Funny / Skullgirls

The Game

  • They really mean it when they put "Press Any Button" on the title screen. Go ahead, try something like a shoulder button or the D-Pad. That should warrant a chuckle.
  • This victory pose (From the Pre-Patch Version).
  • Pretty much all of Parasoul's story mode intro. Especially the part where Parasoul instructs one of her soldiers to send soldiers to help her hunt the Skullgirl down...and get Umbrella some ice cream. Said soldier who got the order then calls it "Operation Chocolate Dawn".
  • Ms. Fortune's line to Filia: "Can I have a cheeseburger?"
    • She doesn't appreciate having it turned around on her, though:
    Cerebella: You can has cheezburger?
    Ms. Fortune: That's racist!!!
    • Even Robo-Fortune does it!
    Robo-Fortune: Can I have been acquired a cheezburger?
  • In Ms. Fortune's story, she comes across Valentine, who is fascinated by her Healing Factor and wants to study it. Ms. Fortune thinks Valentine is hitting on her.
    Ms. Fortune: ...Er, sorry, creepy lady. I'm not interested.
    • Later in Ms. Fortune's story, she finds Valentine in a church with Double and we get this gem.
    Valentine: Aw, she followed me home. Can I keep her, Double?
  • One time the announcer spat out this gem.
    Announcer: Now you're cooking with gas!
    • Any of the announcer's annoyed reactions to a lame match ending via chip or time over:
    Announcer: This racket's flopped.
    Announcer: Awwwww, c'mon!
    Announcer: You call that a fight?
    Announcer: Cut, cut, cut!
    Announcer: Call my bookie!!
  • Should your opponent actually be dumb (and lucky) enough to let you kill the last two of his characters at the same time onscreen, John "Dangerous" Rockefeller will laugh, and it earns you a trophy.
  • When knocked out with her head off, Ms. Fortune's head tries to get back up. She only gets far enough to show the audience her incredibly silly face before flopping back down.
  • Republican Double
  • The announcement of a playable Robo-Fortune and the Real Soviet Announcer voice.
  • Potential DLC character Stanley Whitefin explains the Indiegogo fundraiser while creating the first prototype of Robo-Fortune. It ends up exploding spectacularly.
  • The combo meter itself delivers these sheerly by how Crazy-Prepared it is. The highest prepared combo of 999 is simply titled "You Can Stop Now."
  • Squigly's story mode in the PC beta. And the ending.
  • Squigly's snapback animation. Here's a video of it being done 6 times with a close-up of Leviathan's face after.
  • Filia and Squigly meet in the latter's story mode. Filia tells Squigly & Leviathan that she's lost her memory and Samson is helping her find the Skull Heart so she can use it to get better. Leviathan accuses Samson of taking advantage of Filia's amnesia, manipulating her into going after the Skull Heart because he wants her to be turned into a Skullgirl. Samson responds by being a jerkass, insulting Squigly's appearance and then telling Filia that she can't trust this undead chick, who has to be working for the Skullgirl. At this point both Squigly and Leviathan want to beat the crap out of Samson.
  • Speaking of hitting people in the head: if you play as Ms. Fortune, detach her head, and then kick it while it's on the ground to send it sliding away, sometimes it'll respond by yelling "Wheeeee!"
  • Big Band's win pose is a thing of beauty.
  • The entirety of DLC candidate Feng's Epic Fail of a backstory. While originally meant as a joke, it's now considered to be canonical:
  • While the first half of Double's ending is pure horror, the other half shows us Aeon's room. Which is a cluttered mess filled with everything from a Samson wig, a Painwheel backpack, the Necronomicon, and a Ms.Fortune body pillow. Especially funny because this means that one of the Skullgirls equivalents of God is a hoarder.
  • Fukua's story mode: The entirety of the story (drawn in a slightly Super-Deformed style to illustrate how it's off from canon) is revealed to be All Just a Dream by Filia having a nightmare of Fukua putting on a Filia mask and claiming to be her. After she rinses her face off with the bathroom sink, Filia stares into the mirror... only for a Jump Scare of Fukua being in the reflection instead of herself. The Stinger has a second jump scare of Umbrella and Annie also in the reflection (Annie being there makes all the more hilarious considering the scene is one big homage to the last scene of Twin Peaksnote ).
    • And after clearing Fukua's story mode, a new cutscene is unlocked: A joke cutscene where Filia talks with Samson about using the Skull Heart to wish for infinite hats, since Samson keeps on eating hers every time they get ready for a fight.
    • The announcer's "This battle is all in the mind" remark takes on a deeper meaning, because it is actually true.
