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Funny Aneurysm Moment: Web Original
  • In the third edition of "Things I Am not Allowed to Do at the Protectors of the Plot Continuum" was the line "I will not unleash macroviruses in HQ". Three guesses (and the first two don't count) what the League of Mary Sue Factories unleashed in Headquarters over a year later, with massive loss of life.
  • Cancer's Passion, a short cartoon on Newgrounds, features a hotdog vendor whose mother is in a cancer clinic, with her death at the end serving as part of the punchline. The hotdog vendor's voice actor lost his real life mother to leukemia less than two years after the cartoon was made.
    • Fun With Suicide by the author Livecorpse is much darker in retrospect as he committed suicide several months later. Even moreso by the fact that one of the options is "Suicide by Cop", considering that he was on the run from the police when he died.
  • The Nostalgia Critic did a scathing review of Moonwalker about two and a half months before Michael Jackson died. While that in itself was just a coincidence, and the movie was bad, there are some moments that are awkward now:
    • The villain in "Smooth Criminal" wants to get all of the kids of the world addicted to drugs. As it turned out, a small pharmacy worth of drugs was found at Neverland Ranch. And while Jackson was legally cleared of child molestation, he was Convicted by Public Opinion before Dead Artists Are Better took effect. Not to mention that drugs were what wound up killing Michael.
    • "And I have to say this is easily the best part of the movie because it starts out with Michael Jackson's best scene. People trying to kill him." His death was reported as a homicide; his physician was eventually convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Later, in his commentary for this review, half of the jokes Doug cracks are about how awkward some of his jokes have become since Michael's death. But the joke about how the best scene has people trying to kill him is not mentioned.
    • There was also the example in the TMNT review where NC made fun of Master Splinter's voice. NC was instantly showered with insulting messages from fans of his voice actor, Mako. NC addressed this later, acting surprised by the backlash since it wasn't like the guy died or any- oh come on!. It's even worse when he said that it was like Mr. Miyagi had smoked a million cigarettes. Mako's cause of death? Esophageal cancer. At least he was able to get an amusing segue out of it.
    • And it happened again during the review of Sidekicks, where Jonathan Brandis's character has frequent daydreams about fighting alongside Chuck Norris. The Critic comments that the kid seems more mentally ill than daydreaming, and he was right. He found out later that Brandis committed suicide in 2003. The next time Brandis popped up in a review — The Neverending Story 2, where his character also seems mentally unstable — he was interrupted by an elephant in the room so he could comment upon this.
    • His review of The Room ends with the seahorses chasing him down because all viewings of the movie have been outlawed. For a while, the review was inaccessible because the movie's creator filed a copyright claim and had it taken down.
    • In his collab review of Alone in the Dark (2005) with Linkara and Spoony, at one point, one of the heroes jumps into the scene and starts shooting some possessed people. The guys point out that he had no idea that they were possessed, so he might as well be shooting innocent bystanders. To illustrate, the next few clips of the hero shooting are interspersed with clips of 90s Kid, Dr. Insano, Chester A. Bum, and Ma-Ti walking in and getting shot. In Suburban Knights, the last one gets Killed Off for Real.
    • Critic demonstrates in Bio-Dome that every time he hears Paulie Shore speak he hears a child being murdered. He proceeds to play a simulated clip of a child screaming as several shots are fired, the last ending the child's life. After a grade school shooting on December 14, 2012, left 20 children dead under the age of 11, that joke has stopped being funny.
    • During Season 1 of Angry Joe's Hotel Awesome, Dan "Aussie" Rizzo gave Joe a letter to deliver to RolloT, telling Rollo T that he's been fired from Blistered Thumbs. Not too long after that, Dan Rizzo was the one who got fired, and Joe became the head of Blistered Thumbs (for a while).
    • After his departure from TGWTG, nearly every video on the site that mentions/features Spoony is now a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, though unlike Rizzo he is not considered an Un-Person and is still on good terms with most of the site.
  • Quite a few TGWTG videos suffered from this following the tragic suicide of Justin Carmical, a.k.a. Jew Wario:
    • Atop the Fourth Wall 's review of "Action Comics #593" had a "previously on" skit which included Jew Wario referencing the "gun-is-in-my-hand" climax from Fight Club, which ended in the protagonist shooting himself. Considering this is the exact way Jew Wario committed suicide, the skit now looks like a gigantic red flag.
