Webcomic / Spelling the Vacuum

"Why would you try to spell a vacuum?"
What You're Probably Thinking Right Now

Vacuumland, 1996: An inexplicable accident of chance creates a sentient vacuum with an attitude. His name is Spelling.

The first five 'chapters' were plotted out as part of a larger arc centered on the prophecy of the Errant One and Bono the Cat's ambition to Take Over the World. The sixth introduced a new old nemesis of Stooge's with a grudge, and the seventh involved Time Travel before the author got sick of that dragging on and swerved abruptly in a different direction.

The site, www.room931.com, was taken down sometime in 2008, circa two years after the last strip was posted—which itself was only posted after a six month lapse, as lampshaded in said final strip. Once upon a time, it also shared a forum site with Zelda Comic at inksandwich.com.

Spelling the Vacuum is now archived at www.spellingthevacuum.com as of May, 2009.