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What was supposed to be the spiritual successor to Cartoon Network's What A Cartoon! Show. A project headed by Craig McCracken (The Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)note  and Rob Renzetti (My Life as a Teenage Robot), Cartoonstitute was meant to be a showcase for new animators to show off their skills and an alternate way for new material that had potential for a full series greenlight without the use of focus-testing or any major executive interference. A total of 39 shorts were meant to be produced, but due to an increase of other in-house productions and a number of financial issues, only 14 were completed. The finished pieces were leaked online weeks before receiving a legitimate brief showing on the network's online video service before quietly being shelved. The Other Wiki has more details on the full situation.

In August 2009, Cartoon Network gave the greenlight for 12 quarter-hours of J.G. Quintel's Regular Show to be produced. Regular Show went on to become a Sleeper Hit upon its premiere late the following year, becoming a major foundation for the network along with Pendleton Ward's Adventure Timenote  before ending January 2017. In April 2010, a spin-off of the Uncle Grandpa short was announced, entitled Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. Upon that show's cancellation, the short proper was greenlit into a series of the same name in September 2012, which premiered a year later and ran for five seasons up to June 2017.

Cartoonstitute had the following shorts:

Cartoonstitute contains examples of:

  • After the End: Stockboys of the Apocalypse has a teenage boy fall into a time machine and sent decades into the future, where the world is a nuclear wasteland.
  • Chubby Chaser: In 3 Dog Band, Sly hits on an elephant and a hippo and enjoys it when they start crushing him with their behinds.
  • Deserted Island: Maruined revolves around two kids and a strange animal trapped on a tropical island.
  • Digital Destruction: Cartoon Network uploaded Danger Planet in HD on their official YouTube channel, but the colors are way too bright and there are glitches, such as a a stray frame of the Danger Planet arcade machine frozen in midair when it falls at the beginning.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar/Refuge in Audacity: Cartoonstitute was the network's first experimentation with the TV-PG rating, resulting in a few shorts having some risque content. The "worst" offender of this is Joey to the World, which would be a much better fit on [adult swim] than it ever would be on the main channel, due to a large amount of blatant sex and drug references.
  • The Musical: 3 Dog Band is a about a musical trio, and the short ends with them playing at a nightclub.
  • Odd Couple: The Awesome Chronicles of Manny and Khan
  • Petting Zoo People: 3 Dog Band
  • The Pollyanna: YES is about a family of these trying to spread goodwill all over the world.
  • Retraux: 3 Dog Band looks more like something Cartoon Network would have aired at the Turn of the Millennium.
  • Spiritual Successor: To What A Cartoon! Show
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: In YES, when the family tries out poetry, the mom comes up with a poem about how weird it is that she has ten toes and only one nose. The dad came up with the exact same poem.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: The children in Maruined. Arguably the titular character in Joey to the World.