachel Alucard. Therefore, let us see if she would really turn against the heroes once NOL and Hazama is taken care of.

  • Species: Snarky, but deep down a Friendly Neighbourhood Vampire - 2
  • Gender: Female - 2
  • Age: Looks young, but more Older and Wiser - 2
  • Aesthetics: One of the sources of BlazBlue Loli of awesome. - 1
  • Motivation: Not known. She's not there for good sources, and she wonders why sometimes... - 5
  • Characterization: Very arrogant for a little girl - 4
  • Contentness: Pretty neutral in between doing good or evil - 3
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. - 3
  • Idealism: CYNICAL - 5
Average: 27/9 = 3. Surprisingly fifty-fifty, a bit closer to Litchi, but less so. But the chance is still there, you may as well try to keep your eye on her, Ragna and Hakumen. So as of Chronophantasma due to Ragna's fate, while on the 'good guys' side, Rachel is very on board of 'Ragna must be killed if we want to save this world'. So... uh...?

Let's now try to calculate if Kokonoe would really go over the edge and possibly become a villain worse than Hazama, if those nukes are any indications...

  • Species: Inbetween being born between the world's most powerful creature and greatest mage, I'd say that's... a Superior Species - 1.
  • Gender: Female - 2
  • Age: She probably has been alive for long since she's probably born after Nine died. However... she's probably younger than Rachel, but older than Litchi, therefore, probably Middle Aged - 3
  • Aesthetics: Yellow eyes. - 4
  • Motivation: Actually, why? Kokonoe's sole interest is just for her own glory, or kill Terumi, she really gave no shit for 'good' so long as she's satisfied - 5
  • Characterization: She has zero social skills, orders people around like trash, holes herself up in her lab. Though she is pretty hotheaded and arrogant. Worst case 5, best case 4.
  • Contentness: Life does suck when your opposition is a Troll who reads your movement, taunts you like hell and back and you seem to want to claim his head but other people tried to do the same. 4
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. - 3
  • Idealism: CYNICAL - 5
Average: Worst case 32/9: 3.56, best case 31/9: 3.44. Above average and is dangerously skirting the line. Ragna better try to appease her or else she will turn the whole Sector Seven against him. Everyone else has the burden now that Ragna's been forcibly conscripted.

Because Tsubaki has already performed a Face–Heel Turn, what about the other two members of the Three NOL Stooges, Noel and Makoto? What about their chances? First, Noel.

  • Species: Humanoid. She's a Murakumo Unit after all. 3.
  • Gender: Female. 2
  • Age: Teenager. 4.
  • Role: She's more The Chick through and through for our hero Ragna... so probably 3.
  • Aesthetics: Moe. 1.
  • Motivation: She's trying to do good for her family and for the moment... friends, like the rest of the Stooges (except Tsubaki). 2
  • Characterization: While she is a Messianic Archetype, the fact that Hazama CAN turn her into Mu-12 hampers her 'incorruptibleness', even if the mode was shut down by Ragna, but she really won't even touch Anti-Hero-ism. 1.5.
  • Contentness: Seems to be OK. 2.
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. 3.
  • Idealism/Cynicism: CYNICAL. 5.
Average: 26.5/10 = 2.65.... Come on, she's out of Mu-12 phase! Why is it slightly above average!? I guess everyone needs to be careful. Denied as of Chronophantasma.

Next, Makoto.

  • Species: A squirrel beastkin Cute Monster Girl. 2.
  • Gender: Female. 2
  • Age: Young Adult. 5.
  • Role: Always the True Companion of Noel. 3
  • Aesthetics: Attractive, almost ridiculously so. 1.
  • Motivation: Spouts goodness and 'fighting for justice' or sorta like that, very much like a female Bang. Of course, mainly loyalty and friendship, but with those extra tidbits... 1.
  • Characterization: Always protecting friends is nice on paper, but when the practice is 'brutally kill anyone who ever tries to look at her friends (Noel and Tsubaki) funny'... that's Anti-Hero-ic. Still, she won't get lower than that. 2.
  • Contentness: Dude, did you see how she constantly spout about doing good? She must be having a hell of a time being Good. 1.
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. 3.
  • Idealism/Cynicism: CYNICAL. 5.
Average: 25/10 = 2.5. Actually below average. But very little below average so perhaps Makoto can't just relax despite the score. There's always the chance of taking 'protecting friends' too far if her comment to Tager is any indication... Denied as of Chronophantasma.

Okay, so let's see if Arakune enjoys being a monster more than returning back into Lotte Carmine and make a good life as a normal man?

  • Species: That's a frickin' Eldritch Abomination. 1.
  • Gender: Male. 2.
  • Age: He can't be that much older than Litchi. Young adult. 4.
  • Role: A Freelancer (if you can call that anyway). Arrogant Science Guy. 5.
  • Aesthetics: Hello? Monstrous Eldritch Abomination here! 1.
  • Motivation: Just Think of the Potential! Is what he said to Kokonoe all the time and look at how he ended up. 2.
  • Characterization: Admittedly, combining his aspects as Arakune and Lotte, he's pretty rounded. 5.
  • Contentness: I don't think he likes being a monster that can make no advances on his ambition against Kokonoe. 5.
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. 4.
  • Idealism/Cynicism: CYNICAL. 1.

Result: 30/10. Very good, above average chance. But still, it all depended if Litchi succeeds or not... AND whether he can finally do something on that inferiority complex of his.

Now let's try Ragna, Jin and Hakumen to see how likely they are to go Heel.

Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Species: Given how the series repeats in a time loop and Ragna's species could vary (human and Humanoid Abomination, which would give a respective score of 3 and 4), I'll leave this out.
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Young Adult - 5
  • Role: The Hero - 1
  • Aesthetics: Mystical White Hair plus a heterochromic red eye - 5
  • Motivation: At his worst, he was driven purely by revenge, and really didn't give a damn about others - 5
  • Characterization: He could be the new poster-boy for Anti-Hero - 2
  • Contentness: You know that if you have a guy who's killing NOL people without hesitation, you know that life in the series suck horrible - 4
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. 3
  • Idealism: CYNICAL - 5
Average: 34/9 (3.8). The likely? Looks like you got to be careful should you encounter Terumi again given his chances of succeeding at corrupting people into his side. Turns out it wasn't Terumi he should've been worried about...

Jin Kisaragi
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Young Adult - 5
  • Role: The Lancer - 5
  • Aesthetics: Bishōnen - 1
  • Motivation: He defected from NOL - 3
  • Characterization: His behavior can verge into being sociopathic - 3
  • Contentness: Ditto with Ragna - 4
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. 3
  • Idealism: CYNICAL - 5
Average: 36/10 (3.6). Looks like you're just as likely to go heel as Ragna. Denied as of Chronophantasma.

