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Fandom Rivalry: Music
  • The Beatles fans vs. The Rolling Stones fans. More rabid feuders are often surprised to find out that the two bands were actually close friends with one another and would occasionally drop in on the others' recording sessions. At least two tracks, the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love" and the Stones' "We Love You", featured members of the other group providing background vocals.
    • In fact, the Rolling Stones were signed because the Beatles were impressed by their talent and recommended them to Dick Rowe (infamously the man who passed on signing the Beatles), and even gave them a song they wrote, "I Wanna Be Your Man", which the Beatles recorded after.
      • Also between Stones fans who prefer the Brian Jones years or the Mick Taylor years.
  • Michael Jackson fans vs. Prince fans. Many of Michael Jackson's more "mainstream" fans decry Prince as a vulgar womanizer, while many of Prince's more hardcore fans view Michael as perhaps a formidable singer, but an overly commercialized one who relied too much on other musicians for writing, playing, and studio craft.
    • If discussions under news articles about him are any indication, Jackson fans also are embroiled in nasty rivalries with fans of Elvis Presley and/or The Beatles with regards to the title of Greatest Musician(s) of All Time. Jackson fans call Presley a thief of black music who didn't even write his own material, and slam The Beatles as both dated and less talented than Jackson, since they didn't dance or put on giant stage shows. They also claim that the press has unduly favored these acts and been willing to overlook their many personal flaws because they were white. Even Jackson himself suggested the industry picked on him for becoming more popular than these two acts in 2002. Jackson fans also like to argue that everyone in the world knows his music. On the flip side, Beatles fans resent that Jackson made and spent quite a bit of money off of the band's work once he acquired the rights to the ATV song catalog in The Eighties — which actually ruined his friendship with Paul McCartney — and (similar to the Prince rivalry) did far less of his own writing/playing. It's easy to dance onstage, after all, if one isn't playing an instrument or even doing their own singing, as Jackson did a lot of lip-synching from The Nineties onward. That both Presley and The Beatles were far more prolific than Jackson (and in a much shorter time frame than him in the case of the latter) doesn't help. Fans of almost every major black artist — Chuck Berry, James Brown, etc. — have the same criticisms of Presley and The Beatles, but the Jackson fandom is the highest-profile of the lot.
  • Judas Priest vs. Iron Maiden.
  • Guns N' Roses vs. Stone Temple Pilots tends to breed epic level shitstorms among a certain portion of the Velvet Revolver fanbase. The GnR camp tends to be filled with Purists, Willfully Blind, and Strawstuffers who view the original Guns 'n' Roses as gods and see Scott as an overly-hammy, Ambiguously Gay Replacement Scrappy for Axl and blame Scott for Velvet Revolver not being the same as the old GnR (despite the fact that Slash wanted someone who was different). STP fans are usually Toxic Geniuses, Highbrow Elitists, or Misplaced Champions that instantly retaliate with similar insults at Axl and will attack Guns n Roses as overblown hair metal crap that remains popular solely due to the 12 year-olds that only know of Slash from Guitar Hero, and will go on about how there's no appreciation for Scott because STP is too sophisticated for GnR fanboys.
    • It's to be expected when a grunge singer joins a band with members of a Hard Rock group.
    • This doesn't even take into account the fandom rivalries that exist for literally every musician to ever pass through GNR. The main one, of course, is Axl fans vs Slash fans, but there also exists indivdual fandom rivalries between every guitar player (the biggest being Slash fans vs Buckethead fans), every drummer (still mostly revolving around Adler fans vs Sorum fans, even though most will admit there have been some incredible replacements for both men), Duff fans vs Tommy Stinson fans (which is probably the least vitriolic of any), pre-1991 fans vs post-1991 fans, pre-Slash fans vs post-Slash fans 2001/2 fans vs 2006 fans, 2006 fans vs current (2011) fans...and on and on and on and on...
  • X Japan vs. COLOR / Dynamite Tommy. The bands themselves were rival bands, and though the drama mostly died down between them, the fans still sometimes won't let it die.
