Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 12: Evil Temple Housekeeping 101

I know this chapter seems short, but in terms of playtime it took me a while. Combat in this game can be pretty slow.

Well, we make it out and hit the temple, getting Toblerone's disease cured. Afterwards, we deliver the missing little girl to her mother, who rewards us with...sacks of food. Ah well, beggars can't be choosers.  *

Next stop is the local tavern. Apparently the good regent was so worried about the other issues, he forgot we told him where one of the cult's key agents was! Thus, Andover is still here, and rewards us with 1000 gold for recovering the candelabra.

However, word has spread about this Baa cultist, so since we just helped him...our reputation takes a hit. Reputation goes up or down depending on what kind of quests you do (plus how many innocent villagers you smack down). Donating to the local temple also improves your reputation. We head back there, hand over 100 gold, and instantly become "Respectable".

Alright, back to the abandoned temple. We backtrack quite readily to where we were (killing a couple of annoyances on the way), and take a look around the room where we found the little girl and...a door?

We open the wooden door to discover a passage leading down. Ah, this must be the way to the real temple!

...or it could just be the way to a torture chamber, with the old victims hanging in suspended metal cages. My psychic powers tell me the cages are trapped, so they get left alone. The gold coins scattered on the floor, however, are not, so we take them.

We go deeper into the caves, finding and slaying more bats and spiders. No more cobras at this point though. We do find a suit of plate armor on the ground, so Toblerone gets armored up.

We come to a huge cavern which extends in both directions. We head right, and discover a room that would leave Indiana Jones in a coma. We spend the next few (in-game) hours killing off the army of cobras (along with a few bats and spiders for good measure).

We now go straight, or take another right. Again, we go right, and again, another cavern chamber filled with cobras. I'm detecting a pattern here...

It turns out, this chamber was the cobra nest, with cobra eggs, which we take. There's also a treasure chest, which we loot. Toblerone fails to identify more items, but one item he can identify, which he does. It's a suit of leather armor of Might. Now Eno can have both Might and Magic!

The chamber after that...spider central. We clear out most of them, but our Wizard Eye spell (oh so useful) reveals there are more lurking on a ledge just above the entrance, ready to pounce. However, we have a fiery ace in the hole...yep, Ring of Fire works vertically too! (Kinda makes it more of a Globe of Fire.) We spam cast it until Eno's Spell Points number exactly one more than number of remaining spiders. Which is, to say, zero; they're all dead.

We then head up there to find that among the other spiders is the queen spider herself: very large, very twisted, and very dead. Cate cuts her spidery heart out, which strangely resembles a human heart. No clue why.

At the far end of the room is another door, and behind it, another chest. Opened, it reveals more stuff Toblerone cannot identify. Of greatest interest is a mace, which if I remember correctly, is the best quality type of mace in the game. Go us.

Well, we're done with the last quest, so we decide to head out to turn it in. However, there's still more spiders to be squashed, cobras to be de-fanged, and bats to be...something witty that I can't think of right now. We'll be back.