Liveblog Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Let's Play Might and Magic VI
by TotemicHero
Pre-play preparation
Prologue: Mandatory Backstory
Chapter 1: Welcome To Enroth, Population Falling Daily
Chapter 2: Much Ado About Random Quests
Chapter 3: Of Goblins And Glory
Chapter 4: Those Who Watch Goblins
Chapter 5: Down The Goblin Hole
Chapter 6: They Tried To Kill Me In That Tunnel
Chapter 7: Magic Lizard Climbing Powers
Chapter 8: You Knew I Was Going To Screw Up Somewhere
Chapter 9: Political Correctness Is A Myth In Enroth
Chapter 10: Enroth's Travel Agencies Need Better Customer Service
Chapter 11: Never Ask Why It Had To Be Snakes
Chapter 12: Evil Temple Housekeeping 101
Chapter 13: Saying Bah To The Cult Of Baa
Chapter 14: A Tale of Two Peninsulas
Chapter 15: The Most Boring Chapter Yet...Not
Chapter 16: This Is Why Trap Safety Is Vital
Chapter 17: Just When You Thought We'd Seen The Last Of Them
Chapter 18: A Tale Of Keys And Kiting
Chapter 19: We Are Officially Boned (In More Ways Than One)
Chapter 20: How Many Ways Can I Look Stupid?
Chapter 21: With A Name Like Bootleg Bay, You'd Expect Pirates
Chapter 22: A Haven For Customer Unfriendly Guilds?
Chapter 23: Island Hopping And Dungeon Delving
Chapter 24: You Asked Why It Had To Be Snakes, Didn't You?2
Chapter 25: This Dungeon Is Most Definitely "To Scale"1
Chapter 26: The Sorry Saga Of The Half-Dungeon1
Chapter 27: The Divine Reset Button2
Chapter 28: Dungeons And Dragoons2
Chapter 29: And He's Not Even The Big Bad4
Chapter 30: Killing Thugs And Seeing Numbers
Chapter 31: A Prime Time For Slime
Chapter 32: Another Half-Dungeon For Us, And A Temple To Boot
Chapter 33: Highly Tarnished Silver1
Chapter 34: Hanging Silver Plot Hooks
Chapter 35: An Estate In Bad Spirits
Chapter 36: Tricks Of The Teleporting Trade
Chapter 37: The Master Of The Estate1
Chapter 38: Odds, Ends, And Stupidity
Chapter 39: The Fire Lord Favors Feather Fall
Chapter 40: Not Much Fire Here
Chapter 41: Fear Not The Mysterious Creature1
Chapter 42: Two Lords, One Area, So Many Possibilities
Chapter 43: The Highs And Lows Of Free Haven
Chapter 44: Finding The Favor Of Stone
Chapter 45: An Anniversery Of Sorts1
Chapter 46: They Do Not Fear...They Cannot Fear...
Chapter 47: Our Dwarves Deal With The Devils
Chapter 48: Repetition, Thy Lord Is Snergle1
Chapter 49: Alchemy, It Does A Body Good
Chapter 50: One Good Trick Deserves Another
Chapter 51: This Half-Dungeon Is A Load Of Bull
Chapter 52: Wild Women In A Winter Wonderland
Chapter 53: Deja Vu All Over Again
Chapter 54: No Reason For This Season2
Chapter 55: Druidic Delays And Arena Antics
Chapter 56: One Big Bark Of A Dragon
Chapter 57: Rising Through The Ranks1
Chapter 58: The Most Vile Plot Yet1
Chapter 59: A Tragic Death By Moonlight
Chapter 60: A Taste Of Things To Come1
Chapter 61: The Ghost Of Balthasar Kilburn
Chapter 62: Where Wolves Will Die
Chapter 63: Of Spirits And Shields1
Chapter 64: They Can't Outrun The Fireballs
Chapter 65: Which Lich Is Which?2
Chapter 66: A Taste Of True Power4