    • In the Reloaded DVD extras, a joke about Jew Wario showing his penis equaling a "gross out shot fatality" seems far harsher now that Justin took his own life.
    • During one of his livestreams, Justin spoke candidly to Iron Liz about his battle with depression — including a previous suicide attempt. Near the end of the stream, he proclaimed that "Wellbutrin saved [his] life." The video is nigh unwatchable now.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd example: In the NES Superman review, he makes a big deal about how part of the plot of the game involves Clark being sent to investigate an unexplained drop in stock prices, and how it was a ludicrous element to include in a superhero game. Funny then. Cringe-inducing for anybody with a 401(k) in the wake of the stock market dropping 1,000 points over the course of thirty minutes.
    • The review of Action 52 and Cheetahmen became this as of August 2012, when a Kickstarter project to get a completed version of Cheetahmen II was posted to James' YouTube channel, and subsequently got a huge amount of Internet Backdraft.
  • During a late night chat on Lord Kat's livestream (circa September 2010), a conversation between Spoony, Sean Fausz, and Skitch was interrupted by a sudden THUD, after which Spoony's line went quiet.note  After about five minutes of silence, Skitch jokingly speculated that Spoony had "dropped dead from a heart attack"; Sean replied, "Oh, well. Miles will find him and give him a eulogy." A little over a month later, Spoony started having fainting spells and ended up making numerous trips to the hospital...because of a previously unknown heart condition. Ouch.
    • Also in Spoony's Deadly Premonition LP he gives the line "I think my heart's about to explode!"
      • And again way back in his Terror TRAX: Track of the Vampire audio CD review where Spoony offhandedly joked about having a heart condition.
    • And again involving Spoony: anything involving his now ex-girlfriend Scarlett. Poor guy has had a rough time of it recently....
      • Particularly awkward is the SGC 2010 Q&A Panel where he informs the crowd that "there would be no website without Scarlett", joking that he needs to keep her happy because "if she gets mad, everything's goin' down!" After the pair broke up, The Spoony Experiment nearly did go down: Noah fell into a deep depression, and announced that he wasn't in the frame of mind to produce any videos in the foreseeable future; there was no new content on the site for nearly three months, during which Noah contemplated leaving internet reviewing permanently.
    • Spoony's review of The Lords of Magick ends with Macho Man Randy Savage bursting into his room (It Makes Sense in Context) and getting blown up by the land mines Spoony set. A week after the review was released, Randy Savage died. Unfortunate timing.
    • In his review of the Make My Video games, Spoony jokes about bringing medication with him because the games are so bad, he's afraid of having an insanity attack. Numerous other reviews make jokes about having mental breakdowns or taking "crazy pills" (in fact, it's something of a Running Gag). As of June 2012, Noah's been diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder....
    • The first part of the 2012 Channel Awesome Anniversary To Boldly Flee made jokes about The Nostalgia Critic only calling the other reviewers to fire them, featured the line, "The Spoony One must not return", and has an entire plotline about Spoony being possessed and initially mistaken for insane by the others. A few months after filming wrapped (but before the special was released, so that everybody in the audience is aware of this), Noah Antwiler was suspended from the TGWTG over recent bad behavior, then left the site for good (of his own accord), and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He seems to take it with humor, though.
      • To Boldly Flee is loaded with these given the numbers of falling outs and resignations that followed it's completion.
    • Spoony used to use Suicide as Comedy. Then one of his fans committed suicide...
    • Narrowly averted in Spoony's review of The Barbarians. Spoony had originally planned to do the review in his Ultimate Spoony character, except the real Ultimate Warrior died the day before Spoony was going to begin filming. The review treats the movie as a parting gift from Warrior and Spoony reviews it as himself.
  • Every so often, the Onion's satirical stories get unsettlingly close to reality:
    • This article at The Onion, posted four years before the fact, is about the real Michael Jackson whom everyone loved in The Eighties — as opposed to the Uncanny Valley resident the world knew for so long — being found dead in his home. Interestingly, that came true in more ways than one — not only was MJ found dead in his home, but it was at that moment that people started thinking of him as the MJ everyone loved again.
    • Another Onion article dated January 17, 2001 featured the headline "Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'". The article itself only goes downhill from there.
