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YMMV: Charlie's Angels

The original TV series:

  • Never Live It Down: Kate Jackson left the show after the third season claiming she was simply tired of it, and that it had run its course for her. However, she originally was up for the lead role in Kramer Vs Kramer, which eventually went to (and got an Oscar for) Meryl Streep. Aaron Spelling refused to let her out of her contract. She also did not get along well with Fawcett replacement Cheryl Ladd, and after a particularly strange third season episode where the Angels infiltrate a marathon running competition, she decided it was time to quit.
    • Shelley Hack was never popular with viewers, and was dropped after the fourth season. This has made her quite the target for jokes on shows such as The Golden Girls. Hack would later star in films such as The Stepfather and Troll, and in 2000, shortly before the release of the Charlie's Angels films, she hosted a week-long marathon on the Biography channel highlighting biographies of the original television show.
  • Supposedly Rebellious Series: "Toni's Boys"

The films:

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