Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 51: This Half-Dungeon Is A Load Of Bull

Well then, having finished off Snergle, we go take his axe all the way back to the dwarf in the Mire of the Damned. He is happy, and says he will be happy to train us in Axe Mastery.

As if we need it.

Now, a quick Town Portal takes us back to Mist, where we train up to 27. Level ups are so much fun, don't you think so? I do.

Next, we catch a boat to Castle Ironfist, and catch another boat there to Bootleg Bay. It's time for another promotion quest, and Huaryu looks ripe to become a High Priest (but not of the Church of the Painful Truth).

We Water Walk to the southwest, to another island. Since the area reset, the lizard freaks and cannibals are back. Soon, they go from back to face down.

Welcome to the Temple of the Sun! We enter this dungeon, emerging the main chapel and...meet the monks. A lot of monks. A lot of angry monks. Who then blast us with spells. Which seems a bit overwhelming at first, but healing timely fixes us up enough to fight back.

We hit back with Fireballs, which do a number on the Monks, who tend to clump together. A mix of arrows and melee finish off the rest, but we're left with low health. Time to head back and rest up.

We head back in, observing that there seem to be two doors in the back of the room, along with several alcoves along the walls. One of the doors is obviously wooden, and stands out on the right. The other blends in with the stone on the left.

Secret door first, we guess. So we open it, head around a corner and...

...we're screwed.

Boss Battle: Minotaur King

This is not a monster with a unique name, like most of the bosses we've faced before. A Minotaur King is the elite of the Minotaurs (duh), and apparently we have one right here!

Minotaur Kings have a mountain of health, more than any enemy we've faced so far. They also have fairly high magic resistance and armor. meaning doing damage to one is not easy.

Offensively, this thing hits like a tank. At our current level, anyone whose name doesn't start with "T" and end with "oblerone" would die in two or three hits. And to top it off, this one, like the rest, has the Finger of Death spell. And as any fantasy fan knows, anyone who can point at you and say "die" has a distinct advantage.

The one weakness they have is that they are notoriously inaccurate with their attacks. 80% of the time they can't even touch you. But if they come up with that successful 20%...ugh.

We duck back around the corner, and spam Ring of Fire, weakening it slightly. But now we have no spell points for offensive spells. So...what to do...

Well, we can try kiting it...which doesn't work very well, getting Huaryu smacked around somewhat. But then the Minotaur King decides to prove that, once and for all, he is truly bull-headed.

He ducks into one of the alcoves. Now, I don't know how he fit into the alcove, but one thing is certain. He can't get out.


We use the corner of the alcove and lay into him with melee fury. And the Minotaur King is utterly helpless. It's a beautiful slaughter, courtesy of a game glitch and my own power. When the dust settles, the King is dead.

No, not that King, although he's dead too.

We clean out the room he was in, which was a storage room with lots of treasure. Nice. Now we go to the left door, which opens to...a bedroom, with one sole occupant: another monk. He dies, we win.

We check the cabinet of this room, and find...the Sacred Chalice! This is why we came here. So that means, as usual...

Temple of the Sun complete!

Now for a journey overland. After resting up, we head north to Free Haven, and drop off the chalice at the temple we helped rebuild. It's coming along nicely. Next, we continue north to the Frozen Highlands, and pay a visit to Lord Stone, dodging harpies on the way.

He's all too happy about the affair, and grants us the blessing of the High Priest. Go Huaryu!

Town Portal then takes us over to White Cap (do not question the mechanics of Town Portal, padawan). We go train up, not one, but two levels! Ding-ding, we're now level 29!

Let's hang around White Cap for now, and take on some of the locals. After this short (or not-so-short) commercial break.