  • Species: Cyborg - 5
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: He spent 90 years in the boundary - 2
  • Role: The Hero - 1
  • Aesthetics: White Hair - 5
  • Motivation: Has a single sexuality to Tsubaki - 2
  • Characterization: Can somewhat verge into Anti-Hero territory - 2
  • Contentness: Why else do you think he gets hammy when it comes to justice? - 2
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. 3
  • Idealism: CYNICAL - 5
Average: 31/10 (3.1). Out of all the three, Hakumen has a better chance of remaining face. Still he has to be careful because he might end up going He Who Fights Monsters. Luckily though he managed to kill Terumi for good without becoming corrupted by his influence. His observational limit is approaching, so it appears he won't go heel in the time he has left.

Let's see how likely the three Buus are to go Face.

Fat Buu Average: 24/10: 2.4. So Hercule must have been very necessary for Buu to go Face.

Super Buu
  • Species: Eldritch Abomination - 1
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: Existing since ages long. He's quite old - 1
  • Role: Big Bad - 1
  • Aesthetics: Monstrous - 1
  • Motivation: Unlike Kid Buu, who is purely For the Evulz, Super Buu at least cared about a good fight - 1.5
  • Characterization: Obviously Evil - 1
  • Contentness: Unlike Kid Buu, Super Buu was at least a bit more interested in fighting a strong opponent rather than random destruction. - 1.5
  • Morality: Black and White Morality. - 2
  • Idealism: Idealistic - 5
Average: 18/10: 1.7

Kid Buu
  • Species: Eldritch Abomination - 1
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: Existing since ages long. He's quite old - 1
  • Role: Big Bad - 1
  • Aesthetics: Monstrous - 1
  • Motivation: He's a frigging Complete Monster who does evil things for lulz. - 1
  • Characterization: Obviously Evil. He's even described as Evil Incarnate. - 1
  • Contentness: He's enjoying every minute of it - 1
  • Morality: Black and White Morality. - 2
  • Idealism: Idealistic - 5
Average: 16/10: 1.6

Fat Buu already has gone Face. Super Buu and Kid Buu, especially for the latter, however, can piss off and stay dead.

Guilty Gear

And just to be fair with the other BlazBlue, let's try to see if somewhere along the line in Guilty Gear, Anji Mito could call it quits with working with That Man.

  • Species: Human, Japanese in a setting where Japanese is considered a rare breed / Last of His Kind - 5
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: Young Adult - 4
  • Role: He's a freelancer, no business with PWAB or the Holy Order so far - 5
  • Aesthetics: A Walking Shirtless Scene, and pretty attractive to boot - 5
  • Motivation: Anji's motivation is unknown, he sought knowledge and knowledge alone and that alone seems to put him rather low - 2
  • Characterization: He's not very lost, he's focused on his thirst for knowledge and is a pretty honorable for a Japanese. More likely to become a Noble Demon - 4
  • Contentness: He seems pretty content and seems to think That Man isn't as bad as Baiken thinks, going so far as trying to recruit her - 2
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. Not as extreme as the BlazBlue setting, but Guilty Gear sure doesn't quite know a purely white faction. The Good: Holy Knights, Jellyfish Pirates, Zepp, Sol. The Bad: Assassin's Guild, That Man's group (barring I-No), Gears. The Evil: I-No, PWAB. - 4
  • Idealism: Pretty Idealistic, but not very so. Anji being a Heel on basis of being with That Man himself is a proof that it's not overly idealistic - 4
Average: 36/10 = 3.6. Pretty good. Even if That Man isn't as bad as NOL, Anji himself will more likely find something unsettling on him and cause him to call it quits. Turns out, That Man has been taking swings into Anti-Villain so Anji would more likely get out of Heel status if That Man can keep up the sympathy.

Now how likely was Anji Mito to join That Man.
  • Species: Human, Japanese in a setting where Japanese is considered a rare breed / Last of His Kind - 1
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Young Adult - 5
  • Role: He's a freelancer, no business with PWAB or the Holy Order so far - 4
  • Aesthetics: A Walking Shirtless Scene, and pretty attractive to boot - 1
  • Motivation: Anji's motivation is unknown, he sought knowledge and knowledge alone and that alone seems to put him rather high - 5
  • Characterization: He's pretty much an easy-goer - 2
  • Contentness: Being a Japanese man, he is forced to live in colonies - 4
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. - 3
  • Idealism: Pretty Idealistic, but not very so. - 2
Average: 31/10 = 3.1. Exactly likely enough to join That Man.

For a new GG character to be rated, Testament has all been on the stuffs about Humans Are Bastards. As seen in one of his alternate endings in GGXX, he turns against humanity after Dizzy died. So what are the chances that in the future he gets riled up with humanity again and once again out to eradicate them?

  • Species: Gear, seems like 'Superior Species' to me - 1
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Probably quite into adulthood when he turns Gear - 5
  • Role: Ever since he's out of Justice's services, he's more like a Freelancer who chose to protect Dizzy on his own will. - 4
  • Aesthetics: Gothic looking, red-eyed creepy Bishōnen... - 5
  • Motivation: Love and Loyalty, probably he does 'good' just to protect Dizzy - 2
  • Characterization: VERY bitter and mistrusting for humanity, but lately he also becomes a bit of a loner due to Dizzy being with the Jellyfish - 5
  • Contentness: Doesn't comment much about it. - 3
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. - 3
  • Idealism: Quite idealistic, but not so much - 2
Average: 34/10: 3.4. My God, no wonder most of Testament's alternate endings are about him renewing his war with humanity. His rate is just that kind of above average!

Judging in some of the Accent Core Plus endings where Baiken goes insane and becomes a murderess, let's see how likely she is to go heel should she appear in Xrd.
  • Species: Human, Japanese in a setting where Japanese is considered a rare breed / Last of His Kind - 1
  • Gender: Female - 2
  • Age: Young Adult - 5
  • Role: She's a freelancer, no business with PWAB or the Holy Order so far - 4
  • Aesthetics: She has pink eyes, which could qualify as red eyes, also is sexy and attractively scarred - 5
  • Motivation: Baiken's motivation is just to kill That Man. She really gave no shit for 'good' so long as she's satisfied - 5
  • Characterization: She has zero social skills, is pretty hotheaded and arrogant, and a borderline psychopath. - Best case 4, Worst case 5
  • Contentness: Being a Japanese person, she is forced to live in colonies - 4
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. - 3
  • Idealism: Pretty Idealistic, but not very so. - 2
Average: Worst case 35/10 = 3.5. Beast case 36/10 = 3.6. Even more likely to go heel than Anji, and this is also compounded with That Man taking swings into Anti-Villain status. Well, Baiken might want to keep that vengeful streak in check...

