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Orphaned Series: Webcomics
As can be seen by the lengthy list, Orphaned Series are a common problem for webcomics. Below is a list of some of the most well-known.
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    Serial Offenders 
  • Pretty much every comic on subscription-site WirePop eventually fell into this. Most have been quietly removed from the site after enough time passes. Of the 17 series that launched the site, a grand total of two did not end with the author dropping it (those two series, Xamra and Realms Of Ishikaze have since had normal endings and no longer update). The real kicker is that people had to actually pay to read the majority of the comics past the most recent updates, and they still can't reliably expect the comics they want to read to continue. It's easier to count the subversions than list them all, but the most notable dropped series include:
    • Automatic was a mecha series that fumbled without ever reaching its stated premise before the author, Hai, got a publishing deal with Seven Seas and took the comic down entirely. Ironically, the same author did a series called Blade for Barter, the book for which he got the deal, and this too became an orphaned series after just one volume due to low sales.
    • Cat Boy // Mouse Girl was another launch title that suffered from one false start, got a reboot, then suddenly slipped into a comedy side story, then left the site for its own webspace where it never updated any further. Another title by the same author, Fallen Moon, suffered from constant Schedule Slip before finally dropping off the face of the earth as well.
    • The aforementioned Directions of Destiny, which left after a short period of updates. The author released a few updates of a Wirepop-exclusive series before never updating again and finally canceling that as well.
    • Eversummer Eve was a series that had been running for a few years before Wirepop got the series archive along with new updates. As a prominent comic at the time, it was used to promote Wirepop's launch. It updated rather faithfully for a few years until it suddenly stopped updates altogether. Eventually, even the archives departed quietly in 2008. The site for the comic bore an update of 2008 claiming the series would not continue until either a reboot or remake while the author pursued more lucrative endeavors. In mid-2011, even that site went down and what was left of the comic vanished with it.
    • Fantasy Realms was a series that started off of the site, then relaunched as a WirePop title, then moved back off the site. A promised WirePop exclusive series never materialized. Off the site, the comic has not been updated since February of 2008 and the site since June of 2008, mentioning that the comic is continuing in its state of indefinite hiatus. This was after multiple false starts and extreme Schedule Slip.
    • NightSilver was a launch series by Svetlana Chmakova that ran for about a year of steady updates when the author picked up a publishing deal from Tokyo Pop to write Drama Con. NightSilver slipped further and further before finally quietly disappearing from the site in its entirety. The series was never finished.
    • Eisu, artist of Marry Me, No Pink Ponies, and the long completed Maid Attack, briefly ran a WirePop series titled Rumble Fall that didn't get out of the initial introductions of the cast before dying.
    • A number of Wirepop's startup strips didn't even survive a few months. One of them only did one update before getting cancelled.
    • Wirepop itself shut down in 2012, thus turning all of its remaining strips into this (and taking down a few of the paid archives with it.)
  • Pick anything by David Gonterman. Half of his stuff, he just posts one full "chapter" and loses interest. The other half just gets randomly dropped. This is probably for the best.
    • Most of his stories just meld into each other, then the original is forgotten about. You could say they're all part of one horrible Gonterverse.
  • RK Milholland (of Something Positive fame) has three, all spinoffs of his main comic. They are, in chronological order: New Gold Dreams, Midnight Macabre, and Something Positive 1937-38. All have been revived at least once.
    • Milholland's non-S*P comic Super Stupor has also succumbed to this.
  • Several of Brian Carroll's comics have suffered from this. His main comic, Instant Classic, has stopped and restarted several times, as has its "sister comic", Genrezvous Point. Carroll's Pirates comic, however, is one of his more extreme examples. Unlike the first two, which both had been properly finished before the author decided to pick them up again, Pirates never makes it through its first story arc. After its initial abandonment, Carroll rebooted the strip into a completely different (and somewhat controversial) format, which lasted all of three strips before it was abandoned again.
    • To be fair, Carroll is also a full-time filmmaker, and often notes that most of the reasons his comics end up on hiatus have to do with his involvement on film shoots or projects.
    • As of November 2009, Instant Classic is updating seven days a week to close out the Brothers Donathan story before officially relaunching in January 2010. An honest reboot of Pirates is also in the works, according to the author's website.
  • Happens fairly often with The Sims 2 machinomics. This is usually because their computer crashed and they lost all their characters and they didn't have a back up (and even if they do it's a large amount of work to reload everything). Or, they may have just lost inspiration.
  • Many forum adventures over at the MS Paint Adventures forums usually end up being abandoned, with very few becoming completed. The completed adventures are indexed here, though most are simply gags that only last a few pages.
