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Creator: John Nathan-Turner

John "JNT" Nathan-Turner (1947-2002) was the longest-running producer of Doctor Who, lasting from August 1980 to the end of the original series run in December 1989, overseeing the entire run of Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy.

He got his start on the show in 1969 as part of the floor crew before ascending to production unit manager under Graham Williams in the late 1970s, and ran the show from season 18 (1980) through season 26 (1989). He was a strong proponent of using Continuity Porn, Stunt Casting, and giving his Doctors Limited Wardrobes of Impossibly Tacky Clothes, often as part of an effort to "brand" the programme.

In later years, he was responsible for the direction of the home-video releases of Doctor Who, and produced some of the earliest of the show's bonus features in the form of short documentaries on specific Doctors and villains.
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alternative title(s): John Nathan Turner
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