Judging from the Bad Future in the Drama CD, where Dizzy goes bad let's see how likely she is to go heel.
  • Species: Half-human Half-Gear - 2
  • Gender: Female - 2
  • Age: Chronologically, she's 6 - 1
  • Role: True Companions with the Jellyfish Pirates - 3
  • Aesthetics: Red eyes - 5
  • Motivation: Compassion - 1
  • Characterization: Pretty much the most pure-hearted character in the series. - 1
  • Contentness: Being a Gear, she often is hunted down - 4
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil. - 3
  • Idealism: Pretty Idealistic, but not very so. - 2
Average: 24/10 = 2.4. Unlikely to go heel, but from the Drama CD, it must have taken enough hatred caused by I-No's trolling to make her snap, so she must be careful should she encounter her.

Now for I-No Average: 30/10 = 3.0. Interesting. She seems to be a lot more likely to go Face than her BlazBlue counterpart Terumi. However, given her usual attitude, this isn't going to happen any time soon. That Man might be taking a swing to Anti-Villain, but we are not very sure if I-No, being herself, would follow suit or decides that she likes being evil more and grows sick of him telling her off whenever she goes a bit too far for his tastes.

The chance of Eli Wallace turning heel:
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Young Adult - 5
  • Role: Smart guy, somewhere between Lancer and Freelancer - 4.5
  • Aesthetics: Average - 3
  • Motivation: Habit (he is pretty much a law abiding citizen who didn't know better) - 4
  • Characterization: As of 2x10 bitter, hotheaded with a touch of hubris - 3.5
  • Contentness: Life is hard - 4
  • Morality: SGU is a lot darker than its kin, pretty much B&G - 5
  • Cynicism of the story: They might as well go and hunt dogs - 5
Average: 4.1 - uh-oh. (Or: good times coming!)

Conversely, the chance of Rush turning completely face:
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: Middle-aged - 3
  • Role: Arrogant kung-fu guy - 5
  • Aesthetics: rather good looking - 5
  • Motivation: For Science / The Unfettered - 2.5
  • Characterization: Rounded character - 5
  • Contentness: Neutral (he would do good if that served him better) - 3
  • Morality: B&G - 1
  • Idealism: Cynical - 1
Average: 3.05 - will we see a turn in the morality of the smart guys on the show (before its untimely end)?

Let's see if Emperor K'Yyrikakas from The Warrior's Chronicles would have a chance at all of becoming good.
  • Species: Krisil aren't exactly close to humanoid... 1.
  • Gender: Krisil don't seem to really have them bar the Birthers. Leaving blank.
  • Age: He's not an OLD god-king, but he's certainly not a teenager. Let's say 4.
  • Role: He's the invader's overlord, pretty much guaranteed 1.
  • Aesthetics: Well, considering he's not humanoid in the slightest I'll have to say 1. And he is a little scaly looking...
  • Motivation: Well... He truly believes that conquest is good for his people... let's say 3.
  • Characterization: He's a king and he's not afraid to be dirty when he has to. Pretty much a 3.
  • Contentness: He's not exactly laughing with glee as they mow down the human infidels, but he likes it. 2.
  • Morality: There's the true white, the true black, and all the grays in between. 2.
  • Idealism: The stories a BIT cynical, but not enough to drag it all the way to a 2. 3.
Average: 2.22 repeating. - That's below average, but far better than a large amount of big bads. All in all, he probably could have been converted if they'd figured out a way to form an alliance with him.

How about Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney? How likely was his Heel Face Turn in the first place?
  • Species: Irrelevant in the Ace Attorney universe
  • Gender: Male, 2
  • Age: Young Adult, 4
  • Role: Could be considered Phoenix's "Rival Turned Evil" (though he is definitely an Anti-Villain at worst), 5
  • Aesthetics: Definitely attractive, 5
  • Motivation: Pratically screams "Well-Intentioned Extremist!", 4
  • Characterization: Very honorable and worthy opponent, 4
  • Contentness: Hard to say. Seems to be doing well, but deep down is haunted by his past and possibly his actions as a prosecutor. I'll go with 4.
  • Morality: This is a difficult one. I'll leave this out for now.
  • Idealism: Er... again, hard to say. Everything seems to pretty much work out in the end, though, so I will go with 4.
  • Average: 32/8 = 4.
    • So, Edgeworth was just itching for redemption all along...

Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Was his Heel–Face Turn predictable?:
  • Species: Vampire, 2
  • Gender: Male, 2
  • Age: Way older than any living human, so 1
  • Role: Leader, back when the atoning began. 1
  • Aesthetics: Well, evil is sexy, after all. 4
  • Motivation: For doing evil: he is unscrupolous and has precise goals, so 2.
  • Characterization: As the story proceeds, Spike gets his own characterization in the round, so it's a 5.
  • Contentness: Being evil is wonderful and being badass is even better, especially with a fitting coat. Except that removed traumas and low social appreciation are heavy burdens to carry. Lots of denial about it do not help. Being unable to do what you exist for doing also doesn't help. Life sucks. Angst ensues. That's a straight 5.
  • Morality of the story: Gray and Gray, as summed up at the end of "Lie To Me". 3
  • Idealism: Oh, that warm energy pervading your heart! And the power of a nice take that to society, when in the end you prove to be better than all those nice people that spit on you! And the disarming force of heart-felt redemption! 5!

Result: 30/10 = 3. It was an exact 50/50 chance, and Spike's luck just happened to favor the side of good.

Also on the topic of Buffy, let's take a gander at Faith's original Face Heel Turn, shall we?

  • Species: Human, essentially. 3.
  • Gender: Female. 2.
  • Age: This troper isn't exactly sure, but I'd put it at sixteen/seventeen: teenager. 4.
  • Role: She's not exactly a freelancer, so I'd put her as second-in-command (everybody considers her Slayer Number Two). 5.
  • Aesthetics: Sexy and seductive, minus all the freaky eye and hair stuff. 5.
  • Motivation: Because it's her duty as the Slayer to kill only the evil and not the innocent. I'd put it under "habit"; it's what she was trained to do, after all. 4.
  • Characterization: Faith is the DEFINITION of 'Bordering on hubris: Hotheaded, arrogant, likes to play with dangerous stuff'. 4.
  • Contentness: She really does enjoy every minute of slaying, but slaying is still killing, and that's the part she likes. Also the stealing. And she lives in a dank old motel. 2.
  • Morality of the story: As the troper above stated, "Lie to Me" basically shouted that BTVS is Grey and Gray Morality. 4.
  • Idealism: Personally I feel that it's more cynical than idealistic, although there are elements of both. Is a 3 allowed? 3.

Result: 37/10: 3.7. High enough that Joss Whedon, with his endless love for inconsistent moralities, would definitely have Face–Heel Turn-ed her. The Scoobies were screwed.

