Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 4: Those Who Watch Goblins

We are now ready to tackle the depths of Goblinwatch! It's the first dungeon! Be aware certain spells will work differently or not at all when you are in a dungeon. We will cover those spells as we get them.

The entry room is a octagon shape, with a door in front of us and a passage to the right (we are facing south). The minimap shows there is something odd about the left wall (namely, it doesn't appear there), but we can't do anything about it...yet.

Since wealth comes our way when the righteous choose right, that's the direction we head first. We open a door to discover...a rat. You'd think we would have encountered rats much earlier, but noooo...

Anyway, we come to a door at the end of the corridor, and open it. We peek to the right of the door, into the next room, and...goblins! Three of them, one of the king variety and two regular. They go down pretty easy. Then we go into the room, only to discover there were three goblins on the left side too. (Big surprise.)

After quickly cleaning up these goblins, we check out the room. There are a dozen little storage compartments build into the walls. Nine of them are empty, but three of them have various loot. A suit of chain mail for Huaryu (making him the most heavily armored character at this point), a few potions, a ring and a scroll which Toblerone can't identify just yet (ah the joys of being a noob). However, the most important thing we have found is...the Goblinwatch code scroll, which details how the security system works! Quest complete!

Well, that was certainly easy, but we're far from done. We backtrack and head to the door in the entry room. It leads to a corridor that splits and goes opposite directions. Having had our fill of going right, we take a left and end up at...another door. Inside is a room with more goblins (easily killed), and a control panel. This control panel operates the system of doors that guards access to the lower portion of the keep. We'll come back to it in a minute.

We head left and open the door on that side...and come face to face with two Goblin Kings, a normal goblin, and a brand new type of enemy: a cross between a bat and a leech, called a Blood Sucker. A very tough fight ensues, but some dedicated healing from Huaryu and Eno sees us through. We retreat from the keep, and rest up.

The next morning, we head back in, ready to rock some goblin faces! Okay, that sounded bad. On our way back through the keep's halls, a lone goblin attempts to kill us. We laugh in his face and cut him down. We head back to the room where we came from, only to find not only another Blood Sucker, but his larger and nastier cousin too: A Brain Sucker. (Clearly they need to work on their monster names.)

For some reason (bad AI's revenge), the blood sucker flies off into the corner, making it us versus his cousin. We win, naturally, and then move in and kill the blood sucker too. At this point, we use our incredible powers to break reality and kill a rat who is behind one of the walls. (Remember, taking advantage of glitches like this is completely ethical. tongue)

Toblerone being a bit of a klutz (or maybe it's just me), we accidentally trigger a button lowering two walls in the room, revealing doors behind them (along with a dead rat). There are two doors behind the walls. We then search the room, as the goblins apparently left their gold (and a hammer) just laying around the place. We, being who we are, naturally take it all.

The doors, as it turns out, are linked: Opening one opens the other. We take the eastern door and find a room with three more rats. They die and make funny noises while they do so. The western door leads to another room, but this one has goblins guarding a chest. They die fast, and we loot the chest, which has more unidentifiable stuff (a helm and a scroll).

Now back to the door room. There are sixteen buttons, and six doors between us and the deeper parts of Goblinwatch. The scroll we obtained tells us exactly what each button does (which is why we haven't turned it in yet). Each button is labeled with a letter, corresponding to the first sixteen letters of the English alphabet.

The scroll also tells us the security system was designed by the Drawkcab Monks. That, coupled with the letters, is supposed to give you a clue as to what the correct combination is. In reality, there are actually a number of working combinations you can use. However, the two shortest ones use only six buttons, and one of those is the correct one.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, fine. We put in the correct button combo (N-I-L-B-O-G), and all the doors open. Behind them are a group of angry rats, including two Giant Rats, which are pretty dangerous. We kill them off, but not before one of them succeeds in knocking Eno unconscious (which is what happens when you hit zero hit points.) Healing gets him back up. Beyond the rats' nest is a double door. Beyond it lurk undoubtedly more nasty enemies...and we are going to take them head on!