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Harsher In Hindsight: Web Original
  • Watch Mojo, a Canadian-Based web program, aired the Top 10 Infamous Mass Shootings in the U.S. on December 5, 2012 on YouTube, a week prior to the Sandy Hook Shooting in Newtown, CT. The company have recognized this and left a noticed explaining about the video and reminded viewers how unpredictable such actions can be.
  • Yaoi-tastic crossover fan-flash Anime Munters at one point shows Hetalia's Japan waist deep in water. Cue the "Dude, Not Funny!" comments thanks to the 2011 tsunami.
  • More 9/11 premonitions on the Dark Roasted Blend website.
  • When The Nostalgia Critic was doing his take on the 1998 Godzilla movie, the bombing of the World Trade Center is mentioned in the film's dialogue. NC is about to comment on it, but good taste prevailed and the joke was aborted.
    • Later, he complained about Splinter in the CG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie sounding like "Mr. Miyagi if he smoked a million Marlboros". Splinter was voiced by Mako (see Western Animation, below), who died shortly after the film was completed, with Walker's comments inciting a massive backlash. He later apologized, saying he didn't know anything about the actor, but commented on how bad the Marlboro line looked after learning that Mako died of cancer.
    • There was also his review of Ponyo, where the main character's hometown in Japan is flooded by a massive tsunami. A Running Gag throughout the entire review was him trying not to make the connection the 2011 tsunami.
  • The Nostalgia Chick got a hell of a lot bitching for her Schedule Slip in 2010. Then it got revealed she had an abortion in December 2009 and was spending most of her time doing a documentary about it for her final year in school. Give the woman credit for even being around as much as she was and making funny internet reviews. note 
  • Spoony's Twitter poems and declarations of love to his girlfriend Scarlett became harder to look at after they broke up in March 2011.
    • Spoony featured Macho Man Randy Savage at the end of a video, promptly blew him up supposedly killing him. A day later Randy Savage had his car crash...
    • The first part of the 2012 Channel Awesome Anniversary To Boldly Flee so far made jokes about The Nostalgia Critic only calling the other reviewers to fire them, featured the line "The Spoony One must not return", and has an entire plotline about Spoony being possessed and initially mistaken for insane by the others. A few months after filming was done, Noah Antwiler was let go from the site over recent bad behavior, and shortly afterwards he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He seems to take it with humor, though, and he is making peace with his friends once more.
  • One of Linkara's early videos "Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains" had a running gag where Linkara got so angry about how Marvel and DC were screwing with his favorite characters that he threatens several times to turn evil himself and destroy the world. Not only did a Story Arc have a hologram programmed with his personality doing exactly that, but it also showed that Linkara himself was turning evil.
  • Chase Melendez, a Youtube humorist (known primarily for his criticism of Confused Matthew , which included a nine part video response to CM's 2001 review), posted a video blog titled "Rumors of Chase's Death Greatly Exaggerated". Then he dies a few days later of (what is rumored to be, though his obituary doesn't state what his exact cause of death was) an accidental drug overdose. Yikes...
  • Several examples in this article by Cracked.
  • The website Damn You Autocorrect celebrated the release of "The Dark Knight Rises" by putting up a collection of movie-related autocorrect fails which were set up on July 19th,2012, but didn't hit the site until the next day. The headline was something about "Lighten Your Day After a Dark Night" and the intro text had a reference to the movie "making a killing at the box office". Naturally, it had to be quickly pulled after the Aurora,CO shootings.
  • The Pokémon fan trailer for a Darker and Edgier rendition of the franchise, Pokémon Apocalypse, became this as well as a standard "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when PETA released the Flash game "Pokémon Black and Blue" in protest of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. The game features Pokémon battling abusive trailers, and has been met with largely negative reception from both fans and video game journalists.
  • Infamous youtube reviewer Mr. Anime posted a video called "Mr. Anime is planning something" and then he killed his mom, dad, brother, and all four of his pets... Also, to make things worse in an even further back video he quoted:
    "Hey, I'm Mr. Anime, you can call me Trey, or you can call me the guy who does all the video game reviews, or you can call me the guy who does all the gun stuff now."
    • Watching many of his reviews, they are filled with violent imagery and lines that are unquestionably awkward in hindsight:
    "Come on! Why do I not load my guns with more bullets?!"
  • An awkward one for YouTube Poop maker cs188; one of his more recent Poops, "OPPA GODDAMN STYLE", a parody of the song "Oppa Gangnam Style" had the Word Salad Lyrics "We are not unarmed/Korea got a bomb/US could become a target!". As of early April 2013, there's the big tensions between the US, South Korea and North Korea, with the latter slinging threats of "thermo-nuclear war" haphazardly.
  • Any time Mo Bros Studios acted angry or burnt-out in his Sponge Bob Square Pants reviews becomes this after it turned out he was suffering a Creator Breakdown and regretting the decision to make the videos due to people seeing him as a rant channel.
  • In Jew Wario's appearance in Suede's 4th Pokemon movie review, he leaves the review early, angry and depressed. Justin Carmichael went on to commit suicide between the review's recording and its release.
    • Also filmed before his suicide and released after is the group review of the 1978 Doctor Strange TV movie. Which opens with Jew Wario being attacked by his co-workers and put in a coma for a year.
    • At the beginning of Suburban Knight's, Todd in the Shadows points his (fake) gun at Jew when he wanted to see what Todd looked like. Jew Wario took his life via gun.
  • Italian Spiderman going around punching women in the face doesn't seem so funny now that domestic violence, or "femicide", has been declared a serious problem in Italian households.
  • In one of the early season of Red vs. Blue, the cartoonish O'Malley talked Church into paying him $20 to examine Tucker, claiming that if he didn't, Tucker would die and Church would spend the rest of his life wondering if he couldn't have done something to save him. If you consider what is later revealed about Church — and O'Malley — this threat becomes much less comedic.

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