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Tropes That Will Never Happen: Too Dangerous
These tropes concern a subject too controversial, so they will never happen.

Dishonorable mentions:

  • One God Limit
  • Headscratchers/Religion
  • Wall Bangers/Religion
    • Idiot Plot/Religion
  • Fetish Fuel/Religion
  • So Bad It's Good/Religion
  • So Cool It's Awesome/Religion
  • So Bad It's Horrible/Religion
  • Did Not Do The Research/Religion
    • Do Not Sleep With Zeus
  • Jesus Was Everyone In Purgatory
  • Hitler Was Right
  • Somewhat Subverted
  • Most TV Writers Are Liberals
  • ReDead Black Comedy Rape, Squick.
  • Well Fuck That Shit!
  • Drugs Are Awesome
  • Camp Gay is the only kind of gay allowed
  • This Troper
  • Tropes That Will Never Happen
    • Owch.
  • Tropes That Always Happen
    • Tropes That Might Happen
  • Accidental Nightmare Retardant
    • Narm
    • Retarded Nightmare Fuel Accident
  • Made Of Fap (Downgraded to Euclid X Meets Y)
  • Fapped A Bridget On Him
  • Title Fap
  • DartherWiki
  • Crowning Abortion Of Awesome
  • Crowning Moment Of Troll
    • Stephen Colbert's White House Correspondents' Dinner roast probably would be the Crowning Example of such a thing.
  • Targets That Should Be Acceptable
  • Useful Notes: Homemade Incendiary Devices
    • Useful Notes: Doomsday Devices
    • Useful Notes: Arson
    • Useful Notes: Murder
    • Useful Notes: Jaywalking
    • Useful Notes / Murder Suicide
    • Useful Notes / Where to find 5 years old kids alone
    • Useful Notes / Covert Manufacture and Use of Schedule 1 Chemical Warfare Agents
    • Useful Notes / Sparking Nuclear Warfare
    • Useful Notes / Drug Smuggling
    • Useful Notes / Prison Breaks
  • So You Want To: Be The Next Kim Jong-un
  • Everybody Remembers the Swastika
    • Why not? It's so true!
  • Xanatos Is A Moron
  • I Am Making This Up
    • I Am Not Cleaning This Up
  • Summer Glau Is Not Hot
  • This Troper.
  • Horrible/Real Life
    • Horrible/Countries
    • Horrible/Politics
      • Horrible/Politicians
      • Horrible/George W. Bush
    • Horrible/Tropers
    • Horrible/Disney Sitcoms
    • Horrible/Porn
    • Horrible/People
    • Horrible/Living Things
    • Horrible/deviantART (Not that it doesn't exist, mind you, but...)
    • Horrible/YouTube (Ditto)
    • Horrible/Wikipedia
    • Horrible/Facebook
    • Horrible/Twitter
    • Horrible/Tumblr
    • Horrible/Races
    • Horrible/Religions
    • Horrible/Places
    • Horrible/Cultures
  • Abandonia - A section where otherwise locked pages are left to open.
    • Sandbox/
    • In a sense, the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. You can't edit anything through there, but you can most certainly view all of the pages that are in the Permanent Red Link Club on there.
  • List Of Administrative Passwords For This Wiki
  • Incredibly Great Pun
  • January December Romance
  • Please Don't Spoil The Endings Of Works Where Detective Is The Bad Guy
  • Network Executives Are Experienced Professionals And The Shows They Kill Were Usually Flopping Anyway
    • Blasphemy!
  • Insane Troll Logic/Politics
  • Insane Troll Logic/Religion
  • Crowning Moment of Stop Making Tropes Named After Xanatos Already
    • Shortened from ...It Was A Terrible Name That Everyone Constantly Misuses Which Only Caught On By A Fluke And Is Still Always Misused To Mean Crowning Moment of Planning Even Though That's Not What It Is, Because Most People Have No Idea Who Xanatos Is Aside From The Trope Itself And Therefore Haven't The Foggiest Idea What Sort Of Plans He Made Beyond The Implicit Assumption Of 'Clever' Which Is All Anyone Ever Ever Ever Takes The Trope To Mean Outside TV Tropes, And Slapping Xanatos On Every Trope About Clever Planning Only Makes It Worse And Also Also While I'm On The Subject—
  • We Hate Bush
  • Genocide Is Funny When It's Jew On German
    • Dude, Not Funny!: They actually plotted to do this as a revenge attack, it was on (where else?) The Hitler Channel or Yesterday (formerly UKTV History).
    • Genocide Is Funny When It's Israeli On German?
    • Genocide Is NOT Funny ONLY When It's German On Jew (ONLY Real Life Examples, Please)
  • Title Bin Laden
    • I searched for this page, but I couldn't find it.
    • That page was killed by Troper Team Six.
  • Fortunate Implications — where tropers watch racist propaganda and deliberately misinterpret it as being totally innocuous.
  • That Troper is Mistaken/Wrong/Stupid Because...
  • Het is Ew When It's Female On Male
  • Circlejerk With A Heart Of Gold
  • Some Ethnicities Need To Be Cleansed
  • Complaining About Ethnicities You Don't Like
  • Some Nukes Need To Be Dropped
  • Nukes That Needed To Be Dropped
  • Everything's Better With The Words "Everything's Better" Jammed In Front Of It
  • Slash Shippers Are Horrible People

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