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  • At one time Vodafone did a series of TV ads in the UK which had Captains Ersatz of Mulder and Scully from The X-Files investigating rumoured paranormal events that turned out to be misunderstandings of people discussing new features on Vodafone handsets. One of them was themed around time travel. As "Mulder and Scully" departed down the street, Jon Pertwee stood in the road behind them, checking his watch before walking into a garage with "Doctor On Call" painted across the doors and a strange glow emerging from it.
  • David Tennant did a series of adverts for Virgin satellite TV with heavy Doctor Who references, until the BBC threatened a lawsuit.
  • And then there were the Prime Computer adverts in Australia which explicitly featured Tom Baker and Lalla Ward as the Doctor and Romana, and became notorious among Doctor Who fans for the open Four/Romana shipping in one of them.

    Comic Books 
  • The Reference Overdosed series Top 10 has a Dalek among a group of wheelchair-using characters in an accessibility protest, and the Fourth Doctor among a group of "Doctor" characters in a hospital scene.
  • One panel of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight comic has a cameo appearance by the Tenth Doctor and Rose.
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier has the Doctor's TARDIS visible as a detail in a map. Century: 2009 had a two panel cameo appearance by both the First and Eleventh Doctors. Century: 1969 had a similar cameo by the Second.
  • One panel of the bizarre Peter Milligan/ Brendan McCarthy Ocean Punk comic Freakwave included a human character in what appeared to be an empty Dalek casing.
  • X-Men #218 had a cameo by the Brigadier and Benton, taking the Juggernaut into custody after he caused some trouble in Edinburgh.
  • In Grant Morrison's JLA Classified arc, the upper section of a Dalek is visible in Batman's "sci-fi closet".
  • In The Transformers, the design of minor Decepticon Octus implies he may transform into a Dalek. This was confirmed by Word of God.
  • Power Man And Iron Fist #79 introduced a heroic time-travelling outlaw named Professor Gamble and his enemies the Incinerators, who were blatant Captains Ersatz for the Doctor and the Daleks. (Gamble himself looked like a cross between Patrick Troughton's version of the Doctor and Benny Hill.) He later reappeared in The Avengers Annual #22. Since Marvel UK was actually publishing Doctor Who Magazine at the time, the reason for the use of a Captain Ersatz rather than an actual crossover is mysterious.
  • Qubit of Irredeemable is a clear Expy of the Tenth Doctor, with messy hair, a Gadgeteer Genius who has created teleportation tech, is something of an Insufferable Genius and is also the only one who believes the Plutonian is not beyond redemption (mirroring Ten's relationship with the Master).
  • In the computer virus arc of Adventure Time, one of Marceline's costumes includes a shop assistant's uniform shirt with a name badge that reads "Rose".
  • Viz has had several Doctor Who parodies and references:
    • One single-issue parody script was called "Doctor Poo", and featured a caricature of the Fourth Doctor wandering the universe in fruitless search of an opportunity to go to the toilet in peace.
    • A "Suicidal Syd" strip had him trying to provoke a group of stereotypical Doctor Who fanboys to kill him by calling them gay. They happily agree.
    • A "Roger Mellie" strip had Mellie going to an SF fan convention to try to cheat money out of fans by pretending to have been a Dalek operator in the 1970s. He's quickly rumbled, but they don't actually beat him up until he calls them "Trekkies".
  • In Excalibur, Brigadier Alysande Stuart of the Weird Happenings Organisation is a Gender Flipped version of Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. Her twin brother Alistaire is WHO's "scientific advisor", the same job title that the Doctor had with UNIT. At one point in the Cross-Time Caper, Alistaire encounters a Dalek who insists they've met before.
  • In Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #19 (which involves time travel), there's graffiti reading "Bad Wolf".
  • Lex Luthor's assistant in The Black Ring is based on David Tennant, and wears a blue suit and "clever specs". When the Joker takes the blame for killing him, his explanation is "He reminded me so much of that actor, I wanted to see if he'd turn into someone else!"