    • Also, check the date on this one: Stunned Nation Mourns As French Stewart Survives Plane Crash, especially harsh as several celebrities actually did die in the attacks.
    • Maybe not as harsh as these other Onion examples, but this old Stat Shot is becoming less and less funny and more prescient now that we live in a world where the "Sexy Cookie Monster Costume" exists.
    • This Onion article isn't quite as funny in the wake of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
    • The day before the Empire State Building shootings, the Onion published "Nation Celebrates Full Week Without Deadly Mass Shooting." It was promptly updated.
  • A meme on 4chan is to post a picture of a living star, pretending them to be dead with the text "Goodnight, sweet prince". The most famous is the one on the right...
  • This Anti-Humor article is unpleasant, especially since the current Pope has been (as of this writing) alive and Pope-ing for over half a decade.
  • Several Youtube Poops have involved Billy Mays getting killed... well, guess what?
    • Speaking of Billy Mays YTP's, "Mark3611's" video, "Billy Mays Sells Zorbees in a Bad Mood", throws in a final joke by overlaying Billy saying "A year's supply of powder!" with an image of cocaine and a razor. Well, given the results of a certain autopsy...
    • A The Land Before Time Youtube Poop by Jittery Dragon has one. In a moment when Ducky dies, a title card pops up with a picture of her in black and white which says "Ducky... She died for your sins" which is funny... that is until you realize that her original voice actress, Judith Barsi, was murdered by her father a few months before the first movie was released.
    • Mako Explores His Sexuality had Amon announcing that he'll call upon Obama to shut down the government...a year before the actual shutdown.
  • One website ran some Billy Mays videos as its "Link of the Day"... about twelve hours before he died. The administrator was freaked out when he heard the news.
    • The Chicago Tribune ran an article about the FCC discussing a law that would limit the volume of television commercials. The author of the article stated that "THAT OXICLEAN GUY SHOULD PUT A SOCK IN IT." This article was published just hours before the world learned that Billy Mays truly had put a sock in it the night before.
  • A few hours after the Columbia disaster, the Associated Press website had an article on its return. The article described the events of the Columbia's safe landing and the happy comments of the crew in detail. It is unknown whether the false details were placeholders meant to be replaced after real details were learned or outright fabrication. Either way, the article was pulled so fast that its head spun.
  • A What Would Tyler Durden Do thread published in 2007 simply stated, "I predict Jett Travolta will die in the bath and be found by his caretaker at the end of 2008 due to Scientology. So sayeth the crystal ball." Yuck!
  • This Overheard Everywhere quote, posted in December of 2007.
  •'s deal of the day for April 4, 2009, was for a set of four solar-powered lights; the product description began "What if the end of the world was tomorrow? Well, it probably wouldn't matter, because there would be no one left to notice." Their product descriptions are usually odd snarky things like that...but late on April 4, 2009, North Korea launches a rocket over Japan, an action which many nations are condemning as long-range missile testing and "provocative." Not quite The End of the World as We Know It yet, thank goodness...but right now, it's a little scary.
  • LittleKuriboh followed a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming (the proposal video) with a Crowning Moment of Funny (Tristan's jab at said video)...and sent them both into "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when he announced he and Safty would be getting an annulment.
    • Could someone post a link mentioning their annulment?
    • There's not much out there (understandably), but he talks about it here on his livejournal account.
  • When SF Debris was commenting on the episode of Star Trek: Voyager "Meld", there is a scene where, after mind-melding with a sociopath, Tuvok needs to test his self-control. He does this by spending a few moments with a holographic Nelix. SF Debris comments on this, "Doesn't this say a lot? What will be most likely to drive myself into a homicidal rage? Seeing my children get killed? Watching my wife get raped? The destruction of my home planet?" We know now that Vulcan getting blown up does tend to drive Vulcans mad with rage.
  • For a time, the Tourettes Guy videos were considered a Funny Aneurysm series after news about its star's death appeared in August of 2007. About 2 years later, it was then revealed that the Tourettes Guy was in prison the whole time, and a new video was released in late 2009 following his release from prison.
  • While the first Potter Puppet Pals short, "Bothering Snape," came out a few months after Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released, "Bothering Snape" can seem disturbing if you watch it after having read the scene in the book where James (Harry's father) and his friends bully Snape just for kicks (basically, the exams are done and Sirius is looking for some fun, and they decide to go mess with Snape who is just reading over his test). It makes Harry's "Let's go bother Snape" seem disturbingly like his father's bad side (although Harry in those shorts IS generally more arrogant and more cruel than he usually is in the books).