Breakdown from Transformers Prime has several Pet the Dog moments so odds are that he'll eventually become an Autobot:
  • Species: Cybertronian/Alien-robot, 2
  • Gender: Male, 2
  • Age: He acts like someone middle-aged, 3
  • Role: Serves as the Decepticons' Brute, 3
  • Aesthetics: Has an Eyepatch of Power after getting one of his optics ripped out, 2
  • Motivation: His motives aren't said out loud, but he seems to be loyal to Megatron, 5
  • Characterization: Noble Demon, 4
  • Contentness: Seems to be doing okay, but not great, 3
  • Morality: Black and White Morality, 2
  • Idealism: Middle of the road when it comes to idealism, 3

Result: 29/10 = 2.9 Breakdown almost reaches 50/50. Whether he'll go through a Heel–Face Turn is in question; only time will tell. He got killed before he could change sides.

Okay, the last episode of Brave10 is nearly out and let's see if Anastasia will find her way to eventually become Face once more after whammy Heel turn in episode 9. Bring it on!

  • Species: In a world where everyone is human... well this doesn't count.
  • Gender: Female, 4
  • Age: Young Adult. Definitely younger than Yukimura who's more Middle-Aged. 4.
  • Role: The Dark Chick of Hanzo's Five-Bad Band. 4.
  • Aesthetics: Uh, she's the Ms. Fanservice and has the sexy voice of Yuu Asakawa. 5.
  • Motivation: At this point, she claims to be a Social Darwinist in believing only the strong survives. 3.
  • Characterization: For the moment, she seems to take the mantle of Lawful Evil very much. 3.
  • Contentness: Life's hard, yeah, but she certainly doesn't come as the angsty type, but if the Jinpachi encounter is to be taken note, she could be secretly angsting. Fine, 4.5.
  • Morality: Hmm... hard to peg. Black and Gray Morality seems to be in her mindset and seems to hold true (Black = Hanzo's group, Grey = Everyone else). 1.
  • Idealism: 3. It's pretty balanced though.
Result: 30.5/9: 3.38. Well I guess like it or not, she's going to have to turn Face again and help out fulfill Yukimura's prediction. End Result: Yes she did stop being a Heel, but she just doesn't feel like returning after betraying the team, but is definitely hanging around with another good free spirit Jinpachi. So... success?

Kim Possible

Let's see how Dr. Drakken and Shego will hold up. They've teamed up with Kim and Ron multiple times, and in the end they all saved the world together. And during the times they turned good (brainwashed or otherwise, like during Christmas), they were clearly having a blast! Could they hold up after the end?

Dr. Drakken/Drew Lipsky:
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: I'll say middle-aged (he was in college with Kim's dad) - 3
  • Role: He is Kim's main and most recurring foe, but seeing as how he teams up with her quite a bit, especially during the Grand Finale, I'll be generous and call him an opportunist - 2
  • Aesthetics: I'd say he's average - 3
  • Motivation: Wants to be a successful villain, but also wants to prove he is a genius, as well as pursue money, power, and science - 2
  • Characterization: Card-carrying villain, but definitely possesses some decent qualities. Also, he and Kim (and Ron) definitely see each other as worthy opponents. I'll compromise - 2
  • Contentness: He enjoys making evil plans, but he clearly experiences a lot of frustrations and setbacks. I'll go with neutral - 3
  • Morality: Initially, the series is Black and White, but it resembles a lot more of The Good, The Bad, and The Evil from the start of Season 4 onwards. Compromise - 3
  • Idealism: Definitely more idealistic than cynical - 4
Total score: 27/10 = 2.7

  • Species: Despite the green skin, she is human - 3
  • Gender: Female - 4
  • Age: Young Adult - 4
  • Role: Kind of a freelancer, but she's mostly Drakken's right-hand man - 4
  • Aesthetics: She is a very sexy villain - 4
  • Motivation: It's a whole bunch of things, but I'd say she's mostly in it to enjoy herself - 1
  • Characterization: Also a card-carrying villain, but she and Kim so obviously consider themselves worthy opponents to the point that they are oozing with Foe Yay. Plus, as Kim states, she's softer than she lets on - 3
  • Contentness: Usually she's about neutral - 3
  • Morality: 3
  • Idealism: 4
Total score: 33/10 = 3.3

So while neither of them is jumping up and down at the chance to turn (completely) good, it's not impossible. Surprisingly (or not), Shego is more likely to fully turn than Dr. D. But then again, that might just be a way to make him turn Face even more easily...

So, in Live A Live, who'd da thunk that... Oersted, of all people, would SNAP so hard?

  • Species: Human. 3.
  • Gender: Male. 4
  • Age: Since he's on the age of marrying, I'd say Young Adult. 5.
  • Role: The Hero. 1
  • Aesthetics: Anime Hair and with dashes of Troubled, but Cute later on. Pretty cute. 1.
  • Motivation: He's out to save his love from the Demon King. 2.
  • Characterization: Well he used to be a shining example of the cheered Messiah, but slowly after shit hits the shoes, he became surly and bitter. On average, 2.
  • Contentness: Oooh, angst angst angst! Sure we don't hear him talk due to being Heroic Mime, but we sure know that's one massive angst source. 5.
  • Morality: All over the place, game-wise. And we're not even sure how to dial him in his story, considering while White can be good, it goes jackass with him. Ignore.
  • Idealism: In his story? FUCKING 5.
  • Average: 28/9: 3.11. Very slightly above average. Oersted just got the shittiest luck and could've wished he's born in another more positive timeline...


Now that Ryouko has come back in the Haruhi Suzumiya series, what are the chances that she will stop trying to kill Kyon?

  • Species: She could be considered either a human-looking android or a Human Alien, so we'll split the difference, 2.5
  • Gender: Female, 4
  • Age: Chronologically, was created three years before the start of the series, but is mentally a teenager, so, 5
  • Role: Hard to class; the closest thing is a Rival Turned Evil to Yuki, 5
  • Aesthetics: In the eyes of fanboys, Evil Is Sexy, 4
  • Motivation: Not only does she have a goal, she keeps trying the same thing long after it's pointless, 2
  • Characterization: Since she is an alien who views things fundamentally different to humans, does that count as "plain nuts"? 2
  • Contentness: That is an emotion, which she does not possess, 3
  • Morality of the story: Rousseau Was Right, 5
  • Idealism of the story: Despite being a Deconstructor Fleet, it remains pretty idealistic, 5
  • Average: 37.5/10 = 3.75. Who knows, maybe she could start to understand humans (like her comrade Yuki has already done) eventually.

From the same series, what are the chances that Kyon's worries are correct and Mikuru becomes a morally questionable Manipulative Bastard like her future self?