  • Normally, we really don't put one character here and call it a day, but with Peacock, that is probably the quickest way too actually get it done for listing Peacock's moments of humor. Case in point, her attacks, all being based around cartoon-ish ideas, ranging from POKING the character, MISSING a football kick Charlie Brown-style, singing a DEADLY note on a rock guitar, pulling characters into a Big Ball of Violence, using miniature CANNONS, using Abnormal Ammo for her guns like baseballs, BOWLING BALLS, and BULLET BILLS, and even having one of her Shadow of Impending Doom attacks be Avery on a STEAMROLLER! She has to be seen in gameplay to be believed.
  • Unstoppable Force Eliza Meets Immovable Object Big Band.
  • Eliza's placeholder loading screen image on Endless Beta is hilarious.
  • Eliza's intro line when facing Valentine: "Were you blessed by Taweretnote , or by a scalpel?"
    • If you're the type for punny mythology references, Eliza's moves contain a few: Khepri Sun (Khepri being a solar god), Upper Khat (a pharaoh's headdress), and Albus will occasionally exclaim "Let's duat!" during his assist (Duat, the Egyptian land of the dead).
    • Horace's quotes of Falcon Dive; a bird screech, him shouting "Screeech!", and him saying "I am screeching!" in his usual Battle Butler way.
  • At the end of Beowulf's story, he starts working alongside Annie in her Girl of the Stars show. Cut to Peacock sitting on the couch clutching at her head with an utterly confused expression, mostly at the way Beowulf changed from playing a minor villain in a funny costume to a central hero in shiny armour.
    Peacock: This show makes no sense.
    • Towards the end of it, as Beowulf and Annie look out at the catacombs after defeating Marie and Double, the Penguin Feral Referee from Beowulf's Hype-boosted Canis Major Press is just randomly standing there as if he's been there with them the whole time!
  • One of Beowulf's running gags is how he'll proclaim his triumphant return to half the neighborhoods/wards in the game. But when he gets to Gehena...
    "Finally! The Wulf has come back to... wait, what?"
  • The entirety of Robo-Fortune's story. Highlights include Robo-Fortune having a Keyboard Cat talksprite, Valentine's drawing of Ms. Fortune, and there basically being No Fourth Wall.
    Robo-Fortune: ...Also, did you just give away a major plot point?
    Marie: Don't worry, nobody will think any of this nonsense is canon.
    • Furthermore, it makes no bones about making Brain Drain, who is normally The Dreaded, look absolutely ridiculous.
    • The entire starting point for the story is Valentine sending a "Report" covered in scribbles about how cool Ms Fortune is. Brain Drain promptly begins yelling.
    Brain Drain: THAT'S JUST STUPID!
    Report: hed comes off! tail sword so kewl! adorable feral kitty awwww :) blood?? so dark & hardkore! omg so funny heehee amazing can we keep her???
    • How does Brain Drain figure out that Valentine is a traitor? The radio switches on and screams that the nurse has led the Skullgirl right to them. Brain Drain pretty much goes "Yeah, called that one."
    • After finally constructing Robo-Fortune, Brain Drain is inexplicably wearing glasses and a shirt with a loose tie and rolled up sleeves while smoking a cigarette, as if he's human.
    Brain Drain: Identify yourself.
    Robo-Fortune: I AM MORE THAN A ROBOT. Except…not really. Playing off error. DOOT-DOOT-DOOT-DOO
    Brain Drain: (Face Palm) NO. None of that. Just state your name and objective.
    Robo-Fortune: Dramatic paws. (Beat) I am Robo-Fortune. Created to destroy the Skullgirl as well as all who stand in Lab 0's way. Can I having been acquired cheezburger?
    Brain: …I suppose this will have to suffice. Now get out there and execute your mission. I'm going back to the drawing board to think about where I went wrong.
    Robo-Fortune: BEEP BOOP. Plot shields operating at maximum; I will not fail, barring control unit apathy.
    Brain Drain: Crash and burn. If you see Painwheel, tell her I'm sick of her ignoring my messages.
    ''(Robo-Fortune is seen going up an elevator. Scene changes to a trapdoor on the outside. It doesn't open, and something hits causing a dent with an audible GONG!. Door opens to show Robo-Fortune in pieces.
    • Robo-Fortune fights Valentine and gets called out since they're on the same side leading to...
    • Among the first things Robo-Fortune says in her story, she makes a reference to the Plot Armor that is oh-so prevalent in the game.
    • If Robo-Fortune fights Ms. Fortune in a match and wins a round, Ms. Fortune falls over with an annoyed "Not. Funny!" Sorry cat lady, it actually is.
    • The ending of Robo-Fortune's story has giant Robo-Fortunes declare war on human fallibility and lay waste to everything. It then cuts to Venus and Aeon, who are absolutely astounded that everybody did their jobs for them.