    Fan Fic 
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series:
    • "The Five Calvins" is a Whole Plot Reference to "The Five Doctors".
    • A later Halloween Episode has the entire cast dressed as the various incarnations of the Doctor.
    • The series itself tends to namedrop the show as well.
    • "Surge" has Calvin wearing the Fourth Doctor's scarf.
    • From "Lenny's Diary":
    Hobbes: Whoa. I haven't seen such fashion disasters since John Nathan-Turnernote  thought question marks were fashionable.
    Calvin: Well, fair play to the actors. Not a lot of men can make punctuation look decorative.
  • Shards To a Whole, an NCIS fanfic: Tim McGee and Abby Scuito go clubbing in one chapter with Jimmy and Breena Palmer and Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David. Tim shows up wearing a v-neck t-shirt and leather jacket, while Tony wears a suit and necktie and Jimmy wears a brown jacket and bow tie. When Tim sees the others, he points to himself, Tony and Jimmy in order, commenting, "Nine...Ten...Eleven!"


  • Averted in Discworld. Many fans suspected that there was a Doctor Who reference intended with Death having a house that is Bigger on the Inside and a grand-daughter named Susan. Terry Pratchett said that it was unintentional.
  • "Doctor Who" (sic) is one of a lengthy list of party guests in one of The Cornelius Chronicles, which incorporates people from many Michael Moorcock works, other literary characters, and historical figures. (Moorcock would later write an authorized Doctor Who novel, The Coming of the Terraphiles, with links, as always, to his larger multiverse.)
  • In The Salvation War, an officer in charge of the evacuation of Sheffield is named as "Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart".
  • In the Star Trek: Myriad Universes novella "Seeds of Dissent" by James Swallow, the Botany Bay crewmembers who didn't wake up include Brown, McShane, Summerfield, Tyler and Jones; all the surnames of Doctor Who companions.
  • "The Travelling Doctor" is one of the many familiar characters who wander through the Nightside.
  • In the Sherlock Holmes short story "The Waters of Death" by Kel Richards, in the collection Footsteps in the Fog, the crew of the Bruce-Parlington submarine include Captain Harry Sullivan, Commander Ralph Lethbridge-Stewart and Lieutenant Philip Benton. The submarine is tested on Loch Ness, and the local landowner is the Duke of Forgil from "Terror of the Zygons".

    Live Action TV 
  • One morning on The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper wanted to watch Doctor Who re-runs, but other people kept distracting him. He says that now it's more like Doctor Why Bother.
  • The Stylistic Suck British sci-fi series Inspector Spacetime on Community is one long Affectionate Parody of Doctor Who.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Nerds Of Doom claimed at one point to own all of Doctor Who on DVD. This caused some amusement among Doctor Who fans given the number of Missing Episodes, and that many surviving stories had yet to be released on DVD at the time the Buffy episode was broadcast. The Buffy episode "Listening to Fear" also featured significant plot and conceptual similarities to the Doctor Who story "Terror of the Autons".
  • The British daytime soap Doctors had one episode with Sylvester McCoy Adam Westing as a fictional actor best known for his part as "The Magical Lollipop Man".
  • Eastenders and Coronation Street both had characters who were Doctor Who fans. Unfortunately both were stereotypical Basement Dwellers.
  • In G.B.H., a major scene is set at a hotel where a (surprisingly realistic, and hilarious) Doctor Who fan convention is taking place.
  • Referenced in, of all things, Liv and Maddie, a Disney Channel sitcom; Liv, in order to make sure her brother Joey signs her up for the Brain Olympics (him fearing she may not be smart enough), destroys his "nerd cred":
    Liv: I heard he doesn't think time travel is real. He was like, "Doctor who??"
  • Referenced a few times in Criminal Minds, as Dr. Spencer Reid & Penelope Garcia turn out to be fans of the show. In one episode, Reid tells Ashley Seaver that Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is just a rip-off of the show. In another episode, Reid & Garcia cosplay as Four and Eleven, respectively. And when Reid is in the hospital, Garcia places Doctor Who action figures on a table in front of his bed to make cheer him up when he wakes up.
  • The Roman Britain sitcom Chelmsford 123 had a Funny Background Event in which a police box appears in the background, and a mysterious figure steps out of it and wanders around for a few seconds before going back into it and taking off again.
  • In the Red Dwarf episode "Demons and Angels", the TARDIS is briefly visible in Red Dwarf's landing bay as a Starbug takes off.
  • In the Arrow episode "Public Enemy", Ray Palmer ends up in the hospital due to being shot with an arrow by Maseo, and when Felicity is chatting with her mother she mentions that Ray is a massive fan of the show.
  • In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Simmons is asked what object she'd most like to find on a deserted island, based on what first comes into her mind. Her answer is the TARDIS.
  • In the British Queer as Folk, central character Vince is a Doctor Who fan. This is a reference to Doctor Who's famed LGBT Fanbase, which included QaF's creator, who would later make some contributions to Who.
  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Neutral Zone", the display of Clare Raymond's descendants includes the first six actors to play the Doctor as a Freeze-Frame Bonus. The Blu-ray release of the episode reportedly dropped this (and other shout-outs) in favour of something duller and more serious.
  • In Whatever Happened to The Likely Lads?, when Bob wakes up befuddled in the police station after his non-stag-party and asks what happened, Terry tells him they had an encounter with a strange doctor in a police box.
  • In the Halloween Episode of Knight Rider (2008), Billy is in costume as "Captain Jack Harkness, the time travelling bisexual".