  • Species: Human, 3
  • Gender: Female, 2
  • Age: Teenager, though she is such a Moeblob she could probably qualify for Children Are Innocent. We'll split the difference and say, 2.5
  • Role: True Companions, 3
  • Aesthetics: Moe as all hell, 1
  • Motivation: Her priority isn't to be "good" as much as it is to ensure that history goes the same way. It's hard to tell so far, but probably, 4.5
  • Characterization: Moe characters are pure of heart, right? 1
  • Contentness: Oh, damnit. Life kind of sucks for her, 4.5
  • Morality of the story: Same as above, 1
  • Cynicism of the story: Same as above, 1
  • Average: 23.5/10 = 2.35. While she'll probably avoid becoming her future self, she'd better be careful, and the rest of the SOS Brigade really should be supportive of her, lest she snap.


Let us see how likely it truly was that N saw the error of his ways.

  • Species: Human, 3
  • Gender: Male, 2
  • Age: Either a teenager or a young adult, we're not sure, 4.5
  • Role: Believed at first to be the one Big Bad (though actually an Unwitting Pawn.) Using his presumed role gives 1 and using his actual role gives 4
  • Aesthetics: According to the fangirls, Troubled, but Cute, 5
  • Motivation: If he isn't a Well-Intentioned Extremist, then nobody is, 4
  • Characterization: Worthy Opponent. By the end of the game, the player character considers him a friend, and vice versa, 4
  • Contentness: He seems to enjoy life, 2
  • Morality of the story: Probably Grey and Gray, 3
  • Idealism of the story: Very much idealistic, 5
  • Average: Either 33.5/10 = 3.35 or 36.5/10 = 3.65, depending on whether we are taking spoilers into account. His Heel–Face Turn was assured from the very beginning.

Time to see where some Breaking Bad characters will go or could have gone:

Let's start with Walter White. Can he redeem himself?
  • Species: Irrelevant
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: Middle - 3
  • Role: Right now... definitely the Big Bad! - 1
  • Aesthetics: I'd say average looking - 3
  • Motivation: Oh boy, this is gonna get some flames going. It is a mixture of feeling powerful, his pride, money... it all depends on whether you still believe he is also trying to provide for his family or is a Woobie Destroyer of Worlds. I'll go with 3.
  • Characterization: PRIDE!!! - 2
  • Contentness: It's difficult to say. Sometimes he seems to enjoy himself a lot, but a lot of other times he is clearing not doing well at all. I'll go with 4.
  • Morality: Breaking Bad has a variety of characters, including from very evil people like Tuco and the Cousins, to fairly bad people like Walt, to decent people like Jesse, to truly good people like Hank and Walter Junior. I think it is safe to go with The Good, The Bad, and The Evil. - 4
  • Idealism: VERY cynical - 1

Average: 23/9 = 2.6

So Walt isn't completely doomed to get even worse and become a Complete Monster, but he does lean slightly more towards that path...

Update: Or is he? Despite his low score, Gliding Over All seems to hint at him trying to do better...

Before we move on to other characters, how bad was he to start with? Was he rotten all along, or is he just a really bad case of getting corrupted by the drug world?
  • Gender: Male - 4
  • Age: Still in middle age - 3
  • Role: The Hero - 1
  • Aesthetics: Was pretty handsome when younger, but then then became pretty plain-looking - 3
  • Motivation: Was a good person who loved his family - 2
  • Characterization: Outwardly meek, but deep down bitter about his lack of career achievements - 3
  • Contentness: Before he got cancer, he seemed to be happy with his kids and Skyler, even if he didn't earn a whole lot of money. By the time he has cancer... life is pretty hard. I'll go with 3.
  • Morality: The Good, The Bad, and The Evil - 3
  • Idealism: Still very cynical - 5

Average: 27/9 = 3.0.

So how far Walter White fell can be considered quite shocking, though not completely unexpected. He was Mr. Chips... and then he became Scarface.

Now for Jesse Pinkman. Will his Heel Realization make him see the light?
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: Young Adult - 4
  • Role: Technically, he is the Deuteragonist, but he mostly functions as Walt's right-hand man, and he is definitely much less of a villain than Walt. However, some might disagree and say that he and Walt are together the Villain Protagonists. Either 1 or 4.
  • Aesthetics: YMMV, but I'd say he is attractive, especially with hair. Plus, he's gotten a number of girls. - 5
  • Motivation: Seems he became a criminal and junkie mostly out of general unhappiness and resentment towards a crappy upbringing. He definitely means well though. I'd go with 4.
  • Characterization: Deep down, he's a good person. He is also definitely lost and confused to some extent. - 5
  • Contentness: More often than not, life has pretty much sucked for him. - 5
  • Morality: The Good, The Bad, and The Evil - 4
  • Idealism: 1

Average: 31/ 9 = 3.4 OR 34/9 = 3.8

Either way, things look very hopeful for Jesse. Of course, given how cynical Breaking Bad is, the high redemption score might be the set-up for something really awful...

Finally, let's look at Mike. He did do a lot of awful things and was a professional killer, but it seems like there is at least some chance he might have been on his way to a new life before Walt killed him. Would he have tried to do better?
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: Word of God says he is in his late 50's. Older than Walt, but still middle aged - 3
  • Role: Formerly the Dragon, then he became a freelancer - 5.
  • Aesthetics: Average - 3
  • Motivation: It seems that he really did a lot of what he did so that he could provider for his granddaughter. - 4.
  • Characterization: His job required that he be a stone-cold killer, but he seemed to have some standards. - 4
  • Contentness: Seemed neutral at first, but then life got A LOT more difficult for him as numerous things went wrong. - 4
  • Morality: The Good, The Bad, and The Evil - 4
  • Idealism: 1

Average: 30/9 = 3.3

So things could have gone either way, but he had slightly better chances and hope for becoming a better person. Too bad Walt let his anger get the better of him...

Let's now see if the Jedi could see Darth Vader coming. Let's put early-RotS Anakin Skywalker through this test.

  • Species: Human. 3
  • Gender: Male. 4
  • Age: He is in his early 20's by the time of Rot S, so young adult. 5
  • Role: Technically he is the protagonist, but in terms of hero dynamics, Obi-Wan is arguably The Hero and Anakin is The Lancer in this episode. 1 OR 5 depending on your view.
  • Aesthetics: Handsome, but now attractively scarred. A clear-cut 5.
  • Motivation for doing good: Closest to "Love and Loyalty", as he strived to protect both the citizens of the Republic and his wife from mortal dangers. It's a 2.
  • Characterization: Hotheaded, arrogant, likes to play with dangerous stuff. 4
  • Contentness with life: Angst, angst, angst, at least Matthew Stover's characterization of Anakin is full of it. The movies are actually also pretty full of it too. 5
  • Morality of the story: Black and light gray, actually. The Jedi of the Republic are quite fallible, and their enemies hateful, relentless monsters. Let's give it a 3.5.
  • Cynicism: Rot S is perhaps the most cynical episode, but the saga as a whole is very idealistic. Let's give it a middle ground, 2.5.

Calculating... 35/10 = 3.5 OR 39/10 = 3.9!