  • In Red vs. Blue: Recreation, when Simmons and Lopez are "discussing" whether or not Donut is the real Donut or not, Lopez says they should shoot him anyway. Donut is Killed Off for Real three episodes later.
    • Even worse, in episode 12 or so, Donut laments to himself that he's focused on his career too much and it may be too late for him to start a family.
    • Remember this line from Reconstruction?
    Delta: I believe that Agent Washington's sanity is well within acceptable deviations, for now.
    • Well, by the end of Recreation, "now" is officially over.
    • In Revelation, Tucker tells Tex and Church not to come and ask the other Blues or the Reds for help if they die again, as they usually do, when they go to arctic Freelancer Base. A couple episodes later, The Meta stabs a two-foot spike into Tex's helmet.
    • In Episode 58, "Hunting Time" Church cannot get a word in edgewise because of Caboose. This also lampshades the trope, in part.
    Tucker: I wonder if a ghost can have an aneurysm?
  • Yahtzee did a completely fake joke review of Duke Nukem Forever a while after said game was cancelled. Fast forward a few months, and the review has been voted the #1 fan-favorite. A few days afterward, Duke Nukem Forever was announced to be Un-Cancelled at PAX 2010.
  • Charlie Brooker's old 2001 Zeppotron site Unnovations has proved eerily prescient (please note these were not serious in any way):
  • In the Final Fantasy IV article of The Rise And Fall Of Final Fantasy, Pitchfork explains, in a very sardonic manner, why a number of aspects of the game wouldn't fly had it been released as a new game (as opposed to an Updated Re-release) in 2007. When he got to Golbez, he said "No flowing white locks. Doesn't show enough skin."
  • In the wake of the Arizona shooting, the "Slipping" scene in Dr. Horrible is very uncomfortable.
  • This Super Smash Bros. Brawl Parody video from Dec 22, 2007 has one character comment at 1:15 "If I'm somehow not in this game, I'm blowing up Japan." kinda awkward considering the earthquake they had recently.
  • Big Brother 13 US is probably the most slanted season in Big Brother history, with twists that obviously benefit the veterans (All fan favourites) and safeguards in the form of competitions they've already played in left and right, as well as the most obviously slanted challenge for Brendon to return to the game. After a sudden flip around causing one of the fan favourites to be voted out, a bunch of people on sites begun to think about how the producers would bail out the two remaining veterans, resulting in one user making this video making fun of how they assumed production worked. This became a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when you consider within a week...almost all the events described to slant the season happened in the most blatantly contrived bailout in Big Brother history. Among these...Pandora's Box offering $5,000 to Porsche, restarting the duo twist, conveniently pitting Jordan and Rachel (The remaining veterans) with each other, and a literal copy of the first Head of Household competition (That Rachel won) for the veto. But with a different prop. One almost wonders if they got the idea for it after watching that video!
  • A SomethingAwful thread entitled "tim russert is the most handsome man on television" was posted on June 13th, 2008 as a joke topic. Barely three hours later the news broke that Tim Russert had passed away. Needless to say it surprised everyone, and it's become a minor meme that if someone dies, the topic will have a title similar to "[Person] is the most handsome man on television".
  • This College Humor video after Steve Jobs' recent passing.
  • Chris Chan has long been an Acceptable Target due to his, well let's just say oddness. After his father's passing, some no longer enjoy taking jabs at him.
  • Even on This Very Wiki, there's one. The fact that one of our tropes is called Macekre seems very irreverent now that Carl Macek is dead.
  • On radio sites Digital Spy and elsewhere, people were speculating that Dave Berry would be the future breakfast show presenter on 95.8 Capital Radio London and that there would be 100% national Capital Radio. The first one came true, and an Internet Backdraft occurred. It's safe to say people would rather have a presenter who was "in touch" with their audience, like Simon Nicks, aka Nicksy, Darren Spence, Wayne Tunnicliffe, Jacqui Blay or Rick Vaughn, not a celebrity who they can't relate to (and the fact Jacqui provides Ms. Fanservice for everyone too, helps).
