Creator / Terry Nation
The real Davros.

A British writer and producer (1930-1997), born in Wales.

He created two very well-known UK shows.
  • Blake's 7. He wrote all episodes of the first series, but his role was reduced, until he did not write anything for the fourth and final series.
  • Survivors. An After the End show, about the aftermath of a massive plague. Nation only worked on the first season, before leaving due to creative differences with the producer, Terence Dudley (who would also work on Doctor Who).

His most famous creation, though, was the Daleks. He came up with the concept and wrote the original Dalek story for Doctor Who, while Raymond Cusick devised the iconic design. Contributing in a huge way to the show's longevity, Nation was asked to write several other stories over the years, mostly featuring the Daleks. Got greedy in his later years and wrote stories whining about his taxes, and barred the BBC from publishing books about the Daleks that weren't written (or ghostwritten) by him. Even after his death, his estate held up the BBC and nearly scuttled the eponymous Dalek episode of the revived series.

He also wrote for may other series, including The Avengers, The Champions, Department S, The Persuaders!, The Saint, and MacGyver.

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