Either way, Anakin was a pretty obvious disaster waiting to happen, and EVERYBODY (not just the future Emperor) should have seen that coming! If I was one of the Jedi, I would yell DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER and wouldn't let Anie anywhere near Palpatine!

Now to see how surprising Darth Vader's redemption should have been!
  • Species: Human - 3
  • Gender: Male - 2
  • Age: He was in his late 40's technically (middle-aged) - 3
  • Role: By the time of RotJ, he is the Dragon to the Emperor's Big Bad - 4
  • Aesthetics: Cyborg. In the words of Obi-Wan, "He is more machine now than man." So I'll go with 1.
  • Motivation: The films and expanded universe strongly indicate he mostly wants power, but he also has a mixture of more tragic elements. I'll go with 3.
  • Characterization: He is so obviously evil that he may as well hold up a sign saying so. However, he also shows a lot of Lawful Evil tendencies. I'll go with 3.
  • Contentness: He walks around as a cyborg, badly burnt underneath the machinery, and needs a space inhaler to breathe. Must be hard, so 4.
  • Morality: Black and White by the time of RotJ - 2
  • Idealism: Star Wars as a whole is quite idealistic, so I'll say 5.

Average: 30/10 = 3.0

It was a pure 50/50 chance, so it wasn't TOO surprising... Luke was being pretty reasonable in having faith in Anakin Skywalker coming back after all...

Should Madoka have seen Homuras rebellion coming

  • species:human... or close enough, 3
  • gender: female, 2
  • age: teenager, or young adult depending on whether you count he time loop, 4.5
  • role: freelancer, 4
  • aesthetics: dignified, 2
  • motivation for doing good: love and loyalty, 2
  • characterization: surly, bitter, 3
  • contentedness: angst, angst, angst, 5
  • morality of the story: the good, the bad, and the evil, 3
  • cynicism: 3
3.25: looks like she should

Was Palpatine right to suspect he could turn Luke to the Dark Side?

  • Species: Human, 3.
  • Gender: Male, 4.
  • Age: Middle Aged, 3.
  • Role: The Hero, 1.
  • Aesthetics: Pretty average, 3.
  • Motivation: Love and loyalty, 2.
  • Characterization: Borderline All-Loving Hero, 1.
  • Contentness: Life is hard, 4.
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil, 3.
  • Cynicism: Idealistic, 1.

25/10=2.5. Not as hopeless as I was expecting, but he was still destined to fail.

As of the release of The Force Awakens, let's see how close Kylo Ren is to a possible redemption.

  • Species: Human, 3.
  • Gender: Male, 2.
  • Age: Young Adult, 4.
  • Role: He's basically Snoke's Dragon, so 4.
  • Aesthetics: While the whole unmasking scene serves to show how unusually average-looking he truly is, a fairly large portion of the fandom seems to believe otherwise, so let's compromise with a 4.
  • Motivation: From what we know about his origins, "sheer anger and despair" (likely directed at his parents and/or Luke) seems to cut it. 3.
  • Characterization: Conflicted, lost and confused indeed, 5.
  • Contentedness: Let's face it, Kylo Ren is basically a huge, conflicted ball of angst. 5.
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil, 4.
  • Idealism: Idealistic, 5.
  • Average: 39/10 = 3.9. Damn. Even though the murder of his father did seem to cement him firmly onto the dark side, I honestly wouldn't be too surprised if he managed to get some sort of redemption by IX.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Let's see if Discord's redemption is plausible enough.

  • Species: Well, the dominant species are ponies, but he's a draconnequus, so I'm going with 1.
  • Gender: Male. 2.
  • Age: Probably immortal. 1.
  • Role: Well, he was the Big Bad of the season 2 premiere. 1.
  • Aesthetics: Since he's a mix of everything, 1.
  • Motivation: Spreading chaos. 1
  • Characterization: Being an entity of chaos, he looks pretty crazy. Still, it's really, really hard to sort. 2 or 5? Dammit, but since he looks like a Card-Carrying Villain, I'm going with 4. He's strange and erratic.
  • Contentness: He seemed to be enjoying every minute while he was out. 1.
  • Morality: Rousseau Was Right. 5.
  • Idealism: Idealistic. 5.
  • Average: 2.2. Yup. The doubtful fans do have reason to question Discord's reformation.

Now let's check Queen Chrysalis.

  • Species: Well, the dominant species are ponies. Changelings are rather pony-shaped. 2.
  • Gender: Female. 4.
  • Age: Older. 1.
  • Role: Well, she was the Big Bad of the season 2 finale. 1.
  • Aesthetics: Glamour Failure and One-Winged Angel. 2.
  • Motivation: Now that's pretty hard. She seems to be doing it for her kind, which would've made her a 2. But given her monstrosity in the comics, it's leaning to 4. I'll just play it safe and make it 3.
  • Characterization: Seems pretty cold-blooded. 3.
  • Contentness: Seemed to enjoy making others suffer and sacking Canterlot far too much. 1.
  • Morality: Rousseau Was Right. 5.
  • Idealism: Idealistic. 5.
  • Average: 2.6.

Just for sake of completeness, King Sombra.
  • Species: Well, the dominant species are ponies. While he was once one, he became a cloud of darkness. 1.
  • Gender: Male. 2.
  • Age: Older. 1.
  • Role: Well, he's was the Big Bad for the season 3 premiere. 1.
  • Aesthetics: Monstrous. 1.
  • Motivation: Power. 2.
  • Characterization: Obviously Evil. 1.
  • Contentness: Not much was seen on him. Doing well. 2.
  • Morality: Rousseau Was Right. 5.
  • Idealism: Idealistic. 5.
  • Average: 2.1. Evil through and through as far as the series can go.

(Not doing Nightmare Moon yet since the IDW comics add more to what she was first conceived as. Please add after the issue covering her is finished.)

And now let's check the minor villains, since friendship is a prominent theme.

Let's start with the Flim Flam Brothers. Can they see the error of their ways?
  • Species: Well, the dominant species are ponies. 3.
  • Gender: Male. 2.
  • Age: A bit older than most of the main characters. 3.
  • Role: Traveler salesponies "nonpareil". 5.
  • Aesthetics: 3.
  • Motivation: Basically scammers and seem to be in it for a quick bit. 2
  • Characterization: They look pretty greedy. 2.
  • Contentness: Doing well. 2.
  • Morality: Rousseau Was Right. 5.
  • Idealism: Idealistic. 5.
  • Average: 3.2.

Now for the Diamond Dogs if there ever is another run-in.
  • Species: Well, the dominant species are ponies. 3.
  • Gender: Male. 2.
  • Age: Maybe as old as most of the main characters. 4.
  • Role: Gem hunters. 5.
  • Aesthetics: Quite ugly. 3.
  • Motivation: Greed. 2.
  • Characterization: Again, greed. 2.
  • Contentness: 3.
  • Morality: Rousseau Was Right. 5.
  • Idealism: Idealistic. 5.
  • Average: 3.4.

