Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 40: Not Much Fire Here

Time to go rest up at the goblin run inn before continuing. You'd think, with how many goblins we've killed recently, they wouldn't give us the time of day.

Back to the dungeon. We get back to the hub room by falling (of course), and this time take the western pit. It leads to an empty room, with another servant on one wall. Ignoring that, we take the northern passage.

The corridor twists and turns before ending in a familiar room...with more ogres, and stone servants. Kill em a few at a time, and it's all good. We could go north, but that would involve another pit. Um, no.

Next, we move to the room to the south, and encounter more goblins. Ho hum. This room also has a pit, which we ignore.

Beyond that is passage with one ogre and some goblins, and the northwestern pit from the hub room. Sounds familiar, don't it? Yep, symmetry is fairly big in this dungeon...but don't get too caught on it, because it varies just enough to keep you guessing.

Now, it's time to demonstrate the art of super happy glitch time. By clipping into the wall on the northwest pit (run up the southeast side, then jump across), we use incredible psychic powers to warp back to the hub room! No talking to stone faces required. I don't recommend trying this though, particularly in a patched version of the game.

Now back up, we jump down the smaller of the two southwest pits. At the bottom are...goblins and a single ogre. This is getting predictable, isn't it? Anyway, we follow the path around to a room filled with goblins and another pit. Boring.

Next room down, more ogres and stone faces. But...this room has two chests: And one has a piece of amber! Very nice. Now we can safely unlock unward one of the sealed doors.

Next, we open a (unwarded) door to the south and discover...more goblins along a stony corridor. Yay. The hall leads to where a pit we could have dropped down ends up, so we're done here.

After using stone head teleport services, we go back outside and rest, due to health being a little low. Beating on ogres will do that to you. Returning, we head back to the hub room and head into the eastern pit. Falling down, we end up in an empty room...again. With another stone head servant.

We take the north passage, which opens as we approach it. Neato! We head down and around, only to hear the door close behind us. Not so neato.

The next room is another room of ogres, which we can't really kite. But we can kill them nonetheless. Fireballs work wonders on clusters of ogres, by the way. Now you know, And Knowing Is Half the Battle.

Beyond that to the south is another goblin room, (yawn), and beyond that is the northeastern pit, complete with another ogre and goblin lackeys. They're getting too predictable.

Now we head to the northern pit. Other than the second southwestern one, this is the final pit. It leads to a non-empty room, with goblins galore. Soon, it has goblin gore.

The passage leads north, winding to a room with a locked chest. Hmmm, I wonder what key we need to open it.

Well, we explored all eight main pits, but there are still some rabbit holes left to fall down. I guess that's what's next then...