  • X Japan vs. Dir En Grey is a bit more modern of one, with some Diru fans becoming vocal Fan Haters toward X fans.
    • And Dir En Grey fans vs. Kuroyume fans. Their respective fanbases argue about which band was really responsible for kickstarting the Eroguro kei sub-movement and popularizing Avant-Garde Metal in Visual Kei. Some Kuroyume fans even go as far as claiming that Dir en grey copied their aesthetics, sound, and manner of performance, while Dir fans deny these facts and even claim that they perfected Eroguro by themselves.
      • Bonus points for referencing the Pantera vs. Exhorder Fandom Rivalry or explicitly throwing it in. note 
  • X Japan has a few of these internally as well. The longest-running had been hide vs. Toshi. Various factors somehow joined in a confluence. Shippers had long seen hide and Toshi as rivals, some unofficial information hinted that they had some sort of rivalry or hate toward each other, and once the band broke up it entirely exploded. Some hide fans blame Toshi for breaking up X Japan in 1997 due to his joining a new religious movement, and some Toshi fans do as well - but the hide fans who believe so believe the breakup and loss of success contributed, in some way, to hide's downward spiral into alcoholism and eventual death. Cue much hatred for Toshi among hardcore hide fans. Considering that some hardcore Toshi fans and/or Yoshiki/Toshi shippers blamed hide for the band's breakup, saw hide as an intruder on Toshi and Yoshiki, and believe him to have who intentionally suicided to make Yoshiki hurt... you can just imagine what happens when these groups meet up. There's a reason it's called the Legendary Flame War, and a reason why mentioning certain claims (e.g. calling Toshi a brainwashed cult member until 2010 when he admitted he had been, saying hide's death was intentional suicide aimed at punishing Yoshiki) will lead to sane fans piling on to quench an Internet Backdraft. This Flame War got possibly the best dousing any Flame War could, though, once Toshi did leave HomeOfHeart and confessed to having been brainwashed for over 10 years - and rekindled his friendship/relationship with Yoshiki. Occasionally one side will still try to start drama from it related to their still-ongoing hatred of hide and the rumors about him, but it's pretty much out now for very good reason.
  • Galneryus vs. DragonForce Nearly EVERY Galneryus video will have comments either accusing the band of being a bad copy or some sort of debate over whether Galneryus or DragonForce is better just because both bands play a fast paced form of power metal.
    • YAMA-B VS. Ono can light a flamewar up pretty fast. Original vocalist from the beginning vs. Replacement Scrappy with a love for Auto-Tune.
    • Old Galneryus vs. New Galneryus.
  • Try finding ANY power metal video with a decent number of views and without an argument between people who dislike DragonForce (generally displaying a level of ignorance that belies a complete lack of knowledge of them past having played Guitar Hero) and fans.
  • Gangsta Rap Fans/Alternative Rap Fans/Hardcore Hip-Hop Fans/Political Rap Fan vs. Pure Mainstream Rap fans. Is also an example of a Broken Base. There's also other deeper socio-cultural issues involved.
    • Nas fans vs. Jay-Z fans is arguably a microcosm of this rivalry.
    • Likewise with KRS ONE fans vs. Nelly fans.
  • Tupac Shakur fans vs. The Notorious BIG fans. Which is weird considering how different their music is. One's a Rebellious quasi-political activist, The latter's a new york mafioso. It's like comparing Huey P. Newton to Al Capone.
  • Ludacris or T.I.
  • Jimi Hendrix fans vs. Eddie Hazel/Ernie Isley fans.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers fans vs. Faith No More fans. A good deal of this stems over a longstanding dispute between Kiedis and Patton that started over something extremely petty and resulted in incredibly childish behavior from both sides, but you've still got RHCP fans who think of FNM as a two-hit wonder that otherwise plays a bunch of pretentious drivel, along with FNM fans who think of RHCP as overplayed fratboy date-rape alt-rock that was a poor man's FNM at their best.
  • Alice in Chains fans vs. Nirvana fans. Which is odd because the former was predominantly metal while the latter was mainly influenced by Hardcore Punk.
