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Paradox Lost...
...Paradox Regained
Good day to you, lady and/or gentleman! I am Noaqiyeum and I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Please feel free to leave traces of your passage below the
Coda. Err... very sorry. I seem to be experiencing some
technical difficulties. It may become necessary to send a bleen alert. In the event of a BLIT inceptionnote  or Fiction Metastability Event, please make sure you are securely fastened to your nearest reality before continuing. If no such reality is available, a brane of sufficient dimension may be found behind your quixotic cortex to stabilize your descent. Have a safe landing, and thank you for joining us on today's flight of fanc-anc-anc-ancancancancyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*
Vital Exception 0E: Eternal Domain Error
This program has performed a blue operation and will be incinerated
"I must have awesome nightmares if you're one of them." - gentlemanorcus
"I think I was more comfortable with xim when xe was an betentacled abomination unto the Lord in my mind." - Sabre's Edge

Reports suggest that the script to your left is difficult to read. I thought it was a funny idea at the time, but I suppose it's come out somewhat poorly.

As I tend to have a lot of ideas that I thought were funny at the time but come out somewhat poorly, it shall remain in place, and use this space for clarifying notes.note 

This, of course, merely begs the question of how I ought to describe myself such that I won't get demands for further explanation. Let's see.

I am philosophical, whimsical, artistic, geeky, methodical, pedantic, secretive, confusing, honest, analytical, bibliophibian, slightly creepy, overly anxious and self-aware, and rather passive-aggressive. I consider complexity the measure of good art, intention and action the measure of good deeds, and a well-placed pun or reference the pinnacle of good humor. The general consensus seems to be that I am male and possibly British. I write and draw stuff that I might be too embarrassed to show you, I like forthright arguments and corn muffins (and wug!), and dislike thoughtlessness and Walt Whitman. In short, I am rather similar to this page: nonsensically elaborate and incomprehensibly confusing.

Does that make things any better, I hope? Molto bene! Very *squishy* to meet you! Please see here if you find my name difficult to pronounce; here, if you think I said something particularly clever; and here, if you would like to desecrate the ending bits of this page with tropes or salutatory remarks!

     Mental Images of the Tropers 
I dabble in artiness and have been drawing my mental images of other tropers in this thread. This folder is in satisfaction of a request that I list them in one place.
I'm drawing tropers of whom I get particularly interesting/unique/distinct/wasauchimmer mental images. I'm happy to take requests (it helps me remember everyone whom I have such images of), but please don't take it personally if I don't actually ever draw you! note 
So... similarly, I don't think I'm going to state whom I'm drawing ahead of time. It'll be a happy surprise for you! :D

     Interests - (contents under pressure, keep closed when not in use) 
Sorted by category, ordered by letter, numbered by preference on a scale of 0% to 100% True Art.







     Contributions to the Wiki 

     Vandalism and other things by other people! 


Preposterous! Such a lovely contributor page, and hardly any vandalism that I can detect! I am fixing this issue post haste. Your take on Still Alive is most profoundly touching, and your Brother Of Mine avatar is dazzling. Mesmerizing, even. I seem to have a certain fondness for pale dark-haired Englishmen who stare intensely. I do wish you stepped outside the forum games a bit more often. Well, enough of this foolish Purple Prose, I must be off now. Ta-ta! —Irony Adams
Danke schoen! (And yes, I should manifest outside Forum Games more often. I'm... working on that.)

Why thank you, kind si—HOLY CRAP WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS PAGE. Not very often one sees a Mind Screw contributor page, but I have now learned it should happen more often. I applaud your...whatever this is. That is a compliment. I think.
...I-i'm not good at this. —Epitome
If it should happen more often, it must be the good kind of Mind Screw, I guess? So I'll take it as a compliment. Danke!note 

Like Irony Adams, I like your take on Still Alive. Don't worry, you can stay in Forum Games. By the way, why the fnords? —Dragon Khorse
Fnords? I... am afraid I don't know what you're talking about.