  • Arist Irony-Chan had two comics start and stop after Get Medieval concluded - Dumnestor's Heroes and Knowledge is Power. After those comics fizzled out, Irony-Chan found her groove again with the non-comedic The Interstellar Tea House... Which has been on hiatus since July 2013.
  • Several webcomics by the prolific writer T Campbell have ended earlier than planned, for one reason or another. Search Engine Funnies and Sketchies ended because the respective artists left on short notice and Campbell was unable to find a replacement. He ended The Versus Verses, Exploding Stills and Widgetitis due to lack of readers (in the first two cases, at least, their highly experimental nature played a part). In contrast, QUILTBAG, as a Penny and Aggie Spin-Off, had both a relatively large readership and an artist who's worked reliably with Campbell for years on other series; however, Campbell stopped it after the second of the planned eight chapters due to dissatisfaction with the comic's overall concept and progress.
  • Phantasmic Tales - Adam Prosser's comics collective on Webcomics Nation. Four comics - all stopped with promises of short hiatuses.
    • Lemuria (a series about a BBW barbarian/thief and her semi-voluntary magic-user sidekick) hasn't updated since December 2012.
    • Freak. U. (About a fraternity full of magic users, cyborgs and other assorted paranormals) hasn't updated since June 2011.
    • Night Shift (About a night watchman and the museum full of living exhibits he interacts with) hasn't updated since June 2009.
    • Critterville (A Funny Animal comic in the vein of Carl Banks' Donald Duck comics) hasn't updated since March 2006.
  • As of February 2014, Ralph Hayes, Jr. put the kibosh on all his webcomics that weren't Tales of the Questor,Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger or Nip and Tuck. Goblin Hollow can be argued to have something of a proper ending, with the birth of Ben and Lily's son. The rest - not so much.
  • Steph Cherrywell has a rather bad habit of abandoning his comics without a clear conclusion. Muertitos and Intragalactic sort of petered out, while Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy ends with a climactic scene that nevertheless looks like it should have gotten at least one more page.
  • Comics hosted on Petite Symphony are prone to being abandoned or having long hiatuses. As of July 2014 out of about 20 projects only Djandora and new Chimaera High update regularly, plus Project Zero moved to another site. Generation 17 was officially dropped by author in 2014, other comics just stopped updating in 2013 or earlier. Which is a shame, since the site's comics are of above-average quality and feature interesting long storylines. It's as if comics come to this site to die.

    Titles (0-9)-A 
  • 9th Elsewhere. Updating ground to a halt for a while, restarted at half-strips once a week, ground to a halt again; the author posted a long rant about her IRL issues, and then promised huge news "on Thursday". Thursday, at the time of this entry (September 28, 2009) was almost 16 months ago. See also Secret of Mana Theater by her (ex?)boyfriend, which suffered a similar update breakdown (around the same time, probably-not-coincidentally), seemed to promise a comeback, and is now languishing on an archived version of the site from 2002...
    • Update: As of 2010, the books ordered in 2007 are finally arriving.
  • Abstract Gender, oh Abstract Gender. The webcomic went through four, count em, four artists before the artist well dried up completely. Webcomic died. But wait, there's more! The writer then went on to producing scripts that continued the story. All collected right here. They didn't last too long either.
  • Absurd Notions, which has been orphaned and resurrected repeatedly.
  • Acid Reflux was a comic that ran for a couple years and built up a decent following until the author put it on indefinite hiatus due to needing to rearrange her life. This notice was the last thing she posted and the domain that was hosting the comic eventually expired, being consumed by one of the many vulture domain stealers.
    • It has been made available by fans (Google for it) and the the few unfinished scripted strips have been drawn and published by a fan artist.
    • Here we go. First strip here, as the last one is a bit of a spoiler.
  • The Adventures of Sailor Ranko, last November it made a big fanfare of coming back and coughed up a handful of new comics before ceasing, this November (2010) it made a big fanfare about coming back and coughed up one comic.
    • The comic has had sporadic updates between November 2010 and February 2011 due to having artist difficulties and change thereof, along with not many people donating to keep updates coming in (the artist also does Ruby Thursday), and Burger Becky (the one behind the comic) had surgery around early April whilst the artist had an eye injury around the same time. It is currently unknown what's being going on for the past few months though. All this considering, it's more like an indefinite hiatus for the comic (and fanfic story that the comic's future will be based on).
  • The Adventures of Spelling the Vacuum
  • Aether was a fantasy comic with a growing fanbase and reputation that came to an abrupt end in the middle of the strip's first real plot arc. The artist had never intended the comic to have lasted as long as it did, and had no real plans for the story or characters. The comic was originally intended to practise sequential art for another project. Thus decided to end Aether before it became too convoluted. The website has gone and squatters are in place.
