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Webcomic: Cat Nine
"Oh sure, my cat's a person now, why not?"

Cat Nine is an anime inspired Webcomic by Lazylonewolf(radstylix in deviantArt)

There are two versions of the comic, but the premise is the same. When Keith arrives at his home, he finds that his cat has turned into a cat girl and now has to deal with all the problems and responsibilities that come with it. Doesn't help that she's always so hungry, hyper and curious all the time.

Older and in permanent hiatus (but still worth a read), Cat Nine

Reboot and updated every week, Cat Nine: Take Two!

Has nothing to do with or Nyancat or Tac Nayn. (This comic actually came first)

Cat Nine provides examples of the following tropes:

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alternative title(s): Cat Nine
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