Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 58: The Most Vile Plot Yet

We enter the Temple of the Moon and...snakes. Again.

A veritable army of cobras swarms at us...and quickly dies to arrows. We move forward, and discover more female druids in the large chamber ahead. We beat them back, but they batter and bruise us (and drain our spell points), so we have to retreat.

While we head to rest up, we make a quick detour to a nearby house and sell off our human bones. Yes, someone buys human bones. For 1000 gold apiece. It takes all kinds...

Having rested up, we re-enter the Temple and investigate the main chamber. It has two small doors, one on either side, and a big pair of double doors with an inscription above them. Said inscription reads:

Life above all, Accuracy before Might, Endurance before Speed, and finally Luck.

Yay, a puzzle. Albeit a very simple one, as we'll see.

We go check out the small door on the left. It leads to a corridor with more druids, as well as three doors. We go in the first one...you've got to be kidding.

They've got snakes. They've got women. So, what do you think would be the next logical step for these enemies to do? Isn't it completely obvious? Breed them, and get...wait for it...wait for it...snake women!

Introducing medusas! (Medusae?) The way these scaly women will fight depending on whether you close with them or not. Stay away, and they lob spells at you. Get close, and they usually will get in your face. And you know what that means...yep, they have a chance of turning us to stone.

There are two of them here, and they aren't that hard to kill. They have a fairly high amount of health (get used to this), but that's it. We clean up the rest of the enemies, and then check out the room.

It has a simple stone altar near the back, as well as loot scattered around. The loot is mostly random, except for a scroll of Stone To Flesh.

As for the altar, another inscription reads "Altar of Luck". Guess what we get to do. That's right. Three rooms on each side. Six altars. And we have to run back and forth and do them in a specific order.

Luckily, the game designers weren't too evil. We just have to visit the altars in the order of Life, Accuracy, Might, Endurance, Speed, Luck.

But first, we have some cleaning out to do...

Each of these rooms is mostly the same. Some mix of druids, snakes, and medusas to challenge us. We beat them all down, then go rest up. After that, we tackle the puzzle.

Simple as that, and the double doors are now unlocked. We open them, find a trio of medusas on the other side, and kill them.

We follow the passage to another set of double doors, and open them. Inside is a giant room with the Altar of the Moon, a few druids and snakes, and even more medusas. These include Gorgons, which are the biggest baddest type of medusa around.

We go toe-to-toe with the gorgons, and emerge victorious. Now we check the phase of the moon.

It's a new moon.


Well, we get to play a waiting game until the moon is full. This is not hard, as there are a handful of things we can do in and around Free Haven. I'll list what I did.

  • Go train the party up to level 34, and allocate skill points.
  • Buy a few new spells. We got Power Cure (Body, heals the whole party at once) for Huaryu, Cure Insanity (Mind, does what it says it does) for both Huaryu and Eno, and Lloyd's Beacon (Water, allows you to set beacons you can warp to. Very useful) for Eno.
  • Kill off a small group of archers near the town.
  • Then, rest a few days at the local tavern.

When all is said and done, we head back into the Temple of the Moon, wait until midnight, and pray. Once again Lady Fleise contacts us telepathically and guides us through the prayer.

Temple of the Moon Complete!

And we're done, and Eno is now an Arch Druid! Hooray for power! Plus we get more experience, so we get to go back and train up another level. Everyone, welcome to level 35!

Well, I'd say we did good work. Arch druid-dom and stopping an evil plan to overrun the world with human snake hybrids. We won't have to worry about that, or anything to do with the full moon, again...

...or will we?


Added: This took longer than I thought, so double update is no go. I will try to do a update tomorrow.
TotemicHero 10th Sep 11