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Interspecies Romance: Western Animation
Lucky dog...

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)
    • In the original series, Raphael shared some sparks with Mona Lisa, a human girl who got mutated into a lizard girl, but she turned out to be a Girl of the Week.
    • Michelangelo had a (very short-lived) thing going with a humanoid alien named Kala.
    • Leonardo got the hots for Lotus Blossom, the lady ninja.
    • It's implied that Irma had more than a bit of a crush on Donatello. In one episode where Donatello actually stops Shredder's plans in Europe, both April and Irma reward him with a barrage of kisses and hugs.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)
    • Cody Jones (human) and Starlee Hambrath (blue-skinned alien cutie).
    • Donatello had a quiet unrequited crush on April O'Neil.
    • Raphael had a crush on fellow Acolyte Joi Reynard (human) in the "Lost Season".
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
    • Donatello has a huge crush on April, but Word of God says it's just for comic relief. However, it is shown that April is actually a mutant, since she is actually a hybrid of Kraang & Human. Also that there is a great support for the pairing by the voice cast & fans of the show.
    • Likewise Leo has a thing for Karai. She flirts back, but doesn't even try to hide the fact that she's untrustworthy. However, Karai is soon revealed to be the long lost daughter of Master Splinter & Teng Shen, making her and Leo sort-of siblings. She was kidnapped by Shredder after he had killed her mother.
  • Futurama, being set in the distant future, has numerous interspecies pairings. Kif and Amy (alien plus human), Leela and Fry (mutant plus human) being the main ones.
  • Hip-Hip and Hurra: So we have a hippo who has a romance with a giraffe, a weasel who's girlfriend is a kangaroo, an ant who is seen dating a bumblebee, and a crane who has a romance with a caterpillar. Oh, sorry, she turns into a butterfly at the end of one episode. Never mind!
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot has Sheldon's Dogged Nice Guy crush on Robot Girl Jenny Wakeman. (Word of God says that if the show weren't cancelled, they would have actually become an Official Couple.), along with a one episode crush on a disguised Vexus.
    • Being a robot doesn't stop Jenny from having romantic feelings for human men.
    • Brad also had a robotic love interest in a couple of episodes.
  • Elisa and Goliath of Gargoyles. Complete with plenty of angst about it, especially when a magic spell briefly turns them into the same species.
    • Demona and Macbeth are another Interspecies Romance, albeit gone horribly sour (And the 'romance' part was more one-sided on Demona’s part than anything else; to quote Greg Weisman, she was “a little bit in love with him” for a while, but there’s nothing to confirm that Macbeth felt the same way). Nevertheless, they remain practically married after being Cursed with Awesome by some of The Fair Folk. ("Forever and eternal bound / And each the other's pain resound...")
  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers had the Chip/Gadget/Dale love triangle, them being chipmunks and her being a mouse. Later in the series and comics, it looked like Chip and Gadget were becoming the Official Couple; this was mostly because, in another example of this trope, Dale had become more interested in Foxglove, a bat.
  • On the Transformers: Generation One front, you have the episode, "The Girl Who Loved Powerglide." Three guesses what it's about. Has a healthy dose of Belligerent Sexual Tension to boot!
    • From the same season, "Sea Change" paired the Autobot Seaspray with an alien humanoid woman whose people guarded a magical spring that let any living thing that entered it assume any shape it wanted to.
    • The Transformers wiki has a list. It comes up more often that it, strictly speaking, should.
  • Ben 10 has a marriage between a cousin of Ben's and a sludge-like shapeshifting alien, a visit from Grandpa Max's Green-Skinned Space Babe from his days with The Men in Black, and obvious romantic attraction between a mostly humanoid four-armed alien and a floating tentacled brain.
    • Sequel Series Ben 10: Alien Force is built on the premise of multiple Half Human Hybrids whose parents are all aliens who fell in love with humans and went native. Also included are two of the main characters - Half Human Hybrids of different species - in a relationship, Grampa Max and Grandma Verdona, and Gwen's cousin Sunny in a relationship with a giant troll-like creature named Antonio.
    • The sequel Ben 10: Omniverse features Half-Human Hybrid Ester, who has an obvious crush on Ben.