  • The cover for the Iron Maiden album Somewhere in Time features a TARDIS near a Rainbow Club billboard.
  • Mitch Benn:
    • Two songs specifically about the series: "Be My Doctor Who Girl" and "Call Me During Doctor Who and I'll Kill You".
    • Doctor Who gets mentioned three times in "Proud of the BBC".
    • "Richard Dawkins", about Richard Dawkins, contains the lines "He's evolution's top banana/And he's married to Romana", referencing Dawkins's marriage to Lalla Ward.

     Puppet Shows 
  • In one "Veterinarian's Hospital" skit on The Muppet Show, Dr Bob gets confused when Nurse Janice says "Who, doctor?", pointing out Doctor Who is a different show.
  • In the "Numeric-Con" episode of Sesame Street, Mando wears a Fourth Doctor costume as "Doctor Two", and "the new Doctor Two" (a Muppet version of the Eleventh Doctor) makes an appearance later.

  • John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme
    • One episode features a Doctor Who fan whose ambition is to make the TARDIS noise.
    • In the Storyteller's time travel story, Dr Krupenstein's time machine makes "a noise like a Radiophonic Workshop".
  • In the Mitch Benn's Crimes Against Music episode "Journey to the Centre of Rick Wakeman", which opens with a Putting the Band Back Together scene, Mitch has become a recluse, writing a Doctor Who rock opera.

     Tabletop Games 
  • In the Halt Evil Doer setting for Mutants & Masterminds, Merlin is often described in terms reminiscent of the Doctor.
  • In a Pyramid magazine article describing a chain of private Extranormal Prisons for a superhero setting, one of the prisoners in the UK Mega-Max is "the Professor", an eccentric inventor who claims to be a time traveller, says his time machine is disguised as an everyday object, can escape from a normal prison using household items, and has been charged with multiple child abductions, with his own story being that he took them on "adventures", and then left them in the past.
  • The Toon Ace Catalog includes a character called the Ducktor, who is a Time Nerd from the planet Gollygee.
  • It seems to be a Steve Jackson Games thing. In GURPS: Illuminati University (published in 1995, when there were seven Doctors), the head of the titular university's time travel and history college is Dr. What7, a time-traveller who roams the timestream Doing Good, with seven distinct versions of him, from different points in the timeline, running around the university. His home and office is the Public TOILET, a pocket dimension disguised as a portable toilet, which pops up in different places around the campus. His character art depicts what's basically a black Fourth Doctor.

    Video Games 
  • The Macintosh game Gamma Zee uses "TARDISes" as teleporter spaces.
  • The teleporter pod in the ZX Spectrum game The Dark Side is Bigger on the Inside with a very TARDIS-like console (though it's square rather than hexagonal because of game engine limitations).
  • The JauntTrooper series has sonic screwdrivers, chameleon circuits, and transmat booths as usable objects. Whovians had an advantage in knowing that a sonic could pick locks, disable traps, and repair items; others tended to discover one of these uses and assume that was it.
  • The description of the Simple Red Fez in Flight Rising is simply "Fezzes are cool."
  • Fallout series:
    • In the original Fallout it is possible to stumble across a blue police box, which promptly vanishes.
    • In Fallout: New Vegas, there is a radio message stating "Bravo Bravo Charlie the Doctor is coming". Similarly, the "Wild Wasteland" trait causes some enemies in the Old World Blues DLC to shout "hey, who turned out the lights", a reference to "Silence in the Library".
  • LEGO Adaptation Game:
    • In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, a TARDIS can be seen as the heroes travel through the Bifrost.
    • In LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, a Weeping Angel can be found not far from the Legion of Doom's headquarters. Mercifully, it can't actually hurt you.
  • In Ad Venture Capitalist, the Gravity Booth item resembles a TARDIS.
  • In Ace Of Spades, the London map has a blue police box next to Big Ben.
  • In Anno 2025, there is a reference to two unidentified people simply walking into a crater and searching for a blue box.
  • In Dragon Age: Origins, the little boy sitting on the bridge in Lothering will open conversation with "Have you seen my mother?" with the exact same inflection as the boy asking for his "mummy" from the two-parter "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances". The voice is also identical. All the kid needs is a gas mask.
  • In Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Spider says something about "reversing the code polarity."
  • Easy to miss in the Lair of the Shadow Broker (literally) DLC for Mass Effect 2: The Shadow Broker says: "You travel with fascinating companions, doctor."
  • In Pokémon Black and White and the sequels, the lead scientist for the Pokétransfer says "Well, let's begin. Allons-y!" After you're done: Great! Molto Bene!
  • In Discworld Noir, Lewton's argument with one of the villains is closely based on the big Doctor/Davros scene in "Genesis of the Daleks", replacing a killer spell with a killer microbe.