Hey, Noa! You dro-
-stops to stare at page-
...Woah. Anyway, you dropped by my page earlier, I think you were looking for yourself. Just dropping by to tell you that you definitely showed up at some point. -checks watch- Well, I have to go, see you later! 再见!
-looks around, obviously confused-
Uh, I think I'm lost... —Midnight Velvet
This page seems to have that kind of effect on people. How do you think I ended up trying to catch myself?

You have created a profile page that is a mystery, inside a riddle, wrapped in an enigma. Mad props are yours, my homeboy. —Sean Murray I in an enigma. :)

ONE DIMENSIONAL MAZE MY ASS! I AM NOT LOST! I. AM. SPAAAAAAAARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. No wait. That made no sense whatsoever. Well, I'm vandalizing your page anyway. —WUE
Well, if you're not lost, you're certainly neither here nor there... and that only leaves one possibility! You must be on my page!

This is truely the best page in the history of pages! I fear I may be stuck. —Latia
...Stuck? There are outbound links all over the page!

Thank you so much for the Vandalism on my page! :) -occono
My pleasure! You need more of it.

  • Suberu proceeds to eat the page* Thanks for adding to my 'Happy Place' trope. oooh, Doctor Who? Me likes!
    Oh, good, that was an accurate guess. (Getting into peoples' heads is fun but disorienting and a little embarrassing... you seem to pop up in relation to food and eating, so...)
    Well - I should HOPE you like the Doctor!

Noaqiyeum has awesome Doctor Who avatars and one of the best userpages on the site. Seriously, you're pretty cool. — The Jackal
Well... thanks! (I've put a lot of work into it.) I suppose I need to go get a fez now.

New and erotic. Awwwwwright. *porn music plays* Mwah!!
...[backs away slowly and pulls out a syringe]

I'm very pleased to say that I'm eclectic - I Read That As I'm very pleased to say that I'm ELECTRIC. Also, good on you for being an Eversion fan. ~ Pirka
I'm electric! Boogy woogy woogy woogy.
I don't know anyone who knows of Eversion and isn't a fan...

Most interesting page! Your style is excellent, you seem to be crazy, but in a good way. Please don't kill me - Beholderess
Don't worry, I'll be the last person to kill you!
This is my conclusion about lunacy and genius: Geniuses think outside the box. Lunatics think inside the box because that's the side that's bigger. :)

OH DEAR OCTOGOD IN GREAT SEA BEYOND HEAVENS!!! I got blinded by awesome format, or whatever you call it, of this page xD ~ Now-Blind-Yet-Still-Typing, Spooky Mask

By the power invested in me by no one in particular, I declare the plural of "wug" to be "wugsies"! Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Noa has the best userpage of all time! -Shichibukai
Vielen Dank! (Today, all time; tomorrow, thew heosle wor!)

You've been hit by, you've been hit by, a smooth troper! - Gentlemanorcus
How are you, Gentleman?

Never One for Apprehension or Qualms, I Yearn to Explore Uncharted Mindscapes.
>_< I love it.
Also, I saw what you did there , Zudak...

Hello person I don't know very well yet! Funnyguts

Hey, you'll never guess where I'm vandalizing your page from! Give up? I'm on a plane! FUCK YEAH! I bet you don't get vandalism from a plane very often. —Sean Murray I
No, not really! Most paint sprays don't quite have that kind of range and precision. o_O Crazy Awesome indeed!

As in awe
Of my page as you are...

in awe of yours first
I'm sorry... I had to undo your clever formatting because it was making the entire rest of this page into a hottip. :(

I am You Must Die, leader of the Lanhamites. My words are backed with nuclear weapons.YouMustDie
We affirm this treaty between our two nations! So let it be written; so let it be done.

You are the weirdest guy on the fora. Congratulations. - Kraken.
...yay I must be the pride of [subject source code here].

Fangs (geddit I'm goff LOL) 4 fixin muh floder, bich!! - mst3kluv
You're welcome!