      • Omniverse also has a princess from the aforementioned four-armed alien race(who just happens to be a great deal more conventionally attractive than the previous one) who has decided she's going to marry Ben. Why? In her species, the superhumanly-strong women marry the strongest man around, i.e., the one able to best her in a fight; Ben kicked her ass when she tried to marry Kevin against his will. There is also the case of Ben and frog-like alien princess Attea who has a thing for him- but only when he's used the Omnitrix to turn into a member of her species, so it may or may not count.
  • The Nickelodeon cartoon Catscratch has Gordon, a cat, in love with his neighbor, Kimberly. (He calls her "Human Kimberly". Guess what species SHE is.) Making things worse, Kimberly is eight years old and while Gordon's age is never specifically mentioned, he seems to be an adult.
  • In Alfred J. Kwak, the title character's nemesis, Dolf, is the son of a crow - who, judging from his only apparition in the very first episode, was quite narrow-minded - and a blackbird, an inheritance which is ashamed of, to the point of self-loathing; he even paints his orange beak black.
  • Jake/Rose on American Dragon Jake Long (dragon/human... okay, half-human-dragon-with-a-human-form/dragon slayer).
  • You'd be hard pressed to find anyone on the Legion Of Superheroes who isn't doing this, since they're all from different planets (e.g. Bouncing Boy from Earth and Triplicate Girl from Cargg). About the only aversion were Lightning Lad's parents, who had about three seconds of screen time in the whole series.
  • Brian (an anthropomorphic dog) of Family Guy has had a few human girlfriends, and has even had sex with some of them. This is portrayed as perfectly normal in the show's universe. So normal in fact, that Brian acts ashamed when he is attracted to other (non-anthropomorphic) dogs. When Brian actually does have sex with another dog, said dog apparently also had sex with Ted Turner.
    • Lampshaded at least once. Brian asks a girl out at a party, and she throws her drink in his face exclaiming, "Ew, you're a dog!"
    • In another episode, his gay cousin Jasper is poised to marry his human partner.
    • On a side note, Brian had a child with a human woman in a season 6 episode.
    • A Cutaway Gag shows Noah confronting an elephant and a penguin who fell in love and reproduced an elephant/penguin hybrid. The father was the elephant, by the way.
    • In another cutaway, Quagmire married a giraffe.
  • A few episodes of American Dad! had Hayley paired with Reginald, who is a koala (actually, a koala with his brain switched with a homeless guy's by the C.I.A.).
  • Danny Phantom
    • The episode with a ghost prince desiring a human bride.
    • Most of any ghost/human romance is between several human girls and the main character who's a ghostly Half-Human Hybrid. (Word of God is that ghosts are a species of their own, rather than all being people who have died, though at least some of them are.)
    • Freakshow and his henchwoman Lydia.
  • Adventure Time
    • Jake (a magic talking dog) and Lady Rainicorn (a Korean speaking rainbow unicorn... thing). They're the most successful relationship on the show (which, granted, isn't saying much) and eventually have a litter of rainbow-pupsters.
    • Finn, being the Last of His Kind and a Chick Magnet, is surrounded by this trope. He has romantically pursued a candy person, a fire elemental, and (seemingly) a vampire, and has been pursued by, among others, a cloud and a lump of slime.
      • In the episode "Puhoy", Finn travels through a pillow fort to a land of Pillow People. He meets a Pillow Person named Roselinen and eventually falls in love with her, has two kids and grows old with her before returning to Ooo mere moments after entering the fort.
    • Ice King tries for this, but fortunately is a lot less successful than Finn. Although it's debatable whether or not he's still human anymore.
    • Tree Trunks (a small elephant) and a pig fell in love with each other. It's adorable.
    • Invoked in one episode, when Jake demands a romantic story, prompting Finn to order a duck and a fox to kiss.
  • Krazy Kat is besotten with Ignatz Mouse. Officer Bull Pupp would really prefer less mouse in that..
  • The next-to-ur example: Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar in Disney cartoons and comics. Early on, the two are romantic to the point of being engaged (comics, 1932). Later, they're back to being a dating couple, with Clarabelle occasionally seeing Goofy as well ? in one recent comic book story ("With Friends Like These," 2006), clearly doing so to make Horace jealous, though innocent Goofy misreads the situation as platonic and doesn't realize how his friend is using him.
    • There are also many relationships between ducks and frex geese. Closer than most of the other examples on this page, but still different species.
    • There are geese within the McDuck family tree as well. Donald's cousin Gladstone Gander for instance is the son of a goose and a duck.
