Webcomic / Dumnestor's Heroes

Dumnestor's Heroes is a webcomic by Irony-chan (also the creator of Get Medieval) about an adventuring party in a classic Fantasy setting who are really the player characters of a group of tabletop gamers.

The in-game story is that an elf prince got turned into a human as the result of a poorly-worded request to his god, and he and a dwarven accountant are rescued from their orc abductors by a female human rogue. The three of them find themselves caught into a series of adventures—because the junior god who made the initial mistake is trying to justify himself before the rest of the pantheon by claiming he intends to take the characters on a heroic quest.

The series has been on indefinite hiatus since January 2010, and the website hosting it went down in early 2013.

Contains examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Dumnestors Heroes