Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 62: Where Wolves Will Die

We head back to the Lair of the Wolf!

Entering the chambers behind the altar, we finish off the monsters summoned by the little trap. We head up the stairs...and inadvertently trigger the trap again. Yes, you can do this as many times as you want. But I do not want.

Before we are overwhelmed, I use Town Portal to return to Blackshire. Rest up again, and now for a little careful planning. We drop a Lloyd's Beacon just outside the big wolf mouth, then head into the fray, cleaning up once more.

We head further in, coming into a large dining hall with both werewolves and swordsmen. I don't know what's on the menu...okay, I have an idea, but let's not let that happen.

Moving past this room, we trigger another trap, closing the doors behind us, and spawning more swordsmen and werewolves in the dining room behind us. Urgh...

We drop another Lloyd's Beacon in the next room, after cleaning out the enemies. Now we skip the traps. We head down the stairs, and-


...end up on some other stairs. We head around, fight through another room of werewolves, and come to a corridor connected to a large hall. Said large hall is divided into two main chambers, and filled with werewolves.


We clear out a number of werewolves, but eventually have to retreat via the beacons. Head out to rest, then head back in, and clear out most of the rest. But we need to rest again, so we head out and do so again.

Coming back in, we start to pull the rest of them back, only to find...

Boss Battle: Werewolf Leader

To go with this unimaginatively named dungeon, we have an unimaginatively named boss! And he's pretty unimaginative in terms of strategy too. All he amounts to is a slightly tougher version of the Greater Werewolves we've been dealing with.

With melee based spell buffs of Bless, Heroism, and Stoneskin, we lay into the guy and kill him. I'm not even sure I could call that a boss fight, but whatever. From his corpse, we claim the Pearl of Putrescence.

We finish off the last of the werewolves in the great hall. We then try to move to the rooms beyond, but our health is low and we have to retreat for now. Town Portal away!

When we return, the end of the werewolves is upon us! (Yes, that is a good thing, as Toblerone will tell you.)