  • The Simpsons
    • "Treehouse of Horror XIII" spoofs The Island of Doctor Moreau where the characters are turned into animals. After Marge is turned into a puma, she goes to tell Homer about it... and since the lights are off, they both have sex. Homer only realizes the changes seeing how scratched he got. At the end of the episode, Homer gets turned into a Walrus and is shown massaging Marge with his tusk... Yes.
    • "The Squirt and the Whale" ends with Homer saying a beached whale will get a hot new octopus wife, and that he hears "there's a whalapus on the way!" Marge suggests drawing this. Three guesses what the background images for the credits are.
    • In "Old Yeller Belly", Santa's Little Helper appears in an ad for Duff beer.
    Lisa: Why does a dog have human girlfriends?
    Marge: People do crazy things in ads. Like eat at Arby's.
  • Eva, the human heroine of Ōban Star-Racers, gets a crush on the handsome alien prince Aikka.
  • The Backyardigans: Practically all pairings, considered they're all of different species. Bonus points go to any pairing with Uniqua, who we don't even know the species of.
  • Classic Looney Tunes typically have Pepe Le Pew trying some unintended interspecies romance when he pursues... um, any cat with a white stripe painted on it (Penelope Pussyfoot is the usual victim). (Then, in a sticker book, he shuns a skunk with her stripes painted over!). In rare moments, the roles would get reversed with hilarious results.
    • Bugs Bunny (when he dresses in drag) and Elmer Fudd (or Yosemite Sam in Hare Trimmed and From Hare to Eternity).
    • Any time Bugs sings in praise of the "Genie with the light brown hair."
  • Tiny Toon Adventures occasionally set Fifi (a skunk) and Hamton (a pig) up on dates.
    • Fifi La Fume (Skunkius sexius, when she came in on a Calamity-Little Beeper story) continues the Pepe Le Pew tradition.
    • One episode paired Babs Bunny and (human) Montana Max, although they were not quite themselves at the time and Buster, in trying to keep Babs from walking down the aisle, makes the point that Max isn't her type, not even her species.
    • Dizzy (his generation's Taz) and his three human girlfriends. An extra level of squick is added when you consider that Dizzy is a kid and the women are... well, women.
  • Animaniacs
    • The Warner Brothers and Sister, from a ambiguous species, keep getting lustful for other species, especially humans.
    • In the Minerva Mink segments, animals from many different species and anthropomorphic levels get the hots for her, and in the comics even humans, while Minerva gets the hots for hunky males no matter the species.
    • In the short West Side Pigeons, Squit (pidgeon) falls in love with Carloota (sparrow).
    • In the short Wings Take Heart, there's a romance between a male moth and a female butterfly.
    • In the short Katie Ka-Boo, Katie (human girl) gets a new boyfriend, but it's Chicken Boo disguised.
  • In Pinky and the Brain, Pinky's recurring Love Interest is Pharfignewton, a horse (which Squicks Brain considerably), in one episode Pinky fell in love with a seal, and he also fell in love with a pig on in the only half-hour Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain episode. It's worth mentioning that the one time Pinky was ever kissed by a female mouse, he ran away screaming.
    • When Brain creates a clone (known as "Romy") who gets infected with Pinky's DNA, Romy eventually starts dating a human woman, which Brain protests as well.
    • Brain's recurring love interest, Billie, is also courted by a hamster named Snowball.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar
    • Rico is in love with a vaguely Barbie-like doll.
    • In the spin off, Marlene the sea otter briefly holds a relationship with a squirrel due to a pairing mix-up.
    • The Christmas Special "Merry Madagascar" also has the penguin Private and Santa's reindeer Cupid fall in love with one another.
    • One episode had Skipper (Penguin) and Kitka (falcon) falling in love.
    • There's also Kowalski's heartfelt love for Doris the dolphin, and Private's crush on Shawna the zoo nurse in Love Hurts, as well as a ton of Ho Yay coming in from all directions.
  • There are hints of something more than friendship between Vinnie and Charley in Biker Mice from Mars. One episode also has Greasepit fall in love with Charley for a short time. Another episode has a whole line of women swooning over Modo; while they could arguably be reacting to his suave act, at least one calls him cute. Yet another episode has Modo falling for a bird-woman of some sort.
    • The second series also has Vinnie finding female cat-women attractive and openly flirting with them.
  • The 1936 Silly Symphonies short Elmer Elephant is about an elephant whose girlfriend is a tiger.