  • A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible
  • Alpha Shade, after getting through two books worth of comics, suddenly ground to a halt and has not seen an update since 2010. It doesn't help that the Brudlos' attempt to start up their own company, Alpha Shade Inc., basically tanked and they had to spend the majority of their time taking on contracts to make ends meet. The artist is still committed to the comic and is considering making a spinoff. However, he can't continue the main comic without the writer, who essentially lost interest in the project.
  • Altermeta would seem to be the posterboy for this trope, complete with revival and another slipping of schedule.
    • It's been rebooted again (from 8/6/2009), with the strips from the previous reboot consigned to limbo (possibly until they can be reincorporated into the time line). New strip looking good - cross your fingers, folks...
  • Amazing Superteam, after a hilarious first book, started into the dreaded Schedule Slip, and has now simply stopped.
  • Arduffle started on February 7, 2011, and ended June 28, 2012, with the creator announcing that he was taking a long break from the strip.
  • Amazoness, a cute webcomic about Amazons and their slaves, went through a series of erratic updates, and then stopped entirely.
    • Last update: February 2010 and the bit of the logo that says "Updated Mondays & Fridays" was always aspirational.
  • Arcane Times goes so long (several months) between updates, it could practically be said to invoke this trope with each individual page.
  • Asheron hasn't updated past its beginnings for a long time due to several of the author's personal difficulties and decisions regarding the comic. The author plans on continuing the comic at some point. The author now works on Dragon Heroes.
  • Ask Dr. Eldrich hasn't been updated since December 2011.
  • Avalon is perhaps the most notorious case within webcomics; the series was tremendously popular, but as real life concerns overtook Josh Phillips' writing and artwork, the schedule began slipping for weeks and later months at a time. Eventually, he called it quits, posting a written outline of the series ending in the forums, and announcing that he would be starting a different series (Two Eighty), which ended after four updates.

    Titles B-D 
  • Bard Quest from MS Paint Adventures was abandoned after only a few dozen pages when the branching storylines became too confusing and complicated to bother with. Jail Break was also orphaned for a few years, but finally got an ending during the break before Homestuck's end of act 5 flash.
  • The Bare Pit, a Slice of Life comic set in a New Zealand nudist colony hasn't updated since 2011 - a combination of lack of inspiration for the comic, real life demands and the artist's commitment to Magellan.
  • Benders And Brawlers is one of the Drunk Duck comics that hasn't returned from the Aug. 2013 server crash.
  • Beyond Reality has dropped off the Internet entirely, with its domain-name now expired.
  • Bibliography stopped updating one day and eventually the whole website disappeared, soon scavenged by advertisers.
  • Black Tapestries ran from July of 2002 to August of 2007, briefly returned in February of 2008, then stopped for good. The forum remained somewhat active, and the author still hosted another roleplay-oriented site. In 2012 the comic was rebooted on its own site, but only 3 pages were posted in 6 months. In winter of 2014 the author decided to continue the original incarnation despite inconsistencies that kept accumulating as explained here. As of May 2014 she managed to update 2-4 times per month.
  • Blip has been in limbo since the 25th of July 2012.
  • Blue Circus seems to have died. Originally updated twice a week, but it hasn't been updated since Dec 2011.
  • Arguably, the hand-drawn version of Bob and George; the writer kept returning to the Mega Man-based Sprite Comic he'd done as Filler Strips, and finally said "my drawings sucks, screw it" and just imported the hand-drawn storyline into the sprites.
    • This is the sad fate of 99% of just about all the fancomics by readers on the Bob and George forums. Of literally thousands of comics that have popped up since B&G began in 2001, you could count on both hands all the ones that came to an actual conclusion rather than petering out. The number of ones that are still ongoing is only slightly larger.
  • The Broken Mirror was, by all means, a slow-moving piece. The promised "twice-weekly" updates dropped to twice-weekly after a while and somewhere into the fourth chapter, the webcomic just stopped.
  • Broken Plot Device stopped abruptly in 2012 after the artist's troubles in personal life. She stated that the site will remain for the time being, but she will not update it anymore as she moves on to other projects.
    • As of summer 2013 the possibility of uncancellation appeared. The artist's need for money may outweigh her desire to leave this part of her life behind.
  • Bruno the Bandit stopped in October 2009 in the middle of a storyline. Creator Ian McDonald attributes it partly to health problems, but mostly because he wasn't able to make a good enough living at it.
  • For the first Cat Nine. The storyline stopped just after the beginning of the episode.
  • Charliehorse was Krakow Studios' ongoing webcomic prior to Spinnerette (Having actually wrapped up Krakow and Marilith). Put on hiatus then officially declared dead, due to a combination of concentrating on Spinnerette and considering Charliehorse not very good - with the occasional inspired strip.