  • Also, in December 2010, someone (whose name was never revealed) wrote on Twitter: "predictions for 2011... Twitter will be super-regulated #ladygaga". This may have been considered funny/highly speculative at the time, but not now that the 2011 Twitter gagging order row has happened, and it's definitely uncomfortable to read, particularly as this got quoted around a few football forums too.
  • Dick Figures has the episode "Pleasure Cruise", where Red and Blue are having a vacation on a cruise ship and they end up trying to save it and the passengers from a terrorist who plans to blow it up after being mistakened for secret agents. Although they defeat the terrorist, the bomb blew up before they could act, causing the ship to sink. On Jan. 13, 2012, the ship Costa Concordia has been grounded with several dead and missing. The episode was uploaded on Youtube at Jan. 12.
  • Depending on your opinion, this may also qualify as Hilarious in Hindsight too: the endless promotion for a then-unknown Kesha on Key 103 Manchester, a British radio station's web site. Bizarrely, she was listed on the regular presenters' list too... although not now!
  • Shellyfae's page on (possibly NSFW), and her Twitter feed, are one entire Funny Aneurysm moment.
  • During the RiffTrax commentary of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, either Mike Nelson or Kevin Murphy (I forget which) makes an offhand comment about Heath Ledger dying of a drug-related matter. Although this was released back in 2006 while he was still alive, anyone who's heard it after the unfortunate events of January 2008 when Ledger died of a sleeping pill overdose has to just cringe.
  • Edds World had a joke about Tom getting cancer in the future because of a laser he got hit by. It's lost some of its humor as the real life Edd has died because of cancer.
    • It's not the only one about him. In THE TWENTY MINUTE ASDFMOVIE, an angry potato tells the "I like trains" kid, "I am an angry potato and I hope you get cancer!" Edd Gould voiced the "I like trains" kid.
  • Speaking of asdfmovie, the seventh episode, while still hilarious, has a lot more jokes about death and suicide than previous entries. A month after it was released, the creator admitted he had been suffering from depression and that it may have been subconsciously influencing those jokes, though luckily he emphatically denied wanting to commit suicide.
  • Facebook had one which concerned the site itself. The fact that someone registered the domain in March 2002 is one such thing, even though the content was not social networking, it was just domain-parking.
  • Speculation about GMG Radio being taken over and Real Radio being rebranded as Heart and Smooth Radio rebranded to Gold is no longer comedy for people on media websites, especially now this headline has happened. One can only hope UTV takes over them, as Global Radio would have a monopoly on the UK radio market. Many jokes about Clear Channel are now a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment themselves, well, to British people in the media anyway.
  • The Bad Movie Beatdown and Todd in the Shadows crossover review has Matt panicking at the sight of Todd, mistaking him for a "hoodie", which may have been partly due to him being of unclear race. This took a dark twist after the Travon Martin case
  • On an automotive blog, someone wrote an article entitled "Fifty Shades of Grey" - which was a Take That at some well-known automobile manufacturers, and the Chinese automobile industry. Now, though, with Fifty Shades of Grey out in novel form, the title of the article seems less funny than originally.
  • In one of the fastest cases of this (it was funny for at most eight hours), Spill's audio review of The Dark Knight Rises starts off with the crew joking about critics being killed at the film's premiere. Then the Aurora, Colorado massacre happened
  • Homestar Runner isn't immune:
    • In the Strong Bad Email "the movies", there is a Running Gag involving turning off your bazooka before the movie starts. This is significantly less funny in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.
    • Made even worse by the fact Strong Bad, who got annoyed and blew up the theater near the end of the e-mail, was once The Joker for Halloween. Shortly after Aurora, James Holmes dyed his hair green and claimed he was The Joker.
  • had as part of "Batman Week" a live action/animated video called "Fuck Batman" that featured at the end of it a few dead bodies (some penguins, but one human) splattering blood in the shape of the Batman logo. Worse still, the video was made in advance and put out the same day as news of the shooting circulated.
  • During Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Super Mario Sunshine, a fair amount of humour came from how the game screwed him over, whether it was the time he had a power outage whilst recording, or the difficulty with the watermelon stage, or how frustrating the game was in parts. It became a lot less funny however, when (during his LP of Majora's Mask) Chuggaaconroy revealed that during the LP of Sunshine he'd been suffering from a Creator Breakdown, and was trying to hide it.
