Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 57: Rising Through The Ranks

Well, let's kill time.

First, we go train up one level, eating up a week. Welcome to Level 33. I'm wondering if I'm actually under-leveled. It seems like it compared to previous times I've played this game.

Those concerns aside, we need to clear out some of the locals while we wait for June 21st in game time to roll around. (It's June 13th at the moment.) Killing monsters is always better than killing time, isn't it? And killing both is best of all!

First we head west of Silver Cove, coming to a large building. Surrounding said building are more gargoyles and some druids. (I warned you about the druids.)

Killing them off, we rest up, then fly to the islands north of Silver Cove. There are three islands in total. One has the Circle of Stones we have to pray at for the druid promotion. This one, along with one other, has a sword stuck in a rock. We pull both of these out. One of them is magical and very good (although not quite as good as the one Toblerone currently wields). We'll hang onto it.

The northern most island has two small groups of gargoyles. Nothing that gives us too much trouble. It also has a tavern and a dock, both of which we ignore.

Now we head back to the tavern in Silver Cove...and rest. And rest some more. Until it is June 21st, then we head up to the circle.

Loretta Fleise contacts us with telepathy, and begins to guide us through the ritual. Halfway through, she decides to punk us with a chant about the value of money. I kid you not.

However, after that little prank, the ritual is completed, and Eno is now a...Greater Druid? Curse you game and your mixed up class promotions! Is consistency in what you tell me too much to ask?

With that done, we head back and chat with the good Lady about Arch Druid promotion. The Arch Druid promotion requires praying in the Temple of the Moon at midnight under a full moon. The only way to check the phase of the moon in this game, interestingly enough, is on one of the little journal info pages.

Well then, why should we wait on getting Eno another promotion? Next stop, Temple of the Moon! (Yep, another temple dungeon.)

First though, we have one more stop in Silver Cove. Just behind the town hall is the home of the Expert Light Magic trainer. Go Huaryu, go towards the light!

Now, we take a carriage to Free Haven, which is where the temple is located. But before we begin, two more things we need to do.

First, we need to recruit a useful NPC or two. Different NPCs may provide different bonuses depending on their profession. Some provide skill buffs, while other will cast super powered versions of spells. As you know, we can have two non-quest NPCs fulfill this role.

In this case we want a teacher (big bonus to experience gained) and a banker (nice bonus to money found). We are unable to find a teacher, but we manage to locate...Bobby the Banker! (Seriously, that's his actual name in the game.)

First, let's explain bankers. Like all NPC henchmen, a banker takes money from how much you find as payment for services. (In this case, 10 percent.) What the game doesn't tell you is that this is applied after the bonus the banker gives (20 percent) is applied.

So the math is 1.2 minus 0.1 times 1.2, or 1.08. Meaning one banker gives us an 8 percent bonus. The thing is though, the game sort of lies to you. Said banker claims he will get you a 10 percent bonus.

Well, with that done, one last thing. Along the way to the Temple, we stop in northwest Free Haven, at a quaint little house. Said house holds another...Master Trainer! This one is the Master of Bodybuilding. To get it, you need rank 7 and at least 30 Endurance.

Toblerone, that's your cue.

With that training done, Toblerone has more health than ever! We head over to the Temple of the Moon entrance, further northwest, and kill the archers and mages surrounding it.

Next time, we'll head on in and rock the place!


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TotemicHero 9th Sep 11