  • Cheap Thrills hasn't had an update or status report since December 2012.
  • Chugworth Academy updated nicely for several years, then slipped several times, and vanished for several months. Then it suddenly reappeared, posted about four new strips claiming to be starting over again picking up a few months later, and then updates stopped for good.
  • The Cobra Days, a Metal Gear Solid 3 comic following the Quirky Miniboss Squad of the game, slipped majorly at one point. After over 11 months without a single update it was officially cancelled. However, the author posted a link to a video serving as the series finale on her deviantART page, so she at least wrapped up the story that was already in progress when she last updated.
  • Coming Up Violet hasn't updated since 2012. And that was coming off an Un-Cancellation little more than a year previous.
  • The fan-made sequel to Concerned (which itself was properly concluded), Concerned 2: A Concerned Ripoff, completely stopped updating in late 2010.
  • Cool Cats Studio fell into this, though it was revived and given a proper ending in September of 2008.
  • Cosmobear was a project by Clay Yount while he was still initially working on Rob and Elliot. Due to the commitment required for two strips, he even dropped Rob and Elliot down to one day a week to manage both strips. However, Cosmobear rather quickly fell into a non-updating hole in which weeks and months would go between strips. An update in June 2008 promised "Updates next Friday" for years, before the site was quietly killed and the comic vanished. All the while, Rob and Elliot became a victim of Schedule Slip before it actually got a simple conclusion.
  • Count Your Sheep hasn't updated since december 2011.
  • Crimson Latex was cancelled after 36 strips, but the author later returned with Collar 6 as a Spiritual Successor, bringing in a number of the same characters but rebooting continuity.
  • The 2007 Crossover Wars event had the Limbo of Lost Webcomics, which is where Orphaned Series that were no longer on the web went.
  • Dangerous and Fluffy: The Sheep of Doom, after losing its second artist, was unable to continue. The author would like to continue it someday, but is far too slow of an artist at present to draw it himself. For that matter, there's a couple months of strips that aren't uploaded at the new archive.
  • Dela The Hooda never had a regular update schedule, but has now lost its homepage after months of inactivity. The comic still updates very sporadically on Style Wager's VCL gallery.
  • Demon Aid had a build up of the better part of a year as the author wound down her previous series, Red String. It was unceremoniously cancelled at the end of its first chapter, barely six months into its run. The author had originally announced plans to put it into a once-a-week back burner project while spinning up another series instead, so the announcement of it actually ending in its entirety, which came on its final update, took its readership by surprise.
  • Discordia hasn't been updated since 2007.
  • Dont Name It was cancelled after just beginning its third chapter due to the creator losing interest in not only the project, but the entire Homestuck fandom as well.
  • Dreamwalk Journal (NSFW) went on hiatus in 2007, officially due to writer Kishma Danielle suffering a back injury, but shows no sign of ever resuming.
    • Update: The original Dreamwalk Journal site went offline, but not before Kline and Danielle began a series of spinoff stories, eventually titled Nightshade the Merry Widow. They have also announced that the original series will be rehomed and eventually continued. As of mid-August 2012 the powers that be have not decided whether or not Nightshade's sexual content render it unsafe for a TV Tropes article.
  • Dungeon Crawl has put up a "On Hiatus" sign, though there never was a very steady schedule.
  • Another Un-Cancelled example is Dungeons & Denizens, which was on hiatus for more than a year, with just a few forum posts as indications of life. Then the series returned and kept a fairly regular schedule for a while, before Real Life again interfered and the updates schedule has again become very irregular.

    Titles E-K 
  • Elle And All The Others spontaneously ceased updating in May 2009, apparently due to the writer's personal issues and the artist's new job.
  • Elf Life. Disillusionment over failed attempts to make it pay has probably been a factor. Also, Carson Fire did always appear to have problems in keeping the story on course and completing story arcs.
  • A rare Un-Canceled example: Elf Only Inn went on seemingly permanent hiatus as of August 2004, but reappeared in September 2006 (with the setting moved from chatroom roleplay to an MMORPG) and had been steadily updating three times per week ever since. Since June 2007, updates have become very erratic and hasn't updated since May 2008.
  • Ever After was put on hiatus in 2008 due to the creator having to deal with real life problems. Unfortunately, he decided to focus on other projects afterwards instead and pretty much admitted that it was unlikely the comic would be continued.
  • Evilish stopped updating in late 2007. Six months later, a newspost by the artist promised new updates soon, which never came. It's still online however, unlike most other pensandtales comics.
