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    About the show itself 

He is impulsive, idealistic, ready to risk his life for a worthy cause. He hates tyranny and oppression and anything that is anti-life. He never gives in and he never gives up, however overwhelming the odds against him.

The Doctor believes in good and fights evil. Though often caught up in violent situations, he is a man of peace. He is never cruel or cowardly.

In fact, to put it simply, the Doctor is a hero.

The Doctor symbolizes the best values of British life. Eccentricity, the creative amateur, and civilization.
The Brigadier, No Future by Paul Cornell, part of the Doctor Who New Adventures series

Itís hard to talk about the importance of an imaginary hero. But heroes are important. Heroes tell us something about ourselves. History books tell us who we used to be, documentaries tell us who we are now, but heroes tell us who we want to be. And a lot of our heroes depress me. But, you know, when they made this particular hero up, they didnít give him a gun—they gave him a screwdriver to fix things. They didnít give him a tank or a warship or an X-Wing fighter, they gave him a call box from which you can call for help. And they didnít give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat ray. They gave him an extra heart. They gave him two hearts, and thatís an extraordinary thing. There will never come a time when we donít need a hero like the Doctor.
Steven Moffat, 50th Anniversary convention panel

Doctor Who has never pretended to be hard science fictionÖ At best, Doctor Who is a fairy tale, with fairy tale logic, about this wonderful man in this big blue box who at the beginning of every story lands somewhere where there is a problem.

No, look, there's a blue box. Itís bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. It can go anywhere in time and space and sometimes even where it's meant to go. And when it turns up, there's a bloke in it called the Doctor and there will be stuff wrong and he will do his best to sort it out and he will probably succeed cos he's awesome. Now sit down, shut up, and watch "Blink".

Craig Ferguson: Tonight's show is about a man... who's not really a man. He's a Doctor, but he's not really a doctor, like Dr. Phil, but AWESOME! Most people in the United States of America have not heard of him. He's just like me in that regard!
[later, while singing along with the theme music]
One thing is consistent though
and this is why the show is so
beloved by geeks and nerds...
It's all about the triumph of intellect and romance
over brute force and cynicism!
[speaking again] And if there is any hope for any of us in that giant explosion in which we inhabit, surely that's it, intellect and romance triumphs over brute force and cynicism... right, Doctor?
Matt Smith: [stepping in from stage right] Absolutely, Craig!

It's completely terrifying!
But it's so, so exciting!
He said I was brilliant and I could change the world,
So many places I've been, there's so much more more to see!
We got galaxies and planets and moons,
And an awful lot of running to do-ooooooooh-ooooooh-oooooh-ooooooh,

Traveling man,
Such secrets to be told,
Alien man, running from the days of old.
Out of his world, with nothing left to lose.
Traveling man, coming down to rescue you!

Star Trek has a reputation for attracting a certain class of obsessive, socially stunted fan. But when the latest Trek fan film isn't geeky enough to fully satisfy the escapist yen of your Linux-loving, Zaurus-toting, polyester-wearing ass, there is only one fully pedigreed alternative suitable for your viewing needs — the one and only Doctor Who.

(Unless you're British, in which case loving Doctor Who comes as naturally as loving Seinfeld does to Americans.)
The Rotten Library, Doctor Who

Watching Doctor Who is like having a relationship with God.

For every inexplicable time pretzel or hmm-hummer it presents, though, itís one of the most distinct shows I watch: itís mercurial protagonist, who can flip between Implacable Intimidator and Goofy Ultrapacifist in a harrowing instant is one of the more intriguing things about it. Itís a romp, for lack of a better term. Itís a joke that youíre in on, and if you donít watch it enough to pass through the membrane and get to that inside portion, youíll probably feel like the show is teasing you most of the time. Youíll see those ďspecial effectsĒ and probably be insulted by them, when for the regular audience they are, in their amalgamation, a kind of ďwink.Ē You can see the strings and stagey bits, and if you agree to believe it, youíre off to the races. Itís a show you must meet half-way, which I do, and Iíve been repaid for it many times over.

There are many things that are brilliant about Doctor Who—the likability of a clever and unpredictable hero, the flexibility of the format, several of the monsters and concepts. But in the end, this is, I think, what made the show great. The fact that it is a profoundly delightful blow against the cruelty of "the way things are."
Phil Sandifer, TARDIS Eruditorium

Listen girl to what I say
About the man from Gallifrey
He can show you the planets
He can show you the stars
He can love you more because
He's got two hearts

Doctor Who, Doctor Who,
Doctor Who, whatcha gonna do
Doctor Who, Doctor Who,
Doctor Who, whatcha gonna do

From the nearest world to The farthest,
he'll take you there in his TARDIS
Who will you find? Are you a risk-taker?
Will it be David Tennant or Colin Baker?


As you travel through the void
Your adventures will be great
But as you experience the freedom of time,
there's no escaping your ultimate fate

For though you fly through the
Galaxies at supersonic speeds
You only lie in wait to hear the word
To hear the word
To hear the word

Parry Gripp, "Doctor Who"

Star Wars is adolescent nonsense; Close Encounters is obscurantist drivel; Star Trek can turn your brains to puree of bat guano; and the greatest science fiction series of all time is Doctor Who! And I'll take you all on, one-by-one or all in a bunch to back it up!
Harlan Ellison, recalling an address to science-fiction fans, in his Introduction to a series of Doctor Who novelizations published in the US in the late '70s.

The world would be a poorer place without Doctor Who.

It is, locally, your one-stop shop for weird ideas, unconvincing aliens, and serious pacing problems.

Donna was there to tell the Doctor when to stop. Clara has taken the brakes off and is going WHEEEEEE!!!!!
Verity Doctor Who podcast

"Iíll just say this and Iíll get into terrible trouble with certain people... I donít think Doctor Who is that kind of show. Doctor Who is a big hearted, optimistic show that believes in kindness and love and that wisdom will triumph in the end. I donít believe itís the kind of show that says there are bitter, twisted, nasty endings because itís not. Itís not gritty; itís aspirational. It says, ĎIt can work. And wisdom and kindness will triumph. And love will always come through in the end.í I think there arenít enough people or enough shows saying that and Iím damned if Doctor Who is going to join in with the general chorus of despair. So, she doesn't die. She nearly dies and becomes something else."
Steven Moffat, acknowledging potential haters towards Bill being brought Back from the Dead in "The Doctor Falls", via Steven Moffat & Rachel Talalay - The Aftershow - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Joe: "So now it's space and time. You ever watch Doctor Who on PBS?"
Brianna: "All the time, on the BBC. And don't think I wouldn't sell my soul for a TARDIS."

Stephen Colbert: Did you watch Doctor Who when you were growing up?
David Tennant: Oh yeah, it was hugely important to me. It was a- it was a- Because it was a show where- where the hero wasn't a jock. Y'know, and that was...
Stephen: Ohh...
David: As someone sitting in Paisley with a snotty nose and... and glasses with scotch tape 'round the- 'round the leg, that was very important to me.
Stephen: 'Cause Bond is the jock.
David: Exactly. I love Bond too, but I could- I could be the Doctor. Turned out I was!

"Change my dears and not a moment too soon Ė She IS the Doctor, whether you like it or not!"
Colin Baker on Twitter, after the announcement that Jodie Whittaker was cast as the first female Doctor

     The First Doctor 
If you could touch the alien sand and hear the cries of strange birds, and watch them wheel in another sky, would that satisfy you?
The First Doctor, "An Unearthly Child"

Have you ever thought what it's like to be wanderers in the fourth dimension? Have you? To be exiles? Susan and I are cut off from our own planet—without friends or protection. But one day we shall get back. Yes, one day...
The First Doctor, "An Unearthly Child"

Fear makes companions of us all, Miss Wright.
The First Doctor, "An Unearthly Child"

I don't believe that man was made to be controlled by machines. Machines can make laws, but they can not preserve justice. Only human beings can do that.
The First Doctor, The Keys of Marinus"

I made some cocoa and got engaged.
The First Doctor, summing up his part in "The Aztecs"

You can't rewrite history! Not one line! Believe me child, I know! I know!
The First Doctor, talking to Barbara in "The Aztecs"

It all started out as a mild curiosity in the junkyard and now it's turned out to be quite a great spirit of adventure.
The First Doctor, "The Sensorites"

One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.
The First Doctor, "The Dalek Invasion of Earth"

Our lives are important—at least to us—and as we see, so we learn... Our destiny is in the stars, so let's go and search for it.
The First Doctor, "The Reign of Terror"

Your ideas are too narrow, too crippled. I am a citizen of the universe, and a gentleman to boot!
The First Doctor, bristling when a policeman asks if he is a British citizen, "The Daleks' Master Plan"

Oh, so you're my replacements! A dandy and a clown!
The First Doctor's scathing initial assessment of his two immediate successors, in the tenth-anniversary Third Doctor serial "The Three Doctors"'

     The Second Doctor 
There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things that act against everything we believe in. They must be fought.
The Second Doctor, "The Moonbase"

I am not a student of human nature. I am a professor of a far wider academy of which human nature is merely a part.
The Second Doctor, "The Evil of the Daleks"

Jamie: Have you thought up some clever plan, Doctor?
Second Doctor: Yes, Jamie, I believe I have.
Jamie: What are you going to do?
Second Doctor: Bung a rock at it.

Jamie: What's a passport?
Second Doctor: Some sort of official mambo jambo.

Second Doctor: Are you happy with us, Victoria?
Victoria: Yes, I am. At least, I would be if my father were here.
Second Doctor: Yes, I know, I know.
Victoria: I wonder what he would have thought if he could see me now.
Second Doctor: You miss him very much, don't you?
Victoria: It's only when I close my eyes. I can still see him standing there, before those horrible Dalek creatures came to the house. He was a very kind man, I shall never forget him. Never.
Second Doctor: No, of course you won't. But, you know, the memory of him won't always be a sad one.
Victoria: I think it will. You can't understand, being so ancient.
Second Doctor: Eh?
Victoria: I mean old.
Second Doctor: Oh.
Victoria: You probably can't remember your family.
Second Doctor: Oh yes, I can when I want to. And that's the point, really. I have to really want to, to bring them back in front of my eyes. The rest of the time they... they sleep in my mind and I forget. And so will you. Oh yes, you will. You'll find there's so much else to think about. To remember. Our lives are different to anybody else's. That's the exciting thing, that nobody in the universe can do what we're doing.

Second Doctor: Don't you see what this is going to mean to all the people who come to serve Klieg the all powerful? Why, no country, no person would dare to have a single thought that was not your own. Eric Klieg's own conception of the, of the way of life!
Eric Klieg: Brilliant! Yes, yes, you're right. Master of the world.
Second Doctor: Well, now I know you're mad, I just wanted to make sure.

Logic, my dear Zoe, merely enables one to be wrong with authority.
The Second Doctor, "The Mind Robber"

Jamie: Well, what was happening? Why was it so difficult to move?
Second Doctor: It was the Time Lords!
Zoe: But theyíre your own people, aren't they Doctor?
Second Doctor: Yes, that's right.
Jamie: Why did you run away from them in the first place?
Second Doctor: What...? Well... I was bored!
Zoe: What do you mean, you were bored?
Second Doctor: Well, the Time Lords are an immensely civilised race. We can control our own environment, we can live forever, barring accidents, and we have the secret of space time travel.
Jamie: Well, what's so wrong in all that?
Second Doctor: Well, we hardly ever use our great powers. We consent simply to observe and to gather knowledge.
Zoe: And that wasn't enough for you?
Second Doctor: No, of course not. With a whole galaxy to explore? Millions of planets, aeons of time, countless civilisations to meet?
Jamie: Well, why do they object to you doing all that?
Second Doctor: Well, it is a fact, Jamie, that I do tend to get involved with things.

This is, er... Koschei, one of my oldest and dearest friends. We were at... school together, you see. Koschei, this is James Robert McCrimmon. He and Victoria Waterfield travel with me these days.
The Second Doctor, from the Doctor Who Missing Adventures novel "The Dark Path"

Your leader will be angry if you kill me! I... I'm a genius.
The Second Doctor, talking his way out of being shot down by the Ice Warriors; "The Seeds of Death"

UNIT Soldier: Halt! You're not allowed in there.
Second Doctor: Me? But I'm allowed everywhere!

     The Third Doctor 
Now listen to me...
The Third Doctor, every other story

I always find violent exercise makes me hungry, don't you agree?
The Third Doctor, holding The Master at swordpoint while stealing his lunch, "The Sea Devils"

Jo: Makes it seem so pointless, really, doesn't it?
Third Doctor: I felt like that once when I was young. It was the blackest day of my life.
Jo: Why?
Third Doctor: Ah, well, that's another story. I'll tell you about it one day. The point is that day was not only my blackest, it was also my best.
Jo: What do you mean?
Third Doctor: Well, when I was a little boy, we used to live in a house that was perched halfway up the top of a mountain. And behind our house, there sat under a tree an old man, a hermit, a monk. He'd lived under this tree for half his lifetime, so they said, and he learned the secret of life. So when my black day came I went and asked him to help me.
Jo: He told you the secret? And what was it?
Third Doctor: Oh, I'm coming to that, Jo. In my own time. Ah, I'll never forget what it was like up there. All bleak and cold, some few bare rocks with some weeds sprouting from them, and some pathetic little patches of sludgy snow. It was just grey. Grey, grey, grey. Well, the tree the old man sat under was ancient and twisted, and the old man himself was as brittle and dry as a leaf in the autumn.
Jo: But what did he say?
Third Doctor: Nothing. Not a word. He just sat there silently, expressionless. He listened whilst I poured out my troubles to him. I was too unhappy even for tears, I remember. And when I finished, he lifted a skeletal hand, and he pointed. Do you know what he pointed at?
Jo: No.
Third Doctor: A flower. One of those little weeds. Just like a daisy, it was. Well, I looked at it for a moment, and suddenly I saw it through his eyes. It was simply glowing with life, like a perfectly cut jewel. And the colours— the colours were deeper and richer than anything you could possibly imagine. It was the daisiest daisy I'd ever seen.
Jo: And that was the secret of life? A daisy? Honestly, Doctor...
Third Doctor: Yes, I laughed too when I first heard it. So later I got up, and I ran down that mountain, and I found that the rocks weren't grey at all. They were red, brown and purple gold. And those pathetic little patches of sludgy snow, they were shining white. Shining white with sunlight... Are you still frightened, Jo?
Jo: No. Not as much as I was.
Third Doctor: That's good... I'm sorry I brought you to Atlantis.
Jo: I'm not.
Third Doctor: Thank you.

