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Webcomic: White Ninja Comics
White Ninja is a webcomic by Scott Bevan and Kent Earle of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It stars the titular White Ninja, who is also the only consistent character. Everything else seems to change from one strip to the next. He has been married (with and without kids), single, divorced, in school, out of school, living with his parents, living with a roommate, living on his own, practicing medicine, on trial... the list goes on.

White Ninja himself varies in characterization, but is usually shown to be childish, impulsive and fairly unempathetic. The comic is based around placing him in various situations. Most of the humor comes from his silly, sociopathic or generally strange actions—such as spending all his grocery money on bananas (and a little mascara) or forbidding his son from dressing as a hot nurse for Halloween (because he was planning to dress as one himself).

This webcomic contains examples of:

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