Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 28: Dungeons And Dragoons

Head back, rest up at inn, buy more food, blah blah. Let's get to the fun part!

Going back to the corridor we were in, we take the room on the left first. It's another small room with thugs who die fairly easily. The door on the right...is not that. It's a hallway with a blind corner...and being smart, I Ring of Fire around it. Ambushes mean nothing to me!

With that cleared, we go around the corner and come into a large room. A ramp spirals down to a lower level. There are several thugs below, but they lack the intelligence to use the ramp. (Bad A.I. strikes again!)

Cate and Eno burn the rest of their spell points Ring of Fire spamming. That drops most of them below us, but a few are left. Time to go rest up.

Back inside, we finish off the enemies at the bottom of the room. There are two doors, one to the south and one to the west. We take the western door and hear weird noises. My psychic powers tell me there are enemies in a passage below us, so I Ring of Fire away.

Introducing some of the most annoying enemies of the game: slimes! They are immune to all physical damage, so magic is the only method to killing them. Anyway, we go around the corner and run into more thugs, who die fast.

The room we're in connects to some sewer like tunnels. But my spell points are low, and I don't feel like tackling the slimes in those tunnels. So we'll go try the south door instead.

The south door in the ramp room leads to a set of winding hallways. It's a simple maze. One path leads to a group of thugs guarding a dead end with a treasure chest. The long hallways allow us to string the enemies out and deal with them a few at a time. Simple.

The other path leads eventually to a room with more thugs...and a soldier. Soldier-class enemies are more heavily armored and have a lot more health than the thugs, but they hit for about the same. Just be glad it wasn't a veteran.

Again we string them out (the setup is bad for Ring of Fire), and again we kill them all. Making our way back to the room, we discover it has a pedestal with a button. In the name of scientific inquiry, we push the button.

As for what it does...we'll go rest, then find out!  *



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