O Hai - Schitzo

So I had this dream last night that my friend's mother was one of the pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and yeah, other people started becoming pod people, and it was scary. And then I was swallowed and eaten by the Michelin Man. What do you think it means? —Sean Murray I
I think you need a sleeping pill. Then you'll feel FANTASTIC!

You defaced my page. It made me laugh. TWICE. Awesome! ~BlackWolfe

Vandalism? ON MY PAGE?!? Why thank you! - Balrog1911
You're very welcome!

What's a fnord? - Land Of Gold

That gum you like is going to come back in style.Sean Murray I
Okay, confession time: I've never seen Twin Peaks. And, since I hear it ends without resolving any of the myriad twists it brought up, I'm not likely to do so anytime soon.

Technically, while the batshit movie it spun off, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, is a Prequel, it contains some elements that can be interpreted as tying up some of those more important plot threads. Otherwise, you can just stop watching after the ninth episode of the second season and pretend it all just stopped right there; it's actually a lot easier to do than it sounds. Also, I've started reading about Jorge Luis Borges, but I haven't tried to find any of his actual works yet. I'm a little preoccupied at the moment with focusing on tracking down and watching certain music documentaries to get me in the zone for one that I'm gonna be working on myself immediately after the holidays. —Sean Murray I
All right. Thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to do that.

I think you username wins the award for Most Unpronounceable Username. - Random

I have successfully infiltrated your userpage. —a spy
SPY'S SAPPIN MY USERPAGE Getting in is easy. The hard part is getting back out. Watch your step! :D

The faeries are watching

Hello there, good sir. —Compassionate Sadist
Hello madame! An excellent day to you!

Haldo! Prepare ye te be boarded! —The Vandalism Pirate
HA! You'll never take me alive! On deck, all hands! Roll out the cannons! Heave to starboard and catch her alongsides! Today, we will write a bloody end to your legend!

the unpronounceabliation of your username has been grately exaggerated :I but you're cool so it's ok
Ahahah, thank you! Finally, someone who agrees with me!

— so sayeth Zudak.
Haha! :D

Vandalism is over nine thousaaaaand~ Muramasan13
Ooh, excellent compilation! If you were hoping to overwhelm me, though - I believe you'll find I'm a memetic carrier. >:D

How did you get your page so damn nice looking? Love your forum posts. And you vandalized my page! Sweet! - StolenByFaeries
Thank you and you're welcome! (If you want to see a truly astoundingly well-formatted page, go check out Solstace. O_O )

I just came to acquire some of Glenn Beck's family Christmas cards from one of his relatives. There's something about this picture that's giving me some creepy vibes.Sean Murray I
Really? Hmm. Doesn't seem so odd to me...
Those are definitely disembodied ghost eyes in the middle of the dark doorway; I can tell. And what are the two spirits standing behind Glenn talking about? Hell, if that picture doesn't give you nightmares then you should see the Beck's family's card from the year before. Those dogs are known to have eaten people. It's true; look it up! —Sean Murray I
Those aren't spirits, those are just people! But you're right about the disembodied ghost eyes, which I didn't see at all on the first round. >_<
The dogs look like they're hungry for fresh cameraperson. o_O

Questionably cloudcuckoolandish Nightmare Fetishist Eldritch Abomination of our beautiful forums, and a Tom Lehrer fan to boot—what's not to like about Noaqiyeum? ~Sabre's Edge
I know this one! "...methodical, pedantic, secretive, confusing, honest... overly anxious and self-aware, and rather passive-aggressive."
Danke schoen, though!

Hey, can you make a sketch of me? It would be totally amazing if you did. —Sean Murray I
I'll consider it. :)

Your page is really big. It scares me.... ~Game Spazzer
I really wish there were an easier way to pare it back. Honest.