    • And to a lesser extent, Alice in Chains fans vs. Soundgarden fans.
    • Hell, Alice in Chains fans vs. fans of any other Grunge band.
      • Most of it seems to come from the metalheads that are common in AIC's fanbase, who resent grunge and the fact that the band is associated with the genre. Most of them also tend to enjoy Soundgarden though.
  • Metalheads vs. Nu-Metal ANY Metal offshoot.
    • Be it Nu Metal, Groove Metal or Metalcore, almost all modern, popular metal bands have this in their fanbase amongst each other (Slipknot, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb Of God, Mastodon, Killswitch Engage, etc.) usually fighting over who has the best guitarist/bassist/drummer/singer/band. Considering the persecution they get from the "true" metalheads, you'd think they're learn to stick together (also most of these bands are friends).
    • Metalheads vs. rappers. Although it's slightly one sided, as most rap fans either don't know much about metal or aren't too concerned with the rivalry. But type "metal vs rap" on YouTube, and you'll get tons of videos of mostly one sided biased debates of why metal is better than rap, usually by insecure and/or ignorant metal fans who haven't heard any hip-hop outside of Top 40. The artists themselves don't seem to bicker as much as their fandoms, however, considering the cross-pollination between the two genres and numerous collaborations.
    • Metalheads vs. progheads (progressive rock fans) more recently, with both parties arguing over which genre requires and features the most instrumental and songwriting talent (both genres are known for the extremely intricate complexity of the music).
      • Metalheads vs. pretty much everyone else, really, including other metalheads.
      • Metal fans vs. "Internet Metal Nerds"note  and hessiansnote .
  • Bizarrely and hilariously, German Tokio Hotel fans versus French Tokio Hotel fans. Severe internet-based catfighting is involved.
  • Megadeth fans vs. Metallica fans. The longest feud in the history of Heavy Metal.
    • This stems from the fact that early on in Mustaine's career he genuinely despised the other band as they kicked him out without warning, they always overshadowed his accomplishments, and he believes the majority of their first two albums are his work. They've mellowed out over the years, even touring briefly together in the 90's but Mustaine still feels somewhat bitter about not getting a second chance.
      • And now, the bands are touring together... with Slayer and Anthrax.
      • And while we're on that subject of Anthrax, don't get the fans started on Joey Belladonna vs John Bush.
  • On par with the Metallica vs. Megadeth feud... We have a clash of two entire metal genres: Death Metal vs. Black Metal. Fans of the former say black metal is only known for its bone-chilling controversies and not for its artistic merits; black metal fans reply with the fact that death metal is too well-known in the mainstream and never take their lyrics seriously as most black metal artists do.
    • Oh and, please, please don't put Grindcore into the equation. Death metal fans say that grindcore is basically metalcore turned Up to Eleven, although that ain't really the case; black metal fans instead say that grindcore is sometimes not too serious. Grindcore fans, in turn, say that death metal puts too much emphasis on straightforward overwhelmingness and black metal takes its satanism very seriously.
  • The Dillinger Escape Plan vs. Ion Dissonance. The "Metallica vs. Megadeth" of metalcore.
  • Gojira vs. Meshuggah. The "Metallica vs. Megadeth" of technical death metal.
  • TLC fans vs. SWV fans, superficially similar in that they were 2 trios of urban/R&B singers. Though TLC was/is considered more edgy, and more popular.
    • On occasion people (specifically VIBE magazine) would throw in the group Jade for good measure. Which was basically a Hotter and Sexier version of the two aforementioned groups. They lasted only 2 albums though.
  • Sade fans vs. Anita Baker fans.
  • Mariah Carey fans vs. Whitney Houston fans.
  • Insane Clown Posse fans vs. Eminem fans.
  • During The Eighties there was Madonna vs. Janet Jackson vs. Paula Abdul vs. Jody Watley fans
  • New Kids on the Block vs. New Edition (for obvious reasons)
  • Motown vs STAX/VOLT
  • blur fans vs. Oasis fans. It even caused marriages to break up. Or so the British tabloids would have us believe.