Now for Gilda.
  • Species: Well, the dominant species are ponies. She's a griffon. 2.
  • Gender: Female. 4.
  • Age: Classmates with Rainbow Dash 4.
  • Role: Very minor. Seems to be arrogant. 5.
  • Aesthetics: 3, just to be safe.
  • Motivation: Hmm, she looks down on ponies. Maybe 3.
  • Characterization: Arrogant. Proud. 2.
  • Contentness: Discontent seems to come from being around the ponies. 3.
  • Morality: Rousseau Was Right. 5.
  • Idealism: Idealistic. 5.
  • Average: 3.6.

Let's see about those 'villains' to the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Species: Well, the dominant species are ponies. 3.
  • Gender: Female. 4.
  • Age: They're just children. 2.
  • Role: Schoolfoal bullies. 5.
  • Aesthetics: 5.
  • Motivation: Tormenting the CMCs for being blank-flanks, even though they at one time accepted one such. 1.
  • Characterization: Proud of their having cutie marks. 2.
  • Contentness: Diamond Tiara at least loves tormenting the Crusaders. Silver Spoon is more on following her. 1 and 2.
  • Morality: Rousseau Was Right. 5.
  • Idealism: Idealistic. 5.
  • Average: 3.1 and 3.2. Silver certainly is a tad nicer than Diamond.

Did Lightning Dust see the error of her ways?
  • Species: Well, the dominant species are ponies. 3.
  • Gender: Female. 4.
  • Age: As old as most of the main characters. 4.
  • Role: Wonerbolt Academy cadet. 5.
  • Aesthetics: I want to make it 5, but since just about everypony else is cute, 3.
  • Motivation: To be the very best, no matter the cost. 2.
  • Characterization: Lacks empathy. Utterly proud. 2.
  • Contentness: Just focusing on being the best without concern for anything else. 3.
  • Morality: Rousseau Was Right. 5.
  • Idealism: Idealistic. 5.
  • Average: 3.5. That demotion (not expulsion) in the end of the episode certainly should humbled her enough.

Last but not least, Trixie.
  • Species: Well, the dominant species are ponies. 3.
  • Gender: Female. 4.
  • Age: As old as most of the main characters. 4.
  • Role: Stage magician. 5.
  • Aesthetics: I want to make it 5, but since just about everypony else is cute, 3.
  • Motivation: Her only flaw at first was going too far in her boasts, humiliating those who challenge her without backing up her claims, her return is featured with Revenge. 3.
  • Characterization: Seems to be repentant after removing the Alicorn Amulet. 4.
  • Contentness: Life was hard by the time she returns. 4.
  • Morality: Rousseau Was Right. 5.
  • Idealism: Idealistic. 5.
  • Average: 4. Was there ever any doubt?


Will Regina the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time find redemption?
  • Species: Human. 3
  • Gender: Female. 4
  • Age: Young Adult, in her early 30s. 4
  • Role: Used to be the Big Bad, but has since been reduced to an Opportunist. 2
  • Aesthetics: Evil Is Sexy. 4
  • Motivation: Pure Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds territory. 3
  • Characterization: "Very lost and confused" doesn't begin to cover it. 5.
  • Contentness: Again, the description ("Angst, angst, angst") is an understatement. 5.
  • Morality: Evil is made, not born, and any evil has the potential to be redeemed. 5
  • Idealism: Definately on the idealistic side. 5
Average: 40/10 = 4. Whether she lives or dies, Regina's getting redeemed.

Now, let's look at Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold's chances.
  • Species: Was human, then wasn't, now he is again. 3
  • Gender: Male. 2
  • Age: Middle Aged, in his 40s or so. 3
  • Role: Used to be the Bigger Bad, but is an Opportunist just like Regina now. 2
  • Aesthetics: Used to be lowest on this scale as Rumple, but as Mr. Gold, he's a case of Evil Is Sexy. 4
  • Motivation: Another Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds. 3
  • Characterization: Very rounded. 5
  • Contentness: Like Regina, he never catches a break. 5
  • Morality: See Above. 5
  • Idealism: See Above. 5
Average: 37/10 = 3.7 Not quite as high as Regina's score, but very close, meaning he's a shoe-in for redemption too.

How about Captain Hook?
  • Species: Human. 3
  • Gender: Male. 2
  • Age: Young Adult. Like Regina, he's only in his early 30s. 3
  • Role: He was something of The Dragon to Cora, but is a Freelancer now. 5
  • Aesthetics: Between Evil Is Sexy and just plain attractive. 4.5
  • Motivation: Partly for revenge, partly because he thinks it's justified. 3.5
  • Characterization: A definite Worthy Opponent / Noble Demon type. 4
  • Contentness: Life is hard. 4
  • Morality: 5
  • Idealism: 5
Average: 39/10 = 3.9 Rumple created Hook's misery to start with, so obviously if Rumple can be redeemed, so can Hook.


What about Kiryuin Satsuki from Kill la Kill?

  • Species: N/A
  • Gender: Female, 4
  • Age: Teenager, 5
  • Role: Primary antagonist (not the Big Bad but responsible for most of the conflict), 1
  • Aesthetics: Attractive, 4
  • Motivation: Social Darwinist, 3
  • Characterization: Honorable, 4
  • Contentedness: Doing well, 2
  • Morality: Good, Bad and Evil, 4
  • Idealism: Idealistic, 5
  • Total: 3.6

So she falls just about in the middle, just slightly more likely to Heel–Face Turn. Made the outcome very surprising!


Let's take a look at just how predictable the fall of Satan was. We'll only count The Bible for this.

  • Species: Angels are definitely a Superior Species from a human perspective, but going by Biblical descriptions they also fall very much under "inhuman and creepy-looking". Averages out at a 2.5.
  • Gender: Male, 4.
  • Age: Unknown.
  • Role: He was an Archangel, so second-in-command. 5.
  • Aesthetics: Biblical angels are definitely otherworldly, 5.
  • Motivation: Actually, why? 5.
  • Characterization: Who knows?
  • Contentedness: Neutral as far as we know, 3.
  • Morality: Earthly conflicts gravitate towards Gray and Black Morality, but things in Heaven are very much black and white. Let's go with a 3.
  • Idealism: Varies, but generally tends towards idealism. 2.

29.5/8=3.6875. Pretty high, but still quite low for the most notorious Face–Heel Turn ever.

Now, can he redeem himself?

  • Species: Eldritch Abomination, 1.
  • Gender: Male, 2.
  • Age: Much, much older, 1.
  • Role: Leader, 1.
  • Aesthetics: Monstrous, 1.
  • Motivation: Considering himself above God. Is that power or hubris? Average out at 2.5.
  • Characterization: Pretty much the epitome of Obviously Evil, 1.
  • Contentedness: Pretty much neutral, 3.
  • Morality: See above. Averages out to 3.5 this time.
  • Idealism: See above, 4.