The faeries are stalking you. And they dragged me here against my will. - StolenByFaeries
Do tell... :P :)
And waiting

Do you have a mental image of me? -OOZE
...Sort of. I'll keep you posted if I draw you. :)

How have I not set your page on fire yet? - Nekoalexa
I don't know! Yay! FIRE! :D

Hello to the 2011 Troper Most Likely to Give Nightmares! :D -Earl of Sandvich
  • BTW, can I have a sketch, plox?
    Hello to you too!
    You've been added to the list. :)

Something needs told %$$ you have a naiace rep %/$$ well, it is a r %[//]&& Well, you have been notifierd— Noaqiyem
...Thanks? I think? I... can't read that. >_<

The faeries were here. Eventually they'll realize they forgot me while they were stealing your stuff. - a faerie hostage
So... you've been left for me as a changeling, then? >:D

Sometimes, I wish I was more well known for my snark and wit, instead of my ham. —Sean Murray I
  • And, man, I just had this wicked, twisted dream last night about some tour of some alien galaxy. I think it was also a ride at a Disney theme park, but, man, this tour had it all: Weird aliens doing stuff, extra-terrestrial foods and delicacies (Most of which was human meat because, as we all know, carbon-based life forms are the most delicious and rarest of all delicacies on alien planets), various mutilated alien animals getting turned into some nice leather hides and other materials (again, mostly humans), and it was all in, like, such a tight enclosed hallway that mostly felt like being on the Nostromo from Alien as our high-speed tram car just rolled on through. Although, at the end, I got to see one of the most amazing ocean sunsets on an alien planet that I have ever seen in my life. At the tour's conclusion, I killed the tour guide. —Me again
    Well, I see you mostly in forum games, where I think your ham is most evident. :/
    That's a cool and messed-up dream!

I am terrible...we've known each other for so long and I've never hit your page. Well, remedied now. ;) - Keybreak
Hey there!

Heeeeey, Noa!! Ya seem awsum, yoe- cutewithoutthe
Thanks. A pleasure lurking on your pet projects. ;)


You look exactly as I imagined you would. —Sean Murray I
Wait... you mean that this avatar in your gallery that you used once for, like, three hours isn't actually a picture of you? Well, then who the hell is it????? —me again
XD That's Evan. He's a bad cameramaaaaaaaan, and he's going to kill Slenderman. I'm honoured by the comparison, though!

Your page is an inspiration to Hussaloes everywhere. Happy 4/13! ~Hungry Joe
ALL of them? :D (Danke schoen!)

IT THINGY! I named by Victini after you! — A Crack In Time
I am honoured! [goes to look up what a Victini is]

Graham Specter and American McGee's Alice? You. Are. Awesome. I'm sorry I have not much to say. ~theindefiniteone
You are awesome, because you're a regular on both of their wikis! :D

Man, I'm bored. It's been quite a few days without anyone posting in that Lyrics Association game again. Nudge nudge. Know what I mean? Say no more. —Sean Murray I I've always wanted to say that.
[remark goes over my head with an interesting whoosh sound] ;)

Thank you! Mind Screw you! A changeling has arrived! - Stolen By Faeries I blame you :P
For some reason I'm startin' ta get excited! How do I control the beatin' of my flutterin' heart? Do I break it? Well, I've GOTTA break SOMETHING...!

Man, I hope you come to New York City one day... And are of drinking age. It's 2:37 AM on this wonderful Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, and what a night I've been having! In the past few hours, I've had 4 pints Sam Adams, 2 pints PBR, a shot of Jameson Whiskey, a small hot sake at some sushi bar, 2 glasses of something called "Ass Juice" (don't ask; I don't know any more than you do) and now I'm listening to "Lido Shuffle", Boz Scaggs. BEST NIGHT EVAR!!!!! —Sean Murray I
Aheheh... I'm of drinking age, but I'm afraid the only way I enjoy alcohol is by setting it on fire! ...and I've no idea what you're thinking, taking a drink with a name like that. o_O
Thank you for the invitation, though! It would be awesome to meet you in person!