  • On the Meta side of things, some of the voice actresses from the game have a few rounds with each other, and each one of them descends into Crowning Moment of Funny material. The first video alone includes Erin (Parasoul) descending into raving insanity for about 30 seconds and putting twists onto her existing lines, while Sarah (Peacock) raves about shouting things like "I see London, I see France..."
    • "Look at that, I crowned a princess!"
      • Pretty much any line Sarah says due to her being a Large Ham.
      • "Where the hell are my followers? Goddamn Egrets!"
    • At the end they are both reduced to incoherent screaming.
      Sarah: Did we just have sex?! Is that what happened here?
    • The battle between Laura (Valentine) and Sarah (Peacock) is pretty glorious as well. Starting with Sarah shouting "HELLOOOOO NURSE!!", followed by Laura trying to convince Sarah there is candy in her truck, prompting Danielle (Painwheel) to say "Don't go in that truck, I made that mistake and look at me now!" Also "WHAT HONOR?! I'm a fucking cartoon, you bitch! I have nothing!"
      Sarah: No, no! It's elective, it's elective surgery!
      Laura: I dunno...I could really help you, uh, look better in that dress...
      Sarah: You—Have you seen my measurements on the website?! I have no figure, there's nothing you can do for me!
      • Then, in Round 2, there's this moment after Sarah successfully lands an Argus Agony Blockbuster move:
      Sarah: "Oh, there it is! Finally, I countered her! I countered her. Look what I did, Mom! Look what I did! Are you proud of me?! Do you love me now, Mommy?!"
      (Peacock then gets hit by an EKG Flatliner attack)
      Laura: "No. No, Mommy does not love you at all."
      • Speaking of the EKG Flatliner, Sarah often lets out a high-pitched "EEE!" when she gets hit by one.
      • And then there's every time when Laura accidentally activates the EKG Flatliner in the air and misses, followed almost ALWAYS by "NO NOT IN THE AIR!!!"
      • And when Peacock sends out the big bomb, they frantically try to get as far away from it as possible.
    • Erin (Parasoul) vs Laura (Valentine)'s 1st fight. Anything from near the end of Round 1 and onward is just going to have tears coming out of your eyes, and most of the time it's going to be Erin's innuendo or Large Ham moments. These moments are connected to each other practically in the span of seconds, and it doesn't even end there:
    Erin: (after just beating Laura) OHHHHHHHHHHH, YES, THAT FELT GOOD! OH, I AM HEALED! Praise the Lord!
    Erin: Oooh, I feel better already! You are good for my health!
    Erin: You don't know how to operate your titties the way I know how to operate my titties! My titties are all organized.
    Kimlinh: Yes! I nommed you!... Your boobs taste funny. They taste like plastic.
    Laura (after winning a round): You might be a Skullgirl, but I'm a Skullwoman!
    • And now they play the story mode, with some dubbing involved. The hilarity in these cases however stems not only from the voice actresses, but the cameraman, AKA one of the Egrets. Crowning goes to his performance as Dr. Avian, and Fat Albert!Double.
      • "I'm thirteen; I'm a fucking tween!"
      • "Dr. Avian! Who did this to you...?" (beat) "WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?! Look at me!"
    "Oh my god, my eyeball isn't even in my socket anymore! What the hell is this!?"
    "Oh quit your bitching, I got none."
    • Also, Brain Drain.
    • And now they got Rich Brown back to dub Big Band's story mode, and you can see him getting more and more into it throughout the three parts. Includes Kaiji's reprised role as Brain Drain for a sustained cutscene conversation, Rich Brown's Bing Crosby impression and the Running Gag that Dr. Avian isn't actually dead, among many other moments.
    Kaiji!Irvin: Sorry, Ben, she's with me. Little flakey, but she gets the job done... in the end. She's helping me do some recon.
    Christine (or possibly Sarah): At least he's getting a little pussy action on the side.
    Rich!Big Band: You used to cuff 'em, not cuddle 'em.
    Kaiji!Irvin: And you used to not beat up women randomly but y'know, we all change I guess.
    Erin!Parasoul: We'll go after we return to the castle. Get your finger off my boob.
    Sarah!Umbrella: ...I'm stuck.
    "Eric, let me touch you with my umbrella."
    "Lemme touch you with my umbrella."
    "Lemme touch you with my umbrella."
    "Dude that's gay."
    "Let me touch you with my umbrella!"
    "You gotta say no hom-"
    "Say no homo first!"
    "...No homo."
    "There, ok fine."
    Sarah: "It's not gay if the tips don't touch!"
    "Wait, what about if it's just the tips touching?"
    Sarah: "Then you should probably have a long talk afterwards."