Courage isn't just a matter of not being afraid. It's being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway.
The Third Doctor, "Planet of the Daleks"

You know, for a man who abhors violence, I took great satisfaction in doing that.
The Third Doctor on taking out a Dalek, "Planet of the Daleks"

So... the fledgling flies the coop.
The Third Doctor, foreseeing the imminent loss of his long time companion in "The Green Death"

A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting.
The Third Doctor, "The Time Warrior"

Sarah Jane: You're serious, aren't you?
Third Doctor: About what I do? Yes, not necessarily the way I do it.

Good grief, it's a triceratops! Look Brigadier, try and keep it occupied while I'm finishing this off, will you?
The Third Doctor, "Invasion of the Dinosaurs"

     The Fourth Doctor 
You may be a doctor, but I'm the Doctor. The definite article, you might say.
The Fourth Doctor, "Robot"

Sarah Jane: Doctor, you're being childish!
Fourth Doctor: Well, of course I am! There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes.
— "Robot"

It may be irrational of me, but human beings are quite my favorite species.
The Fourth Doctor, "The Ark in Space"

Homo Sapiens! What an inventive, invincible species. It's only a few million years since they crawled up out of the mud and learned to walk. Puny, defenseless bipeds. They've survived flood, famine and plague. They've survived cosmic wars and holocausts and now here they are, out amongst the stars, waiting to begin a new life. Ready to out-sit eternity. They're indomitable. Indomitable.
The Fourth Doctor, musing on humanity, "The Ark in Space"

Fourth Doctor: Davros, if you had created a virus in your laboratory, something contagious and infectious that killed on contact, a virus that would destroy all other forms of life; would you allow its use?
Davros: It is an interesting conjecture.
Fourth Doctor: Would you do it?
Davros: The only living thing... The microscopic organism... reigning supreme... A fascinating idea!
Fourth Doctor: But would you do it?
Davros: Yes; yes. To hold in my hand, a capsule that contained such power. To know that life and death on such a scale was my choice. To know that the tiny pressure on my thumb, enough to break the glass, would end... everything... Yes! I would do it! That power would set me up above the gods! AND THROUGH THE DALEKS I SHALL HAVE THAT POWER!

Just touch these two strands together, and the Daleks are finished. Have I that right?
The Fourth Doctor, "Genesis of the Daleks"

You can't rule the world in hiding. You've got to come out on the balcony sometimes and wave a tentacle.
The Fourth Doctor, "Terror of the Zygons"

I'm not a human being; I walk in eternity...
The Fourth Doctor, "Pyramids of Mars"

Deactivating a generator loop without the correct key is like repairing a watch with a hammer and chisel. One false move and you'll never know the time again.
The Fourth Doctor, "Pyramids of Mars"

Sarah Jane: So, providing we don't burn up on re-entry and aren't suffocated on the way down, we'll probably be smashed to a pulp when we land.
Fourth Doctor: Exactly! Sarah, you've put your finger on the one tiny flaw in our plan.
Sarah Jane: Our plan? It's your plan!

Fourth Doctor: You humans have got such limited, little minds. I don't know why I like you so much.
Sarah Jane: Because you have such good taste.
Fourth Doctor: That's true! That's very true.

The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts; they alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.
The Fourth Doctor, "The Face of Evil"

Gentlemen, I've got news for you: this lighthouse is under attack and by morning we might all be dead! (grins widely)
The Fourth Doctor, "Horror of Fang Rock"

That's the empty rhetoric of a defeated dictator, and I don't like your face either.
The Fourth Doctor, "Horror of Fang Rock"

Romana I: But he had such an honest face!
Fourth Doctor: Well, you could hardly be a successful criminal with a dishonest face.

Kimus: Do you drive these things for a living?
Fourth Doctor: No. I save planets, mostly.

Oh look, rocks!
The Fourth Doctor, "The Destiny of the Daleks"

Romana II: Where are we going?
Fourth Doctor: Are you talking philosophically or geographically?
Romana II: Philosophically.
Fourth Doctor: Then we're going to lunch.

Skagra: "Take over the Universe"!? How childish. Who could possibly want to take over the Universe?
Fourth Doctor: Exactly! That's what I keep on trying to tell people. It's a troublesome place, difficult to administer, and as a piece of real estate it's worthless because by definition there'd be no one to sell it to.

Romana II: I don't think we should interfere.
Fourth Doctor: Interfere? Of course we should interfere. Always do what you're best at.

I have an urgent appointment with an old friend. Well, I say a "friend", I mean a vengeance-fixated sociopath with megalomaniacal tendencies.
The Fourth Doctor on the Master, "Trail of the White Worm"

     The Fifth Doctor 
That's the trouble with regeneration. You never quite know what you're going to get.
The Fifth Doctor on his new appearence, "Castrovalva"

(Asks a group of women the quickest way out of town. They all point in different directions) That's democracy for you.
The Fifth Doctor, "Castrovalva"

An apple a day keeps the... Ah.
The Fifth Doctor, "Kinda"

Fifth Doctor: When was the last time you smelt a flower, watched a sunset, ate a well-prepared meal?
Cyberleader: These things are irrelevant.
Fifth Doctor: For some people, small, beautiful events is what life is all about!
— "Earthshock"

You won't succeed. In the end, evil never does.
The Fifth Doctor, "Snakedance"

The illusion is always one of normality.
The Fifth Doctor, "Time-Flight"

Sorry, must dash!
The Fifth Doctor, "The Five Doctors"

There should have been another way.
The Fifth Doctor on the absurdly high body count in his stories, "Warriors of the Deep"

Oh, marvelous. You're going to kill me. What a finely-tuned response to the situation.
The Fifth Doctor, "Frontios"

I'm not helping...officially. And if anyone happens to ask whether I made any material difference to the welfare of this planet, you can tell them I came and went like a summer cloud.
The Fifth Doctor, "Frontios"

I tried keeping a diary once. Not chronological, of course. But the trouble with time travel is, one never seems to find the time.
The Fifth Doctor, "The Caves of Androzani"

Peri: Doctor, why do you wear a stick of celery in your lapel?
Fifth Doctor: Does it offend you?
Peri: No, just curious.
Fifth Doctor: Safety precaution. I'm allergic to certain gases in the praxis range of the spectrum.
Peri: Well, how does the celery help?
Fifth Doctor: If the gas is present, the celery turns purple.
Peri: And then what do you do?
Fifth Doctor: I eat the celery. If nothing else I'm sure it's good for my teeth.

Stolz: You better turn this ship around, Doctor!
Fifth Doctor: Why?
Stolz: Because I'll kill you if you don't!
Fifth Doctor: (feverish) Not a very persuasive argument, actually, Stolz, because I'm going to die soon anyway. Unless of course—
Stolz: I'll give you until the count of three!
Fifth Doctor: (now also resolute) Unless of course I can find the antidote! I owe it to my friend to try because I got her into this! So you see, I'm not gonna let you stop me now!
— "The Caves of Androzani"

I've travelled quite widely, met the most appalling people with the most terrible beliefs. I consider them evil, but I'm sure if you were to ask them they'd tell you that I'm the monster, not them. Evil is relative.
The Fifth Doctor, "Primeval"

How did it start? Just a few hip replacements and breast implants? Vanity's a killer, isn't it? And where will it end?! Sleek, heartless scavengers cobbled up from space junk and other peoples' bodies! But you'll look ever so stylish!
The Fifth Doctor on the Cybermen, "Spare Parts"

Fifth Doctor: Well, all right. As you asked nicely, I will tell you why I'm here. Would you believe I'm a correspondent from the Good Cell Guide, and I'm delighted to tell you that I haven't enjoyed my stay at all, and I'm awarding you a four out of a possible five slop buckets?
Richard III: Oh, we are too damn clever by half, aren't we?
Fifth Doctor: Actually, no, I tell a lie! I'm a performance artist from the 20th century and this is my latest instillation. I was going to call it "Two Men Chained to a Wall" but then I thought "Freedom" would give it a bit more intellectual gravitas.
Richard III: (with absolutely withering sarcasm) Very funny, Doctor. I will just collect my head from the floor where I just laughed it off.

People aren't perfect, Zara, that's what makes them people...
The Fifth Doctor, "The Chaos Pool"

     The Sixth Doctor 
Peri: Doctor?
Sixth Doctor: ...You were expecting someone else?
Peri: I-I-I...
Sixth Doctor: That's three "I's" in one breath — makes you sound a rather egotistical young lady.
Peri: What's happened?
Sixth Doctor: Change, my dear. (staring into the camera) And it seems not a moment too soon. (puts on a proud grin)
— The introduction of the Sixth Doctor, "The Caves of Androzani"

Sixth Doctor: Ahhh... a noble brow. Clear gaze. At least it will be given a few hours sleep. A firm mouth. A face beaming with a vast intelligence. My dear child, what on Earth are you complaining about? It's the most extraordinary improvement.
Peri: On what?!
Sixth Doctor: My last incarnation... Oh, I was never happy with that one.
Peri: Why ever not?
Sixth Doctor: It had a sort of feckless "charm" which simply wasn't me!

Well, look at me. I'm old, lacking in vigour, my mind's in turmoil. I no longer know if I'm coming, have gone, or even been. I'm falling to pieces. I no longer even have any clothes sense... Self-pity is all I have left.
The Sixth Doctor, "The Twin Dilemma"

In my time, I have been threatened by experts. And I don't rate you highly at all.
The Sixth Doctor to Mestor, the Big Bad of the Week, "The Twin Dilemma"

Rest is for the weary, sleep is for the dead. I feel like a hungry man eager for the feast!
The Sixth Doctor, "Attack of the Cybermen"

What's the use of a good quotation if you can't change it?
The Sixth Doctor, "The Two Doctors"

Davros: This part of the galaxy is developing quickly. Famine was one of its major problems.
Sixth Doctor: You turned them into food?
Davros: A scheme that has earned me great acclaim.
Sixth Doctor: But did you bother to tell anyone they might be eating their own relatives?
Davros: Certainly not! That would have created what I believe is termed... "consumer resistance".

Planets come and go. Stars perish. Matter disperses, coalesces, forms into other patterns, other worlds. Nothing can be eternal.
The Sixth Doctor, "The Mysterious Planet"

This is a situation that requires tact and finesse. Fortunately, I am blessed with both.
The Sixth Doctor, "Terror of the Vervoids"

In all my travelling throughout the universe I have battled against evil, against power-mad conspirators. I should have stayed here. The oldest civilisation: decadent, degenerate, and rotten to the core. Power-mad conspirators, Daleks, Sontarans... Cybermen, they're still in the nursery compared to us. Ten million years of absolute power. That's what it takes to be really corrupt!
The Sixth Doctor, "The Ultimate Foe"

Sixth Doctor: Sorry, I was wrong.
Peri: "Wrong"? That would be a first.
Berkeley: You mean, he's never wrong?
Peri: I mean, he never admits it.

Sixth Doctor: I'm asking if you do what you firmly believe is good and right. However much it hurts you and others. And no matter what happens as a consequence, does what's in your hearts— heart make you a good person?
Sarah: We are taught that God has infinite mercy, Doctor. But surely, as a God-fearing man, you have no need to trouble yourself on this?
Sixth Doctor: Oh, Sarah... If only you knew.
Sarah: Tell me.
Sixth Doctor: (sighs) What would you say if I were to tell you that I once destroyed an entire race, that I have led friends to their deaths, and caused numerous wars? That my intervention has led to peaceful races taking up arms and good people having their faith or reason destroyed. Because I failed to act, millions upon millions of people have been enslaved or killed? What if I had done all those things, but had always, always believed I was doing to the right thing?
Sarah: If you were to tell me that, I would say: May God have mercy on your soul.
Sixth Doctor: Sarah...
Sarah: But I would also say: I trust and pray that He will.
Sixth Doctor: ...thank you.

You can't take it in, can you? Oh, the blessing of a human mind. It's a matter of perspective, Evelyn. Let's take your own galaxy, the Milky Way, an area of space so vast that if it were reduced to the size of the United States of America the Earth would be less than the smallest mote of dust barely visible through an electron microscope. Serephia is four times the size of the Milky Way and in just a few hours six hundred billion stars will be as snuffed out candles to a new sun, a ball of fire 400, 000 light years across and from there it will spread on and on and on through the 100 billion other galaxies in the universe! The death toll will be as incalculable as it will be absolute and by the end there will be nothing left! Nothing!
The Sixth Doctor on the horrible implications of the Daleks' latest Evil Plan, "The Apocalypse Element"

Am I not permitted an occasional moment of melodrama?
The Sixth Doctor, "The One Doctor"

Banto: Awe inspiring? In that coat? Have you taken a look in the mirror recently? Come to think of it, I shouldnít think you do much else.
Sixth Doctor: I intend to rise above your barbs... but before I do Iíd like to say that this coat can only be appreciated by someone with a sharpened aesthetic sense Ė- not a dunderhead like you!
Banto: "Sharpened aesthetic sense"!? Sharpened by what, a dose of mind altering drugs?
Sixth Doctor: I warn you, a verbal duel with me would only lead to ignominy for you!
Banto: Igno-what? Talking with you is like arguing with a thesaurus!