  • Radiohead fans vs. Muse fans vs. Coldplay fans, one of the most famous tri-rivalries that still goes on after over ten years. Radiohead fans think that both of the other groups are only famous because they copied the two poles of Radiohead's pre-Kid A style (Muse copying the rockier songs, Coldplay the ballads) after Radiohead stopped doing mainstream rock. Some fans of Muse dislike the slowness of many Coldplay and Radiohead songs, while some Coldplay fans dislike the metally heaviness of many Radiohead and Muse songs. Finding a person who admits to liking all three bands is almost like finding a needle in a haystack.
  • Slipknot fans vs. Mushroomhead fans.
  • On the note of Limp Bizkit, Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society outright despises Durst. In BLS's live album Alcohol Fueled Brewtality, Wylde shouts in the middle of the intro for Super Terrorizer "Limp Bizkit sucks dick!". In the Ozzfest 2001 live album, he shouts in the middle of the song's guitar solo "Limp Bizkit still sucks dick!".
  • The "Mods vs Rockers" youth gang rivalry was based both on lifestyle and musical choice. The macho rockers enjoyed rock and roll from artists such as Elvis Presley, while the sophisticated Mods followed more blues-based rock such as The Who. Clashes between gangs of mods and rockers became quite notorious during their heyday, especially at Brighton Beach. This was perhaps most memorably portrayed in The Who's rock opera and film Quadrophenia.
    • None other than The Beatles spoofed the rivalry in their film A Hard Day's Night, when a reporter asks Ringo if he is a mod or a rocker. Ringo answers, "I'm a mocker."
  • Sex Pistols vs. The Ramones. or The Damned, The Clash, Crass or Stiff Little Fingers
  • Punk vs. Metal, or Punk vs. Prog Rock, that was more vitriolic
  • Bone Thugs-n-Harmony fans vs. fans of every other Midwestern rapper with a similar style as bone. Particularly Twista, Do or Die, and Crucial Conflict. Most of this started because bone was dissed by the aforementioned groups. The artists themselves has killed the rivalry, but some of the fans are still kinda sore about it. Interestingly enough the aforementioned groups more or less shared the same fan base.
  • Mastodon fans vs. Dream Theater fans vs. Symphony X fans.
    • Occasionally Opeth fans have been known to get into the fray as well.
  • Newer country music fans who would like to see their genre have a return to public prominence if it means shedding some old bonds, versus traditional country music fans who would like to see Taylor Swift's head on a stake. Taylor's clean sweep of the CMAs and AMAs in the fall of 2009, combined with the outpouring of support from the Kanye West incident and a critically praised Saturday Night Live hosting, have led to a massive backlash from the country music community at Taylor's media oversaturation.
  • The Notorious BIG fans vs. Jay-Z fans. which got over shadowed by the 2Pac vs. Biggie situation.
  • Buckethead vs. Slash, due to Buckethead taking Slash's position in Guns N' Roses. The general assumption made is that while Buckethead has more technical skill, his music has 'no emotion'. Of course, those people haven't ever really listened to Buckethead.
  • Helloween vs. Gamma Ray
    • Now the bands even tour together.
  • In classical music, there's early music fans ("after Bach, it all sucks") vs. those who prefer the classical/romantic "canon" ("after Brahms/Strauss/Wagner, it all sucks") vs. 20th/21st century music fans ("but there's a lot of really good classical music being written today! and composers have more freedom now!") And within contemporary classical music, there's the debate between fans of the more atonal genres (such as serialism), the more tonal genres (minimalism and neo-Romanticism), and those who fall between the two extremes.
  • K-pop vs. J-pop in general, but Johhny's Entertainment vs. SM Entertainment in particular. Basically, a extended, wanky debate over which boyband has more talent.
  • Since Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead toured together in 1987 there has been some uneasiness between their fans. Deadheads generally like Dylan, but many Dylan fans considered the Grateful Dead and their fans to be pathetic hippies jumping on a legend's bandwagon. A lot of this has been defused since Dylan himself acknowledged that performing with the Grateful Dead helped rejuvenate him artistically, he's covered Dead songs in concert, he's adopted their "never play the same setlist twice" concert format, and he co-wrote the songs on his Together Through Life album with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter.