  • Everlasting Wanderers, a Ragnarok Online based webcomic, initially started off as a series of oneshots and random plots. However, once a Myth Arc started forming, the updates suddenly ceased and site has since then been taken down due to lack of payment. The author did repost it to his deviantart but it's still updated rarely — if ever.
  • Fetch Quest: Saga of the Twelve Artifacts only managed to get 17 chapters into the story before the creators were forced to close it due to real life pressures.
  • Fight Cast Or Evade - a furry D&D-based adventure comic, hasn't been updated since July 2007.
  • Filthy Lies actually had an official, if abrupt and wholly unsatisfying, Shoot the Shaggy Dog ending. Then the creator realized he missed doing it, so he brought it back. Before apparently vanishing off the face of the earth - no newspost, no forum message, nothing, to say "I'm sick of this again, so bye!"
  • Finders Keepers was put on "indefinite hiatus" on July 3, 2012, citing professional obligations that took priority over the comic. Garth Cameron Graham wouldn't use the word ended, but did say he would return in 2013 with a new comic.
  • Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth; orphaned in late 2006, Un-Canceled in February 2007 with a new artist, then abandoned again after only two strips.
    • Before that happened, Dave "Fargo" Kosak's other magnum Opus, The Daily Victim, was orphaned as Fargo was finding a new artist to take over for Lemuel "Hotsoup" Pew.
    • Currently on a sequel series titled Flintlocke Vs. The Horde which focuses on an Orc Hunter who gathers a party to take vengeance against Flintlocke's group for killing his father (ignoring the fact that he's an NPC and respawns after a few minutes).
      • With the author's move to Blizzard, the sequel comic has also come to a close. It had more of a conclusion than the previous series, at least.
  • Geist Panik petered out in 2009, the domain disappeared, then came back again. Still no new comics, but you can read what's there at least.
  • Ghastly's Ghastly Comic, due to a sudden illness.
  • Ghost_K Manga Series managed an entire complete edition, that even featured a Norwegian translation, with a cliff hanger ending that apparently would be resolved in the next issue. However, the project was abandoned half way through the development of the second issue, despite storyboard plans existing for the rest of the issue and even a third. This decision did not seem to be looked upon fondly by other contributors to the project.
    • The creator has stated he has plans for a revival or rebuild version of the series in 2013, so it may be rescued from this category. However, as this author is also tied up in another project at the current time, that claim seems unlikely to be fulfilled.
  • Gossamer Commons
  • Gryphon Masters stopped updating with the news of an attempt at a new direction. Its archives are still online.
  • Hammer of Grammar was an upcoming World of Warcraft screencap comic that followed the real life occurrences of human priestess Auden and Dwarf Hunter Gweryc as they made amusing everyday observations about World of Warcraft. It poked fun at things such as common emo tones of Roleplayers, the future of World of Warcraft's lore or constantly re-rolling characters. Suddenly at when the comic really began to take off, (at the time the author had started selling an actual shirt based on the latest comic) she stopped making the comic due to personal reasons. Despite constant hints that it would come back, the site it was originally hosted on no longer exists.
    • The site is back, but last update is still from 2007.
  • Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name hasn't had a canon update page in over a year and the site in general hasn't been updated in 2 years. The author has since moved on to another webcomic.
  • HellBound first displayed "temporary hiatus!" in big in its homepage, then said homepage disappeared and domain squatters settled in its place.
  • The Heroes of Middlecenter first slowed to a crawl, then displayed "lack of motivation" on the update progress bar, then eventually went offline in 2011. What's worse, the site was configured to disallow bots, which means it was never archived for the Wayback Machine.
  • Hyrularity ended without any kind of resolution and no word on its future.
  • The "About" page of Instruction Space states that the creator (Jonathan Kim, better known as PersonaSama on the net) wanted to make a webcomic to be updated weekly for a year. It lasted four months (from August to November 2010) with a few slips, then Persona told that it was on hiatus, but that he was working on some "cool new project" to be finished in February 2011... then nothing, until an update on March 2012. Let's see where this goes.
    • Apparently nowhere, since it's now June 2014 and nothing changed.
  • Jackie's Fridge, which had been plagued with Schedule Slips throughout its run.
  • The Jar wasn't just orphaned, it also had its archive taken down by the author herself because she "hated it".
  • Joe and Monkey Updated off and on since 2004, with occasional month-or-so hiatuses, then in August 2008, the artist announced he was moving and would be taking a little time to get the comic up and running. The site recently began updating again in July 2009 with a new story arc.
  • Joyce and Walky has yet to finish its final suscribers-only storyline, as David Willis has been busy with other comics.
  • Keychain of Creation, an Exalted webcomic was never continued after the writer got tendonitis.