Whoever heard of a diabolical denouement occurring in a patisserie?!
The Sixth Doctor, "The Wormery"

Evelyn: He does irk you, doesn't he?
Sixth Doctor: Er, not him. The way the universe treated him. Being him was like a holiday. A very wonderful holiday.
"The 100 Days of the Doctor", the Doctor explains his troubled feelings about his fifth incarnation

From what I've heard he was always blowing up planets. And they call me the aggressive one!
The Sixth Doctor on the Seventh Doctor, "The 100 Days of the Doctor"

Sixth Doctor: What have you done with the TARDIS interior design, by the way?
Eighth Doctor: I hope you are not about to lecture me about taste, Doctor?
Sixth Doctor: I'm not sure what you mean.
— "The Four Doctors"

Sixth Doctor: Probably just as well that we won't remember. After all...
Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Doctors: ...We Time Lords already have too much to remember as it is!
Sixth Doctor: (laughs) I see great minds think alike!
Seventh Doctor: Or fools never differ...
Sixth Doctor: Oh, very droll.
— "The Four Doctors"

Older Sixth Doctor: Hello again, Mel. Two of you and two of me, this could get confusing.
Younger Sixth Doctor: Not at all! This is the Mel I deposited here for our future self to collect, lets call her "Melanie A" shall we?
Older Mel: I'm here you know...
Younger Sixth Doctor: ...and the younger version is "Mel B".
Older Mel: What if another "B" turns up. Who's she? "Mel C"?
Older Sixth Doctor: No! That cannot be allowed to happen.
Younger Sixth Doctor: Yes. Wrong decade for the Spice Girls.

     The Seventh Doctor 
Think about me when you're living your life one day after another, all in a neat pattern. Think about the homeless traveller in his old police box, his days like crazy paving.
The Seventh Doctor, "Dragonfire"

John: Sugar?
Seventh Doctor: Ah! A decision... Would it make any difference?
John: Would make your tea sweet.
Seventh Doctor: Yes, but beyond the confines of my taste buds, would it make any difference?
John: Not really.
Seventh Doctor: But...
John: Yeah?
Seventh Doctor: What if I could control people's taste buds? What if I decided that no one would take sugar? That'd make a difference to those who sell the sugar and those who cut the cane.
John: My father, he was a cane cutter!
Seventh Doctor: Exactly. Now if no one had used sugar, your father wouldn't have been a cane cutter.
John: If this sugar thing had never started, my great grandfather wouldn't have been kidnapped, chained up and sold in Kingston in the first place. I'd be a African.
Seventh Doctor: Every great decision creates ripples, like a huge boulder dropped in a lake. The ripples merge and rebound off the banks in unforeseeable ways. The heavier the decision, the larger the waves, the more uncertain the consequences.
John: Life's like that. Best thing is just to get on with it.

Davros: We shall become all—
Seventh Doctor: Powerful! Crush the lesser races! Conquer the galaxy! Unimaginable power! Unlimited rice pudding! Etcetera, etcetera!

Oi! Dalek! Over here. It's me, the Doctor. What's the matter with you? Don't you recognise your mortal enemy?
The Seventh Doctor, ''"Remembrance of the Daleks"

Group Captain Gilmore: What am I dealing with? Little green men?
Seventh Doctor: No, little green blobs in bonded polycarbide armour!

I can hear the sound of empires toppling.
The Seventh Doctor, "The Happiness Patrol"

Sniper 1: Stay where you are.
Seventh Doctor: Why? Scared? Why should you be scared? You're the one with the gun.
Sniper 1: That's right.
Seventh Doctor: And you like guns, don't you?
Sniper 2: He'll kill you.
Seventh Doctor: Of course he will! That's what guns are for. Pull a trigger. End a life. Simple, isn't it?
Sniper 1: Yes.
Seventh Doctor: Makes sense, doesn't it?
Sniper 1: Yes!
Seventh Doctor: A life, killing life.
Sniper 2: Who are you?
Seventh Doctor: (to Sniper 2) Shut up! (to Sniper 1, softly) Why don't you do it then? Look me in the eye. Pull the trigger. End my life.
Sniper 1: (scared) ...No.
Seventh Doctor: Why not?
Sniper 1: ...I can't.
Seventh Doctor: Why not?
Sniper 1: I don't know.
Seventh Doctor: (gently takes the gun out of Sniper 1's hand) No, you don't, do you?

(cheerily) Hello! I'm the Doctor! I believe you want to kill me?
The Seventh Doctor, "Silver Nemesis"

Let me guess: my heresies appall you, my theories outrage you, I never answer letters, and you don't like my tie.
The Seventh Doctor, "Ghost Light"

Ace: Don't you have things you hate?
Seventh Doctor: I can't stand burnt toast. I loathe bus stations—terrible places, full of lost luggage and lost souls. And then there's unrequited love, and tyranny, and cruelty.

There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea's asleep, and the rivers dream; people made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, somewhere else the tea's getting cold. Come on, Ace. We've got work to do.
The Seventh Doctor, "Survival" (the last piece of dialogue in the Classic Series)

During the night [Ace] would wake up at the distant sound of landing and be concerned. After the first time, she had asked the Doctor what he did at night. "Putting props in place," he had said, "making sure people know their lines, sometimes leaving notes on the script. All the universe is a stage, Ace! Acting is not enough for me; I like to direct."

Seventh Doctor: Are you looking for the butterfly?
Ace: What, the one who beats its wings and it tips the balance so a hurricane forms? There isn't one, is there?
Seventh Doctor: Not often. We just tell the butterflies that to keep them happy. No. Mostly they break the butterfly on the wheel of time. But over the decades and millions of butterflies... the weather still changes somehow. That's time; a million multi-colored pieces of time.

Vi Yulquen: Are you... excited by violence?
Seventh Doctor: No, I abhor it. And it is never the moral option.
Vi Yulquen: And how would you know that?
Seventh Doctor: I've seen things that would make you curl into a stuttering ball of denial for the rest your life! I've done those things. I've pulled a trigger, pressed a button, detonated a bomb. (sighs) It doesn't make you feel any better just because you win.
Vi Yulquen: You're fortunate to have had the experience. You've made the choice not to be violent. Celia and I can't do that.
Celia Fortunaté: It's simply a concept to us.
Seventh Doctor: I know. I've seen it before; you remove and alter everything disagreeable to make yourself "better". You cut and you cut, but you cut too well and you find that the very thing you've rid yourself off, the very thing you are now denied, is what you so desperately want... I understand you. You're depraved on the account of being deprived.
— "Red"

Evelyn: What happened to you, Doctor?
Seventh Doctor: I used to march around saying things like "Don't worry, Evelyn; it'll all work out for the best in some way I haven't quite thought up yet!" How did that work out for us? How did that work out for Cassandra Schofield? I need to be in control.
Evelyn: You can't control everything.
Seventh Doctor: I can certainly try.

Seventh Doctor: Hurts, doesn't it?
Koloon: Doctor! Pity me!
Seventh Doctor: Fear me.
Koloon: Wha... what?
Seventh Doctor: Tell this to your gods, when they punish you, when they stretch you on the neutron rack: I'm still here.
Koloon: But you...?! You're one... little... man!
Seventh Doctor: No, not a man. Not a human being. I am a complex space-time event. I am Lord President of Gallifrey. The Traveller from Beyond Time. I am the Sandman! The Oncoming Storm! I am the Ka Faraq Gatri; Destroyer of Worlds! And sometimes... only sometimes, I. Am. Your. Worst. Nightmare! ...I am the Doctor, and I take care of my friends.
— "Afterlife"

Death, taxes, and Daleks, Ace, you can't stop them. But you can learn to cheat all three. I have.
The Seventh Doctor, "The Lights of Skaro"

     The Eighth Doctor 
Eighth Doctor: A meteor storm... The sky above us was dancing with lights! Purple, green, brilliant yellow... YES!
Dr. Grace Holloway: What?
Eighth Doctor: These shoes! (stomps the ground happily) They fit perfectly!

Eighth Doctor: Puccini! We've met before.
Grace: Ugh. I don't think so.
Eighth Doctor: Yes, yes, yes, I think so! I know you! You're...You're tired of life, but afraid of dying.

Grace: Listen, why don't you just have a seat and open your shirt? I want to listen to your heart.
Eighth Doctor: (grinning) Hearts. Plural.
Grace: Right! Right...

(the Doctor is driving crazily through San Francisco, with Grace clinging desperately to his back)
Grace: Doctor!
Eighth Doctor: Yes?
Grace: I only have one life! Can you remember that?
Eighth Doctor: (grinning happily) I'll try!

Eighth Doctor: (to the Master) You want dominion over the living, yet all you do is kill.

I am the man that gives monsters nightmares. The Daleks call me the Bringer of Darkness. I am the Eighth Man Bound. I am the Champion of Life and Time. I'm the guy with two hearts. I make History better. I am the Doctor.
The Eighth Doctor, "The Dying Days"

Injustice is the rule, but I want justice. Suffering is the rule, but I want to end it. Despair accords with reality, but I insist on hope. I don't accept it because it is unacceptable.
The Eighth Doctor, "Camera Obscura"

Do you feel that pounding in your heart? That tightness in the pit of your stomach? The blood rushing to your head? Do you know what that is? That's adventure! The thrill and the fear and the joy of stepping into the unknown. That's why we're all here, and that's why we're alive!
The Eighth Doctor, "Storm Warning"

Oh, Charley. Without you I would just be a lonely old man rattling around in my TARDIS with no one to talk to. My life going round and round. My life going round in circles.
The Eighth Doctor, "The Chimes of Midnight"

"Doctor who"? My enemies never ask me that. Isn't that terrible, that they know me better than my friends?
The Eighth Doctor, "Seasons of Fear"

Eight Doctor: It's one of the most wonderful things about Lady Time, isn't it? How nothing's constant, how everything decays and changes?
Charley: You call that wonderful?
Eight Doctor: I call it absolutely beautiful! How would it be if everything was always the same? If you never got too big for your dresses, if you never got to pass them on to your sister? If the rainy autumn lasted forever and the spring never came? At least I change. I'm stumbling my way through bodies like I own a particularly dangerous bicycle. Grayle never changes, not inside, not who he is. So time piles on top of him and kills everything good. No one should have to go through that.

Sorry, I was soliloquising again. Filthy habit.
The Eighth Doctor, "Seasons of Fear"

Never put off today what you can put off tomorrow, I say!
The Eighth Doctor, "Neverland"

Eighth Doctor: You will have realized, of course, that you're not the only human who has travelled with me in the TARDIS.
Charley: Yes, well, I hardly expected to be your first.
Eighth Doctor: The Time Lords have often wondered why I bothered. After all, we are capable of living for thousands of years; you can barely reach a hundred. And they came up with a theory. Do you want to know what it is?
Charley: You need friendship? Companionship? You must get lonely, travelling the universe with no one to share it with.
Eighth Doctor: They thought you were all memento mori.
Charley: What?
Eighth Doctor: Reminders of death. Quite common things really. On Medieval Earth, courtiers would often keep skulls on their mantelpiece. They were very much the "in" thing. No matter how powerful you were, death was inevitable. You still had to remember your mortality. And Time Lords need to remember all the more. I denied that was the reason of course, and as you said, friendship, companionship. But over the years, over my many lifetimes, as my friends all left me one by one, I began to wonder that they really might have had a point after all.
— "Scherzo"

Eighth Doctor: Buddhism is a relatively simple philosophy, C'rizz. Like children, we're here to learn. If we learn well during our life we're rewarded with nirvana. If not, we're reborn in a new body to try to accomplish what we failed to learn the first time 'round. Easy as falling off a log.
Charley: And how many bodies have you had, now?
Eighth Doctor: Yes, well... That's beside the point, Charley.

I may talk like a fool, but I always know what I'm talking like a fool about!
The Eighth Doctor, "Caerdroia"

Guidance: Every young buck who wants to prove his manhood is eager to blood his face in your entrails.
Eighth Doctor: That's teenagers for you. Of course I was a terror 'til 120.
Guidance: One hundred and...?
Eighth Doctor: Late-developer.

Never turn down tea if it's offered. It's impolite, and that's how wars start.
The Eighth Doctor, "Memory Lane"

Revenge is a dish best left to go cold and then thrown in the kitchen bin. Trust a Doctor: Prevention is better than cure.
The Eighth Doctor, "Memory Lane"

Charley: Yes, but what was that?!
Eighth Doctor: I shall just find out by using my super Time Lord powers of... looking out of the window.