20/10=2. Not likely, but again, still pretty high for the villain.


How about Neville from iCarly? Was his Heel–Face Turn plausible?

  • Species: Irrelevant.
  • Gender: Male, 2.
  • Age: Teenager, 5.
  • Role: Middle Ground I guess? 3.
  • Aesthetics: Pretty plain looking, 3.
  • Motivation: Love Makes You Evil, but not in a "loyalty" sense. Could probably fall under "Unscrupulous with some kind of goal", so 2.
  • Characterization: He was a pretty Flat Character, 1.
  • Contentedness: Pretty much neutral. 3.
  • Morality: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil, 4.
  • Idealism: Varies wildly, probably averages out at 3.

26/9=2.89. Almost exactly a 50/50 shot.


So how likely was Jaina Proudmoore being a Dreadlord all along? With the story development in Legion, how likely will she snap and become a Raid Boss? Let's find out!

  • Species: Human. 3.
  • Gender: Female, 2
  • Age: She's a young adult. 5
  • Role: At the rate of what she is in WoW she's left Dalaran in anger, thus more likely a Freelancer. 4
  • Aesthetics: In average, 3, this is because by default she's an attractive blonde, but after the Bombing of Theramore, her hair is bleached white. So average between 1 and 5.
  • Motivation: Usually, for peace to be attained. We cannot say 1 as she's now too bitter and leans more into Well-Intentioned Extremist AT BEST. So 3.
  • Characterization: Surly, bitter NOW defines her. 3.
  • Contentness: Full on Angst after Bombing of Theramore. 5.
  • Morality of the story: Alliance and Horde has no higher ground in here. And then there's the Burning Legion... 5.
  • Idealism of the story: It's Blizzard, the company with a boner for Crapsack World, Downer Ending, etc, and they seem to designate Azeroth as such (not so much for Korprulu Sector lately). 5.
  • Average: 38/10: 3.8. It's very probable. And since it's Blizzard... well yeah, we might as well get our gears up and prepare to raid Jaina one day, and remember her good old self by playing Heroes of the Storm...


With Peridot and Lapis of Steven Universe redeeming themselves as the show goes on, will the last "Homeworld Gem" Jasper join them?

  • Species: Gems are a text-book case of Human Outside, Alien Inside. 2.
  • Gender: All gems are genderless but ascribe as female. 4.
  • Age: At least a couple thousand years old. 1.
  • Role: Played The Heavy to Yellow Diamond during a season finale and a later arc. 4.
  • Aesthetics: Whenever she smiles with those Non-Standard Character Design facial expressions, a puppy dies. 2.
  • Motivation: Preaches social darwinism under the rule of the diamonds, and wants nothing but slow and painful revenge on "Rose Quartz". 3.
  • Characterization: Prideful in her Quartz status, has a drug-like addition towards fusion, callous towards allies and enemies alike... Checking out the seven sins fits the bill. 2.
  • Contentness: As of her Villainous Breakdown, full-on angst. 5.
  • Morality of the story: Two human Hate Sinks and the Diamonds aside, the show preaches Rousseau Was Right. 5
  • Idealism of the story: Not every single conflict ends with everyone happier than before, but the series is overall idealistic. 4.
  • Average: 32/10 = 3.2. It's pretty much 50/50 assuming she gets uncorrupted.

What about Bismuth?

  • Species: Same as Jasper. 2.
  • Gender: See above. 4.
  • Age: Ditto. 1.
  • Role: The closest thing that fits her on the table is Rival Turned Evil. 5.
  • Aesthetics: There's nothing particularly beautiful or ugly about her in universe. 3.
  • Motivation: Boils down to Knight Templar-thinking and revenge on Homeworld for treating her as a slave and killing her friends during the war. 4.
  • Characterization: Technically, she's already on team good, just too "anti" of an Anti-Hero who's enthusiastic about the Crystal Gems' cause but jaded towards Rose Quartz and their friendship. 5.
  • Contentness: There's not buts about it: life sucks for her at the moment, Death Seeker tendencies and all. 5.
  • Morality of the story: Same as before. 5.
  • Idealism of the story: Ditto. 4.
  • Average: 38/10 = 3.8. Pretty high score for someone who tried to kill Steven. Once her "time out" is over, she'll be front and center for a change of heart in time for the finale.

—- Please keep this one at the very bottom of the page

Now, for a somewhat controversial use of the scale. It is time to settle a question that is furiously debated on practically every online forum that doesn't have a Ban on Politics. Who was more evil, Hitler or Stalin?

For Adolf Hitler:

  • Species: Everyone in Real Life is human, so this doesn't apply
  • Gender: Male, 2
  • Age: He came to power when he was in his forties, and started World War II when he turned fifty, 3
  • Role: The one Big Bad, not only of the war but arguably the entire century, 1
  • Aesthetics: He was pretty ugly, 3
  • Motivation: Though he was no doubt a Complete Monster, he did not do it just For the Evulz. He wanted power, but that was derived from his social Darwinism and belief that "inferior races" must be eliminated. I will combine both for, 2.5
  • Characterization: Did he ever talk about anything other than killing those who weren't part of his Master Race? 1
  • Contentness: The war did not affect him personally until the very end when he knew he had lost. When his power was at his peak, he was enjoying every minute of it. 1
  • Morality of the story: Real Life, by definition, has people of every moral persuasion, 4
  • Idealism of the story: Nobody can agree on how cynical Real Life is, so this will not be counted.
  • Average: 17.5/8 = 2.1875. The most disturbing thing about this is that he even scored higher than a 2.0.

Now on to Stalin:

  • Species: Same as above, N/A
  • Gender: Male, 2
  • Age: Began his rule while middle-aged, but lived long enough to be considered old, so this averages out to 2
  • Role: We're comparing him to Hitler, so only his role during the war will be counted. He was technically on the same side as the Allies for that one; we can consider him an Opportunist, 2
  • Aesthetics: He looked pretty normal during his time in power, 3
  • Motivation: Power, power, and nothing else but power, 2
  • Characterization: Lawful Evil, 3
  • Contentness: During the war, he claimed to be suffering but it didn't really affect him. Let's go with neutral, 3
  • Morality of the story: See above, 4
  • Idealism of the story: See above, N/A
  • Average: 21/8 = 2.625. Okay, it's downright disturbing how close to the dividing line he is. (He may even cross it, if 2.5 is considered 50/50.) Then again, he did side with the allies when Hitler was threatening everyone (albeit for purely selfish reasons). That there are fictitious Complete Monsters with even higher scores than this does not make it any less disturbing.

Despite all that, let the argument rest that Hitler was more evil than Stalin.