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Webcomic: Coming Up Violet

Coming Up Violet is a Furry Comic written and created by Brian Daniel and illustrated by Misty Caldwell (background art by Kevin), and the sequel to Fur Will Fly. The comic also was a spinoff, switching the focus from Brad and his antics to Violet Oaks and her circle of friends in high school.

A more consistent art style leads this comic to be better than the original graphically. It's also way more PC. However, the artist and the writer had a falling out leading to the comic being canceled and taken down. The canceling didn't last long as the artist continued the comic on May 17th, 2010 with a new writer (Bombur). Looks like things turned out okay after all.

The comic has not updated since April 2012.

Coming Up Violet contains examples of:

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Code Name: HunterFurry WebcomicsCommander Kitty

alternative title(s): Coming Up Violet
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