Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 56: One Big Bark Of A Dragon

Sorry for more delays, but this time, I'll do something fun!

Before we leave the Ironfist area, we head up to the castle, to speak to one Bishop Insquistorio. He is the Master Trainer of Spirit. He tells us he only trains High Priests...oh wait, we have that promotion! Master Spirit for Huaryu and Eno! (Yes, Eno isn't technically a High Priest, deal with it.) This is our first Mastery obtained, and there will be more to come!

From here, we take a carriage ride to Free Haven, and fix up the tower there. Now, we take a carriage ride to Darkmoor, where we can fix the stable prices there. Which we do.

But this is boring...let's go north and slaughter undead!

To the north of the town is Castle Darkmoor, a massive dungeon that we will tackle much later in the game. The castle sits on top of a tall plateau, and shallow but wide trenches run around it. We go into the trenches.

Down there, we fight off a good mix of skeletons and ghosts. They have a woode box, which has a metric ton of gold in it.

But this is boring as well...hey, what's that cave doing there? Let's go back and rest at the inn. Now we can buff up with some spells, and go in there and check it out!


Boss Battle: Longfang Witherhide

This is the big dragon we saw in the intro, the one only true heroes can slay! Welcome to the lair of Longfang Witherhide!

Flying around his cavern, Longfang is fairly crafty. He normally tries to keep his distance, pelting enemies with blasts of fire. Despite his formidable looking claws and teeth, he doesn't even try to melee.

Having a mountain of health and high magic resistance does not make him an easy foe. However, his armor class isn't super high (it's roughly average), meaning melee attacks will hurt him.

And, being a giant dragon, he suffers from one grave disadvantage: his own size. The cavern really isn't built for flying around in, so his maneuverability is limited. And since he's so big, he can't ever really fly above melee range.

So, bolstered by Bless, Heroism, Resist Fire, and Day of the Gods, we strike! Or rather, Toblerone and Cate strike. Eno and Huaryu just heal like crazy. Even with these buffs, his attacks are no joke, easily capable of taking up to a quarter of non-Toblerone people's health at a time.

I wish I could say more, but that's pretty much the fight. We stay in melee range, keep closing in when he attempts to move away, and pound the dragon down.

With that done, the dragon is dead! We cut a claw from his corpse as proof, then pick up the bones of the poor souls who perished due to this beast.

Now we head back out, and take the stables back to Free Haven. From there, we catch a boat ride to Castle Ironfist, where we report in to Lord Humphrey. He's satisfied, and we are now well and truly heroes!

While it would be tempting to train, it's now early June (game time, not real time, duh), and we need to be in Silver Cove for the Summer Solstice! Luckily, we can use Town Portal, which sends us back to Free Haven! It's only a carriage ride away from there to Silver Cove.

Once there...well, we have to kill the time somehow, don't we...but let's take a break for now.