  • The Four Tops fans vs. The Temptations fans, is probably the Ur Example of fan rivalry.
  • Death Row Records fans vs. Ruthless Records fans
  • Similarly No Limit Records fans vs. Cashmoney Records fans. They were both from New Orleans, but musically different. No limit had a military/Gangsta Rap motif, where as Cashmoney helped usher in the whole materialistic Glam Rap thing with a type 2 variant of Gangsta Rap.
  • The Who vs. Led Zeppelin. Generally boils down to which individual members were the "Greatest of All Time" on their respective instruments. Other issues include which band was more influential and who was truly the best live.
    • Probably stems from Keith Moon and John Entwistle declining Jimmy Page in recreating The Yardbirds as a supergroup before Led Zeppelin was even around.
  • The famous New Wave rivalry was Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet, even though there wasn't really a great amount of enmity between the bands themselves.
  • Back in The Thirties and Forties, it was Jazz Benny Goodman fans vs. Artie Shaw fans. They were both talented clarinetists who led big bands and made an effort to undermine the segregation in the music industry. Goodman was the "King of Swing" while Shaw was the "King of the Clarinet" (amusingly enough, Shaw thought it should be the other way around. He believed that Goodman was a better player but was limited by his use of arrangements rather than original compositions).
  • Kate Bush fans vs. Toriphiles. It's normally one-sided. Many Tori fans like Kate, but Bush fans often bitch about Tori Amos being a "rip-off" of her.
  • Mostly within the Genesis fandom, Peter Gabriel vs. Phil Collins. Quite the case of Fan Dumb, as both are friends, respect each other greatly as artists and continued to work together for years after Peter Gabriel left Genesis, with Collins contributing spectacular drumwork on many of Gabriel's solo albums (and being stunned by the quality in the process, joking Gabriel had been holding back his best material for his solo career) and Gabriel himself stating that Collins sings Genesis's songs better than he did. (Objectively, Collins does have a better vocal range, though Gabriel is more creative and experimental, so it balances out.)
  • Britney Spears fans vs. Christina Aguilera fans. It has gotten so bad that some Britney fans attacked Sia directly on Twitter simply because she collaborated with Christina. Christina fans retaliated by trolling Britney forums thoroughly.
  • The fandoms of The Protomen and The Megas seem to have a somewhat heated rivalry, despite the two bands getting along fairly well. Most likely due to the fact they share the same base inspiration, even if they go in two wildly different directions.
  • Lady Gaga fans vs. Madonna fans. It's odd, considering that Gaga & Madonna are friends in real life.
    • At this point it seems like every musical fandom versus Lady Gaga's.
  • Lady Gaga Vs Everyone
    • Pretty self explanatory, read her page for more.
  • Little Monsters Vs Cheetolings
    • Which is strange because both Britney and Gaga love each other and have worked together three times in the past. Both are inspired by each other and Gaga is Gaga due to Britney in some part.
  • Cheetolings VS Everyone
    • With complete disregard of how Britney has never said anything bad about anyone outside of the year 2003 and 2004, about Christina Aguilera after years of hassling and mud slinging from her and her fans...and even then it was polite.
  • Rock vs. rap vs. country In the 90s, no teenager was into country.
  • Any female popstar's fanbase will inevitably be at odds with another's.
  • Old school emo (Rites of Spring, Moss Icon, etc.) fans vs. new "emo" fans. The new emo fans had an advantage, what with getting mainstream coverage and VASTLY outnumbering old school emo fans (and probably listening to music released in the same decade ). Then the new emo fad ended.
    • Generally, fans of old-school emo don't even consider the newer music being called "emo" to really be emo at all because it's perceived to be so far removed from it sonically. Other titles, like Pop Punk and post-hardcore, are more often used. The same debate rages on about the "screamo" subgenre. On the one hand, you have bands like Circle Takes the Square, Saetia, and Hot Cross. On the other, Underoath and (at least) early Hawthorne Heights.