So it was your plan to kill us all, then. That's good. That's very, very good, because I'd hate to think that you'd done something so monumentally brainless by accident!
The Eighth Doctor, "Blood Of The Daleks"

Was that supposed to frighten me, Farl? I've seen entire species destroyed; civilisations left in ruins. Iíve witnessed solar systems vanish in the twinkling of an eye. Iíve seen things that would freeze your blood. So donít threaten me. Donít ever threaten me.
The Eighth Doctor, "Phobos"

Lucie: What are you doing?
Eighth Doctor: Shredding.
Lucie: What are you shredding?
Eighth Doctor: Everything I can find.
Lucie: Why?
Eighth Doctor: I'm hoping it might annoy somebody.
— "Human Resources"

There's a lot of darkness out there... but you know something? We wouldn't notice any of it if it werenít for all those little pinpricks of light. Planets and stars. And that's where I go whenever I feel sad. The next bit of light in the darkness, keep on moving. Never look back. Well, hardly ever.
The Eighth Doctor, "The Scapegoat"

Nothing that gives people hope, courage, and strength, is stupid.
The Eighth Doctor, "The Cannibalists"

Lucie: Doctor, why didn't you press that button? I mean, one life to save millions? It makes sense.
Eighth Doctor: Because... I used to be that guy.
Lucie: You mean, you're the Monk?! He was you all along?
Eighth Doctor: No, but not far off. I was once a man with a masterplan. I'd seek out injustices, topple governments, all in the name of the greater good. I'd started doing the maths, you see...
Lucie: The maths?
Eighth Doctor: This is how evil starts, with the belief that the ends justify the means. But once you start down that road, there's no turning back. What if you can save a million lives, but you have to let ten people die, or a hundred, or a hundred thousand? Where do you stop?
Lucie: But you did. You did stop.
Eighth Doctor: I did. But by then I'd ended up travelling alone, because I couldn't trust myself with anyone's life. Well, not after...
Lucie: Not after...? ...Not saying? Okay. Then what was it that made you realize that it was time to change from lonely bean-counter to companionable time traveller?
Eighth Doctor: A new body, a clean slate, a fresh start. From that day on, I knew that I never would again countenance the death of a single living being. That's why I no longer travel alone.
Lucie: Why?
Eighth Doctor: So I never can forget how precious a single life is.
— The Eighth Doctor on the Seventh Doctor, "The Resurrection Of Mars"

The Master: Oh, how have I resisted killing you until now?
Eighth Doctor: You tell me. You'd rather see me humiliated. Actually, the simple answer is — you don't want to. You need me around. To give you the attention you so desperately crave. Ever since we were at the Academy together, all those centuries ago.
The Master: Oh, I never think of the past. The future is my sole concern. I thought you were the same, never looking back. Only, in your case, it's because you're afraid to face the death and destruction you leave in your wake.
Eighth Doctor: Whereas you delight in it.
— "Masterplan"

Cass: Where are we going?
Eighth Doctor: Back of the ship.
Cass: Why?
Eighth Doctor: Because the front crashes first. Think it through!

I don't suppose there's any need of a Doctor any more. Make me a Warrior now.
Eighth Doctor, "The Night of the Doctor"

"Charlie, C'rizz, Lucie, Tamsin, Molly...friends, companions I've known, I salute you. Cass...I apologize. Physician, heal thyself!"
The Eighth Doctor's last words from "The Night of the Doctor", making all of the Big Finish audio adventures canon in one fell swoop.

     The War Doctor 

"Doctor" no more.
The War Doctor, "The Night of the Doctor"

War Doctor: What I did, I did without choice...
Eleventh Doctor: (softly) I know...
War Doctor: ...in the name of peace and sanity.
Eleventh Doctor: But not in the name of The Doctor!

Time Lords of Gallifrey, Daleks of Skaro. I hereby give notice. Too long have I stayed my hand. Today, I pass sentence on you all. No more. No more...
The War Doctor, preparing to use The Moment, "The Day of the Doctor"

Why is there never a big red button?
The War Doctor trying to figure out 'The Moment', "The Day of the Doctor"

Am I having some kind of mid-life crisis?
The War Doctor upon getting an eyeful of his replacements, "The Day of the Doctor"

They're screwdrivers, what are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at them?
The War Doctor, "The Day of the Doctor"

Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame, whatever the cost.
The War Doctor, "The Day of the Doctor"

Eleventh Doctor: GERONIMO!
Tenth Doctor: Allons-y!
War Doctor: Oh, for God's sake! Gallifrey stands!

War Doctor: (begins to regenerate from old age) Oh, yes... 'Course, suppose it makes sense... Wearing a bit thin. (last words) I hope the ears are a bit less conspicuous this time.

     The Ninth Doctor 
Do you wanna come with me? 'Cause if you do, then I should warn you, you're gonna see all sorts of things. Ghosts from the past. Aliens from the future. The day the Earth died in a ball of flame. It won't be quiet, it won't be safe, and it won't be calm. But I'll tell you what it will be: the trip of a lifetime.
The Ninth Doctor, 2005 trailers

The Ninth Doctor's first words to Rose Tyler, "Rose"

Rose Tyler: Is it always this dangerous?
Ninth Doctor: [eyes light up] Yeah!

I can feel it. The turn of the Earth. The ground beneath our feet is spinning at 1,000 miles an hour, and the entire planet is hurtling around the Sun at 67,000 miles an hour and I can feel it. We're falling through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world, and if we let go... That's who I am.
The Ninth Doctor, "Rose"

The assembled hordes of Genghis Khan couldn't get through those doors. And believe me, they've tried.
The Ninth Doctor on the sturdiness of the TARDIS, "Rose"

Everything has its time and everything dies.
The Ninth Doctor, "The End of the World"

Ninth Doctor [on the Gelth]: Did it say anything? Can it speak? I'm the Doctor, by the way.
Charles Dickens: Doctor? You look more like a navvy.
Ninth Doctor: What's wrong with this jumper? note 

Dalek: I am waiting for orders.
Ninth Doctor: What does that mean?
Dalek: I am a soldier. I was bred to receive orders.
Ninth Doctor: Well, you're never gonna get any. Not ever.
Dalek: I demand orders!
Ninth Doctor: They're never gonna come! Your race is dead! You all burned, all of you! Ten million ships on fire: the entire Dalek race wiped out in one second!
Dalek: You lie!
Ninth Doctor: I watched it happen! I made it happen!
Dalek: You destroyed us?
Ninth Doctor: ....I had no choice.
Dalek: And what of the Time Lords?
Ninth Doctor: Dead. They burned with you. The end of the Last Great Time War...everyone lost.

Ninth Doctor: Don't you see it's all gone? Everything you were, everything you stood for.
Dalek: ...Then what should I do?
Ninth Doctor: Alright then. If you want orders, follow this one. Kill yourself.
Dalek: The Daleks must survive!
Ninth Doctor: The Daleks have failed! Why don't you finish the job, and make the Daleks extinct? Rid the universe of your filth! Why don't you just DIE!
Dalek: ...You would make a good Dalek.
]The Doctor looks horrified.]

The thing is, Adam, time travel is like visiting Paris. You can't just read the guidebook, you've gotta throw yourself in. Eat the food, use the wrong verbs, get charged double and end up kissing complete strangers—or is that just me?
The Ninth Doctor, "The Long Game"

Who said you're not important? I've travelled to all sorts of places, done things you couldn't even imagine. But you two? Street corner, two in the morning, getting a taxi home. I've never had a life like that.
The Ninth Doctor to a married couple, "Father's Day"

Ninth Doctor: Sonic blaster, 51st Century... weapon factories at Villengard?
Captain Jack Harkness: Yeah. You've been to the factories?
Ninth Doctor: Once.
Captain Jack: They're gone now, destroyed. Main reactor went critical, vaporised the lot.
Ninth Doctor: Like I said, once. There's a banana grove there now. I like bananas. Bananas are good.

Ninth Doctor: Dr. Constantine, never left his patients. Back on your feet, constant doctor. The world doesn't want to get by without you just yet, and I don't blame it one bit. These are your patients, all better now.
Dr. Constantine: Yes, yes, so it seems. They also seem to be standing around in a disused railway station. Is there any particular reason for that?
Ninth Doctor: Yeah well, y'know...cutbacks.

Ninth Doctor: History says there was an explosion, who am I to argue with history?
Rose: Usually the first in line.

Everybody Lives, Rose! Just this once, everybody lives!
The Ninth Doctor, "The Doctor Dances"

Dalek: Alert! Alert! We are detected!
Dalek: It is the Doctor. He has located us. Open communications channel!
Dalek: The female will stand! Stand!
[the communications channel opens]
Dalek: I will talk to the Doctor.
Ninth Doctor: Oh, will you? That's nice. Hello!
Dalek: The Dalek stratagem nears completion. The fleet is almost ready. You will not intervene.
Ninth Doctor: Oh, really? Why's that then?
Dalek: We have your associate! You will obey or she will be exterminated!
Ninth Doctor: ... No.
[everyone present, Daleks included, turn and stare at the Doctor]
Dalek: Explain yourself!
Ninth Doctor: I said no.
Dalek: What is the meaning of this negative!?
Ninth Doctor: It means "No".
Dalek: But. She. Will. Be. Destroyed!
Ninth Doctor: NO! 'Cause this is what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna rescue her! I'm gonna save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek fleet! Then I'm gonna save the Earth! Then, just to finish off, I'm gonna wipe every last stinking Dalek out of the sky!
Dalek: But you have no weapons! No defences! No plan!
Ninth Doctor: Yeah. And doesn't that scare you to death? ...Rose?
Rose: Yes, Doctor?
Ninth Doctor: I'm coming to get you.
"Bad Wolf"

You know what they call me in the ancient legends of the Dalek homeworld? The Oncoming Storm. You might have removed all your emotions, but I reckon right down deep in your DNA there's one little spark left. And that's fear. Doesn't it just burn when you face me?
The Ninth Doctor, "The Parting of The Ways"

Dalek Emperor: I am immortal.
Ninth Doctor: Do you wanna put that to the test?
Dalek Emperor: I want to see you become like me. HAIL THE DOCTOR, THE GREAT EXTERMINATOR!
Ninth Doctor: (grabs Delta Wave switch) I'LL DO IT
Dalek Emperor: Then prove yourself, Doctor. What are you, coward, or killer?
Ninth Doctor: (he hesitates, then removes his arms from the switch) Coward. Any day.

Ninth Doctor: Rose Tyler, I was going to take you to so many places. Barcelona! Not the city Barcelona, the planet Barcelona. You'd love it, fantastic place. They've got dogs with no noses! [laughs] Imagine how many times a day you end up telling that joke and it's still funny!
Rose: Then, why can't we go?
Ninth Doctor: Maybe you will. Maybe I will. But not like this.
Rose: You're not making sense.
Ninth Doctor: I might never make sense again! I might have two heads, or no head. Imagine me with no head, ha! And don't say that's an improvement... But it's a bit dodgy, this process. You never know what you're going to end up with. [spasms in plain as he clutches his stomach]
Rose: Doctor!
Ninth Doctor: Stay away!
Rose: Doctor, tell me what's going on—
Ninth Doctor: I absorbed all the energy of the time vortex, and no one's meant to do that... Every cell in my body's dying.
Rose: Isn't there something you can do?
Ninth Doctor: Yeah. Doing it now. See, Time Lords have this little trick, it's sort of a way of cheating death. Except... it means I'm going to change. And you're not going to see me again. Not like this. Not with this daft old face. And before I go—
Rose: Don't say that!
Ninth Doctor: Rose... before I go, I just want to tell you: you were fantastic. [smiles reassuringly] Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? [grins widely] So was I!
[the Ninth Doctor regenerates]
Tenth Doctor: Hello! Okay ...New teeth. That's weird. So where was I? Oh, that's right—Barcelona!
—The regeneration of the Ninth Doctor begins, "The Parting of The Ways"

     The Tenth Doctor 
The Tenth Doctor; numerous times

By the ancient rites of combat, I forbid you to scavenge here for the rest of time. And when you go back to the stars and tell others of this planet, when you tell them of its riches, its people, its potential, when you talk of the Earth, then make sure that you tell them this...it is defended!
The Tenth Doctor to the defeated Sycorax leader, "The Christmas Invasion"

No second chances. I'm that sort of a man.
The Tenth Doctor, after sending the Sycorax leader to his doom using a satsuma, "The Christmas Invasion"

I'm sorry, I am so, so, sorry.
The Tenth Doctor, every other Series 2 episode

Tenth Doctor: If I don't like it (the Krilitanes' plan), it will stop.
Mr. Finch/Brother Lassar: Fascinating. Your people were peaceful to the point of indolence. You seem to be something new. Would you declare war on us, Doctor?
Tenth Doctor: I'm so old now. I used to have so much mercy. You get one warning. That was it.

Sarah Jane Smith: Goodbye, Doctor.
Tenth Doctor: Oh, it's not goodbye...
Sarah Jane Smith: No, say it. This time, say it.
Tenth Doctor: Goodbye... my Sarah Jane!! [picks her up off the ground and hugs the living daylights out of her]
Sarah Jane rights a wrong three decades old, "School Reunion"

Tenth Doctor: Must be a spatio-temporal hyperlink.
Mickey Smith: What's that?
Tenth Doctor: No idea, I just made it up. Didn't want to say "magic door".
The Tenth Doctor channeling the Cat from Red Dwarf, "The Girl in the Fireplace"

Tenth Doctor: Even monsters under the bed have nightmares.
Young Reinette: What do monsters have nightmares about?
Tenth Doctor: ME!

Tenth Doctor: Madame de Pompadour! You look younger every day.
King Louis: What the hell is going on?
Madame de Pompadour: Oh. This is my lover, the King of France.
Tenth Doctor: Yeah? Well I'm the Lord of Time.

John Lumic / Cyber-Controller: Tell me, Doctor, have you felt pain, and rage, and anguish?
Tenth Doctor: Oh, yes.
Cyber-Controller: What if I could set you free? Wouldn't you want that, a life without pain?
Tenth Doctor: I'd rather die.
Cyber-Controller: Then I take that option!
Tenth Doctor: But it's not yours to take!
"The Age of Steel"

Eddie Connolly: I. Am. TALKING!
Tenth Doctor: And I'm not LISTENING! Now, you, Mr. Connolly, you are staring into a deep, dark pit of trouble if you don't let me help. So I'm ordering you, sir, tell me what's going on!

