Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 38: Odds, Ends, And Stupidity

Well then, time to have a more mundane approach, and take care of some basic tasks.

We head back to Castle Ironfist, and rest up at the inn. Then it's off to the boat...which, of course, does not go to the Misty Islands. However, it goes to New Sorpigal, so might as well try that, right?

Oops, I hadn't cleared out around the docks when the monsters reset there. Well, time to kill some goblins and mages. We do that, then turn around and get back on the boat...which now, in fact, takes us to Mist. Yay!

First stop on Mist is the castle of Albert Newton. We hand over the crystal, and are now honorary Archmages. Also, since that's a quest complete, time to go train. We get 2 levels out of that; everyone gets to be 22.

Skill points allocated, and then we go sell off our stuff. Nice. With the extra money, we visit the spell guilds in Mist, and fill in a few holes in Eno's and Cate's spellbooks.

In addition, we get a brand new spell which will be of huge help: the Water magic spell Enchant Item! Now we can possibly enchant gear we find. While the effect is random (and at lower skill levels may not work, breaking the item), it's a worthwhile investment.

Now we take the boat back to Castle Ironfist (after a day of delay), and head north to Bootleg Bay.

Oops, this area just got reset too! Cannibals ambush us, and we get to fight them off, along with a few lizardmen. Urgh. Well, our destination is the building right near the obelisk, which I pointed out before when I read...

Wait. A. Second.

Alright then, seems that reality has decided to screw with my head. Of the obelisks I read, it only recorded the Ironfist one in my journal. Meaning I'll have to go back and re-read the Misty Islands one later. At least we can read this one now. Again.


Well, that's annoying. I guess I'll take care of the Misty Islands one when I return there (which probably won't be until after we've completed Newton's council quest, much later in the game). Now, let's go rest at the inn, then come back.

Anyway, back to this strange building. This place is going the be the first (but not the last) sources of Guide Dang It! for most players. This is the Hall of the Fire Lord, a mazelike structure with confounding passages, diabolical puzzles, and one of the biggest Good Bad Bugs * in the history of role-playing games.

Do we dare enter?

Of course we do! Let us step inside and behold the mysteries of this place.