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Let's Play Might and Magic VI
Totemic Hero

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Chapter 15: The Most Boring Chapter Yet...Not
We head back to New Sorpigal and sell off most of the loot. About the only thing we end up keeping is a ring of fire resistance, which Cate can wear for now.

Next we hit the Self and Elemental Guilds in New Sorpigal for spell shopping. We pick up a couple of defensive spells, nothing new or special. Next, we travel to Castle Ironfist to hit the guilds there.

These guilds are much more handy. We pick up Heroism for Huaryu (remember, Eno already had it), and Cure Paralysis and Remove Curse for both of them. Remove Curse will prove to be especially useful in the next dungeon we visit.

But we're not done yet! We head to the docks, and promptly get on a boat to the Misty Islands. Time to hit these guilds.

From the Water Guild, we pick up Water Walk and Ice Bolt for both Cate and Eno. The former is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The latter is one of the best single-target damage spells in the game, and should be a regular tool in your arsenal.

From the Fire Guild, Cate get her own Ring of Fire, and both Eno and Cate now get Fireball, which is good at clearing out clumped enemies. Just make sure they aren't too close to you...

The Air Guild nets us Feather Fall for Cate, and the aforementioned Sparks spell for Eno. Good enough, so now we have a nice and well rounded selection.

We head for the boat. Unlike in Chapter 10, we actually do want to get back to Castle Ironfist and not New Sorpigal. Just like in Chapter 10, the boat is going nowhere. Meh.

Back to the inn, to rest a day. Fortunately, this time we are able to catch the boat to exactly where we need to go.

Now it's time to head for the next dungeon: the non-abandoned Temple of Baa that lies in wait. I wish it were so easy as walking up and knocking on the door, but more cultists and their lizard-y flunkies are standing between us and them.

Cue epic fight music again! We take down all the enemies surrounding the oddly small temple. Looks like we can go in now...wait, there are more enemies to the southeast...let's kill them!

After a long and grueling battle, we take down all those cultists and their wee lizard friends too. Hooray for us! Now we are ready to enter the next dungeon.

But first...for all the number-lovers...

Character Data Report 1

Toblerone the Knight

Cate the Archer

Huaryu the Cleric

Eno N'foretsam the Druid
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