Tenth Doctor: Men in black? Vanishing police cars? This is Churchill's England, not Stalin's Russia!
Rose: Monsters, that boy said... Maybe we should go and ask the neighbours.
Tenth Doctor: That's what I like about you: the domestic approach.
Rose: Thank you.... hold on, was that an insult?

But I've seen a lot of this universe. I've seen fake gods, bad gods, demigods, would-be gods, and out of all that, out of that whole pantheon, if I believe in one thing, just one thing, I believe in her!
The Tenth Doctor, on Rose Tyler, "The Satan Pit"

Ida Scott: Hang on though, Doctor. You never really said... you two, who are you?
Tenth Doctor: Oh... [glancing at Rose] the stuff of legend.

Rose: Doctor, they've got guns.
Tenth Doctor: And I haven't. Which makes me the better person. They can shoot me dead, but the moral high ground is mine.

Martha: You're completely mad!
Tenth Doctor: You're right, I look daft in one shoe...

Crossing into established events is strictly forbidden...except for cheap tricks.
The Tenth Doctor, "Smith and Jones"

Martha: Blimey, do you have to take a test to fly this thing?
Tenth Doctor: Yes, and I failed.
Martha Jones on the TARDIS, "The Shakespeare Code"

Tenth Doctor: Good mistress, this poor fellow has died from a sudden imbalance of the humours. A natural, if unfortunate demise. Call a constable, have him taken away.
Dolly: Yes, sir.
Lilith: I'll do it ma'am.
Martha: And why are you telling them that?
Tenth Doctor: They've still got one foot in the dark ages. If I tell them the truth, they'll panic and think it was witchcraft.
Martha: OK, what was it then?
Tenth Doctor: Witchcraft.

Tenth Doctor: Ohh, how to explain the mechanics of the infinite temporal flux? I know, Back to the Future. It's like Back to the Future.
Martha: The film?
Tenth Doctor: No, the novelisation. Yes, the film!

Queen Elizabeth I: Doctor!
Tenth Doctor: What?
Queen Elizabeth I: My sworn enemy!
Tenth Doctor: What?!
Queen Elizabeth I: Off with his head!
Tenth Doctor: WHAT?!!
Martha: Never mind what, just run!
Queen Elizabeth I: Stop him!
Martha: See you, Will. And thanks!
Queen Elizabeth I: Stop that pernicious Doctor!
Guard: Stop, in the name of the queen.
Martha: What have you done to upset her?
Tenth Doctor: How should I know, I haven't met her yet! That's time travel for you. Still, can't wait to find out, that's something to look forward to...

Tenth Doctor: People don't understand time.
Sally Sparrow: Then tell me.
Tenth Doctor: It's complicated.
Sally Sparrow: How complicated?
Tenth Doctor: Very complicated.
Sally Sparrow: I'm clever, and people have died.
Tenth Doctor: People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective view, it's more like a big ball of... wibbley-wobbley... timey-wimey... stuff.
Sally Sparrow: Started well, that sentence.
Tenth Doctor: It... got away from me, yeah.

And that's it, I'm afraid. There's no more from you on the transcript, that's the last I've got. I don't know what stopped you talking but I can guess. They're coming. The Angels are coming for you, but listen: your life could depend on this. Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast, faster than you could believe. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and don't blink. Good luck.
The Tenth Doctor, "Blink"

Master: Doctor.
Tenth Doctor: Master.
Master: I like it when you use my name.
Tenth Doctor: You chose it. Psychiatrist's field day.
Master: As you chose yours. The man who makes people better. How sanctimonious is that?

Look at you! The hat, the coat, the crickety-cricket stuff, the.... [unenthusiastically] stick of celery, yeah.... brave choice, celery, but fair play to you, not a lot of men can carry off a decorative vegetable.
The Tenth Doctor to the Fifth Doctor, "Time Crash"

I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 903 years old, and I'm the man who's gonna save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below. You got a problem with that?
The Tenth Doctor, "Voyage of the Damned"

Astrid Peth, citizen of Sto, the woman who looked at the stars and dreamt of travelling... there is an old tradition... Now you can travel forever... Youíre not falling, Astrid; youíre flying.
The Tenth Doctor scattering Astrid's atoms across the universe, "Voyage of the Damned"

Health and safety... film department.
The Tenth Doctor, spying through a projection room, "Partners in Crime"

Tenth Doctor: Hold on, hold on, hold on, one more thing, before...dying. Do you know what happens if you hold two identical sonic devices against each other?
Miss Foster: No.
Tenth Doctor: Nor me. Let's find out!

You need to get yourself a better dictionary. When you do, look up genocide and you'll see a little picture of me there and the caption'll read "OVER MY DEAD BODY!"
The Tenth Doctor, doing his job, "The Doctor's Daughter"

I never would. Have you got that? I never would. When you start this new world; this world of Human and Hath, remember that. Make the foundation of this society a man who never would.
The Tenth Doctor on taking revenge for the death of his daughter, "The Doctor's Daughter"

[The Doctor is poisoned and makes muffled noises while making a shaking motion]
Donna Noble: I can't understand you! How many words?
[The Doctor holds up one finger]
Donna: One! One word! Shake, milk-shake, milk! Milk! No? Not milk! Um, shake, shake, shake! Cocktail shake! What, d'you want a Harvey Wallbanger?
Doctor: Harvey Wallbanger?!
Donna: Well, I don't know!
Doctor: How is Harvey Wallbanger one word?!
Agatha Christie: What do you need, Doctor?
Doctor: Salt! I was miming salt! I need salt! I need something salty!
Donna: [Donna grabs a bag from the counter] What about this?
Doctor: What is it?
Donna: Salt!
Doctor: That's too salty!
Donna: Oh, that's too salty!

Donna Noble: Use your thingy!
Tenth Doctor: I can't. It's wood.
Donna: What, it doesn't do wood?!
The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble arguing over the sonic screwdriver, "Silence in the Library"

Tenth Doctor: You're not archaeologists, are you? Tell me you're not archaeologists.
River Song: Do you have a problem with archaeologists?
Tenth Doctor: I'm a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists.
River Song: Ahh. [shaking the Doctor's hand] Professor River Song, archaeologist.

Vashta Nerada: These are our forests. They are our meat.
[the shadows grow]
Tenth Doctor: Don't play games with me. You just killed someone I liked, that is not a safe place to stand. I'm the Doctor and you're in the biggest library in the Universe. Look me up.
[the shadows recoil]

Donna Noble: You alright?
Tenth Doctor: I'm always alright.
Donna Noble: Is "alright" special Time Lord code for "really not alright at all?"
Tenth Doctor: Why?
Donna Noble: 'Cause I'm alright too.

Shadow Proclamation Leader: By the articles of the Shadow Proclamation, I must seize your vehicle and technology!
Tenth Doctor: What? Why?
Shadow Proclamation Leader: Planets have ben stolen with hostile intent. We are declaring war, Doctor, right across the universe, and you will lead us into battle!
Tenth Doctor: ... right. I'll just... get the keys.
(he steps back into the TARDIS, and it starts dematerialising)
The Stolen Earth

General Brudge: You don't have the courage to bear arms, Doctor.
Tenth Doctor: Oh, there are lots of other things I'll bear, and bravely, too. I'll bear witness; I'll bear the blame! Bear ridicule, bear fruit, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I can bear a burden, bear inspection; I can bear pain; I can grin and bear it. I may be a bearer of little brain, General, but what you should bear in mind that I don't care to—and don't need to—bear. Arms.
"Pest Control" ("New Series Adventures" audiobook)

Rani: I hope you're as good as Ms. Smith says you are.
Tenth Doctor: Well, you know, reporters, they tend to exaggerate, but, yeah, I'm pretty amazing on a good day.

Malcolm Taylor: I've wired up an integrator. I thought it could measure the energy signature.
Tenth Doctor: No no no that'll never work...
Malcolm Taylor: It's extraordinary though... I'm measuring an oscillation of 15 malcolms per second!
Tenth Doctor: Fifteen what?
Malcolm Taylor: 15 malcolms—it's my own little term; a wavelength particle operating in 4 dimensions equals 1 malcolm.
Tenth Doctor: You named a unit of measurement after yourself.
Malcolm Taylor: Well it didn't do Mr Watt any harm. Furthermore, 50 malcolms equals 1 bernard.
Tenth Doctor: Oh, is that your dad?
Malcolm Taylor: Don't be silly... that's Quatermass.
Tenth Doctor: Right... But—um—before I die of old age, which in my case would be quite an achievement so congratulations on that, is there anyone else I could talk to?

Adelaide Brooke: State your name, rank and intention.
Tenth Doctor: The Doctor, doctor, fun.

It's not like I'm an innocent. I've taken lives. And I got worse; I got clever. Manipulated people into taking their own. Sometimes I think a Time Lord lives too long.
— The Tenth Doctor realizes just how far he's gone, courtesy of "The End of Time"

"I don't want to go."
The Tenth Doctor, on the verge of regeneration, "The End of Time"

Donna: What do you think?
Tenth Doctor: I told you, we are not going to that "Planet of the Boys"! There is no Planet of the Boys!
Donna: There's a million, trillion planets out there. Somewhere there is a planet of the boys. Just dancin' about in their pants. Stands to reason.
Tenth Doctor: Yeah, well, I'm not sure that they worship wenches.
Donna: They will when they see me in this.
— "Time Reaver"

Donna: Do you secretly just like this place because it makes you think the TARDIS is the most brilliant of all the ships?
Tenth Doctor: Oh, I wouldn't... pshh... heh... weeellll...
Donna: HA! You do!
— "Time Reaver"

Rose: I don't believe you sometimes.
Tenth Doctor: Well, yeah, I'm used to that. Most people don't believe me any of the time, which is funny really. I have such an honest face. Look. Heeeee!
Rose: You know what I'm talkin' about.
Tenth Doctor: Well, how was I supposed to know you use the place for weddings? I mean, who wants to get married at the bottom of a gorge? Bridal gown, all those steps... I bet maid of honour is a prison sentence on Beltraxin. They must have started the procession a week ago. Unless they took the quick way down like we did, I suppose.
Rose: Nobody bungee jumps to their wedding, Doctor. Nobody. The... (tries to control laughter) The Priest fainted.
Tenth Doctor: Did he? Ah, well, it's probably just a coincidence.
Rose: No, it was definitely the screaming idiots gatecrashing the wedding headfirst.
Tenth Doctor: I caught the bouquet!
Rose: In your teeth!
Tenth Doctor: Weeell, you know me. Never one to show off.
— "The Sword of the Chevalier"

     The Eleventh Doctor 
Still not ginger!
— One of the first things the Eleventh Doctor says after regenerating, "The End of Time"

The Eleventh Doctor, "The End of Time"

Trust me. I'm the Doctor.
The Eleventh Doctor, "The Eleventh Hour"

Amy Pond: I thought, like, well I started to think that maybe you were just a mad man with a box.
Eleventh Doctor: Amy Pond, there's something you'd better understand about me because it's important and one day your life may depend on it. I am definitely a mad man with a box!

Amy Pond: I grew up.
Eleventh Doctor: Don't worry. I'll soon fix that.

Amy Pond: You're worse than my aunt!
Eleventh Doctor: I'm the Doctor, I'm worse than everybody's aunt! [beat] And that is not how I'm introducing myself.

Eleventh Doctor: [To Rory & Amy] Leaving is good. Never coming back is better. [To Atraxi] C'MOOOOONNN, then! The Doctor will see you now!
[The Atraxi scan the Doctor]
Atraxi: You are not of this world.
Eleventh Doctor: No, but I've put a lot of work into it. [compares a few ties] I dunno. What do you think?
Atraxi: Is this world important?
Eleventh Doctor: Important? What's that mean, important? Six billion people live here. Is that important? Here's a better question. Is this world a threat to the Atraxi? Well c'mon, you're monitoring the whole planet. Is this world a threat?
[The Atraxi scan the history of the Earth]
Atraxi: No.
Eleventh Doctor: Are the peoples of this world guilty of any crimes, by the laws of the Atraxi?
Atraxi: No.
Eleventh Doctor: Okay! One more, just one. Is this world protected? Because you're not the first lot to have come here, oh, there have been so many. And what you've got to ask is, [softly] what happened to them?
[The Atraxi's scanning shows images of all of the Doctor's nemeses, followed by images of all ten previous incarnations of the Doctor, before the Eleventh Doctor steps through the hologram]
Eleventh Doctor: Hello. I'm the Doctor. Basically..... run.

All of time and space, everything that ever happened, or ever will. Where do you want to start?
The Eleventh Doctor, "The Eleventh Hour"

Bowties are cool.
The Eleventh Doctor, often

Amy: You look human.
Eleventh Doctor: No, you look Time Lord. We came first.
Amy: So there are other Time Lords, yeah?
Eleventh Doctor: [face adopts a pained expression] ...No, there were but there aren't...just me now. Long story. It was a bad day, lots of bad stuff happened, and you know what? I'd love to forget it all, every last bit of it, but I don't. Not ever. 'Cause this is what I do; every time, every day, every second. This! Hold tight. [big grin] We're bringing down the government.

Eleventh Doctor: What does "hate" look like, Amy?
Amy: Hate?
Eleventh Doctor: It looks like a Dalek.

Eleventh Doctor: YOU! ARE! MY! ENEMY! And I am yours! You are everything I despise. The worst thing in all of creation. I've defeated you, time and time again I've defeated you. I sent you back into the void. I saved the whole of reality from you. I am The Doctor and you are the Daleks!
Dalek: Correct!

