Webcomic / Edmund Finneys Quest To Find The Meaning Of Life

Left: Edmund. Right: One of the sanest people he's met.

"I've met many people in my travels, many hospitable, others not as much. It's times like these that reassure me you can still count on the kindness... and strangeness... of strangers."
Edmund, here.

Meet Edmund Finney, a man traveling the world, searching for... well, for the meaning of life. The Only Sane Man in a mad, mad, world, Edmund has to deal with Ax-Crazy lunatics, monsters, cannibals, aliens, advertising companies, corporate CEO's, insanely high gas prices, musical pirates, the odd Monster Clown, and far, far more. He reacts to it all with a calm rationality... well, when he's not running away screaming.

Keep in mind that a lot of the humour comes from subverting, double subverting and zig zagging various tropes and expected punchlines.

You can read it here.

Tropes that apply to this webcomic are: