Tropes That Will Never Happen / Too Dangerous

These tropes concern a subject too controversial, so they will never happen.

Compare to Complaining.

Dishonorable mentions:

  • Genocide Is Funny When It's Jew On German
  • Title Bin Laden
    • I searched for this page, but I couldn't find it.
    • That page was killed by Troper Team Six.
  • Fortunate Implications — where tropers watch racist propaganda and deliberately misinterpret it as being totally innocuous.
  • That Troper is Mistaken/Wrong/Stupid Because...
  • Het Is Ew When It's Female On Male
  • Circlejerk With A Heart Of Gold
  • Awesome: Human Death
  • Some Ethnicities Need To Be Cleansed
  • Complaining About Ethnicities You Don't Like
  • Some Nukes Need To Be Dropped
  • Nukes That Needed To Be Dropped
  • Everything's Better With The Words "Everything's Better" Jammed In Front Of It
  • Slash Shippers Are Horrible People