Eleventh Doctor: The writing, the graffiti [on the home box]: Old High Gallifreyan, lost language of the Time Lords. There were days, there were many days, that these words could burn stars, and raise up empires, and topple gods.
Amy: What does this say?
Eleventh Doctor: ..."Hello, sweetie."

Father Octavian: There are six billion human colonists [on this planet].
Eleventh Doctor: You lot, you're everywhere, you're like rabbits! [grins like a kid on Christmas morning] I'll never get done saving you.

Eleventh Doctor: There's one thing you never put in a trap. If you're smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow there's one thing you never ever put in a trap.
Angel Bob: And what would that be, sir?
Eleventh Doctor: Me.
The Eleventh Doctor to an entire army of Weeping Angels, "The Time of Angels"

Eleventh Doctor: Amy, you've got to start trusting me. It's never been more important.
Amy: But you don't always tell me the truth.
Eleventh Doctor: If I always told you the truth, I wouldn't need you to trust me.

Amy: Sorry, did I do something wrong? 'Cause I'm getting kind of mixed signals here.
Eleventh Doctor: Mixed signals? How?
AmyOh, come on. You turn up in the middle of the night, you get me out of my bed in my nightie, which you then don't let me change out of for ages, and take me for a spin in your time machine. No, no, you're right. No mixed signals there. That is just a signal. Like a great big bat signal in the sky! Get your coat, love! The Doctor is in.
Eleventh Doctor: [wistfully] Yeah... [realizes what she's implying] No, no, no, no! It's... Not like that! That's not what I'm like!
Amy: Then what are you like?
Eleventh Doctor: I don't know; Gandalf. Like a space Gandalf. Like the little green one in Star Wars... [imitates lightsaber]

Amy: Then why am I here?
Eleventh Doctor: Because... Because I can't see it anymore...
Amy: See what?
Eleventh Doctor: I'm 907. After a while you just can't see it anymore.
Amy: See what?
Eleventh Doctor: Everything. I look at a star and it's just a big ball of burning gas, and I know how it began, I know how it ends... and I was probably there both times. You know, after a while, everything is just stuff. That's the problem. You make all of space and time your backyard what do you have? A backyard. But you can see it. And when you see it, I see it.

Eleventh Doctor: They're just friends. Chums, pals, mates, buddies... not mates, forget mates.
Amy: And out of all those...friends, how many would you say, just out of curiosity, were girls?
Eleventh Doctor: Oh... some of them, I suppose. Must've been.
Amy: Some?
Eleventh Doctor: It's hard to tell; it's a grey area.
Amy: Under half? Over half?
Eleventh Doctor: Probably... slightly... little bit over?
Amy: Young?
Eleventh Doctor: Everyone's young compared to me.
Amy: Hot?
Eleventh Doctor: No, no, no, no, no. None of them, not really. Not at all... probably not. Maybe one or two. I don't really notice.
Amy: Well, this big old machine must have some kind of visual records?
Eleventh Doctor: Oh God — I mean no, and anyway, they're voice-locked.
Amy: Voice-locked... so I would just have to say "show me all visual records of previous TARDIS inhabitants"?
Eleventh Doctor: No, no, no, no, I mean voice-locked. I would have to say "show me all visual records of previous TARDIS inhabitants".
Amy: Awww... thank you.
Eleventh Doctor: No! No! No! No! No!
Amy: [sees images of various companions] Haha! Ooh, Gandalf! ... Is that a leather bikini?
Eleventh Doctor: [to the TARDIS] Thanks. Thanks, dear. Miss out the metal dog, why don't you?

Eleventh Doctor: I can't see a thing.
Rory: Just as well, [pulls a out a pocket light] I brought this, then.
Eleventh Doctor: [pulls out a massive fluorescent lamp] Ultra-violet portable sunlight.
Rory: Yours is bigger than mine.
Eleventh Doctor: ...Let's not go there.

This ends today. I will tear down the House of Calvierri stone by stone. [...] And you know why? You didn't know Isabella's name. You didn't know Isabella's name.
The Eleventh Doctor, "The Vampires of Venice"

There's something that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick.
The Eleventh Doctor, "Amy's Choice"

The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don't soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant.
Eleventh Doctor, "Vincent and the Doctor"

Less of a young professional—more of an ancient amateur...
The Eleventh Doctor, "The Lodger"

Craig: Has anyone ever told you you're a bit weird?
Eleventh Doctor: They never really stop.

People fall out of the world sometimes, but they always leave traces. Little things we can't quite account for. Faces in photographs, luggage, half-eaten meals, rings. Nothing is ever forgotten, not completely. And if something can be remembered, it can come back.
The Eleventh Doctor tries to get Amy to remember Rory, "The Pandorica Opens"

Rory: So why am I here?
Eleventh Doctor: Because you are. The Universe is big; it's vast and complicated and ridiculous and sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. 900 years, never seen one yet, but this'll do me.

Now the question of the hour is, who's got the Pandorica? Answer — I do. Next question, who's coming to take it from me? [Beat] Come on! Look at me: no plan, no backup, no weapons worth a damn. Oh, and something else I don't have: Anything! To! Lose! So if you're sitting up there in your silly little spaceships, with all your silly little guns, and you've got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who's standing in your way. Remember every black day I ever stopped you, and then, aaand then, do the smart thing! Let somebody else try first.
The Eleventh Doctor to an entire army of Doctor Who villains, "The Pandorica Opens"

It's a fez, I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.
The Eleventh Doctor on his new hat, "The Big Bang"

When you wake up, you'll have a mum and dad, and you won't even remember me. Well you'll remember me a little. I'll be a story in your head. That's okay. We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? 'Cause it was, you know. It was the best. A daft old man who stole a magic box and ran away. Did I ever tell you that I stole it? Well, I borrowed it; I was always gonna take it back. Oh, that box. Amy, you'll dream about that box. It'll never leave you. Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient, and the bluest blue ever. And the times we had, eh? Woulda had. Never had. In your dreams, they'll still be there. The Doctor and Amy Pond, and the days that never came.
The Eleventh Doctor to Amelia, just before he's about to be erased from time, "The Big Bang"

Christmas Eve on a rooftop, saw a chimney, my whole brain went "What the hell!"
Eleventh Doctor, after dropping down through a chimney, "A Christmas Carol"

Eleventh Doctor: Who's she?
Kazran: Nobody important.
Eleventh Doctor: Nobody important. Blimey, that's amazing. D'you know, in 900 years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important before.

I'm being extremely clever up here and there is no one to stand around looking impressed! What is the point of having you all?
The Eleventh Doctor, a mite cross with his companions' secret meeting, "The Impossible Astronaut"

I'm going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilise, street maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve Jammy Dodgers and a fez!
The Eleventh Doctor, having just barged into the Oval Office with guns pointed at him and a solution to President Nixon's mystery caller, "The Impossible Astronaut"

Eleventh Doctor: ... Dr. Song, you've got that face on again.
River Song: What face?
Eleventh Doctor: The "he's hot when he's clever" face.
River Song: It's my normal face.
Eleventh Doctor: Yes it is.

You just raised an army against yourself! And now, for a thousand generations, you're going to be ordering them to destroy you every day. How fast can you run? Because today's the day the human race threw you off their planet. And they won't even know they're doing it. I think the word you're looking for right now is "Oops."
"Day of the Moon", part of the Eleventh Doctor's requisite Kirk Summation.

Richard Nixon: I'm a president at the beginning of his time. Dare I ask? Will I be remembered?
Eleventh Doctor: Oh Dicky. Tricky Dicky. They're never going to forget you.

House: Fear me, Doctor. I've killed hundreds of Time Lords.
Eleventh Doctor: Fear me. I've killed all of them.

[In the Tenth Doctor's voice] Hello! I'm the Doctor... [in his own voice] NO, LET IT GO! WE'VE MOVED ON!
The Eleventh Doctor's ganger taking a potshot at certain segments of the fanbase, "The Almost People"

I've reversed the Jelly Baby of the neutron flow! I'm the—Would you like a... doctor?
The Eleventh Doctor's ganger duplicate getting adjusted to his regenerations in "The Almost People"

Amy: Doctor, I'm frightened. I'm properly, properly scared.
Eleventh Doctor: Don't be; hold on. We're coming for you, I swear. Whatever happens -- however hard, however far -- we will find you.
Amy: I'm right here...
Eleventh Doctor: No you're not; and you haven't been for a very, very long time...

Hello everyone! Guess who? Please, point a gun at me if it helps you relax; you're only human.
The Eleventh Doctor, having infiltrated an amassed army formed for the sole purpose of killing him; "A Good Man Goes to War"

Eleventh Doctor: No. Colonel Manton, I want you to tell your men to "run away."
Colonel Manton: What?
Eleventh Doctor: Those words. "Run away." I want you to be famous for those exact words. I want people to call you Colonel Runaway. I want children laughing outside your door 'cause they've found the house of Colonel Runaway. And when people come to you and ask if trying to get to me through the people I LOVE! ...is in any way a good idea, I want you to tell them your name. [Beat] Look, I'm angry, that's new. I'm not really sure what's going to happen now.
Madame Kovarian: The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules.
Eleventh Doctor: Good men don't need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many.

Imagine you were dying.
Imagine you were afraid, a long way from home, in terrible pain. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse... you looked up, and saw the face of the devil himself.
[beat] Hello, Dalek.
The Eleventh Doctor, "The Wedding of River Song"

Solomon: Whatever you want, I can get it for you. Whatever object you desire.
The Doctor: Did the Silurians beg you to stop? Look Solomon. The missiles. See them shine, see how valuable they are? And they're all yours.
Solomon: You wouldn't leave me, Doctor.
The Doctor: Enjoy your bounty.
The Eleventh Doctor and the Villain of the Week in "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship", just before the Doctor leaves Solomon's ship (with Solomon on it) to be blown to bits by missiles.

Oh, you like to think you're a god — but you're not a god. You're just a parasite, eaten out with jealousy, and envy, and longing for the lives of others. You feed on them. On the memory of love and loss, and birth and death, and joy and sorrow. So.. So... So come on, then. Take mine. Take my memories. But I hope you've got a big appetite, because I've lived a long life. And... I've seen a few things. I walked away from the Last Great Time War. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the birth of the universe, and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained. No time. No space! Just me! I've walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman! [starts crying] I've watched universes freeze and creations burn! I have seen things you wouldn't believe! I have lost things you will never understand! And I know things! Secrets that must never be told! Knowledge that must never be spoken! Knowledge that will make parasite gods BLAZE! SO COME OOOOON THEN! TAKE IT! TAKE IT ALL, BABY! HAVE IT! YOU HAVE IT ALL!
The Eleventh Doctor, "The Rings of Akhaten"

Clara: I trust the Doctor.
Captain Ferring: You think he knows what he's doing?
Clara: I wouldn't go that far.

Clara: Look at you. The three of you. The warrior, the hero... and you.
Eleven: And what am I?
Clara: Have you really forgotten?
Eleven: Yes. Maybe, yes.
Clara: We've got enough warriors. And any idiot can be a hero.
Eleven: Then what do I do?
Clara: What you've always done. Be a doctor. You told me the name you chose was a promise. What was the promise?
Ten: Never cruel or cowardly.
War Doctor: Never give up. Never give in.

Dalek Commander: You will die now, Doctor. This is the end of you! The rules of regeneration are known. You have expended all your lives!
Eleven: Sorry, what did you say? Did you mention the rules? Now, listen. A bit of advice: tell me the truth if you think you know it, lay down the law if you're feeling brave, but, Daleks, never ever tell - me - the rules!
Dalek Commander: Emergency! Emergency! The Doctor is regenerating! The Doctor is regenerating!
Eleven: Oh ho! Look at this! Regeneration number thirteen! We're breaking some serious science here, boys! And I tell you what, it's gonna be a whopper! Ha ha!
Dalek Commander: Exterminate! Exterminate the Doctor!
Eleven: Hah! You think you can stop me now, Daleks?! IF YOU WANT MY LIFE! HA! HA! COME! AAAND! GEEET IIIT!

Eleven: It all just disappears doesn't it? Everything you are, like breath on a mirror. Any moment now... He's a coming...
Clara: Who? Who's coming?
Eleven: The Doctor.
Clara: [tears up] You. You are the Doctor.
Eleven: Yep. And I always will be. But times change, and so must I... We all change. When you think about it, we're all different people all through our lives, and that's okay, that's good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me.
[A woman suddenly steps down from the balcony of the TARDIS... Amy Pond, as the Doctor knew her best]
Amy Pond: [lovingly caresses his cheek while he does the same with her] Raggedy Man... Good night.
[The Doctor no longer sees Amelia or the crayon drawings in his TARDIS. He removes his bowtie and lets it drop to the floor.]
Clara: No, no! Please don't change.
Eleven: Hey. [grins one last time and suddenly flings backward, regenerating]

     The Twelfth Doctor 
Twelfth Doctor: Kidneys!! I've got new kidneys! ...I don't like the color.
Clara: Of your kidneys?
[The TARDIS suddenly lurches violently and begins sputtering downward]
Clara: What's happening?
Twelfth Doctor: We're probably crashing. Oh!
Clara: Into what!?
Twelfth Doctor: Stay calm! Just one question!
Twelfth Doctor: Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?
[Clara looks back at the Doctor, massively horrified]
— The newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor, "The Time of the Doctor"

Twelfth Doctor: You realize, of course, one of us is lying about our basic programming.
Half-Face Man: [scared] Yes.
Twelfth Doctor: And I think we both know who that is.