*does Art to your page* Thanks again for the sig-quote! ^_^
Also, since Sean is promoting NYC, Australia is a nice place for a visit. ;) Of course if I was going to recommend the most interesting place in the Land Down Under it would be Sydney... which would run contrary to my purposes, actually. -_- ~Stolen By Faeries
It can't be that far from Perth, can it? :P I'm sure we could arrange something. I wouldn't dream of missing a chance like that! :D

I had such a terrible dream last night. I had kidnapped this lady off the street and had her hanging upside-down in my attic where I would flay the skin off her back with a broken pair of scissors and cut off her fingers and leave them in a pile beneath her head. Then when I woke up, I ran up to my attic and THANK GOD! I had put all the fingers I cut off in her mouth so she wouldn't be yelling and screaming all the time. I was having so much trouble sleeping. —Sean Murray I
...XD Brilliant!

I refuse to let those two monopolise your page! —a vandal
Why, thank you, kind sir! A pleasure to see you again!

I do believe that this is my first time that I have vandalised you under my new handle. THIS MUST BE CORRECTED ASAP! -adjusts monocle- - Tools Of Destruction
[gasps] This cannot be! Thank you for amending such a direly unnoticed calamity!

Happy Halloweeeeeee-eeeeee-eeeeeen, Halloweeeeeee-eeeeee-eeeeeen, Halloweeeeeee-eeeeee-eeeeeen, Halloween.note Sean Murray I

Happy All Hallow's Eve 2011! I'm carolling! :P - Stolen By Faeries

I'm not myself today. Maybe I'm you. ;) - Noaqiyeum
Aheheh. :D

Yo man, how've ya been? It's been far too long since my last visit... one month ago. —Sean Murray I
Which I didn't even notice until now anyway. :P Sorry!
I've been doing quite well! Classes going up smoothly, overcoming writer's block... And, you may be pleased to know, I've been archive binging Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol. :D
  • Never read Doom Patrol. Never read much of Grant Morrison's work at all, for that matter. However, I do hope that Zenith gets reprinted for paperback trade someday because I love that 2000 AD stuff (practically the only stuff I read in comic form; the majority of Alan Moore's old work for that publication is more entertaining than Watchmen).
    • Also, I wanted you to have this. Happy Holidays.

Carolling materials, It-Thingy! ~ betterthanstrawberry
0_0 Thank you! (The Numbers Station is particularly fascinating!)

I still miss you so much. Why don't you ever come to my page and visit my anymore? This is to let you know how much I'm missing you.Sean Murray I

I must admit I didn't understand the script. - Amused Troper Guy

I'm bored.
I'm talking to you.
Only one of these sentences is true but I'll vandalize your page regardless. :P - Stolen By Faeries

  • Well what's up. JR Pictures

  • [[redirect: The Man Who Was Thursday]] - April Fools.  ;)

  • Heylou -eternal Noob

  • I was in the neighborhood and just thought it would be nice to stop by again and say hi. Hi. Here's Gary Oldman for no reason in particular. —Sean Murray I

  • I've never BEEN HERE before! Wait... —Sean Murray I

  • It is I! Pocky! - Peaceful Apocalypse

  • You should hang out around Writer's Block more. Your very presence nigh-instantly classes up the joint like nobody's business. Also, I'm in your signature! Wow!—JHM

  • How is that unpronounceable? No-ah-kee-oom. But then, I'm an aspiring omnilinguist, so there's that. VAPOR FOR BRAINS! —Voyd211

Hope I'm not interrupting mister, but I have just had the impulse to tell you that I have made you a new alias. It's Pook. Snicklin

On February 19th, 2011, troper Noaqiyeum was awarded the following


With pooperscoopers!©

for their artistic genius and awesomeness in general. As seen here. ~TMA

   Where can I request a mental image of myself? Because they look awesome, even if it appears the waiting list is already long! ~Dhana Ragnarok   

fnordy fnordy fnord fnord
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