  • Fans of R&B/Pop stars vs fans of more "pure" and "mature" R&B/Soul vocalists artists. This goes as far back as the Motown vs. STAX/Volt rivalry of The Seventies. The modern version of that rivalry basically boils down to fans of artists like Rihanna, Kristina Debarge, Mya, Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Milian, Ashanti, Chris Brown, Kerri Hilson, etc vs. fans of artists like Anthony Hamilton, Leela James, Amel Larrieux, Kem, Conya Doss, Vivian Green, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Goapale etc. The fans of the former group of artists thinks the latter artists' style is outdated and boring, and their fans are a bunch of out of touch elitist. The later usually calls the former group of artists "Industry Whores" whom along with the record companies are impeding the success of the latter, as far as fans of the former group goes the latter don't think much of them at all, usually because they think they're all a bunch of prepubescent dumb girls. If some of the former group of fans happens to be actually older (basically 20 to 30 somethings), then the latter fans' opinion of them is even lower.
    • Artists like Alicia Keys, and Mary J. Blige can be kinda dicey as to what group they fall into. Most believe their work falls somewhere in between. Especially Alicia, her last two albums seems to be intentionally straddling the fence. Going from R&B/Soul to Power pop ballads, which eventually led to her base breaking.
    • In some cases the fans of the "mature artists" think that the pop stars are only where they are because of But Not Too Black, because many of the pop stars (e.g. Beyonce, Rihanna) are lighter skinned. For example, India.Arie fans feel that Alicia Keys won the Grammy over Arie in 2002 because of her skin color.
  • In the avant-rock community, there's Frank Zappa vs. Captain Beefheart. Doesn't help that the two had a love/hate friendship while they were still alive.
  • Garbage vs. Curve, though mainly it exists solely on the Curve side. Fans of Curve absolutely hate Garbage, thinking of them as "manufactured" and a revenge plot cooked up by Butch Vig after the group rejected an offer by Vig (who was a fan of the group BTW) to work with them on an album.
  • If YouTube comments are believed, Justin Bieber fans and fans of every other music genre.
    • Though Justin Bieber fans ("Beliebers") and Jonas Brothers fans have a particularly nasty rivalry going.
      • And now the Jonas Brothers have lost mainstream popularity, Beliebers are now rivals with One Direction fans ("Directioners").
  • Post-2005 Nightwish or Tarja Turunen's solo career. You aren't allowed to like both.
  • In general, Grunge fans vs Hair Metal fans. According to a sizable group of fans from both genres, you're not allowed to like both — even though active rock stations typically play both. Although, both groups are in agreement over not liking post-grunge.
  • Yoko Kanno vs. Yuki Kajiura, both among the most acclaimed composers for Japanese anime and Japanese films and both have their dedicated followers. Kanno fans argue a vast and versatile style and a strong work resume of shows is what makes Kanno a great composer, while Kajiura's iconic style and hit-and-miss history of not-so-great-shows makes her a weak composer. On the flip side some fans who love Kajiura's savvy style will tell you Kanno is nothing more than a plagiarist.
    • But of course, both sides have a healthy appreciation for both women.
  • While many fans enjoy both performers, there is a growing rivalry between fans of Professor Elemental and fans of Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer.
  • If you're a fan of Van Halen, you MUST prefer either David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar. Liking both, or expressing no preference, is not an option!
    • DLR fans will tell you that he's the ultimate showman and really brings the fun and passion, Van Hagar fans will say that Sammy has a better vocal range.
  • East 17 versus Take That. The precursor to Blur v Oasis in Britain, East 17 were London hard-boys (their name comes from the postcode for Walthamstow) and Take That were northerners but seen as boys-next-door.
  • Many Miley Cyrus fans tend to take a dig at Selena Gomez. Ironically enough, Selena played Hannah Montana's arch-rival, Mikayla, in some episodes, prior to Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • Punk rock/new wave versus Progressive rock.