Rusty: I see into your soul, Doctor. I see beauty. I see divinity. I... See... Hatred!

Rusty: I am not a good Dalek. You are a good Dalek.

"Robbing a bank. Robbing a whole bank. Beat that for a date."
The Twelfth Doctor, "Time Heist"

"I tried to talk, I want you to remember that. I tried to reach out, I tried to understand you, but I think that you understand us perfectly. And I think that you just don't care! And I don't know whether you are here to invade, infiltrate or just replace us. I don't suppose it really matters now, you are monsters! That is the role you seem determined to play, so it seems that I must play mine! The man that stops the monsters! I'm sending you back to your own dimension. Who knows? Some of you may even survive the trip! And if you do! Remember this! You! Are not welcome here! This plane is protected! I! Am the Doctor! And I name you: the Boneless!"
The Twelfth Doctor, "Flatline"

"I am not a good man! And I'm not a bad man. I am not a hero, I'm definitely not a president, and no, I'm not an officer. You know what I am? I. Am. An idiot! With a box, and a screwdriver, passing through, helping out, learning. I don't need an army—I never have—because I've got them. Always them. Because love is not an emotion. Love is a promise."
The Twelfth Doctor, "Death in Heaven"

"So there's this man. He has a time machine. Up and down history he goes, zip zip zip zip zip, getting into scrapes. Another thing he has is a passion for the works of Ludwig van Beethoven. And one day he thinks, "What's the point of having a time machine if you don't get to meet your heroes?" So off he goes to 18th-century Germany. But he can't find Beethoven anywhere. No-one's heard of him, not even his family have any idea who the time traveller is talking about. Beethoven literally doesn't exist. (This didn't happen, by the way. I've met Beethoven. Nice chap. Very intense. Loved an arm-wrestle. No, this is called "The Bootstrap Paradox". Google it.) The time traveller panics, he can't bear the thought of a world without the music of Beethoven. Luckily he'd brought all his Beethoven sheet music for Ludwig to sign. So he copies out all the concertos and the symphonies... and he gets them published. He becomes Beethoven. And history continues with barely a feather ruffled. But my question is this. "Who put those notes and phrases together?" Who really composed Beethoven's 5th?"
The Twelfth Doctor, "Before the Flood"

Twelfth Doctor: Because it's not a game, Kate. This is a scale model of war. Every war ever fought right there in front of you. Because it's always the same. When you fire that first shot, no matter how right you feel, you have no idea who's going to die. You don't know who's children are going to scream and burn. How many hearts will be broken! How many lives shattered! How much blood will spill until everybody does what they're always going to have to do from the very beginning — sit down and talk! Listen to me, listen. I just — I just want you to think. Do you know what thinking is? It's just a fancy word for changing your mind.
Bonnie: I will not change my mind.
Twelfth Doctor: Then you will die stupid. Alternatively, you could step away from that box. You could walk right out of that door, and you could stand your revolution down.
Bonnie: No, I'm not stopping this, Doctor. I started it. I will not stop it. You think they'll let me go after what I've done?
Twelfth Doctor: You're all the same, you screaming kids, you know that? "Look at me, I'm unforgivable." Well here's the unforeseeable, I forgive you. After all you've done. I forgive you.
Bonnie: You don't understand. You will never understand.
Twelfth Doctor: I don't understand? Are you kidding? Me? Of course I understand. I mean, do you call this a war, this funny little thing? This is not a war. I fought in a bigger war than you will ever know. I did worse things than you could ever imagine, and when I close my eyes... I hear more screams than anyone could ever be able to count! And do you know what you do with all that pain? Shall I tell you where you put it? You hold it tight... Til it burns your hand. And you say this — no one else will ever have to live like this. No one else will ever have to feel this pain. Not on my watch.

"There's this emperor, and he asks this shepherdís boy, 'How many seconds in eternity?' And the shepherdís boy says, 'There's this mountain of pure diamond. It takes an hour to climb it and an hour to go around it, and every hundred years a little bird comes and sharpens its beak on the diamond mountain. And when the entire mountain is chiseled away, the first second of eternity will have passed.' You may think that's a hell of a long time. Personally, I think that's a hell of a bird."
The Twelfth Doctor, "Heaven Sent"

Brock: Who are you?
Twelfth Doctor: There have been many attempts to conquer the Earth. I've lost count. Not one of them has succeeded. Not a single one. They all lost and burned and ran. That's who I am.

"The end of your life has already begun. There is a last place you will ever go, a last door you will ever walk through, a last sight you will ever see, and every step you ever take is moving you closer. The end of the world is a billion billion tiny moments, and somewhere, unnoticed, in silence or in darkness, it has already begun."
The Twelfth Doctor, "The Pyramid at the End of the World"

"Hey! I'm going to be dead in a few hours, so before I go, let's have this out, you and me, once and for all. Winning? Is that what you think it's about? I'm not trying to win. I'm not doing this because I want to beat someone, or because I hate someone, or because, because I want to blame someone. It's not because it's fun and God knows it's not because it's easy. It's not even because it works, because it hardly ever does. I do what I do, because it's right! Because it's decent! And above all, it's kind. It's just that. Just kind. If I run away today, good people will die. If I stand and fight, some of them might live. Maybe not many, maybe not for long. Hey, you know, maybe there's no point in any of this at all, but it's the best I can do, so I'm going to do it. And I will stand here doing it till it kills me. You're going to die too, some day. How will that be? Have you thought about it? What would you die for? Who I am is where I stand. Where I stand, is where I fall. Stand with me. These people are terrified. Maybe we can help, a little. Why not, just at the end, just be kind?"
The Twelfth Doctor, "The Doctor Falls"

"No stars. Pity. I hoped there'd be stars."
The Twelfth Doctor, just before he dies (but not quite), "The Doctor Falls"

"Oh, there it is. Silly old universe. The more I save it the more it needs saving. Itís a treadmill. Yes, yes I know theyíll get it all wrong without me. Well, I suppose... one more lifetime wonít kill anyone. Well, except me. You wait a moment, Doctor. Letís get it right. Iíve got a few things to say to you. Basic stuff first. Never be cruel, never be cowardly. And never ever eat pears! Remember, hate is always foolish... and love, is always wise. Always try, to be nice and never fail to be kind. Oh, and... and you mustnít tell anyone your name. No-one would understand it anyway. Except... except... children. Children can hear it. Sometimes, if their hearts are in the right place, and the stars are too. Children can hear your name. But nobody else. Nobody else. Ever. Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind. Doctor... I let you go."
The Twelfth Doctor's Final Speech before regenerating, "Twice Upon a Time"

     The Thirteenth Doctor 

Oh, brilliant!
The Thirteenth Doctor, upon seeing her own reflection for the first time

     Companions, Foes, and Others 
What are you doing here?
—Recurring phrase said by nearly everyone

First Dalek: Exterminate all Humans!
Second Dalek: Exterminate all Humans!
First Dalek: Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy!
All Daleks: Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy!
[repeats until the out-of-step chanting blends together]

It's a great pity you're not a prince. You'd have made rather a good one.
Princess Rapunzel to Jamie, "The Mind Robber"

Oh, don't underestimate them, Jimmy. They may look like amateurs, but that man has an incredible knack of being one jump ahead of everyone.
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, "The Invasion"

I am the Master, and you will obey me.
The Master, "Terror of the Autons"

There is no point in further discussion. Discussion is for the wise and the helpless, and I am neither.
Leela, "The Invasion of Time"

Romana: They taught me at school how to stop my hearts.
Tyssan: Hearts? How many have you got?
Romana: One for casual, one for best.
"Destiny of the Daleks"

Countess Scarlioni: My dear, I don't think he's as stupid as he seems.
Count Scarlioni: My dear, nobody could be as stupid as he seems.
Discussing the Fourth Doctor, City of Death

Duggan: You know what I don't understand...?
Romana: I expect so.
"City of Death"

Fifth Doctor: All this carnage isn't necessary.
Terileptil: It's survival, Doctor. Just as these primates kill lesser species to protect themselves, so I kill them. [turns to leave]
Fifth Doctor: That's hardly an argument!
Terileptil: [angrily] It's not supposed to be argument! It's a statement!
"The Visitation"

Splendid fellows, all of you.
Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart, to the First through Fifth Doctors, "The Five Doctors"

The Master: I am the Master!
Peri: So what? "I'm Perpugilliam Brown, and I can shout just as loud as you can!"
"Planet of Fire"

You have the mouth of a prattling jackanapes. But your eyes: They tell a different story.
Sharaz Jek speaking to the Fifth Doctor, "The Caves of Androzani"

Your sense of humour will be the death of you, Doctor. Probably quite soon.
Sharaz Jek, "The Caves of Androzani"

The truth? Hex wants the truth. Where to start? The most important truth you never learned, Hexxie boy, is that when the chips are down, the Doctor only ever thinks about himself. You see, it's just a chess game for him. He is the King — All clever and very impressive but very hands-off with the nitty-gritty. He sits at the back and sends everyone else rushing about, doing his dirty work, all those plans and strategies and tinkering, sending wave after wave of pawns to die while he keeps his conscience clean.
—On the Seventh Doctor, "A Death In The Family"

Clive: The Doctor is a legend woven throughout history. When disaster comes he's there. He brings a storm in his wake and he has only one constant companion.
Rose: Who's that?
Clive: Death.

Are you my mummy?
The Child, "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances"

Captain Jack: Captain Jack Harkness.
Lynda: Lynda Moss.
Captain Jack: Nice to meet you, Lynda Moss.
Ninth Doctor: You mind flirting outside?
Captain Jack: I was just saying hello.
Ninth Doctor: For you that's flirting.
Lynda: I'm not complaining.
"Bad Wolf"

You are tiny. I can see the whole of time and space, every single atom of your existence. And I divide them.
Bad Wolf in one of the show's great Badass Boasts, "The Parting of the Ways"

Sarah Jane: The Doctor likes traveling with an entourage. Sometimes they're human, sometimes they're aliens and sometimes they're tin dogs. ...What about you? Where do you fit in the picture?
Mickey: Me? I'm their man in Havana. I'm their technical support. I'm—oh my god. I'm the tin dog!
"School Reunion"

Ricky: You see? No earpods. While the rest of the world downloads from Cybus Industries, we, we, have got freedom. You're talking to London's Most Wanted, but Target No. 1 is Lumic and we are going to bring him down.
Mickey: From your kitchen?
Ricky: Have you got a problem with that?
Mickey: No, it's a good kitchen.
"Rise of the Cybermen"

President of Britain: Lumic, I demand to know, who were these people?
John Lumic: They were poor! And wretched, and useless! Until I elevated them, and gave them life eternal, and now I leave you in their capable hands!
President: (to Cyberman) I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, for what's been done to you. But I promise, this ends tonight.
Cyberman: Upgrading is compulsory.
President: What happens if I refuse?
Tenth Doctor: Don't.
President: What happens if I refuse?
Tenth Doctor: I'm telling you, don't.
President: What happens if I refuse?
Cyberman: You are no longer necessary.
President: What happens then?
Cyberman: You will be deleted. (kills him with an electric shock)
Rise of the Cybermen

Doctor: There's no need to damage us. We surrender. Take us to be processed.
Cyberman: You are rogue elements.
Doctor: But we're surrendering! Listen to me, we surrender!
Cyberman: You are inferior. Man will be reborn as Cyberman, but you shall perish under Maximum Deletion. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete.
Rise of the Cybermen

Y'know, when you're a kid, they tell you it's all grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid and that's it. But the truth is the world's so much stranger than that, and so much darker, and so much madder, and so much better.
Elton Pope, "Love & Monsters"

Dalek: You will identify!
Rose: All right, then. That's the Doctor.
Rose: Five million Cybermen, no problem. One Doctor... now you're scared.
"Army of Ghosts"

Cyber Leader: Daleks, be warned. You have declared war upon the Cybermen.
Dalek Sec: This is not war. This is pest control!
Cyber Leader: We have five million Cybermen. How many are you?
Dalek Sec: Four.
Cyber Leader: You would destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?
Dalek Sec: We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek! You are superior in only one respect.
Cyber Leader: What is that?
Dalek Sec: You are better at dying!

But of all the strange, strange creatures
In the air, at sea, on land,
Oh, my girl, my girl, my precious girl,
I love you, you understand.
Neil Hannon singing "Love Don't Roam", "The Runaway Bride"

You are not alone.
The Face of Boe to the Tenth Doctor, "Gridlock"

Dalek: Daleks have no concept of "worry".
Diagoras: Yeah? Well, lucky you.
Dalek: This day is ending. Humankind is weak. You shelter from the dark. And yet, you have built all this.
Diagoras: That's progress. You gotta move with the times or you get left behind.
Dalek: My planet is gone. Destroyed in a great war. Yet versions of this city stand throughout history. The human race always continues.
Diagoras: We've had wars. I've been a soldier myself. And I swore then I'd survive, no matter what.
Dalek: You have rare ambition.
Diagoras: Oh, I want to run this city, no matter what it takes. By any means necessary.
Diagoras: ...I'll take that as a compliment.
"Daleks in Manhattan"

Hutchinson: Latimer, you filthy coward!
Tim Latimer: Oh, yes sir, every time, sir!
"The Family of Blood"

Tim Latimer: He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun.
John Smith: Stop it.
Tim Latimer: He's ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe.
John Smith: Stop it, I said stop it.
Tim Latimer: And... he's wonderful.
Tim Latimer describing the Tenth Doctor, "The Family of Blood"

"Professor Yana": All those years, standing beside me, and it never occurred to you to ask me about the watch. Did it never occur to you, not ever, that you could set me free?
Chan-Tho: Chan - Professor Yana -
"Professor Yana": And you, with your "chan" and your "tho", driving me insane!
Chan-Tho: Chan - Professor, please -
"Professor Yana: THAT IS NOT MY NAME! The "Professor" was an invention. So perfect a disguise it made me forget who I am...
Chan-Tho: Chan - who are you? - tho
"Professor Yana: I. Am. The Master.