  • Killroy And Tina, a superhero-type webcomic with an overarching storyline, abandoned in favor of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, a superhero Gag A Day (really, gag a week) webcomic parodying every superhero trope. The archives have since vanished when Graphic Smash folded.
  • Knights of the Old Coding, one of the few sprite comics out there to mix various series and actually do something fun and original with it. Considering that the last actual sprite strip came on the 3 year anniversary mark of the first strip, and the last thing the author uploaded was nearly 5 years ago, it's a wonder this thing is even still on the host anymore.
  • Experimental Comic Kotone has been pretty much orphaned, despite Akira's claims he'll get back to it.
    • He seems to have started again of August 23, 2010, but is creating some filler get back in the swing of things before continuing with any hanging storylines.
  • Krazy Larry went on a long Hiatus between December 2002 and April 2004, before coming back. Then in August of 2004 it went on Hiatus again. It came back in May of 2005 in color and starting the story over in a more linear fashion, renamed "Krazy Larry: Sanitarium." It sporadically updated a handful of times until January of 2006, where it stopped again. However, it should be noted that in May of 2005 the artist Paul Southworth had started work on a new project, Ugly Hill, that has been consistently updated, making this a case of waning interest, instead of life conflicts.
  • Kurenai Mashin, a graphic novel about the titular blind elf assassin. It's last update (both comic and site) was back in 2007, ending what was periods of long hiatuses. (The previous chapter, Chapter Six lasted from 2005 to 2007 with the new chapter lasting only months before the author seemingly abandoned it for good.)

    Titles L-Q 
  • Lang Lang, a furry comic about a Separated at Birth twin (later triplet) sisters reuniting, hasn't updated since March 2008.
  • Late for Class, the comic made by the staff of the as-of-now (2014) defunct anime review site Anime Academy, stopped abruptly August 4, 2007 after only a handful of updates. They probably "pulled the plug" after noticing that it was just a bunch of unfunny gags about anime culture and school shenanigans that went nowhere.
  • Legendary was quite good with it's updates, but then fell foul of the deadly Schedule Slip, having been left sitting there since 2007. Then the author went and deleted all the strips, and if you visit the site now, you're greeted with the message "This comic sucked, and now it's gone.". Sigh.
    • Taking a look recently, it would appear that the comic is back up, but is still unupdated.
      • And now it's back down again, except for a single strip.
  • Life of Riley. It seems oddly fitting that the very last words are "the true name of God."
  • Loserz (abandoned since January 2007)
  • Mac Hall, although one could argue that the webcomic never had much of a plot and that the author had a rather definitive "The End" strip as his last update. The comic was followed by Three Panel Soul not long afterwards, continuing the former main characters' adventures in three-panel strip form.
  • Metal Wing just sort of stopped updating in 2007. Updates before then were laggy.
  • Mind Flayed, a story focused upon a Mind Flayer raised on the surface world and gaining companions who are counterstereotypes of their species (an Ax-Crazy elf, a Half-Orc Druid and a good-aligned Lich) was eventually canceled after several ScheduleSlips, changing artstyles and eventually just stopping, citing personal reasons.
  • Misty The Mouse stalled a while back. Artist "Dutch" is still doing stuff, just not that.
    • New strips started appearing in late 2011, though updates are still sporadic with no set schedule. Considering that it started with a Mood Whiplash, namely killing Misty's husband, and Art Evolution toward obesity, it's debatable if un-canceling was a good thing.
      • Some strips from the story arc just before the hiatus appear to have gone AWOL. They didn't fit the new direction.
  • Lover Of Piggies, the author of Mortifer was working on two other series in the past, both well written, both abandoned (Mortifer, on the other hand, is still going strong at over 1100 pages). The first of these, Dei Anghel Ex, was very good, but it was also very dark — the author decided that writing two dark series at once was probably bad for her mental health (Though it seems to have gotten a Spiritual Successor in the form of her new webcomic, Fringe Happy). The other, Luni's Island, was a light-hearted comedy, which was abandoned for reasons undiscovered.
  • Nami Warriors tried to prevent Schedule Slip in August 2010 by going from twice a week updates to once a week updates. A few weeks later, the strip was abandoned altogether.
  • Never Never by John "The Gneech" Robey has, over the past few years, spent more time on hiatus than updating. This is entirely down to time constraints - initially, he had to drop it in favour of his first webcomic, The Suburban Jungle. Since that time, a few guest artists have taken it on, before having to bow out themselves.
  • Not in My Backyard! may be the oldest example. It started fairly consistently in 1998 and started to suffer rampant Schedule Slip between June 2000 and January 2001. After getting back on schedule, it abruptly ended in August 2001, and creator Dave Taylor apparently vanished into thin air until he launched a line of fighting toys in 2013. Amazingly, the strip is still up.