    Web Comics 
  • Square Root of Minus Garfield references:
    • Jon is shown wearing the Sixth Doctor's outfit here
    • This strip edits an earlier SRoMG to give Jon a gas mask and replace his original Madness Mantra of "Talk?" with "Are you my mummy?" in reference to "The Empty Child".
    • This one edits a strip where Jon panics over not getting any e-mails or texts because he thinks there's been alien abductions. This version changes it to "Eknodine", the townspeople-wiping aliens from "Amy's Choice", and shows Garfield subsequently turning into one.
    • The next day, we got an edit of a strip where Garfield retorts to Jon calling him a worthless lump of blubber. His real response was "Lumps of blubber have feelings too", here it's "The Adipose are lumps of blubber, and they're Doctor Who's most popular aliens!"
  • Mountain Time includes a Dalek among things that are not a horse.
  • In All Over The House, Tesrin has the Seal of Rassilon on her bedroom wall.
  • In the time travel arc of Irregular Webcomic!, the time machine looks like a police box.
  • In Arthur, King of Time and Space, Merlin is loosely based on the Doctor (and physically on William Hartnell with a Wizard Beard). The twelve aged Roman emissaries in the baseline arc are twelve Doctors (1-10 plus the alt-ninths from "Scream of the Shalka" and "Curse of Fatal Death"), just because he "needed twelve faces".
  • In El Goonish Shive
    • Doctor Physics Professor looks like the Eleventh Doctor, apparently this wasn't intentional, but Dan went with it once he noticed (he thinks it's just that the Eleventh Doctor looks like a physics professor).
    • Dex wears a Fourth Doctor scarf in a flashback.
    • A Dalek appears in a Q&A strip about why El Goonish Shive won't have time travel.
    • There's a Halloween sketchbook with Grace and Tedd as the Eleventh Doctor and Amy (yes, respectively).
    • Another sketchbook has "Tedd as the Eleventh Doctor, Justin as a the Tenth Doctor, Grace as a happy Dalek."

     Web Original 

     Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons:
    • The fourth incarnation of the Doctor appears as one of the representatives of TV in Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming, as well as Bart the Fink and Mayored to the Mob.
    • In Bart the Fink, Comic Book Guy carries a wheelbarrow of 100 tacos, saying that it should get him through a Doctor Who marathon.
    • In Treehouse of Horror X Comic Book Guy has the Doctor concealed in plastic as part of his collection.
    • In Springfield Up Homer says to Declan Desmond: "Check with me in 8 years, Doctor Who. I'll be kicking your ass with a golden boot!"
    • In Love Is A Many Splintered Thing the TARDIS shows up for just a moment in the British movie the kicked out men were watching.
    • In Holidays of Future Passed some Dalek policemen appear in future Springfield.
    • In Diggs Diggs's cast with a list of people he wanted to visit included the TARDIS and Dalek #7.
  • Family Guy
    • In "Episode 420", Brian mentions that since marijuana was legalized in Quahog, ratings for the show are through the roof.
    • In "Blue Harvest", Peter/Han mentions that "hyperspace always looks so freaky", whereupon the mid-1970s "time tunnel" opening sequence from Seasons 12-17 is displayed.
  • In Iron Man: Armored Adventures, K-9 can briefly be seen on Tony's shelf.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars:
    • The episode "The Voyage of Temptation" has a shout out to Doctor Who when Obi-Wan used the a small assassin probe to find out which Senator smuggled the droids on board.
    • Huyang the ancient lightsaber architecht droid from the Young Jedi-arc is voiced by David Tennant, is a thousand years old and addressed as "Professor" Huyang...