    • Likewise, Music Land, released a year earlier, has a saxophone in love with a violin (Interinstrument Romance?). Then, for added Squick, the saxophone's father ends up falling in love with the violin's mother.
  • An episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog features a rabbit in an abusive relationship with a dog. There's also a lot of subtext between the rabbit and her cat friend.
    • In another episode, a goose god becomes infatuated with the human mortal Muriel, and later drops her in favor of a nonliving pickup truck.
  • An American Tail: Cat R. Waul/Tanya Mousekewitz, in an astonishingly emotional, romantic and frankly creepy scene from Fievel Goes West.
  • Justice League.
    • John Stewart and Hawkgirl.
    • Also Sarah Corwin was in love with Gorilla Grodd.
      The Flash: Internet Romances huh? Go figure.
    • Supergirl (Kryptonian) and Brainiac 5 (Coluan). She opted to remain in the future in part because she fell for him.
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants
    • SpongeBob, a sea sponge, apparently had a crush on Sandy, a squirrel, especially in the first season.
    • In one episode, Krabs mentions that Pearl takes after her mother by being a whale.
    • In another episode, Krabs falls in love with Mrs. Puff, a pufferfish
    • In one episode, SpongeBob falls in love with a (non-living) krabby patty.
    • In the movie, Patrick (a starfish) falls in love with Mindy (a mermaid).
  • Little Bear's friendship with Emily, a human, is oddly romantic like, even for children (um, and cubs) their age.
    • Emily's birthday episode seems to be full of innocent romantic subtext between the two. Emily doesn't even say they will stay together forever as friends. She just states together forever.
    • They even pretend to get married in one episode.
  • Teen Titans apparently loves this: The Official Couple of Robin and Starfire, the short-lived May-December Romance between Raven and Malchior, human Terra and shapeshifting Beast Boy, Kitten and Fang (we are not sure what exactly he is, but he has a giant spider for a head. And she's the daughter of a moth-man, although she really takes after her (unseen) mother).
  • South Park
    • The least offensive thing the show did with this trope was get a pig and an elephant to get it on! In the same episode, the offspring of said pig and Mr. Garrison.
    • "Douche and Turd", where PETA members are shown to be married to animals! And even had a human-ostrich hybrid!
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Whenever the Chipmunks and the Chipettes were not seeing each other, they show interest in humans. In fact, in The Chipmunk Adventure, the Chipettes end up in a harem because a young Egyptian prince fell in love with Brittany and wanted to marry her.
  • Superjail!: Descent into tribal loonydom, constant warfare and, to top it all off, countless male human inmates engaging in reproductive sex with the local canaries. Just some of the crazy shit that happens when the Warden isn't around to run things.
  • Happens several times (mainly to Jay) in the Men In Black animated series. The most serious relationship is between Kay and an alien cop (Kay's feelings for his long lost girlfriend prevent him from going to far).
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars had a Twilek/Clone human pairing.
    • Ahsoka Tano is a Togruta and has a human love interest in ex-Separatist senator Lux Bonteri.
    • Greedo, a reptilian-insectoid-humanoid Rodian also seems to have had a romantic relationship with one of Jabba's Twilek dancers.
    • Aurra Sing also had a relationship with Hondo Ohnaka sometime prior to the Clone Wars.
    • Also Ziro the Hutt and Sy Snootles had a relationship, though it's unclear if Ziro ever genuinely cared for Sy.
    • Miraj Scintel the Zygerian slaver queen had a one-sided crush on Anakin, a Human.
    • And for one of the more unexpected examples, Jar Jar Binks has a relationship with the Bardottan Queen Julia. Yes, you read that right, Jar Jar Binks has a girlfriend.
  • If you think about it, many of the couples in Winx Club could count as this. The girls of the Winx Club are fairies, and the specialists are... human-looking aliens, or fairy and wizard in the case of Layla and Nabu. Near the end of season 4 we learn that Roxy's mother is Morgana, the queen of the fairies. In the last episode of season 4, Morgana reunites with her husband Klaus (a human).
  • Rocko's Modern Life
  • Drawn Together's Spanky Hamm, Captain Hero, and Wooldorf all had a Spin-The-Bottle/threeway make-out session in one episode, another episode had Toot marrying/having sex with Ling Ling's father, Xandir and Toot both kissed (and got turned on by) Ling Ling, a role-play episode implied that Wooldorf molested a human boy, Spanky had sex with a spider (and there were pig-headed spider babies), Spanky and Xandir gay-marry in one episode, another episode revealed Foxy had sex with Wooldorf once...the list goes one, guys, seriously.
