Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 41: Fear Not The Mysterious Creature

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We head out and rest again, getting no grief from goblin innkeepers. Must not care too much for their own kind, huh?

Now we head back and drop down one of those pits. Specifically, the one in the northwest room that we ignored. The door it was behind...was he first locked warded door. One piece of amber gone, and one more door to go.

It leads to a stone chapel-esque room with goblins, which die. Also, a chest is in the wall, containing the sixth (and final, my psychic powers tell me) amber piece. We have what we need now.

There are two paths to take. One involves falling down another pit (Gah), and the other leads north. We go north, and come to a room with a mix of ogres and goblins. After offing them, we discover this is a dead end, if you don't count another stone head servant to teleport you back.

Forget him. We go back and drop down the pit. It leads to a narrow passage that ramps upward. We follow it, and...hello, fun time!

We are in a large central room, which is pretty much a second hub room. Caged skeletons line one wall, and a few more pits are scattered around. But of more immediate priority are the many ogres and goblins that have now seen us.

Much killing follows, and it is glorious.

Now, looking around the room, there are four doors to the north, two pits to the east, and a pit to the northwest. Several holes in the ceiling tell me that the other various pits throughout the place would lead here.

First off, we check out the doors to the north. The first three, in order from left to right, are:

  • Dead end room with ogres
  • Pit that leads back to stone chapel room
  • Dead end room with goblins

The fourth leads down a long broad passage that has a few ogres and goblins. We off them. It winds around, eventually ending with a door...on the other side of a pit. If we open the door, we'll have to fall down the pit.

Let's go for it!

Said door...is the second locked warded door. That's both down. Now we drop...back into the stone chapel room. We head outside and rest again at the goblin inn.

After working our way back around to the second hub room, we decide to check the eastern pits. They drop us on a ledge, with two small doorways beyond a short drop-off (which leads further down). We drop to the left one and turn around at some strange noises to find...

Boss Battle: Fallen Defender

This is it, the strange creature that the Fire Lord had never seen the likes of, accompanied by two Ogre Chieftains. He looks like...Anubis. Seriously. Egyptian motif? Who knows.

His abilities...are none. I'm serious, he has no special abilities of his own. Just a large amount of health and he hits moderately hard, but not as hard as the ogres with him. They are actually the bigger threat, so we kill them first. Ring Of Fire spam to strip away at their health, then switch to melee (augmented by Bless and Heroism) to finish them off.

Next, we turn to the Defender himself and pound at him a bit. He responds...by somehow not hitting us. At all. And that's the whole fight. We just kill him. Anti-Climax Boss, thy name is Fallen Defender.

The defender was carrying over one thousand gold, and a key. Hmmm...remember that locked chest? I do. We head back to the first hub room, to the northern pit, and to the chest.

Inside is some decent loot...and the Crystal Skull. Pre-dating Indiana Jones by how many years? Anyway, this Skull, seemingly useless, is actually critical for some of the late game dungeons. If you don't pick it up...it makes your life a lot harder. (Yay for more Guide Dang It!!) You'll find out more about that...later.

One more thing to do, and that's the remaining northwest pit in the second hub room. We head there, and drop down it. We kill a couple of goblins blocking our way, and follow the passage back to one of the western rooms, opening a secret door in the process. No more monsters here, so...

Hall of the Fire Lord complete!

We warp back to the entrance and speak with the Fire Lord, who is grateful. And this is where the really bad Good Bad Bug comes in; if you talk to him multiple times about the quest, he gives you the experience point reward each time. Abusing this breaks the game. Naturally, we don't. Now to rest, as much has been accomplished.


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