    • Word of God (Dale Taylor's Twitter) is that he set a goal of trying to get the strip nationally syndicated within 10 years (it had been printed locally for a few years prior), and quit when that failed to happen.
  • OldSkooled was very slow at updating for many years but still renowned. It hasn't updated since a single strip went up in late 2006.
    • A new strip was posted Feb 2010, along with a "Let's see where this goes" attitude.
  • Omega Syndrome, a fantasy strip with rather good art and a decently interesting storyline that ended extremely abruptly in favor of the artist starting some other strip.
  • Pickle Girl has not been updated since the end of July 2006.
  • Pillars of Faith, a webcomic following the further adventures of Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, slowed and stalled out on March 29th, 2009.
  • Pokechow always had a fairly erratic update schedule, and was last updated in September 2007. The worst part? The strip leaves off on a blatant cliffhanger.
    • The strip has continued as of 2010.
  • The last strip of Powerup Adventure, a Spinoff of Powerup Comics, is from July 30, 2008, with the author's comment saying he's excited about what's coming up. Given that the original was a Stealth Parody, this was probably done intentionally as a parody of this trope.
  • Psychoteers stopped updating in 2006 after a series of hiatus announcements and semi-updates.
  • Puppy Kitten Grand Adventue hasn't updated since Valentine's Day 2009.

    Titles R-U 
  • Raine Dog, for reasons explained on its own page, and DC Simpson's page. Nothing has happened with this comic since 2011, and probably won't, with the success of Heavenly Nostrils.
  • Random Ax Of Kindness The last update was on November 5, 2003.
  • Redemption was discontinued after three (or four) restarts over the course of its life, none of which ever made it past its prologue. The site where it was hosted died earlier this year.
  • Return to Sender: After no updates for approximately two years, the author finally posted a notice that not only was she not working on the series anymore, she'd forgotten her login credentials to post the announcement until then.
  • RPG World: A particularly nasty example as the strip was up to the final confrontation and near completion when the author, Ian Jones Quartey, finally broke into animation full time. He's since worked on some minor cult shows that you've surely never heard of.note 
    • Similarly, a spin-off project, Starsomething, a joint project with the author of Adventurers!, fell into a hole around the same time for the same reason.
  • Sailor Sun is a rare aversion: things looked bleak for a while after the author spent time in the US for employment reasons and even bleaker when he was deployed to Afghanistan, and even after he got back to Canada things weren't looking good. Then he decided to complete the story and the pace actually picked up because he had a definite ending to write towards.
  • Salad Days stopped updating for a long time. There was news of a restart at hand in 2008, despite the comic's prevailing artistic and writing talents, but as of 2009 it still hasn't budged an inch further.
    • The authors came out in late 2009 and announced that the comic was put on indefinite hiatus, and since the original domain was swallowed by domain squatters, the archived pages were moved here.
  • Sandwich World went through a period where it was updating, literally, about once a year, but now appears to have been completely abandoned.
  • SeaGate simply disappeared some day.
  • Sexy Losers. The creator/artist stopped in 2006 due to RSI injuries that made it painful to draw. A couple scattered strips have been released since then, though the website even went down for a period in 2008. Three strips were posted over the course of 2009 to celebrate the comic's 10th anniversary.
    • Even if it never comes fully back, it seems that as of August 2009 the artist is finishing up at least one of the hanging storylines.
      • The comic was eventually finished, with all plotlines tied up (at least to Clay's satisfaction). He now draws Depression Comix.
    • Other issues included lack of payment (despite being incredibly popular, he never saw any money from ad revenue from the various people who hosted him) and Real Life blackmail attempts threatening his employment over the comic.
  • Sharing a Universe 1-20-03 to 8-10-08. The author just up and left in the middle of and arc, with no warning or note - or they died..
  • Shaw Island, which isn't even online anymore. Its domain is now occupied by a fan site that may or may not be online someday.
  • Shredded Moose was abandoned and taken offline after it ended. Many of the strips are still Lost Forever. Given the comic's rather negative reputation, most have assumed the creators considered it an Old Shame.
  • Sonichu was prone to schedule slips even before the trolls got involved; when the pressure increased in 2010, Christian Weston Chandler, the author of the series essentially quit the comic and blamed them for "draining his creativity".
  • Special School has been un-updated since Christmas 2012.
  • Spells And Whistles started out as a humorous fantasy strip, then became more known for several false starts, unexplained hiatuses, announcements of abandonment, and even a few failed reboots in different formats before finally being abandoned again for what is assumed to be the final time. The site is now completely offline with no archives, and the domain redirects to Good Ship Chronicles, yet another abandoned series by the same artist.