  • With the long history of Fleetwood Mac, there's a certain amount of Fandom Rivalry going on between devotees of various incarnations of the band (not to mention individual musicians); the biggest distinction generally tends to be between fans of the early, hard-core British Blues Mac featuring Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer, and the post-1975 lineup featuring Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. Paradoxically, given the long and fraught personal history between Buckingham and Nicks, there's very little serious Fandom Rivalry between the two; fans of one generally tend to like and appreciate the other (in contrast to professional rock critics, who in the 1970's and 1980's tended to line up in the Buckingham camp) simply because of the fact that both brought out the best of the other.
  • White British R&B/Soul singer Lisa Stansfield fans vs her American counter part Taylor Dayne. Likely due to the fact that both have a somewhat similar vocal style and range. And secondly for being the only 2 white women to do R&B/Soul at the time
  • Spanish Reggae vs. Reggaeton
  • Drake fans vs. Common fans. Also, to a lesser degree, Drake fans vs. Chris Brown fans, not helped by the fact that they both dated Rihanna. This one allegedly sparked an actual fight between the two at a New York nightclub.
  • The Birthday Massacre fans vs. Black Veil Brides fans. See TBM's page for the explanation.
  • Aphex Twin vs. Skrillex, which is odd because Skrillex is a huge fan of and influenced by Aphex Twin.
  • Dubstep fans vs. fans of every other EDM subgenre.
  • Opera fans can get into Real Life arguments that make internet-based Flame Wars seem polite. Some examples:
    • The biggest split is pro-Richard Wagner vs. anti-Richard Wagner. Wagner fans cite his operas as being magnificently orchestrated, highly expressive, having intricate plots, and push the limits of singing ability to the max. Anti-Wagnerists claim that his operas are overly bombastic, histrionic, needlessly complex in terms of both singing and plot, and JUST TOO DAMN LONG.
      • The Wagner controversy, it must be mentioned, is not a new thing. It started and has been ongoing since quite early on in Wagner's career. The Viennese critic and philosopher Edouard Hanslick was the original leader of the anti-Wagner camp.
    • When it comes to individual singers, you are not allowed to like both Maria Callas and Renata Tebaldi. The only thing that can unite them is mutual contempt for Montserrát Caballé.
    • You are similarly not allowed to like both Mario Lanza and Jussi Björling.
  • Taylor Swift fans vs. Adele fans — watch as Swifties cite Adele's music as being one-tone and Adele's fans accuse Swift's lyrics of being immature.
  • Ensiferum vs. Wintersun. Started when Jari Mäenpää parted ways with the former to focus on the latter, kept going as Petri Lindroos has been seen as a Replacement Scrappy, and appropriately peaked when Wintersun finally released their much-hyped Time I after years of Development Hell, while Unsung Heroes has been criticized for being a bit lackluster performance. All of this despite Jari himself stating that there's no bad blood between the bands, he's basically BFF's with Ensiferum's Markus Toivonen, and some Ensiferum members even made guest vocals on Time I.
  • Fans of Kelly Clarkson vs. fans of Carrie Underwood argue on who is the greatest winner off of American Idol. The rivalry got even more heated with pop singer Kelly's small forays into Country Music, Carrie's genre.
  • Pink Floyd: Roger Waters vs. David Gilmour vs. Syd Barrett.
  • An example in K-pop is EXO vs. BAP. To add fuel to the fire, both groups were candidates for the MAMA 2012 rookie award. Neither group won, which resulted in both fandoms having a rivalry with fans of the indie group Busker Busker, for a few months. The rivalry didn't really last because most of Busker Busker's fans are Korean, while the EXO and BAP fans who are at war are foreign.
  • Indie fans vs. everyone. Even each other.
  • Simple Minds vs. U2. People generally like to overlook the fact that Simple Minds' singer Jim Kerr and U2 singer Bono are actually good friends, and have even performed together.
  • Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj. Two years after they wrote each other Reason You Suck Speech /songs, their fans are still debating who's "fake"/"jealous"/"a sell out". To put it delicately.
  • Recently, Lana Del Rey fans vs. Florence + the Machine fans. Which seems quite odd since the two are friends and Florence even defended Lana's style and music in an interview, stating she loved it as well as the song "Video Games".