Oooh, new voice. Hello. Hello. Hello. Now then, Doctor. Why don't we have a nice little chat while I tell you all my plans and you figure out a way to stop me, I don't think!
A freshly regenerated Master, "Utopia"

Master [on the gasmask he's wearing]: Because of the gas.
Cabinet Member: What gas?
Master: This gas.
"The Sound of Drums"

The Master: Anything I can do? I could make the tea—or isn't that American enough? I dunno, I could make grits. What are "grits", anyway?
President Winters: If you could just sit?
The Master [to Lucy]: Misery guts.
"The Sound of Drums"

Donna: I'm not drifting...I'm waiting.
Wilf: What for?
Donna: The right man.
Wilf: [chuckles] Same old story, a man!
Donna: No, I don't mean like that, but he's real. I've seen him. I've met him, just once, and then, I let him fly away.
Wilf: Well, there you are, go and find him.
Donna: I've tried. He's...nowhere.
Wilf: Eh? Not like you to give up. D'you know? I remember when you were six years old, your mother said "No holiday, this year". So off you toddled all on your own and you got on a bus to Strathclyde! We had the police out and everything! "Where's she gone, then? Where's that girl, eh?"
Donna: ...You're right. 'Cause he's out there, somewhere. And I'll find him, gramps. Even if I have to wait a hundred years, I'll find him.
Donna Noble speaking of the Doctor, "Partners in Crime"

Donna: (answering the phone, whispering) Not now.
Sylvia: I need the car. Where are you?
Donna: I can't, I'm busy.
Sylvia: Why are you whispering?
Sylvia: What are you doing in church?
Donna: ...Praying.
Sylvia: Bit late for that, madam.
"Partners in Crime"

'Cause the thing is, Doctor, I believe it all now. You opened my eyes. All those amazing things out there, I believe them all. Well, apart from that replica of the Titanic flying over Buckingham Palace on Christmas Day, I mean that's gotta be a hoax.
Donna Noble, "Partners in Crime"

Donna: [clears her throat] Veni, vidi, vici. note 
Stallholder: Huh? Sorry? Me no speak Celtic. No. Can. Do. Missy.
Donna: Yeah! [to the Tenth Doctor] How's he mean, Celtic?
Tenth Doctor: Welsh. You sound Welsh. There we are, learnt something.
Donna Noble tests out the TARDIS' recursive translation circuits, "The Fires of Pompeii"

He's like fire. Stand too close, and you get burned.
Martha Jones warns Donna about the Doctor, "The Poison Sky"

He saves worlds, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures, and runs a lot. Seriously, there's an outrageous amount of running involved.
Donna Noble describing the Tenth Doctor, "The Doctor's Daughter"

Jenny: And what's it like, the traveling?
Donna Noble: Ah, never a dull moment. Can be terrifying, brilliant, and funny, sometimes all at the same time.
"The Doctor's Daughter"

When you run with the Doctor, it feels like it will never end. But however hard you try, you can't run forever. Everybody knows that everybody dies, and nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark if he ever, for one moment, accepts it. Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today. Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call, everybody lives.
River Song, "Forest of the Dead"

Davros: Supreme Dalek, is there news?
Supreme Dalek: Earth has been subjugated.
Davros: I mean, is there news of him?
Supreme Dalek: Negative. No reports of Time Lords.
Davros: Fascinating. If I had not elevated you beyond crude emotion, I would almost mistake your tone for one of victory. Beware your pride.
Supreme Dalek: We are beyond the Doctor's reach!
Davros: And yet... Dalek Caan remains uneasy.
Supreme Dalek: The abomination is insane!
Davros: Show more respect! Without Dalek Caan, none of this would be possible, and his word speaks only truth.
Dalek Caan: He's coming. The Three-Fold Man. He dances in the lonely places. Oh, creator of us all... the Doctor is coming! (cackles insanely)
—"The Stolen Earth"

Harriet: Oh, you know nothing of any human. And that will be your undoing.
"The Stolen Earth"

Father Octavian: You promised me an army.
River Song: No, I promised you the equivalent of one. This is the Doctor.
"The Time of Angels"

You know what's dangerous about you, Doctor? It's not that you make people take risks, it's that you make them want to impress you. You make it so they don't want to let you down. You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves when you're around.
Rory Williams, "The Vampires of Venice"

[on the legend of "the Pandorica" and what's trapped inside it]
Eleventh Doctor: There was a goblin, or a trickster, or a warrior. A nameless, terrible thing, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being in all the cosmos. And nothing could stop it, or hold it or reason with it. One day it would just drop out of the sky and tear down your world.
Amy Pond: How did it end up in there?
Eleventh Doctor: You know fairy tales. A good wizard tricked it.
River Song: I hate good wizards in fairy tales; they always turn out to be him.
"The Pandorica Opens" [the intended occupant of the Pandorica is later revealed to be the Doctor himself]

[River Song faces off against a very weak Dalek after said Dalek has killed the Doctor]
Dalek: You will be EXTERMINATED!
River: Not yet. Your systems are still restoring, which means your shield density is compromised. One Alpha-Meson burst through your eyestalk would kill you stone dead.
Dalek: Records indicate you will show mercy, you are an associate of the Doctor.
River: I'm River Song. [points her weapon at the Dalek's eyestalk] Check your records again.
Dalek: ...Mercy?
River: Say it again.
Dalek: Mercy!
River: One. More. Time.
Dalek: MERCY!!!
[cut to River Song walking alone through the halls]
Amy: What happened to the Dalek?
River [nonchalant]: It died.
"The Big Bang"

Rule #1: The Doctor Lies.
River Song, "The Big Bang"

Raggedy Man, I remember you, and you are LATE FOR MY WEDDING!
Amy Pond, "The Big Bang"

The only water in the forest is the river...
Silence will fall (when the Question is asked).
Tick-tock goes the clock...
Arc Words, Series 6

Amy: What's the matter with you?
Rory: You... called me stupid.
Amy: I always call you stupid.
Rory: No... but... my face.
Amy: (Sees the transmitter, and realizes that Rory heard her saying that she loves his "stupid face," which he thought was referring to the Doctor.)
Rory: I wasn't sure who you were talking about... You know, me or...
Amy: Him?
Rory: Well you did say "dropped out of the sky."
Amy: It's a figure of speech, moron! (kisses him)
"Day of the Moon"

The Doctor: You know, since we're talking, with mouths—not really an opportunity that comes along very often—I just wanna say you have never been very reliable.
The TARDIS: And you have?
The Doctor: You didn't always take me where I wanted to go.
The TARDIS: No, but I always took you where you needed to go.
The TARDIS: Are all people like this?
The Doctor: Like what?
The TARDIS: Do you ever wonder why I chose you, all those years ago?
The Doctor: I chose you. You were unlocked.
The TARDIS: Of course I was. I wanted to see the universe, so I stole a Time Lord and ran away. And you were the only one mad enough.
The TARDIS: There's something I didn't get to say to you.
The Doctor: ...goodbye.
The TARDIS: No. I just wanted to say... Hello. Hello, Doctor. It's so very, very nice to meet you.

I wish I could tell you that you'll be loved. That you'll be safe and cared for and protected. But this isn't the time for lies. What you are going to be, Melody, is very very brave. But not as brave as they all have to be, because there's somebody coming. I don't know where he is, or what he's doing, but trust me; he's on his way. There's a man who's never going to let us down, and not even an army can get in the way. He's the last of his kind; he looks young, but he's lived for hundreds and hundreds of years. And wherever they take you, Melody, however scared you are, I promise you, you will never be alone. Because this man is your father. He has a name, but the people of our world know him better... as The Last Centurion.
Amy Pond, Badass Boast-ing in Rory's name, "A Good Man Goes to War"

''Where. Is. My. Wife.
Rory Williams, asking the Cybermen a question, "A Good Man Goes To War"

How can you be so clever and so completely stupid at the same time?
Amy Pond to the Doctor, prequel to "Let's Kill Hitler"

Rory: Shut up, Hitler!
Eleventh Doctor: Rory, take Hitler and put him in that cupboard over there, now, do it.
Rory: Right. Putting Hitler in the cupboard.
"Let's Kill Hitler"

Older!Amy: All those boys chasing me. And it was only ever Rory. Why was that?
Amy: You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful, and then you actually talk to them, and five minutes later they're as dull as a brick? But then there's other people, and you meet them and you think, "Not bad, they're okay." And then you get to know them, and their face just sort of becomes them. Like their personality's written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful.
Both: Rory's the most beautiful man I've ever met.
Older!Amy: You're asking me to defy destiny, causality, the nexus of time itself for a boy.
Amy: You're Amy. He's Rory. And oh, yes I am.
"The Girl Who Waited"

River: I've been sending out a message. A distress call. Outside the bubble of our time. The universe is still turning and I've sent a message everywhere. To the future and the past, the beginning and the end of everything. "The Doctor is dying. Please, please help."
The Doctor: River! River! This is ridiculous! That would mean nothing to anyone. It's insane. Worse, it's stupid! You'll embarrass me!
River: Those reports of the sun spots and the solar flares? They're wrong. There aren't any. It's not the sun. It's you. The sky is full of a million million voices, saying, "Yes of course. We'll help." You've touched so many lives, saved so many people. Did you think when your time came you'd really have to do more than just ask? You've decided that the universe is better off without you. But the universe doesn't agree.
The Doctor: River, no one can help me. A fixed point has been altered. Time is disintegrating.
River: I can't let you dieó
The Doctor: But I have to die!
River: Shut up! I can't let you without knowing you are loved. By so many and so much. And by no one more than me.

Dorium: On the Fields of Trenzalore at the Fall of the Eleventh, where no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a Question will be asked. A Question that must never, ever be answered.
The Doctor: "Silence will fall when the Question is asked."
Dorium: "Silence must fall" would be a better translation. The Silence are determined that the Question will never be answered, that the Doctor will never reach Trenzalore.
The Doctor: I don't understand. What's it got to do with me?
Dorium: The first Question. The oldest Question in the universe, hidden in plain sight. Would you like to know what it is?

Dorium: It's all still waiting for you. The Fields of Trenzalore. The Fall of the Eleventh. And the question.
The Doctor: Goodbye, Dorium.
Dorium: The first question! The question that must never be answered! Hidden in plain sight! The question you've been running from all your life! Doctor Who. Doctor Who? DOCTOR WHO!?

Droxil: [after he and his subordinates have put their weapons on the ground and stepped back from the crying Madge, who then pulls a pistol of her own] ...there's nothing you could say that would convince me you would ever use that gun.
Madge: Oh, really? Well, I'm looking for my children.
[cue collective Oh, Crap! moment for the Harvesters]
"The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe"

"So that was the year of the slow invasion. When the Earth got cubed and the Doctor came to stay. It was also when we realized something the Shakri never understood. What cubed actually means. The Power of Three."
Amy Pond, "The Power of Three"

Hello old friend, and here we are. You and me, on the last page. By the time you read these words, Rory and I will be long gone. So know that we lived well, and we're very happy. And above all else, know that we will love you, always. Sometimes I do worry about you, though. I think, once we're gone, you won't be coming back here for a while, and you might be alone, which you should never be. Don't be alone, Doctor.

And do one more thing for me. There's a little girl waiting in a garden. She's going to wait a long while, so she's going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story. Tell her that if she's patient, the days are coming that she'll never forget. Tell her she'll go to sea and fight pirates. She'll fall in love with a man who'll wait two thousand years to keep her safe. Tell her she'll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived, and save a whale in outer space.

Tell her, this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends.
Amy Pond, "The Angels Take Manhattan"

They're you. They're what you'll become if you destroy Gallifrey; the man who regrets and the man who forgets.
The Moment, speaking of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, when trying to dissuade the War Doctor from destroying Gallifrey in "The Day of the Doctor"

Cyber-Danny: ATTENTION! This is not a good day! This is Earth's darkest hour! And, look at you miserable lot! We are The Fallen! But today, we shall rise! The Army of the Dead will save the land of the living! This is not the order of a general, nor the whim of a lunatic...
Missy: Excuse Me!
Cyber-Danny: This is a promise! The Promise of a Soldier! (turns and looks directly at Clara) You will sleep safe, tonight!

Robin Hood: So, is it true, Doctor?
The Doctor: Is what true?
Robin Hood: That in the future I am forgotten as a real man. I am but a legend.
The Doctor: I'm afraid it is.
Robin Hood: Hmm... Good. History is a burden. Stories can make us fly.
The Doctor: I'm still having a little trouble believing yours, I'm afraid.
Robin Hood: Is it so hard to credit? That a man born into wealth and privilege should find the plight of the oppressed and weak too much to bear... until one night he is moved to steal a TARDIS? Fly among the stars, fighting the good fight? Clara told me your stories.
The Doctor: [irritated] She should not have told you any of that.
Robin Hood: Well, once the story started, she could hardly stop herself. You are her hero, I think.
The Doctor: I'm not a hero.
Robin Hood: Well neither am I. But if we both keep pretending to be ó ha ha ó perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhaps we will both be stories. And may those stories never end. [they shake hands] Goodbye, Doctor, Time Lord of Gallifrey.
The Doctor: Goodbye, Robin Hood, Earl of Loxley.
Robin Hood: And remember, DoctorÖ I'm just as real as you are.