Characters / Charlie's Angels

The Angels

Sabrina Duncan

Played by Kate Jackson

Jill Munroe

Played by Farrah Fawcett

Kelly Garrett

Played by Jaclyn Smith

Kris Munroe

Played by Cheryl Ladd

Tiffany Welles

Played by Shelley Hack

Julie Rogers

Played by Tanya Roberts

Natalie Cook

Played by Cameron Diaz

Dylan Sanders / Helen Zass

Played by Drew Barrymore

Alex Munday

Played by Lucy Liu


Madison Lee

  • Satanic Archetype: Her backstory is clearly an allegory of the story of Satan. Fallen angel? Get it? Hence why she's often depicted against fiery backgrounds and dies falling into fiery pit. "She is so fired!"
    "Why be an Angel when I can play God?"

The Thin Man

Played by Crispin Glover

  • No Name Given: The Thin Man is only ever referred to as this (either that, or "Creepy Thin Man") for the first movie - the second movie, however, reveals that his real name is Anthony (his surname is not given, however).

Seamus O'Grady




The first Bosley played by Bill Murray, and the second by Bernie Mac in the sequel.

Eric Knox

Played by Sam Rockwell

  • Adorkable: Eric Knox is a "warm, fuzzy" kind of guy. It's all an act.