  • Spellshocked. A furrynote  comic about a quarter-dragon from a family of actors enrolling into a magical academy and immediately befriending an accident-prone sophomore Gadgeteer Genius, a gray fox. Featured really nice art, likable characters, deeply fleshed-out world with Dark and Troubled Past. The first incarnation started on Keenspace (now Comic Genesis) in 2000, immediately received a lot of positive reviews, praising its potential, but ground to a halt in the middle of an impromptu play telling the world's backstory. The strip was rebooted in 2001, went into a slightly different direction (alas, no foreshadowing plays), moved to a site of its own and halted again. The author tried to continue or restart the comic several more times, meanwhile filling the site with more background info. The site has since disappeared, but Comic Genesis archive of the second attempt still exists: start, end.
  • Starbooze was halted due to the typical struggles of the life of a student.
  • Starcommand has not been updated since December 2009.
  • Stringsof Fate was a fantastic little webcomic by Jen Wang (artist of Koko Be Good) featuring the Eastern Zodiac and The Four Gods (and then some) which was unfortunately abandoned just as things were getting exciting in the sequel. And then the archives went down. If you dig around, you can find zip files of it a couple of chapters into the sequel, though.
  • Talismen: Return of the Exile is notable for the professional quality of its artwork and full-page layout. It underwent a deal of Schedule Slip before the artist finally, formally and unexpectedly called time on the whole work. It is sorely missed.
  • There's Something About Tails always had a pretty rocky update schedule. The comic has had at least three periods of not updating for over six months. The most recent being some time mid-2012, to the point that it's been over a year since the comic updated.
  • Those Destined: The artist shut it down after six years and six hundred strips, citing real life factors and general burn out. Then the website itself stopped responding.
  • Thunderstruck shut down in 2009, due to Grayson Towler shifting focus to his professional works. In January 2014 he revived it as a once-a-month updater.
  • Tio and Carla. Hosted on the former KeenSpace, did very nicely for a few years there. Then in the middle of a storyline that was shaping up to be pretty interesting, poof. The updates just stopped, and there was no forum, not even a news post to say why it stopped. A year and a half later (this was around about 2005-2006) later, it flat-out vanished from the host entirely.
  • Turn Signals on a Land Raider was discontinued due to time constraints and the artist wanting to start a new webcomic.
  • Urban Dragons has been on "indefinite hiatus" since December 6th 2006
  • After over 10 years of perfect Schedule Slip aversion, User Friendly went quiet in June 2009 after the creator lost a family member. The strip returned in August of that year, then stopped updating again that December. Aside from a 3-week run of new, more serious strips in November 2010, has remained quiet ever since.

    Titles V-Z 
  • Vampirates began a long, unplanned hiatus in 2009 before being officially discontinued Jan. 9th, 2011.
  • After 5 years and a run of 237 web comics, Van Von Hunter succumbed to this in February 2007 (probably due to the author focusing more and more attention on his book series).
  • Verardi Famiglia went on indefinite hiatus despite a promising tale and somewhat consistent updates.
  • Waiting For Bob - and it may have been the plan all along, given the name.
  • Wally and Osborne hasn't updated since 2008.
  • Weishaupt Scholars (revived as a computer game)
  • Wereworld hasn't had a true update since October 2012. A January '13 artist note promises that new updates are on the way.
  • Part webcomic, part fan-ad for a brand of high-power laser pointers, WICKEDPOWERED stalled in 2007, but the creators attempted to continue "updating" by having the Big Bad trigger a time loop and then reposting all the comics done so far. Classy, guys, real classy.
  • White Ninja Comics hasn't updated in quite some time. They also still haven't added the official apology that they promised.
  • The Wotch, slowly succumbed to Schedule Slip as the author's life became more and more chaotic returning to school, Marriage fell apart, etc. Eventually she stopped updating altogether, and eventually started working with the City of Reality team. One stated reason is that she feels embarrassed that she let the Schedule Slip go for so long.
  • Xannys Curse, a series which the author has made three separate attempts to produce.
  • Your Wings Are Mine by Aoi Hayashi (late 2000 to early 2010) has ended for no full reason given. A message was given from the author in mid-2012 to confirm that the series was most likely completely dead (having not be updated in over two years - leaving a bunch of cliffhangers) and that while all of the pages would be left on the site everything else would be shut down.
  • Zogonia/Mount Zogon, which, around the time Wizards of the Coast took over the two D&D magazines, went on hiatus until "June" (an even-further-in-the-past June than the Thursday 9th Elsewhere promised). In June, all content vanished from the site, leaving just the background pattern and nothing else.
  • Zombie & Mummy has not been updated since 2003.

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