  • The photoset of Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumumberbatch went viral in April 2012. August 28, 2012, the featured species was declared extinct, and every single repost of those photos became an inadvertent memorial to the Japanese River Otter.
  • The Pokémon fan trailer Pokémon Apocalypse depicted a Darker and Edgier version of the Pokémon universe, and was released as a parody in late 2010. The parody lost all its humor on October 8, 2012, when PETA protested Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 with a Flash game called Pokémon Black and Blue; depicting Pokémon fighting back against their abusive trainers. The game has been met with resounding criticism from fans and the video game community. Also qualifies as Harsher in Hindsight.
  • This 2007 parody video called "Elmo upsets Little Miss Shy", later renamed "Elmo becomes a molester", in which Elmo tries to take Little Miss Shy home to supposedly molest her and eventually gets pissed at her. It's not funny now thanks to the fact that Elmo's puppeteer, Kevin Clash, resigned after being accused of having sexual relationships with underaged boys.
  • Purposely invoked on Atop the Fourth Wall in a storyline where Linkara found out he was turning evil and a series of flashbacks to old comedic moments from the series shows evidence of him becoming aggressive and egotistical to dangerous levels.
  • One episode in the Game Grumps playthrough of Mega Man 7 has Jon mocking Proto Man's vaguely sinister sounding hints (ex. Asking Mega Man to burn down a forest to find a hidden passageway), and Jon creates the dialogue "Mega Man, I need you to gun down a school full of elementary school children." A lot less funny after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, four months after the episode's release.
  • The April 9, 2013 edition of What If? had as its topic "Am I right to be afraid of pressure cookers? What's the worst thing that can happen if you misuse a pressure cooker in an ordinary kitchen?" Barely six days later, somebody used a pair of pressure cookers filled with nails and ball bearings to bomb the Boston Marathon.
  • :the game: is a flash-based game series where the goal is to kill yourself over and over again, often in ways that parody current events. When the third game rolled around in May 2011, the naturally added a iPad-themed level where you kill yourself as Steve Jobs. 5 months later, Steve Jobs died in the real life.
  • The second episode of Super Freakin' Parody Rangers features Blue Ranger Willy getting replaced by his brother Billiam, who is an over-the-top Camp Gay stereotype. Years later, David Yost (the original Blue Ranger) revealed he's gay and the reason he left the show was due to excessive gay bashing. Suddenly, Billiam feels even more wrong.
  • In The Editing Room's "abridged script" for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry jokes about his "uncle" not being in the next movie thanks to a heart attack. The actor playing Vernon Dursley, Richard Griffiths, died from complications of heart surgery at the age of 65.
  • In the Film Brain/Welshy crossover review of Texas Chainsaw, a joke is made repeatedly throughout the video about Welshy being sad and angry that Matt Smith left Doctor Who. Due to time related to editing the video, it wouldn't be put up until mid-February. Two weeks before the video went up, Jew Wario killed himself, which changes the context of the comments about the people you love leaving you.
  • Retsupurae made fun of a series of old video game reviews, one of which included the reviewer's bizarre suggestion that Lara Croft from Tomb Raider should have a dramatic plotline where she gets breast cancer. Some years later, Angelina Jolie got a preventative double mastectomy for fear of breast cancer. The riff also has this unfortunate line:
    slowbeef: Y'know, that's really what Tomb Raider 3 needed: more double mastectomies.
  • An episode of Marc Mues' show "Rope Break" had him and Dillon commentating on a match with Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior, while Dillon makes some inflammatory comments towards the latter. It was released only four days before Warrior's death.
  • In 2007, the Star Wars wiki declared that only the movies and the animated series were canon. Fans of the EU rejoiced that this was an April Fool's Joke. 7 years later, Disney, now the owner of Star Wars, made the same announcement—but they weren't joking.
  • Alex Day and Charlieissocoollike were at one point as thick as thieves, with many jokes about how they would be married together and inseparable. By 2014, the latter publicly ended their friendship in disgust at the former's actions.
    • On a similar note, the song "Mrs Nerimon", written by Kristina Horner, was a song about how she wanted to be married to him and spend the rest of their lives together. In 2014, it became apparent that Alex had not only been emotionally manipulative to her, but had also been abusive to some of his other girlfriends in various ways. This was all on top of the revelations that Kristina had been emotionally and sexually abused by one of her ex-boyfriends, Luke Conard.

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