Unfolding Plan Montage

So the Unspoken Plan Guarantee says that if you explain the plan beforehand, it will fail. But what do you do if you want to show the characters forming a plan that works?

One way to circumvent this is to show the plan both in its forming and execution: Rather than have two separate scenes (one to lay out The Plan and one to enact it), the scenes are instead edited together as a montage.

For example: We see Alice, Bob, and Charlie as they look over blueprints. Bob explains the plan, and we switch to a voice-over where he explains "and then Alice cuts the power to the building." Meanwhile, Alice flips a switch and the lights go out. Repeated until the plan is complete, or, until the point that the plan goes horribly awry.

A variation will start with an unspoken plan, and the villain will think he has the upper hand, but lo! the heroes have gotten the drop on him! How?! Then the heroes explain their plan while we see them carrying it out in a flashback.

May utilize a Split Screen to follow several people executing the plan at the same time.



Live-Action TV
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: At the end of "Halloween", Peralta explains to Captain Holt his plan to steal Holt's medal of valor, while in flashback we see the other members of the squad executing the plan.
  • Laverne and Shirley: Laverne outlines a plan to break into an office and steal back some important papers. As she explains it, we see the plan in action, which they pull off perfectly. Then it turns out it was just a visual depiction of the plan being described. Once they implement the plan it goes awry and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Pretty much Once an Episode of Leverage, the denouement of a plan will feature a series of Flashbacks showcasing some detail of the execution that the audience wasn't aware of until then.

Web Video
  • The Art of Theatrical Ushery: Ronnell and Gervey go through the steps to take out an obnoxious theater-goer, intercut with the plan actually carrying out.

Western Animation
  • The LEGO Movie: Seen when the master builders break into Lord Business's tower.
  • Done brilliantly in an episode of Storm Hawks involving the team's infiltration of a Cyclonian base. Bonus points for the "Action" scene suddenly showing the team's uniforms turning into disguises once Finn asks "what if they get spotted?" and Aero points out they'll be wearing disguises.
  • In one Gravity Falls short, Dipper explains his (ridiculous) plan to sneak into the movies while the rest of the family enacts it in a montage. Overlaps with Unreliable Narrator when he describes things like "Grunkle Stan will use his lockpicking skills to sneak in" while we see Stan smashing the lock with a rock.