  • In the AC/DC fandom there's fans of Bon Scott vs. fans of Brian Johnson. However there's a large amount of fans that love both.
  • One Direction have a few. For example The Wanted. Members of the two boy bands got into a fight on Twitter once. This led to a fight between the Directioners and TW Fanmily. It was pretty one-sided though, as the Directioners trounced over their rivals due to being much larger.
    • Directioners vs. Swifties: When Harry started dating Taylor Swift, the couple was downright hated by the Directioners. Even though the couple only lasted a few months, Directioners still show animosity to both Swift and her fans.
    • Directioners vs. Rushers: The two boy bands were pitted against one another for a Kids' Choice Award, and while One Direction was always the favorite, Big Time Rush was dominating the votes. One Direction still won, and Nick tweeted they got 63% of the vote. When 1D won, the top trend on twitter was the Directioners celebrating their victory, with the Rushers' trend stuck in second place.
    • Directioners vs. Beliebers: The Beliebers are pretty much the only stan base at an equal level to the Directioners, so their fandom rivalry is probably the most legit.
  • Queensr˙che Official fans vs Geoff Tate's Queensryche fans. So, so much. If certain members of these factions were to meet up in real life, the end result would likely involve several squadrons of riot police.
  • LCD Soundsystem vs. Death from Above 1979. This rivalry started because DFA Records (full name Death from Above Records), the label of LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy, forced Death from Above 1979 (which had Death from Above as its name) to change its name. This battle can be defined as a draw, a result influenced by the fact that exist fans of both LCD Soundsystem and Death from Above 1979 and also by the Song Association: both bands appeared in the soundtracks of Project Gotham Racing 3 and Saints Row 2.
  • Danzig vs. Jerry Only. Danzig fans insist that Glenn should own The Misfits even though he officially quit the band in 1983 and refuses to work with them. Jerry Only fans are glad that Danzig is out of the picture and the band has actual production values in their current form. Danzig fans insist that Jerry is a total jerk, whereas on the flipside, Glenn has been caught lying in interviews, and his only recent blip in the media is getting punched out by the singer of another band.
    • The video of that incident, which is floating around online, shows Glenn provoking the fight and throwing the first punch- which is the opposite of what Glenn claims happened. Going by Glenn's version, he was punched for no reason, however the actual footage show shim using a racial slur and throwing a sucker punch, only to get punched back in self defense.
  • Katy Perry fans vs. Lady Gaga fans: This rivalry has been expanded in 2013, when both singers released "Roar" and "Applause" on the same week respectively. Ironically, both singers are good friends, with the latter defending Perry's geisha- inspired performance at the 2013 American Music Awards, which sparked controversy as some critics accused the performance as racist and cultural appropriation.
  • It was reported in Wired magazine's website that fans of Doctor Steel were planning an "attack" on Dr. Horrible, by attending the Dr. Horrible panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego and openly asking questions on the floor of the panel about Dr. Steel, and spamming Dr. Horrible reviews and sites with links to Dr. Steel's website. No known reprisal was ever recorded.
  • Imagine Dragons and Queens of the Stone Age fans have grown rather spiteful towards each other ever since Imagine Dragons took the 2014 Best Rock Performance grammy away from QOTSA. It goes beyond that though, Josh Homme himself insulted the band during a live performance.
    • Just listen to they way his fans boo when he so much as mentions Imagine Dragons. That really cements this as a hardcore rivalry.
    • Though recently, the rivalry has been in Imagine Dragons' favour
  • This trope is Older Than Steam. In the early 1770s, Paris was a warzone between fans of two composers, the german Christoph Gluck and the Italian Niccolo Piccini. It went so far that people would introduce themselves with their preferred composer's name rather than their own, and street fights between Gluckists and Piccininists were common. Ironically, Gluck and Piccini were good friends. Benjamin Franklin, who was in Paris at the time, wrote home:
    How righteous and just and mild must the French rulers be, if the greatest cause of heated emotions among their subjects are the relative merits of two foreign composers!
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