    • As well as Ms. Fortune's mentioned above, the other cast playthroughs of story mode are each gems in their own right. From Double's playthrough, and to the tune of 'In The Navy':
    In the Trinity... You can lose your fucking mind, IN THE TRINITY!
    • In Filia's story playthrough, Christina loses to Marie several times. With each one, the space-filler sprite of Filia at the side of the screen switches to become increasingly sad, and then angry.
    • The VAs are at it again during the Breast Cancer donation drive: Every main voice actor for the game except for Danielle attended, and they did more story mode "dubbing". Since Del also couldn't come, they got Mike Z to dub Samson... which, of course, he did in his REAL SOVIET DAMAGE voice.
    • They held another livestreaming event for the Breast Cancer donation drive: The only absent VA was Christine (with Danielle and Sarah making late but grand entrances). Even more story mode "dubbing" ensued. Other highlights include Laura, Cristina, Kimlinh, and Erin all singing "A Whole New World", most VAs taking requests for other character voices, and Squigly's formal debut and the VAs' reactions to it.
      • The videos for the stream can be found here, with most of the events happening in this one.
  • Also on the meta side, people's reactions to Double. See the iron gamers at 1:05, Maximilian's first reaction at 9:47 and his comment on her at 5:43.
  • After the patch came out, Mike Z did a series with Crossover Counter TV to promote the game for the hardcore community. And in one video, guess who returns? SOVIET MIKE Z!
  • Mike Z introduces the voice of Big Band:
    Mike Z: So I'm just gonna let him say hi and convince you all that he should be doing this character.
    Rich Brown: Hello. How's everybody doing out there in chatland?
    Mike Z: That's really all we needed.
    • Rich has since become a recurring guest on Salty Cupcakes, and his epic voice has led to many a chat meme based on the fact that his name is Rich Brown.
  • A very drunk Sarah regales us with the magnificent story of Yu-Wan.
  • Baby Skullgirls.
  • At Salty Cupcakes, when people start talking about all the team name innuendo that can be had with some of the upcoming characters, Danielle (Voice of Painwheel) starts adding "I ship it" after every new name.
  • Big Band will be able to play actual music with his standing Medium Punch. Mike Z demonstrates using "Charge!" as an example. (Starts at 2:50)
  • The Gilligan Cut between two of the Skullfaced videos.
    Erin Fitzgerald: I am remaining sober this evening, for I am Irish, heh-and if I get drunk, it will all go to hell too very quickly.
    The next video:
    "Erin Fitzgerald has been drinking for the past seven hours. She's fine! Look at her. She's Irish. I don't know..."
    Erin Fitzgerald: Happy Saint Patrick's Day, egrets. I decided since that it was Saint Patrick's Day, I was gonna go hard. Erin go brah.
  • The Typing of the Skullgirls Encore. It must be seen to be believed.
  • Fukua...a Take That to Capcom's Decapre trailer for Ultra Street Fighter IV in the form of a palette-swapped and moveset-altered version of Filia. But, as the video description says, Lab Zero believes in taking a joke as far as it can go...which means Fukua is an actual, playable character now.
    • The best part? Look at her alternate costumes. Most of them are references to other clones and/or palette swaps in video games.
  • Before officially being cast as Beowulf, Kai Kennedy made a concept voice reel of him. His ridiculously hammy voice is worth a few laughs by itself, but some of the quotes are just gold too.
    (to Filia) Hey nice hair, I OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!
    (to Squigly) You got a dragon huh? Well I got a chair, so... yeah...
    (to Eliza) Aw sweet, I love your records! But I'm still gonna have to suplex you. Sorry.
  • The Skullgirls version of Lore In A Minute, complete with the voice of Kira Buckland (voice of Marie). WARNING: Contains spoilers for Squigly's Story Mode.
    Now it's up to you to pick a girl (or a giant tuba-man), fight your way to the lair of the Skull Heart and defeat the Skullgirl's three super-cheap forms, claiming the Skull Heart for yourself in what definitely probably will not backfire ever.
  • The website's official bio and description of Robo-Fortune:
    Robo Fortune is the creation of Brain Drain, the psychic director of ASG Lab Zero, and stands as a testament to her maniacal creator’s unmatched pride and petulance. Built to demonstrate loyalty and cunning, Robo Fortune fails to deliver either to any measurable degree. Employing cutting-edge technology, she sets out to hunt down the Skullgirl, and to engage in easily avoidable conflicts.
    Is the ASG Project’s latest creation the ultimate cybernetic soldier? Have Brain Drain’s mechanical machinations set the world on a treacherous path? Is Robo Fortune’s faulty programming more of a feature than a bug? Has science gone too far?!j
  • The entirety of the "Skullfaced" series.
  • This page in a cheat book. It's hilariously bad.