    • And on, and on. Honourable mentions should also go to Captain Hero's (alien) sexual fixation on live-action cow.
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit at first averted this trope by being paired with a female rabbit whenever romance elements in his toons spring up. Then "Rival Romeos" introduced a cat named Ortensia to fill this role, thus playing the trope straight. In Epic Mickey, she and Ozzie has 420 bunny children together.
  • Tuff Puppy: One could argue that there's a bit of Unresolved Sexual Tension between agents Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy.
  • In the Dudley Do-Right segments of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Nell Fenwick is in love with Dudley's horse, and it's implied that the horse is in love with her as well. Nothing ever seems to come of it, though.
  • In Young Justice, M'gann (Martian) is pursued by Wally (human) but ends up with Superboy (Kryptionian Half-Human Hybrid). After they break up she winds up with La'gaan, who Word of God classifies as a human Atlantean.
  • In WordGirl, Becky, as the theme song states, is "from the planet Lexicon." So, regardless of whether she's put with Scoops or Tobey, (or anyone else for that matter,) it will always be alien/human.
  • "Escape from Catrina", the second of the My Little Pony TV Specials, featured a romance between a shapeshifting Lizard Folk man named Rep and the eponymous Catfolk woman. Unfortunately for Rep, Catrina spent most of the special Not Herself thanks to an addiction to witchweed potion. She managed to kick the habit in the end, though.
    • And in the TV series. there was a Pegasus named Heart Throb, a predecessor of Rarity in that she was a hopeless romantic. She also had at least two romances with human men, one of them being Prince Charming, no less!
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Spike (a young dragon) has a not-even-remotely secret crush on Rarity (a unicorn). This is also carried over into the universe of My Little Pony Equestria Girls, in which Spike is a dog and Rarity is a human. Rarity doesn't necessarily feel the same way, but she doesn't find it odd either, so it's presumably fairly normal.
    • Although we haven't seen it yet, pony and donkey relationships must exist because a couple of mules have been seen on the show.
  • My Little Pony Equestria Girls has Sunset Shimmer (who is actually a pony from Equestria turned human) who used to date Flash Sentry's human counterpart. Twilight also seems interested in him, but it's hardly a romance.
  • The Fairly OddParents
    • Mark Chang would really like for this to happen between him and Vicky.
    • Cosmo frequently shows attraction to humans and, in one episode, an alien.
    • In one episode, Foop (an anti-fairy) develops a crush on Vicky (a human).
  • In The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Nergal, a Humanoid Abomination from the centre of the Earth, who comes complete with electric tentacles, falls in love with and marries Billy's Aunt Sis. They later have a child together, Nergal Jr.
    • Also, while Irwin's father is human, his mom is a mummy (as in an undead human of Egyptian origins; that kind of mummy). His dad simple claims, "no one can tell you who you'll fall in love with". (Billy tries to ask how it's physically possible, but Irwin's dad purposely dodges the question.)
    • Actually, Irwin's dad's parentage counts too; while his mother is human, his father is Dracula.
  • Several dream sequences featured in Arthur that take place in the future has Arthur Read (an aardvark) marrying Francine Frensky (a monkey).
  • Gumball (a cat) and Penny (a sentient peanut with antlers) from The Amazing World of Gumball.
    • Also, Gumball's parents (a female cat and a male rabbit).
    • There's also Alan (a balloon) and Carmen (a cactus). That can not end well.
    • And the school's principle, a furry slug, and Miss Simian, a Baboon.
  • In one The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius special, Jimmy falls in love with an alien girl.
  • Duck Dodgers of Earth and Queen Tyr'ahnee of Mars were once engaged.
  • In Slacker Cats Buckley (a cat) wants a romantic relationship with his owner, Louise, but she keeps turning him down. Also he's had sex with good looking squirrels and big rats.
  • Chanticleer (a rooster) and Goldie (a pheasant) from Rock-A-Doodle.
  • Johnny Bravo once dated Carol, an antelope he picked up over the Internet. Her ex-boyfriend is a crab.
  • In Kung Fu Panda Legends Of Awesomeness, it's been shown that romance between different species is acceptable in there. Mantis stated to have dated a caterpillar, a married couple of a male duck and female pig showed up in one episode, and the show hinted at a possible romance between Po (a panda) and Song (a snow leopard).
