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Harsher In Hindsight: Webcomics
  • An extremely fast one in Scary Go Round, which introduced a parody of Michael Jackson with a Creepy Child servant just a couple weeks before his death. The author commented:
    John Allison: The last thing anyone expects, when they have introduced a character who is a kind of grotesque version of a world superstar, is for that superstar to die. It is entirely possible that Michael Jackson sat down to read Scary Go Round yesterday, began to turn slowly purple at what he saw, and collapsed clutching his arm. Actually I know that isn't true. Jackson was on record (citation needed) as more of a Dresden Codak man.
  • In Cuanta Vida : "If I killed 'em, they'ed replace 'em with someone faster." Poor, poor Liam
  • xkcd: The mouseover text for strip #625, "Collections", reads: "You know what really helps an existential crisis? Wondering how much shelf space to leave for a Terry Pratchett collection."
  • The last panel of this Questionable Content strip (in which Dora freaks out about possibly sabotaging her relationship with Marten) has this effect if you've read through the rest of the series.
    • It gets worse — Jeph Jacques has admitted to a dependence on alcohol and a series of mental issues, so the dozens of strips about depressive people heavily-drinking to unwind gets a bit uncomfortable.

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