  • Betty Boop is good friends with anthropomorphised dog Bimbo, who clearly has a crush on her. Curiously, she started out as a dog too, but soon became a human. Betty was originally made to be Bimbo's girlfriend but she became more popular than him.
  • In Krypto the Superdog, Bathound and Catwoman's cat Isis have a relationship similar to that of their respective owners.
  • The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) episode "The Return of Granamyr" had the dragon Torm and the human girl Lyra. Torm takes on human form for them to be together. The dragon Granamyr complained that it didn't make any sense, but acted as the priest for the wedding.
    • Adam (and Adora)'s mom is a female astronaut from Earth that got stranded in Ethernia and then stayed since she fell in love with the humanoid Crown Prince aka Adam's dad.
  • Creepie from Growing Up Creepie fell in love with Skipper because she believed (like his stage act at the circus) he was part human part spider. She looses most of her feelings for him when she discovers the truth.
  • Draculaura the vampire and Clawd the werewolf of Monster High.
  • Johnny Test: Johnny's dog Dukey used to date a sperm whale.
  • The 2010 Pound Puppies series hints this between one-time characters Cuddles P. Wigglebottom III (a dog) and Madam Pinkiepuss (a cat) in "The Prince and the Pupper", with the hints becoming confirmation in "The Ruff Ruff Bunch". More hints come in "Kennel Kittens Return", concerning Squirt and Fluffy.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show
    • Muddy Mudskipper has a human girlfriend in "Jerry the Bellybutton Elf." Stimpy also falls in love with a baked chicken in one episode.
    • The titular duo have been seen with human girlfriends in episodes such as "Stimpy's Big Day" and "Ren's Pecs."
  • Robot Chicken has The Wuzzles imagine how they came to be. We don't get to see the origin of Donkeyhuman.
  • On Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, Big Murray (a hulking human) and Polly Pineblossom (a demure girl mouse) are a married couple.
    • In the original theatrical Mighty Mouse cartoons, evil cat Oil Can Harry had the hots for heroine mouse Pearl Pureheart.
  • Gravity Falls
    • In the episode "The Deep End" Mabel has a crush on and shares her first kiss with a merman.
    • For that matter the first episode, which has her date five gnomes in a Totem Pole Trench. That only half-counts, as she thought that they were human at the time, although she was really hoping he was a vampire.
  • On Captain N: The Game Master an anthropomorphic octopus falls for Simon Belmont in the episode "l Wish I Was A Wombat Man". The short yet large breasted and curvacious blonde haired pink sea creature took an interest in Simon right away. She wrapped him in her tentacles, gave him a big wink and extended her big red lips in front of his. Simon wasn't interested but the octopus didn't care. Eventually she slithered after him so she could hold and kiss her 'dream boat.' The episode also featured an actual relationship between a talking wombat and a talking cat.
  • Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends has one between human Nick Logan and the Banshee Sh'lainn Blaze.
  • Regular Show: Mordecai (reluctantly) dates Starla in an attempt to get her back with Muscle Man, he also dates CJ, who's a . . . cloud person. Eileen's crush on Rigby could be seen as this, and then Margaret has several human boyfriends early on the show. Turns out she picked that trait from her mom, as the most noticeable example of this trope is her robin mother and human father.
  • Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater has Hello Kitty and friends putting on various plays based on fairy tales and movies. Hello Kitty and Tuxedo Sam the penguin are usually cast as love interests, and likewise Chip the seal and My Melody the bunny.
  • In the season two finale of Littlest Pet Shop(2012), "The Expo Factor," Sunil (a mongoose) falls in love with Delilah (a cat).
    • There was also the episode Sweet Pepper, where Pepper (a skunk) falls in love with Captain Cuddles (a weasel).
    • In the episode Sleeper, Penny Ling (a panda) falls in love with Mr. Von Fuzzlebutt (a raccoon).
    • In "Secret Cupet" Baa Baa Lou (a goat) falling in love with an unamed female pig.
      • Russell (a hedgehog) falling in love with Penny Ling (a panda), Vinnie (a gecko) falling in love with Minka (a monkey), and Sunil (a mongoose) falling in love with Pepper (a skunk).
  • Happens twice in Ewoks. In Blue Harvest, Duloks steal Logray's love potion which in turn causes Fauna, a female Phlog, to court Umwrak and then Wicket. In Princess Latara, Latara is assumed to be a real princess, kidnapped and almost forced to marry the sluggish Prince Bork.
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